Morrison vaccine rollout shfts from failure to fraud

More bad news for the lagging vaccine rollout today. First, we’ve taken out Nepal in our race with the Third World:

Unfortunately, a series of revelations shows that there is little prospect of improvement. Indeed, most of the effort seems to be going into hiding the failure:

  • The Government has new rollout targets but won’t release them.
  • Despite saying that we’ve purchased 20m Pfizer doses for later this year there is “no guarantee” that they will arrive.
  • Only “a very small number: of aged care workers have been vaccinated”, contrary to previous reports.

A fed-up VIC is now investing in its own mRNA production:

  • VIC will contribute $50m to the facility.
  • It could cost more than double that.
  • Experts say it could anywhere from 1-3 years to complete.

Only three more years of lockdown to go.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Maybe we need to talk about protection measures for when Australia gets dodgy leaders? Who governs the governors?

  2. Display NameMEMBER

    I suspect the Milkshake video was not going to get a run until one of the 40+ media advisers in the PMO suggested it was at least good for a distraction. Seems to be mostly working.

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      The ‘Milkshake’ video makes perfect sense if the woman and the man have their role reversed. Imagine the man forcibly smearing milkshake on the woman’s face, and then telling her to ‘drink it all’. It was unfortunately too close to the truth, thus the gender is reversed and the video becomes incoherent.

      • my toranaMEMBER

        Yes, but I think it was intentional. Wasn’t the idea that boys would get an idea of what it’s like to be violated. I seem to be the only one to see this, or is it too obvious to mention. Not that I’m defending the ad, it was bizarre.

    • $3.7 million dollars worth of distraction – with an end result of proving how out of touch the Morrison government is with women.

      Scotty forgets women are 50% of voters.

  3. And yet the elderly part of the population overwhelmingly approves Scummo’s management of the pandemic. Go figure…
    House prices, perhaps?

    • David WilsonMEMBER

      Victoria managed to kill 800 in aged care, Victoria totally stuffed hotel quarantine, Victoria blocked 100,000 returned travelers from its sh.t house hotel quarantine due to total incompetence, Victoria covered up its handling of hotel quarantine by lying and cover up at the inquiry recently, Victoria cost the Australian economy over $10 billion due to lock downs ….. still think Victoria and Red Dan have the answers, I think not.

  4. Problem is ScoMo’s mates over at AZ wont get any benefit from Vic investing in mRNA production!! so what’s in it for ScoMo?

  5. Comparable in both land mass, population and economies, Canada is the country most like Australia in metrics.

    To clarify how badly Scomo has cocked up the vaccine rollout, Canada is 23 in the world and Australia doesn’t even make the top 100.

    The LNP only have one job, the vaccine rollout and they have stuffed it up. Once again the states are going to have to fix it, with Melbourne rolling out 3 mega vaccination centres in Melbourne and Geelong.

    I seriously hope voters can see how useless the LNP is after this debacle.

    • kierans777MEMBER

      Only if the media reports properly. That’s the biggest problem to people knowing the truth.

      • All good points, but with Murdoch owning 72% of the press, there is very little chance of there being any proper reporting.

        In my personal opinion, Murdoch is one of the most dangerous men in the world, him and Xi Ping.