Morrison vaccine rollout collapses entirely

Well, it was a bad time if not a long time:

  • Three-quarters of NSW health worker’s appointments for vaccination have been cancelled.
  • The AZ announcement is largely to blame.

I imagine the cancellation rate will be just as high in the community, if not higher given the higher vaccine hesitancy.

Now that everybody plus the drover’s dog is going to wait for the Pfizer version, which will only dribble in until Q4 when another 20m doses are supposed to arrive, but there’s “no guarantee” that they will, we’re very likely going to slip even further backwards versus developed markets if not emerging:

Third World politics delivers a Third World result.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. happy valleyMEMBER

    “Third World politics delivers a Third World result.”

    Nah – it’s all the states’ fault for not getting their vaccination hubs set up pronto and jabs in arms – just ask federal NP lightweight Littleproud, who shot his mouth off a few weeks ago saying the the states had done SFA. LOL?

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      That will be why there was such a rush to get the National Cabinet meetings going again. Can’t blame the states otherwise.

  2. Mike Herman TroutMEMBER

    The externals will always reflect the internals eventually…. that truth is going to smack Straya in the face very soon….

    • PalimpsestMEMBER

      Don’t you mean hesitancy will drop and take-up rise? Vaccinated residents had much reduced symptoms, the virus was transmitted by an unvaccinated HCP, this was one of the new variants, and the Pfizer vaccine still provided significant protection, not complete, but significant.

      It’s interesting that one vaccinated patient died. A person that had COVID previously as well. In this case neither natural or vaccinated resistance was effective. These are not perfect. But all HCPs should be vaccinated. I hope the unvaccinated residents were unvaccinated by choice, otherwise they are .innocent victims.

    • That article illustrates the reality r.e. vaccines that Scummo and the ‘system’ is trying to desperately pretend doesn’t exist.
      1) The vaccines don’t stop you getting it
      2) the vaccines don’t even stop you transmitting it
      3) the vaccines are not 100% effective at preventing you from getting sick and possibly dying from it.

      The borders are not going to open. Especially with the ‘double mutant’ indian strain going global in coming months.

  3. Not surprising! How many over 50’s do you think will refuse the AZ and request Pfizer because that is what our obese and over 50 illustrious leader received?

    • Why would an over 50 want to be a second class medical citizen with AZ – when our fat 52 year old leader had Pfizer.

      • The politics of this suck for Scummo.
        He needs oldies to vote for him. How many oldies are going to be happy with the crappy vaccine?

        • Arthur Schopenhauer

          The level of Science comprehension in Australia is breathtakingly low. Unfortunately, most of our fellow citizens wouldn’t have a clue. (Even our dear bloggers sometimes struggle with microbiology. 😀)

          • There is a one in a million chance of dying with AZ.

            A person is more likely to win lotto than have a reaction to it. Despite knowing this, I still would prefer Pfizer.

            Why? Because of the hypocrisy.
            If it was good enough for Scotty it should be good enough for the rest of us.

            And also because Pfizer is more resistant to the mutant strains and has a higher efficacy rate. AZ is only about 60% from memory, which isn’t great.
            It’s better than nothing, but very much a poor second choice.

        • It seems Morrisson’s quiet Australians are also nil empathy Australians.

          Clearly Boomers.

          A generation broadly incapable of showing empathy but always demand they receive it from others.

    • Meanwhile Canada with a similar population and economy is 23rd

      And Australia cant even make the top 100

      • tuohyredMEMBER

        And CA, subjected to “vaccine nationalism” Septics suppressing delivery of bought and paid for consignments.

        What is ANZUS worth – Pine Gap priceless to them and we get SFA, except to lick boots in wars of choice – RA Inf 3130285

    • Frank DrebinMEMBER

      If we don’t beat Nepal I will absolutely spew up.

      Lebanon will be a tough ask, but I reckon we can come good if the conditions suit us and we are switched on.

      • Didn’t Lebanon lose its major hospital in the port explosion a few months ago?

        And they are still ahead of Australia?

        How embarrassing for the Morrison government.

    • NZ and hong kong have both suspended flights from India.
      Scummo will resist. Stopping flights from India will expose his home quarantine bulls*it spin for what it is and anger his owners.

    • It’s been temporarily reduced by 30% at National Cabinet, that link you have there is about a hotel not being used because the poor ventilation that was known to be a risk has lead to two people getting infected in neighbouring rooms. McGowan wanted a ban but his real issue is that he can barely manage the hotel quarantines and public hospitals on a good day in WA. The streams of Indian permanent residents with double mutant strains will be keeping coming, don’t you be worrying about that good sir (shakes head).

  4. NSWH employee here

    Have had my AZ

    Interestingly spoke to neighbour this morning a GP who cancelled hers (she’s well under 50) which is surprising for someone who understands clinical risk more than most

  5. Walked into the mass vaccination center at the Convention Center and took an AstraZenca shot. I was deemed eligible due to working in the healthcare industry (generic pharma business). With the outbreaks underway again this whole situation is too risky.

    they are saying cerebral blood clotting is roughly 5 per million.