UN condemns Morrison failure to repatriate Aussies

The UN has condemned the Morrison Government’s neglect of stranded Aussies. It will probably mean the personality disorder PM does even less:

34,500 Aussies are still trying to get home. Charter some godamned aircraft and go get them. Or subsidise the flights.

Put a one-off levy on our taxes if needs be.

David Llewellyn-Smith


  1. I read most of them are duel citizen Indians which were living abroad. Perhaps this is the reason for lack of bother?

      • Lord DudleyMEMBER

        You do. My youngest daughter is one of them. She gets a conviction for anything with a 3 year prison sentence, and the home minister can strip her citizenship. At the rate Australia is going, when she’s an adult, turning up to an unauthorized protest will suffice.

        Anyhow, that’s an aside. In this case, stranded Australians are ignored, whether they’re dual or single citizenship.

      • Yes and no: a dual citizen, when in the other country is for all practical purposes considered the citizen of THAT country (and, vice versa, when in AU, they are considered the citizens of AU). So, if they entered the other country with the passport of that country, over there their AU citizenship is irrelevant.

        • chuckmuscleMEMBER

          Mate, don’t bring your correct understanding of international law into a discussion where we’re trying to bash scummo and argue for higher income taxes. sheesh.
          Next you’ll remind MB about how they campaigned against dual citizen pollies, the laws are clear in the constitution etc etc

        • This is correct but irrelevant.

          Whether an Australian citizen has one or more other citizenships should not impact their basic rights as an Australian citizen.

          • But no one sheds a tear for a dual citizen stuck in their other country of citizenship. Nor should taxpayers fork out to charter a flight of 2,000 dual Indian / Australian citizens back from Mumbai, nor dual UK / Australian citizens back from London.

            It was easier in the 80s. You had to renounce your Australian citizenship to get another passport (see Murdoch, R,) but then members of a certain tribe that arrived post war wanted to retire in a country next to the Mediterranean. This is the tribe that lobbied for dual citizenship because if you are a certain religion you are automatically a citizen of this other place.

            F That. I say bring back the law that is applied to politicians for all Australians. CHOOSE. You want the benefits of being Australian – then cut the other passports.

            As many has said “Australians” overseas doesn’t necessarily mean an Australian. Look how many “Australians” were in Beirut when the fertlizer depot exploded!

          • Even StevenMEMBER

            Drsmithy, if you are suggesting a dual Australian and UK citizen “stuck” in the UK should be extended the same treatment as an Australian only citizen, I would in most (not all) cases, disagree. A dual citizen is likely to have both direct support from UK government and quite probably family connections.

            It is strange that some (including MB) seem to be advocating that ALL Australian citizens should receive the same treatment, irrespective of their circumstance. In my view, that is morally questionable and nonsensical. As an example, a person stranded in a foreign country might seek consular assistance. The level of support provided by the consulate is likely to be proportionate to the person’s situation. I’m sure you can see the parallels.

            Note that my comments above should NOT be considered an endorsement of the Government’s actions (or inaction), but just trying to bring a more rationale frame to this discussion.

          • Drsmithy, if you are suggesting a dual Australian and UK citizen “stuck” in the UK should be extended the same treatment as an Australian only citizen, I would in most (not all) cases, disagree. A dual citizen is likely to have both direct support from UK government and quite probably family connections.

            Most Australian dual citizens inherited their non-Australian citizenship, or arrived when very young and have spent the bulk of their lives in Australa. So it’s a given most of them have few, if any, substantial ties to or support in that other country (aunts/uncles/cousins or even siblings that may never have even been met before might be “family connections” but are unlikely to provide substantial support). In particular, having never lived or worked there and with no intention of settling permanently, dual citizens may not be eligible for any sort of social security or other support in their “other” country.

            UK Citizenship, for example, can be inherited from grandparents. So someone could be a third-generation Australian (born in Australia, both parents born in Australia, one grandparent born in Australia) and convict heritage down one side of the family, and still have dual citizenship.

            It is strange that some (including MB) seem to be advocating that ALL Australian citizens should receive the same treatment, irrespective of their circumstance.

            Uh, really ? Because the idea that someone should be treated as “less Australian” just because they’ve got dual citizenship just seems flat out absurd and offensive to me, especially when they might only have it because they inherited it from a grandparent and wanted to use the short customs line or spend a gap year on a working holiday.

            This “I’m more Australian than you” nationalist bvllsh!t is toxic and destructive.

          • Even StevenMEMBER

            Thanks drsmithy, but you misunderstand my position I think. My assumption is that single citizens are likely to have less support than dual’s but this is ultimately a distraction from my main point which is that support should be provided to Australians (whether single or dual citizens) in accordance with their situation / predicament.

            For example, If a person with single Australian nationality ignored the instructions from Government to return to Australia (unless they had good reason), I don’t believe taxpayers should have to finance their foolishness.

            Govt arranging charter flights sound sensible (with returnees paying a normal commercial rate).

      • I’m torn on the issue of dual citizenship/loyalty since I intend to become one this year, but the rules have been long-established and are clear: if you enter a country using that country’s passport then you are a citizen of that country, even if you are an Australian citizen, and as such you are not eligible for consular assistance.

        • This is not correct.

          The local Government may not recognise a dual national as an Australian citizen, and thus some forms of consular assistance don’t apply (you won’t get any help if you’ve committed a crime, for example).

          But it is difficult to see how this would apply for something like offering flights home. Especially since we’ll help people who only have PR in cases of natural disaster or crisis.

          • That just means we shouldn’t help folks with PR either!!!

            F them. If they are in a country where they also have citizenship then they aren’t “stuck” anywhere. They are “home”. More especially for folks with PR.

          • drsmithyMEMBER

            Yeah. The 20 year old who was born and grew up in Australia but inherited citizenship and used it to get a passport and go visit some relatives in his mum’s home country (that she left as a child) should totally be abandoned there because he’s just not a real Aussie. 🙄

            The cognitive dissonance from you naz1 d!ckheads is mind bending.

          • Me. Born here. Dad is a kiwi. I got my kiwi citizenship and passport at 21. Went there twice ever – for ski trips. Returning to Oz on kiwi passport and got pulled aside at immigration. They *prefer* citizens to re-enter on Oz passports.

    • Correction: India does not allow dual citizenship with any other country. People you mention are likely to be residents of or visitors to India, with Australian passport. They have the same rights as other Australians even if we like or not.

      It gets more complicated for those with dual passports/citizenships like Aus/USA stuck abroad. If they are stuck in the country where they have passport of, then a case can be made by Aus government that they be given last priority. But I remain doubtful.

      • Ritualised Forms

        Exactly right. Most countries do not allow dual citizenships and to the extent they do they take a fair bit of care about who they give their passports to – the exceptions being the US, UK Canada, Australia and NZ. The issues some people have with ‘dual passports’ shouldnt be projected onto the people we have given citizenship to, they should be projected onto the basis under which we award Australian citizenship to applicants from other nations.

        • Even StevenMEMBER

          That’s a little too clever for me, Ritualised.

          I have an objection to dual citizenship… and the consequential impact of this dual citizenship which is that a single and dual are treated the same. Yet you are telling me I can only object to the former, not the latter.

          No, I am entitled to object to both (without denying the legality of your position, which I’m sure is correct).

        • Well said Gunna. Though I am not sure the US is as liberal as other Anglo countries in giving citizenship.

        • Not a true citizenship. That still needs to be presented alonside an aussie passport on entry. It acts more like a lifetime visa than a citizenship with passport access. In addition many other rights such as voting rights are excluded.

        • Incorrect. The OCI is nothing but a unlimited travel and stay visa. Certainly it is not a citizenship.

  2. Australia has decades of experience in ignoring and rebuking the UNHRC. No reason to expect it won’t continue.

  3. Do agree, it has been a complete letdown from the government, my passport is worth more when traveling to a different country then it is trying to get back into Aus. Having said that, I’ve had no interest in going back as I’m pretty happy in Asia, along with a lot of my other Aus compatriots here.

  4. peterbruceMEMBER

    If I were a dual citizen stuck abroad, it might make me think more carefully about whether it is worth trying to have “two bob each way”, so to speak.

  5. Put a one-off levy on our taxes if needs be.

    For once, something I’d be glad to pay more taxes for..

    • chuckmuscleMEMBER

      errr can we have a citizens vote on that? The government doesn’t need to raise a new fcken tax to repatriate these peeps, as if it would generate a strain on real resources causing a breakout of inflation.

      • happy valleyMEMBER

        If this LNP gubmint just curbed 0.1% of their rorts and waste, they’d be able to afford the repatriation cost in a canter.

  6. Mandatory Hotel quarantine is the main problem. Son-in-law has had multiple flights cancelled, mainly due to last minute changes in the numbers that States will accept into quarantine. How are international airlines supposed to manage that? The last flight was cancelled due to Dan stopping international arrivals altogether after the last tiny outbreak in Melbourne. Meanwhile there are exemptions for diplomats and other ‘connected’ individuals who can supposedly be ‘trusted’ to quarantine in private, which is the other problem, that Australian Governments won’t trust their own citizens to do the same, so everyone has to suffer the consequences. FFS, it makes sense to flatten the curve, but this elimination rubbish will not work.

  7. So the Rental thing has ended. I wonder how many Aussies are now homeless and unable to pay rent?

  8. reusachtigeMEMBER

    They can go get stuffed! Not my problem they didn’t come home when ordered. I don’t want my tax spent on these loosers. We need imported human capital more than these laggards. That’s who we should be paying to come here!!

    • happy valleyMEMBER

      OMG – the street savvy, horny dude that you are, you pay tax? Your LNP heroes would think you are nuts.

  9. Ritualised Forms

    The simple fact of the matter is that those Citizens of Australia who have been stranded offshore have been outrageously treated. And outrageously treated for the shabbiest of politics by their own government. They are effectively being treated as second class citizens, and they are effectively being held to ransom for the tourism and ponzi dependent sectors of the Australian economy.

    I speak of those who are citizens and have Australian passports – regardless of whether they have another or not – as opposed to those who simply have Australian visas. The simple fact of the matter is that those who have Australian citizenship and Australian passports are not broken down into Australian citizenship or passport class 1 or class 2. They are Australian citizens and Australian passport holders and they are all equal. Australian governments and Australian embassy and consular officials should have a responsibility to support such people and to assist them where those people require it.

    If there are issues with Australian citizens and Passport holders also being the citizens and passport holders of other countries, then those issues should be addressed before those people are given Australian citizenship and Australian passports. I certainly agree that there may be issues which should be addressed, and certainly think that far greater establishment of the bona fides under which people apply for and are given Australian citizenship may, in some circumstances, be appropriate.

    The ‘Special Investor Visas’ are an absolute disgrace and it would appear that the circumstances behind these are one source of dismissal about the need to bring stranded Australians home. The other major source of dismissal is the fairly open encouragement of a class of Australians over the years since circa 2005, who desire either legal protections in a homeland other than Australia by sheltering behind an Australian passport, or who desire for mainly economic reasons to bring other family members to Australia, often to utilise Australian social welfare supports. Questions about the motivations for people to seek Australian citizenship certainly do exist, but that should not mean that those who have Australian citizenship should be treated as second class citizens, and it certainly does not excuse the appalling treatment of Australians by Australian governments and consular officials.

    The real reason why the treatment is a disgrace is because the ‘model’ behind the treatment is a model known in the public services as ‘service delivery’ – it is about being cheap, and it is about marginalising those who seek to access any service or support. It is about denying them scope to press their needs, about channeling them through substandard processes with ill trained and ill informed people in the hope that those people will simply drop their claim for support. It is manifestly obvious to anyone accessing services through Human Services, MediCare, the DVA and elsewhere. And it is about a level of generally very well rewarded psychopaths in the upper echelons of the public services who interpret ‘public service’ as not doing anything the Minister or the Minister’s office doesnt want, in the context of Australian Ministers, certainly since 2013, but arguably much much longer, not wanting to provide any service and wanting to make any service they do provide as niggardly as possible and as difficult to access as possible, with as much trauma as possible for those seeking the support as possible.

    When we look the other way on Stranded Australians, we are in fact giving our government what it thinks is an OK to look the other way on a whole heap of issues which revolve around blame apportionment and cactus insert style ‘service delivery’ designed to traumatise those seeking support.

    • Your second last paragraph proves that a “job guarantee” will be farked. We need a UBI instead.

    • It’s nothing to do with citizenship for MB and most commenters……as I knew of a dual Brit Oz subscriber; was Australian for employment purposes, otherwise British, complained Australians were ‘dumb’ and of too many ‘brown immigrants’ but the same are never challenged on loyalty to Oz yet others are? Obviously too many Australians still worship UK and/or US seeking approval from those who insult or ignore Australia’s own sovereignty?

    • Even StevenMEMBER

      Basically agree, but fixed it for you:

      Australian governments and Australian embassy and consular officials should have a responsibility to support such people and to provide reasonable assistance to them.

      Emphasis on “reasonable”.

  10. As much as I like Steel Panther, and wish Lagwagon, Rage and Propagandhi and Clutch would return, I find it a bit galling international acts can get in but citizens can’t.