Vax me up, Scotty

This is pretty awesome from your ABC:

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  1. Ah Vax’s love them or hate them
    To be completely honest, it has been impossible for me to really love another computer since a VAX 11/780 popped my programming cherry. What an instruction set and soft / redefinable microcode what’s not to love about a machine that lets you get down and dirty with her on the first date. So it was with me and VAX in the early days, we were inseparable until her younger smaller cousin the Microvax waltzed into my world, I must admit that little unix blew more than just my mind. I stayed true to Vax for many years shying away from the Sun until that fateful day when Alpha entered my life. Who would ever forget their first Alpha experience, so much Risc especially for a devoted Vaxer but with so much promise alas Dec faded into the sunset and I learned to code that gudawful x86 beast but deep deep down I’m still a closet Vax lover.

      • Ah the VMS OS…. but don’t be so cruel and taunt me with such fond memories
        Unix was always the work horse but VMS, it was a thing of beauty, it was never designed to actually do real work…after all that’s what unix is for

  2. I get my second shot of Moderna here in Singapore tomorrow. The Singaporean government has now given the first dose to 24% of the population and are now onto people in their 40’s.

    Meanwhile, back in Godzone….