Will Bitcoin destroy the US dollar?

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Macro Afternoon

Via the excellent gents at Nordea:

Could Bitcoin undermine the dollar and the United States? Perhaps. We do see reasons to mull the long-term value of the dollar – not primarily because of cryptocurrencies, but due the country’s economic-political choices and China’s continued rise…

Investor and entrepreneur Peter Thiel recently wondered if not “Bitcoin should … be thought [of] in part as a Chinese financial weapon against the US”. To try to explain what this could mean, we turn to recent economic research on fiscal and monetary capacity.

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I’m not worried about either because:

  • At some point, the US outlaw BTC.
  • China has virtually no allies. Trading in a particular currency is as much a strategic as it is an economic decision. The US alliance network will largely eschew it.
  • At some point, before China is rich, its economy will stop growing.
David Llewellyn-Smith