Rapegate Reynolds allows NDIS lying cows

Perhaps the empathy training is working after all. Fresh from her Rapegate holiday, newly-minted Government Services Minister, Linda Reynolds, has decided against the proposed pursuit of NDIS lying cows:

  • The Morrison Government had planned to cut costs in the NDIS.
  • But, the rollout of “mandatory assessments” to catch disabled and infirm rorters has been postponed.
  • Reynolds conceded that the program is still being considered.

In short, it’s been put off until after the election because even the Morrison Government can see how bad the optics are for a poisoned Rapegate minister seeking to revive empathy credentials to set about bashing the infirm and disabled.

Even if it is a good idea to clean up the NDIS.

But, once again, it’s very likely too late. To wit, Bernard Keane:

  • Recall “Mediscare” which in 2016 almost singlehandedly won Labor power had thin underpinnings.
  • Labor has already been promoting the notion that there are “secret plans to make radical cuts to the NDIS”, in the words of Bill Shorten.
  • As a political dead duck, Labor can trash Reynolds relentlessly in a new NDIScare campaign.

Honestly, it writes itself.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Fark that photo is funny
    As a pollie to avoid these snafus you’ve got 2 choices I reckon
    deliberately pull WILD faces ALL the time to play into it
    wear the homer simpson’s awake glasses so your eyes NEVER EVER change (perhaps that is what Julie Bishop had, the Night King version)

    • I’ve just done a search and couldn’t find any meme comparing JB with the Night King even though, now that you mention it, it really should write itself.

      I sense an opportunity for your Swampy.

  2. Is there any evidence to suggest the NDIS is being actively rorted or is it just a cover to cut services?

    • I hear anecdata about it at the recipient level. And, admittedly, it isn’t if the person has a condition that makes life difficult, it is more an exaggeration of it to maximise payments.

      I’m not familiar enough with the system to say whether there are ticket clippers and faux consultants making a motza from it.

      • Jumping jack flash

        Yes there are rorters and yes there are ticket clippers.
        Wherever there is free government money spurting from a spigot, you can be sure there are plenty of people flocking around it to get their lick.

        My wife has been approached by someone recently who is offering “training” videos on how to manage and cope with an ASD child. They are not cheap, and not worth anything. In my opinion this person is selling snake oil to suck on the NDIS teat.

    • kierans777MEMBER

      It’s all because Stuart Roberts, that good Christian bloke who’s been caught stealing tax payers money and other naughty things doesn’t thing it’s right for tax payers to be paying for prostitutes and got overruled by the court. So they’re sending in the Robodebt architects.

      The Saturday Paper has been doing good coverage of all of this.

    • Cover to cut services and/or use maximum allowance or lose it. Same principles as education materials to schools…if they don’t take the money they don’t get it next year…this is why they replace perfectly good tables, chairs, black boards, white boards, ovals into running tracks bitchhmenninto tiger turf etc..$$$$

    • How can you profit off them Suicides? If there was money in it for them then it might be better.

      Thats the problem with the dead. They dont pay any Taxes. Maybe we can dig em up again?

      Do you reckon we could rent Grave Sites? Maybe Boomers can be paying the rent 10 years after they’ve been buried? Good business idea you think? They’d have to give us all the money up front, of course.

      Oh, here it is… this is what we need… Rent a Coffin – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKCBFEtHY2A

      Thats true Entrepreneurialism right there 🙂

      Such a humanitarian.

  3. The scammers are moving in on the NDIS right now. They are saying that they want to put everyone onto two and three year plans but the idea is to keep people from further improving their lot until their friends are in the saddle by denying meetings until plans run out and freezing the budgets in place.

    They are not cutting budgets yet but any idea of partnering people in their journey in life seems to be out the window now and the NDIS just another arm of the DHSS. Nearly impossible to get a sense of what is happening from staff, they are probably in the dark themselves.

    • Well, there are lifters and leaners.

      Scammers. Drug Dealers. Prostitutes. Real Estate Agents. Sounds like a good solid days work to me.

      I mean, they had to go get the drugs and import them into Australia. Its all hard work, you know.

      Honest occupation drug dealing is.

      Just ask this guy:
      Sex – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvuJT4p9Mvs
      Drugs – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsix7qWMHt4
      Guns – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7SgU_FvFRw

      All he wanted was some honest work. Its not like he was selling drugs in Canberra or anything lol.

    • Maybe it if wasn’t so freaking complicated, it would be harder for the scammers to stand in the middle of the recipients and the scheme itself.

      A family friend of ours lost her sh1t at the NDIS when her daughter was asked to prove that she had Downs Syndrome.

      • This!
        A friend of mine was told his missing forearm was imagined in his head! He then demanded the doctor to shake his (missing) hand & when the Doctor couldn’t, old mate said maybe he had an eye problem & should be reassessed for his position suitability – followed by a string of choice words the smug clown deserved.

  4. kierans777MEMBER

    It’s not a scare campaign to say the LNP want to privatise Medicare. We know they want to do it.

  5. There are unquestionably problems with the NDIS, but many of them are an own goal by the Govt which then turns around and blames the recipients. In my experience some of the self managed folk in particular take liberties as they aren’t vetted by a plan manager. In theory they can be audited, though we know how hit and miss that kind of accountability is from our tax return system. The whole thing was a rushed implementation, largely pushed along by a certain ex AG who set a firm completion date when the resources needed to make it work were not available.

    Ridiculously high maximum hourly rates were set for many service providers which means every clown with a pulse looking for a side hustle is advertising their services through platforms like Mable, and allied health workers can do better through NDIS than working under the public system as they used to. I mean, if you set a maximum rate for a particular category of service, what do you suppose people will charge? Prices for everything disability related have soared. Early recipients when the money bucket was full often did better than later recipients, and some packages could be seen as excessive. But again, this could all have been avoided with more thoughtful design and implementation. It is my firm belief that the whole thing at its core was more about privatisation than any genuine concern for better outcomes.

    That said, the proposed changes swing way too far in the opposite direction, and reduce the whole review process to a tick and flick interrogation process which requires binary answers to set questions and tasks. Anyone with any experience with the disabled can understand that this is not workable in an environment where one size can never fit all. Even worse, these reviews were to be conducted by organisations determined by tender, employing assessors which frequently have no relevant knowledge or experience in the disability they are assessing. It has been suggested that this is deliberate in order to ensure complete neutrality (lack of empathy?) when conducting the one size fits all assessment, even though it is not fit for purpose.

    What it amounts to is privatisation by stealth, yet in plain view, using the tried and true tactic of making it look wonderful at the outset, then winding back the benefits after it is no longer front of mind for the public.

    I’ve seen nothing to suggest anything other than the ex minister being a sociopath who was prepared to lie and misrepresent the truth to achieve implementation of the changes. While the NDIS can certainly do with some constructive improvements, the stay of execution granted by Ms Reynolds, for whatever reason it has come about, will come as an enormous relief to NDIS participants across the country. But because of the shoddy implementation from the get-go, it is unlikely the last we will hear of it.