Rapegate. Vaccinegate. Holgate.

Here it is all over again. The Morrison Government unprocess of government. Stack a honey pot with your mates, bully sheilas out of the way, and muzzle the joint for political purposes:

  • The Australian Post board consisted of seven of eight board seats occupied by Coalition cronies feasting on the taxpayer teat. None had any experience with mail.
  • CEO Chistine Holgate alleges she was driven from her position upon the direct instructions of PM Morrison.
  • Australia Post has been blocked from releasing full phone transcripts that support Christine Holgate’s version of events.
  • Holgate said she was not popular owing to her resistance to a program of secret “job cutting and privatisation.”
  • She called for the sacking of the politically-appointed chairman.

In effect, Holgate alleges she was driven from her position unlawfully by PM Morrison after she granted $20k Cartier watches for executives that successfully negotiated new business. The corporation had a record of similar practices under previous CEOs and they were within her mandate.

She is now claiming deep career and personal damage (to the point of suicidal thoughts). One wonders when the court case will be brought.

Whether or not you agree with the bonus practices – I do not given it is public service – the PM has no right to humiliate and ruin officials on a whim. If the practices of the public corporation need changing then the law insists it is done via appropriate channels.

That is what prevents us from becoming a dictatorship that feathers the nests of its oligarchic mates while distracting the people with populist lynchings.

Or used to.

David Llewellyn-Smith


  1. If the bonuses were cash no one would say boo….. the only stupid thing is giving watches to execs instead of a normal cash incentive, or free stamps for life, or some of the garbage they try and sell you in the queue at the post office, just not Cartier watches. If government run businesses had simple and clear standards, and we had a federal ICAC, none of this would happen!

  2. Even StevenMEMBER

    I don’t know if correct process was followed, but getting rid of everyone who approved of the Cartier watches is a good step.

    Do I have a problem with the PM having a view and putting pressure for the CEO to depart? No. (My distaste for Morrison aside). But I do have problems with the Libs stacking the board with cushy appointments. That’s corruption.

    • A review was conducted at great expense (many times what the watches were worth) and deliberately constructed to find evidence of wrong doing and yet Christine Holgate was still vindicated. She followed due process.

      Perhaps inform yourself before displaying your ignorance?

      As to supporting Morrison using parliamentary privilege to go off half cocked without reference to facts or due process – I’m lost for words.

      Don’t you understand this was a political hit job that began under Ahmed Fahour? Fahour was there to drive AP into the ground and prepare it for privatisation. Holgate screwed up those plans by making AP profitable at the expense of the banking cartel. Hence she was enemy #1.

  3. call me ArtieMEMBER

    Point of fact. They were not $20K Cartier watches. They were rather modest, cheaper Cartier watches to a total value around $20K for all recipients. Of course, this makes the government’s outrage look even more foolish than nature has intended

    • Frank DrebinMEMBER

      Well if she hadn’t got the sack I imagine there would be many (including on this site) calling for her head for the temerity to give public servants bonuses.

      I have never understood why public servants can’t get bonuses when it is clearly warranted and transparent.

      • drsmithyMEMBER

        Public services aren’t supposed to be for-profit, would be the obvious reason people would object to bonuses there.

  4. Mining BoganMEMBER

    Anyone else noticed that whenever Scummo says “it’s a matter of record” he is telling a bigger fib than usual? As in telling an absolute whopper.

    Usually accompanies by a face so smug it is screaming for a left uppercut-short right. He’s challenging journos to pull him up and they rarely do it, and when they do he suddenly has to go take a call from his mum.

    Someone just please throw a chair at him.

  5. I'll have anotherMEMBER

    Holgate managed to make an increase in profits during her last year at Ausposts of 100%.

    Was well liked by Ausposts staff and licensed outlets.

    Whether people agree or not with her giving watches as gifts is irrelevant. It was in her power to do so. Tax payer doesn’t like $20k total in watch gifts but has nothing to say about her banking deal netting millions in profit.

    She was bullied out by the Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Australia without just cause.

    Left like a shag on a rock by her own board of directors.

    Holgate has remained all class throughout. I hope that those involved in her bullying get their just desserts.

    • Probably worth having little look at the journo’s that beat this one little egg of a story, into a f*cking omelette fit to feed a thousand, too.
      Some of those cherry picking pr#cks aren’t worth feeding

      I do like the chair idea above though …. just imagine the chair glancing off his big smug bonce on national TV …… no damage done except to pride, lotsa pride

  6. Scummo was just getting rid of her so he could kill the place and privatize the service in the interests of his owners… good on her for fighting back.

    • I think old mate Scotty is finding out that being in charge of a self interested lobby group, like the Property Council, or a Tourism Board, is a whole world of blissful unaccountability and standard-free nepotism, when compared to the role of a PM. Sure, all pollies try it on as much as they can get away with, but the PM works for the people, and when enough people say so, Mr Speaker, HE CAN GO!

  7. happy valleyMEMBER

    “… the PM has no right to humiliate and ruin officials on a whim.”

    It’s the happy clappy way.

    • Frank DrebinMEMBER

      It’s not just Scomo, it’s every Ministerial office. Cross them and they will run you out of town.

      It’s also why our public service is such a shambles and can’t implement something as basic as a decent quarantine system and vaccination system.

  8. Another year of this.

    Its almost like the Liberals are laughing and saying, ” Ha ha… you voted for us… now all your money belongs to us “.

  9. AP isnt the public service, it is a utIlity with its own profit and loss. The watches were perfectly legitimate.

    I hope Holgate sues for millions.

  10. bolstroodMEMBER

    Another woman’s career trashed. Another woman bullied and defamed in the Parliament.
    The LNP does not like women, I hope women are starting to see this.
    The Holgate public humiliation and sacking was to distract from The Rorts being exposed , i.e. sports rorts, and the complete lack of accountability by the relavent ministers.
    “Rightho ” thinks the Clot from Cronulla , “I’ve got this one covered, I’m the PM and I will show my authority, I can do this under cover of parliamentry privelege.”
    More power to you Christine Holgate give em both barrels.

    • Maybe not her career trashed. She comes out of this looking far better than Scumo, and people know it. She got results that stand.
      His career on the other hand will amount to nothing but gimmes. After politics people will use him for what they can get and then dump him. He’ll never be trusted.

  11. Until we hit the streets like the French (and we used to) bad government will continue to occur.

  12. My view was Gladys Berejiklian was under pressure so a distraction was needed for the Liberals. No one cared about watches but we all took the bait.

  13. Lord DudleyMEMBER

    Ha ha ha! Scotty’s into a winner here. The slogans write themselves. “Scotty’s getting rid of public service fat cats who waste YOUR tax money giving their mates expensive luxury watches”.

    As always, Reusa is right. Scotty is a shoo-in. The average Australian supports this kind of thing. It’s not damaging at all for the Liberal Nationalist Party. The reverse is true. Add in Murdoch’s support, and Australia’s eradication of covid, and it’ll be “vote for Scotty, the steady hand that Australia needs”. It’ll 100% work too.

    • Jumping jack flash


      The strategy is to not do anything new or different because that just confuses and irritates the voters.

      Albo has taken it to such an extreme that i have no idea who he is. Never see him anywhere, doing anything, saying nothing.

      • Lord DudleyMEMBER

        It sure is, and it doesn’t matter in the slightest to the perception of the average Australian. As far as they’re concerned, it’s always been the government, and it still is the government. The thought process goes no further than that.

        Perception is ALL that matters in democracies. Reality only matters insofar as it can affect perception. That AP is a QUANGO doesn’t even register on the scale of affecting perception.

  14. Jumping jack flash

    “None had any experience with mail.”

    Lol, this is pretty much the same as any of their cabinet who have little to no qualification or experience with regards to their portfolios.

    Not that they would even need any because private companies run it all anyway and take care of everything, obfuscating whenever possible to promote their own agendas of profit maximisation.

    Its a massive, massive joke, and it explains the shambles the country is in.