Troubles for vaccine rollout as Aussies refuse jab

The Morrison Government’s bungled vaccine rollout faces further hurdles with almost two thirds of Australians unwilling to get vaccinated, according to the latest Essential Poll:

Willingness to take vaccine

Australians are reluctant to take the COVID vaccine.

One in six Australians also said they never intend to get vaccinated, with another 42% open to the idea but under no sense of urgency.

Last week, health department secretary Brendan Murphy said the government was still aiming to vaccinate its entire vulnerable population by mid-year. However, the reluctance by the older population, in particular, will make this goal difficult to achieve.

Reluctance to vaccination comes amid ongoing reports of blood clotting and thrombosis arising from the AstraZeneca vaccine.

The vaccination problem is complicated in Australia because the federal government ordered sufficient Pfizer vaccines way too late to make the roll out achievable before early 2022 at the earliest unless AstraZeneca is used.

Meanwhile, vaccination efforts are going gangbusters in the US and UK:

COVID vaccinations

Around 70% of the US and UK populations have received a vaccine shot.

The Morrison Government has two tasks that it needs to get right with respect to COVID: robust quarantine and vaccination. It is badly lagging on both.

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    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      It’s that type of sneakiness that’s affecting everyone. Nobody trusts the government to act openly and honestly and are instead looking for issues as an excuse to not do what Scummo&co ask.

      When it comes to medical matters the population needs trust. Right now there is none.

  1. BoomToBustMEMBER

    So less than half of Australians are willing to take an experimental medical product (does NOT meet long established guidelines to qualify as vaccination) that is still only licensed for use in State of Emergency. Who would have thought !! Its like like the last fiasco with the FedGov attempting to place all your medical records centrally and digitally, millions of people completed the required paperwork to quietly withdraw. This is the Australian way, no big protests, just quiet lack of support.

    What I do find interesting from straw polls is that all random groups of people we talk to say they wont get it, this is from high school age students to middle age people. I’m yet to come anywhere close to finding 50% support, i’d say closer to 5% based on personal conversations, we do know a few people who have had it or will have it, but they are the significant minority. (relatives, friends etc)

  2. It’s a chicken and egg issue. If there’s no Covid risk, why take the risk of taking the vaccine, and without the vaccinations being done, the border can’t be opened… and so it goes around.

    As I’m in Singapore, and need to travel for work as the borders open, I got my Moderna jabs. First one, a slightly sore arm. Second one, fever, chills, sweats, nausea, fatigue, muscle aches, headache. Sent my immune system into overdrive. 48 hours of misery… if I were in Aussie and didn’t feel the need for it, I’d be reluctant too!

    • Yeah I head the head of the TGA saying that “mixing” vaccinations could be possible when discussing people who have had 1 dose of the AZ and wondered if the second dose can be the Pfizer. That says to me the TGA have no idea how each vaccine works and have no idea what they are doing.

    • That’s super interesting, I didn’t know Covid selected for slobs which I take it to mean overweight people? Can someone provide a citation for Covid infections by say waist circumference or as a rough proxy BMI?

      • Don't Need a Vaccine

        COVID targets geriatrics with comorbidities. In the rare event that someone under 70 dies from COVID it’s almost always because they were a slob.

          • Don't Need a Vaccine

            I shouldn’t have to take an experimental jab for someone that doesn’t care about being in good health.

          • You don’t seriously expect people to put their lives on hold and live in a prison colony for the rest of the lives because you might die from COVID?

            That’s transferring all the risk from the elderly to the young.

            Stay home isolated if you’re scared of catching COVID. You’ve had 70 years to live your life don’t go stealing that from younger people.

        • interesting:

          Adults with excess weight are at even greater risk during the COVID-19 pandemic:
          •Having obesity increases the risk of severe illness from COVID-19. People who are overweight may also be at increased risk.
          •Having obesity may triple the risk of hospitalization due to a COVID-19 infection.
          •Obesity is linked to impaired immune function.2,3
          •Obesity decreases lung capacity and reserve and can make ventilation more difficult.4
          •A study of COVID-19 cases suggests that risks of hospitalization, intensive care unit admission, invasive mechanical ventilation, and death are higher with increasing BMI.5 ◦The increased risk for hospitalization or death was particularly pronounced in those under age 65. 5

          •More than 900,000 adult COVID-19 hospitalizations occurred in the United States between the beginning of the pandemic and November 18, 2020. Models estimate that 271,800 (30.2%) of these hospitalizations were attributed to obesity.6

    • If COVID starts circulating, and you’re not vaccinated, then you’re a big fat transmission vector.

      People who refuse the vaccine are pathetic. Scared of an imagined microscopic chance of side effects, while not caring about actual risks of COVID, which are several orders of magnitude higher than any vaccine risk.

      The only saving grace is that COVID isn’t circulating in Australia… yet. Once it is (it’s inevitable), it’ll be sad watching half the country freak out about the very real numbers of deaths that will be seen, while another chunk of the population steadfastly refuses to get the vaccine for the dumbest reasons (e.g. “I’m not a slob” – yeah, but you are dumb as a sack of hammers), or because they’re scared of some imagined side effect that doesn’t exist.

      • Savvy Mum and Dad Investor

        There are real side effects and we don’t really understand the long term impact of the vaccines or even the disease itself. The recommendation is 3 jabs of this powerful vaccine in the first 12 and the twice a year after that point.

        I’m happy to let COVID rip like everywhere, restore some normality and stability to the country, take basic precautions to avoid the virus. There’s very little chance I’ll catch the virus. If I’m unlucky enough to catch it, then there’s almost no chance I die.

        I just don’t take medication willy nilly. Can’t remember the last time taking even a Panadol. So I’m sceptical of putting in my body a powerful vaccine that has been rushed through for emergency use for a disease I will probably never have and that has no real chance of killing me.

        Also, vaccinated people still spread the virus they just don’t know to what degree (they don’t really know a whole lot).

        A vaccinated person is less likely to take precautions against catching the virus, so even with a lesser viral load they will end up spreading the virus to more people.

  3. That is because of the endless prevarications from officialdom since the pandemic began. First international travel, then hotel quarantine, then aerosol transmission and now vaccine side effects.

    There is little difference between the vaccines unless you are a woman of child bearing age…..all have their problems but AZ is to be avoided if you can still menstruate. If only they were up front about the headaches, fever etc. and stopped trying to hide the clotting issues people might believe them but trust has been lost now. Things will change when the risk changes, I hear that the India situation has ended vaccine hesitancy in China…..hard to get a shot now.

    This is the one I want……dead whole virus and more time taken over it……hopefully no boosters needed

    • Don't Need a Vaccine

      “all have their problems but AZ is to be avoided if you can still menstruate”

      I had to read that twice.

      As I was saying to everyone on here a couple months ago when the reports of clotting emerged, the experts and governments said their was no evidence of greater clotting than usually found in the population, we can’t find any connection with clotting and the vaccine.

      I said they are wrong, wrong, wrong. That you never trust what these “experts” have to say because they have been wrong over and over since this pandemic started.

      Fauci and the AMA were adamant we shouldn’t wear masks, that they actually increase the risk through improperly wearing them, etc, now they’ve done a 180 degree flip flop.

      WHO said it wasn’t a pandemic until March while it was obvious since late January 2020 this was a pandemic unprecedented in modern times.

      Wrong, wrong, wrong. Stupid idiot experts.

    • That Russian “jab” sounds like a real vaccine. I’m not anti-vaccination, but I do not trust these rushed experimental jabs, and I don’t trust government and media elites.

    • The real worry with AZ, even for people over 50, is that it mostly just stops you from becoming seriously ill or dying, probably because it is more effective with T cells than antibodies, especially with some of the newer variants. You can still get COVID and transmit it.

      This isn’t a serious problem for you, but even if you don’t care about anti-vaxxers, there will be a number of people in the community who cannot be vaccinated due to depressed immunity or for other reasons, and people for whom the vaccine did not take. If we don’t want to throw these people to the wolves, we need herd immunity, and AZ just isn’t effective enough to get us there. We need something like 80% of the population to be vaccinated with one of the mRNA vaccines, or with the Russian Sputnik V or maybe Novavax vaccines where the cold requirement is a problem.

  4. So for someone who is youngish, fit and healthy, why would we get a vaccine in a Covid free country. If it meant I couldn’t get it or wouldn’t spread it if i did, then i get the argument, but otherwise what am I missing? As far as I understood the primary aim is to reduce symptoms if you get it?
    And of course being younger and healthy doesn’t guarantee you won’t get a bad case of it, but in this case I’m not sure the disease is better than potential vaccine longer term side effects.

    • Asymptomatic people can still spread it. The Pfizer at least has been shown to be effective against getting it asymptomatically, so that’s the main reason to get it.

      That, and to eliminate the risk of some of the ‘long COVID’ symptoms that some fit, healthy young people who get the virus experience. Even though there is a very low risk of dying, some of the lingering effects that some people get are very serious.

  5. I’ve got no intention of being jabbed with an experimental vaccine just so Morrison and his corrupt cronies can get the third world floodgates open again.

    They can f**k off.

  6. I’m 35 and Ive been jabbed by the AZ vaccine last Friday. Can’t have 0 risk in a pandemic. I somehow conjured up the idea that its like we are going to war and sucked it up. But I am still furious I didn’t get the choice of a Pfizer version.

    I ended up getting it because I believe we are walking on thin ice with hotel quarantine and a moments away from another outbreak.

    • We are miles away from another outbreak…. the thing just did a tour of Perth’s finest oriental food halls and massage parlours and a quick 3 day shut nipped it all in the bud. Covid is toast, it will never rip through the Aussie community again our contact tracing is too good and folk are all-too obliging to follow the orders of the emperor.

      • How do we know theses snap lockdowns actually do anything?
        Supermarkets packed the day it was announced.
        Bunnings and other shops still pumping all weekend. Mask wearing for a week or so probably is more effective. Is a lockdown just to scare people into getting tested?

        • Savvy Mum and Dad Investor

          Perth had a basketball game go ahead in front of 10k people in attendance hours before the lockdown commenced at midnight.

          It’s all theatre more than anything isn’t it. If this was a matter of life and death you wouldn’t let 10k people congregate in an indoor arena hours before a punitive lockdown commences.

      • You are making some good points, unless you are one of the unlucky people who comes into contact with such a case. I think that it would be worth taking the risk if it would stop mass migration, but my worry is that the federal government will just open up the borders anyway, saying that they gave everyone a chance to be vaccinated.

  7. RobotSenseiMEMBER

    When you vote for this mob again next year, remember these two points next lockdown:
    a) fed LNP had the chance to run quarantine but fobbed it off to the states; and
    b) Clotty had the chance to set the tone with vaccine but jumped to the front of the line for the Pfizer vax

    Frankly, any more lockdowns post-next election when the LNP are returned to power will draw 0% sympathy from this subscriber.

    • C) The only reason ScoMo was hell-bent on the AZ vaccine was so he could throw the millions of dollars at his old mate Kieran Schneemann former Chief of Staff in the Liberal party. Of course there is no conflicts of interest at play here!!

  8. The most deleterious problem facing Australia for the last two to three decades has been mass immigration.
    Having an unvaccinated population is the only thing stopping that far more serious problem than covid, returning.
    So there is approximately zero incentive to change the above status quo.

    And forcing people to take an experimental vaccine, as it remains until enough time has past for long-term studies into its effects, violates the Nuremberg code. So we are where we are. If politicians and media had not spent the last 3 decades campaigning for outcomes that were extremely negative for the Australian population (mass immigration), showing they have precisely ZERO care for their duty and responsibility to the people, there could be more trust. But who would trust a class of people engaged in the murder of a nation, to care for the people’s safety?

  9. In 6 months time, Australia will still be lurching from lockdown to lockdown while watching the US have the greatest economic boom in 50 years.

    This survey is a pretty strong indication of something I’ve known for years. The average Australian is just as stupid as the average American, if not stupider. Meanwhile, the best of the best don’t leave the US… whereas they do leave Australia.

    ScoMo’s itching to open Australia up, because the Libs and their business mates are desperate for more cheap labour and foreign house buyers. Can he hold off for another 6 months to a year? Will Australians ever be vaccinated at the level needed to prevent domestic spread? Interesting questions.

    • Savvy Mum and Dad Investor

      Most Australians form their view of the world through hysterical clickbait headlines in the MSM where doom and despair gets lots of clicks from Aussies. If they aren’t getting it from a fearmongering MSM that has given the impression that India has bodies being cremated on the street corner, people keeled over gasping for oxygen, then they log onto social media and interact with other scared, anxious, hysterical, depressed people.

      Australians have one of the highest rates in the world for depression, anxiety and other made up diseases that doctors treat with powerful, mind numbing, stupefying drugs based on a patient’s self-reported symptoms, and these people just feed the echo chamber on social media. Many of these people would be happy to spend their rest of their days exhausting all content on Netflix. The world is a big scary place for them.

    • The gains from mass migration are very unevenly distributed. The rich benefit from a bigger economy, giving them more to skim, easy profits from real estate speculation, and a cheap, compliant workforce that they don’t have to train. Everyone else just gets overloaded infrastructure and more competition for jobs, housing, public services, and amenities. The 2006 Productivity Report on immigration found that there was a very small per capita benefit, which essentially went to the owners of capital and the migrants themselves. I recall some study finding that the per capita benefit was something like $7,000 over 30 years. The comment section in the Herald (I think) was livid, with people asking where they could pay their $7,000 to not have mass migration. One man even offered to pay for his children and neighbours as well.
      So far as high house prices are concerned, a lot people hate them, for themselves or for their children. If you intend to stay put in your house, why would you care what it is worth? High house prices just mean higher rates and insurance premiums.

  10. MontagueCapulet

    Didn’t anyone actually LOOK at the survey numbers and notice that only 14% said they would not take either vaccine? Add the third who will take anything to the third who will take Pfizer and that is two thirds who will take a vaccine. Most of the unsures will follow the crowd, especially 6 months from now after their friends have been vaccinated.

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