Savva: Frydenberg better chance to win than Morrison

From Liberal Party insider Niki Savva:

  • Keeping tarnished MPs will cost the government. Morrison should have sacked Reynolds, Porter to backbench and Laming to crossbench.
  • Should have privately offered to meet Brittany Higgins not publically.
  • Labor sees Josh Frydenberg as a greater threat than Morrison.
  • But no challenge is coming.
  • Morrison sloganeering has cheapened gender debate from the beginning and still is.
  • Morrison should still go to an early election if his “fake rape” [my label] reboot stabilises things.

Very sensible stuff, except the last line which must be a joke. Things will not stabilise. The rape war will not end until the election.

Might as well stay in power as long as possible, therefore, to corrupt policy enough to ease your passage into a post-politics private sector sinecure.

Though doing so does risk you becoming unemployable owing to a permanent gender smear.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Though doing so does risk you becoming unemployable owing to a permanent gender smear.

    Meh, Clayton Utz, Allens, AMP etc will welcome him with open arms.

  2. > [email protected] war

    bahahahahahaha. Many years from now, some school kid is going to open up a school textbook and in it you’ll have ” Captain Cook “, ” The Emu Wars ” and ” The [email protected] War of 2021 ” lol.

    I’ll just keep waiting it out until something changes. I wont be supporting any of it.

    Everyone talks about [email protected] but I was wondering how many pissed off men there are ( like me ) who just dont want anything to do with woman anymore. A few years back I was intrigued to watch the rise in Invitro Services, so my guess is either woman are sick of men or no man is interested anymore. When you read the papers, they reckon there’s a dating man shortage. I dont know if there is or isnt but it wouldnt surprise me if men just arent dating anymore. The last girlfriend I had personally was like 5-10 years ago? I cant even remember.

    If men are losing interest in woman then I wouldnt be surprised if thats breeding a lot of cranky woman.

    I thought Labor was a mens party in the 1990s and woman mostly voted Liberal.

    I’ve often wondered what role Gender played in all this and whether woman are the ones keeping Liberals in power.

    I think its like I’ve said in the past. Men are better off with Mates. If you go out surfing with the mates on the weekend and end up happy with your life, its amazing how fast time flys. 5 – 10 years, you dont even notice it. Time flys when your having fun.

    Maybe in another 2 years things might be different? If not, we will be all be another 2 years older. No shortcuts in this life. If it doesnt exist then it doesnt exist. The only things that exist in this world are the things which make your life better. Everything else, just doesnt exist. Not to me anyway. Woman… Houses… are just ghosts to me. They dont exist. I’ll find another way.

  3. A mate of mine who’s rented for all his life is in the process of fixing up his van. I believe he intends on living in it. Im really curious to know how that turns out. Apparently he’s going to turn it electric. All sounds really exciting. He figured once he ditches rent, its practically paid for the cost of his Van already.

    I had no idea that there are people starting to do this in Australia. Apparently these kind of workshops are becoming a lot more common. Starting to popup everywhere.

  4. kierans777MEMBER

    If Frydenberg manages to get the nod, it will also mean elevation for #shadysukkar who is Josh’s right hand man while trying to run the Vic Libs from the backroom including preselections. People don’t pay enough attention to this Abbott Acolyte because of his slick PR and smooth talking. But he’s as nutty as Barnaby Joyce, as ambitious for the top job as Christian Porter and as power hungry as Sco Mo. What material has been leaked against him is the tip of the iceberg. We should be thankful that the Bastiaan led Sukkar backed take over of the Vic Libs fell apart.

  5. TheLambKingMEMBER

    Frydenburg has to win his seat first! He only won the last election because Labor were too stupid and sent their preferences to stop Greens/independents getting in.

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