Newspoll craters as Morrison filth goes global

Morrison Government smut covers Australia in infamy worldwide today as the truth comes out at Bloomberg:

  • Few believe Morrison knew nothing of the smut scandals.
  • Canberra is an inescapable cess-pit where pollies and media are locked in incestuous proximity.
  • Washington is much more decentralised, older, and less parochial.
  • Insular blow-ins breed contempt for the polity.
  • It is generally “infested”.

Magnificent stuff. And something that MB has railed against for a decade. There is no doubt that the structure of Canberran politics encourages disjointed policy and the self-centered satisfaction of dark appetites over the national interest.

There is another factor this time around that we have not seen before that should not be forgotten. The Morrison Government did not just inherit this. It nurtured it, encouraged it and grew it fulsomely. No government has been so utterly disconnected from national interest policy-making. It has no policy process to even do it. It runs government purely on the basis of managing perceptions: “don’t ask, don’t tell”.

This corrupt regime has born rotten fruits in thirteen separate (and unresolved) sexual assault and harassment charges running concurrently. This has never happened before because the swamp was never so filthy and deep.

I remain of the view that Australians will drain this swamp at the first available opportunity. Quarterly analysis from Newspoll today makes the case strongly today:

  • Both WA and QLD have swung from 53-47 to the Coalition to 47-53 Labor.
  • The SA vote has collapsed to 45-55 Labor with the Marshall Government sinking as well.
  • Nine federal Coalition seats are in immediate peril nationwide with many more in contest, handing Labor a thumping majority.
  • The Coalition’s male vote has sunk to 41% from 44%.

Let’s get that early election happening so we can drain the Morrison swamp and move on to fixing the nation.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Given the Australian branch of the CCP (Labor) are unlikely to change their allegiances any time soon, I cannot see LNP losing the next election. Doubly so after the coming cash splash budget.

  2. What annoys me most about this whole episode is that what blew up this government was a cultural scandal/sexual misconduct (which is very important and has been prosecuted well) and not the misuse of billions of taxpayer dollars with their rorts and flooding large corporations with jobkeeper money they didn’t need. Heck, Robodebt should have been enough given the amount of suicides that were linked to it. However, I don’t think it is the sex scandals that have derailed this government as much as the Murdoch press deciding that Scott Morrison is not the best horse in the race, which has led to Murdoch journos actually criticising the government for a change.

      • mikef179MEMBER

        I agree also. I mean, isn’t that what the property bubble was all about? Drawing Australians en masse into corruption in order to protect it from criticism and political consequences. They succeeded massively there.

      • Arthur Schopenhauer

        Most people weren’t/aren’t paying any attention. Their Facebook feed is where their attention is focused.

        Now that the attention has been focused by a clear moral scandal, they are far more receptive to the corruption scandals.

        That’s a good thing.

    • bolstroodMEMBER

      It was a fatal blunder for the Scrotum when he erroniously accused Merdoch press of work place sexual misconduct.
      But The clusterf#ck of the Covid Vaccination program is what really opened the punters eyes to malignancy of this mob.

      • kierans777MEMBER

        Exactly. The “dole bludger” mentality is strong in the lower classes. I asked someone who was whinging about da bludgers if he cared about the $43 billion in super tax concessions. It was an interesting conversation. If it’s not on ACA he doesn’t seem to care.

        • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

          It proves just how effective our system of propaganda is.
          People’s minds intentionally filled with half truths and lies.
          Their entire fking lives.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        And yet the non stop hysteria over 4 insulation installer deaths was relentless.
        All over a number of blue collar deaths that was less than the average for the value/volume of work carried out in that program.

        It’d be good to see someone from one of the victims families of that robo debt fiasco go postal on the most relevant LNP pr!cks responsible.

        • MathiasMEMBER

          Aussies are so polite that when you put a gun to there head to kill them… they are the ones who apologise to you.

          When did Australia become so homosexual? We just keep taking it up the a$$ and nobody ever seems to complain.

          We must have absolutely no self-esteem left anymore.

    • Charles MartinMEMBER

      100%. It seems a weak way to bring down a gov’t, given all of the corruption that is in plain site everyday, like the ALPs preference for ALDI bags and Julie Bishops bullschit glorious foundation..
      I wanna go back to the days of Bill Clinton getting a beej in the oval office and it not sticking.

  3. mikef179MEMBER

    I remember seeing all those worldwide corruption indexes over the last decade saying that Australia is largely free from corruption and thinking what the hell were they smoking? It’s corruption as far as the eye can see in Australia. But as long as everyone’s making money, or thinks that they are, then there is no corruption, right?

    Maybe this is telling us something. The rats are starting to flee the sinking ship that is the Australian economy.

  4. kierans777MEMBER

    > It runs government purely on the basis of managing perceptions

    Because we’re run by the Marketer In Chief.

    I really struggle to understand how anyone can believe a word that comes out this lying, pathetic little man.

    • Know IdeaMEMBER

      That is a little unfair. I tend to believe everything that he says … is to advance his interests and the interests of his political donors. From that perspective his utterances are entirely trustworthy and predictable. But using that paradigm it is difficult to distinguish his behaviours from most other politicians. I still am at a loss to pinpoint why the present PM’s approach comes across to me as so egregious.

      • Because he doesn’t even pretend otherwise. He can’t. Unlike his predecessors, this man’s particular brand of sociopathy does not permit him to at least feign empathy. That bit, at least, makes him seem not-as-human as the others.

  5. David WilsonMEMBER

    David you believe the ALP muck raking is all caused by the LNP , nup I find most conservative people are decent unlike those noisy minorities on the grubby left David

    • Arthur Schopenhauer

      I find being asked to donate $5000- at a fund raising dinner meet a LNP Minister to present a policy idea pure corruption. There seem to be a lot of ‘decent’ LNP leaning business people who think that it’s ‘just the cost of doing business’.

      🤔 What on earth could that mean?

      • mikef179MEMBER

        Exactly. Let’s not pretend that it isn’t institutionalized at this point.

        My take: the government has too much money available to it.

  6. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    Our competitive educational system doesn’t do a good job at filtering out psychopathic pr!cks,..does it.

    I was supprised at just how “Educated”, (indoctrinated into the ideology of the ruling class really), this tu rd is.

    “Let’s take Andrew Laming as an example. Educated at one of Brisbane’s finest private schools, he went on to study medicine before gaining qualifications in the highly-specialised field of ophthalmology. He holds diplomas in other areas of medicine, along with a string of Master’s degrees in public administration, public policy and philosophy. One of those is from Harvard University, no less.

    And this week, he’s taken time off his job as a taxpayer-funded MP to attend “empathy” school.”

    • MathiasMEMBER

      I think Liberal and Labor collude.

      I think Liberal and Labor decided a while ago that it was time for Labor to win, so now Liberals are doing everything deliberately idiotic and stupid to get go against sentiment and be deliberately voted out of office. Maybe they decided it was time for Labor to have a go.

      Either way, since 1900, Australias basically been a Liberal Labor Government with 30% votes each. Even the highest minority has barely made 15% in over 200 years. No matter how this ends, Liberal and Labor sit as Government and Opposition, and trade salarys while the rest of Australia suffers. Im sure its nice to get the higher salary but who really cares right? Opposition pays just as good.

      A lot of this stuff is just too scripted. How come all this stuff happens close to election time? Its all been part of the plan to see a change of Government.

      Australias not a democracy. Its two partys colluding in Canberra.

  7. Jevons ghostMEMBER

    Meanwhile, back in the National Capital, it’s D10s versus the Australian War Memorial parade ground – destroying it in order to save it. Good job Brendon Nelson! Lest we forget!

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