Morrison quietly launches vaccine passports

The Morrison Government vaccine failure continues today as Australia remains mired in the Third World:

It will get worse, not better over the next six months costing “tens of billions”, said economists, probably quoting me. It is true.

Having capitulated entirely to Gladys Berejiklian’s plan for mass vaccination centres, the Morrison Government now faces criticism for failing to pay for it and for failing to think it through.

Pfizer has announced a third booster is needed after 12 months, putting Australia even further behind. And on Australia’s worst TV show, Q&A, the Government was humiliated repeatedly for not engaging with Moderna as it could not even get its vaccine definitions right.

Yet, the most interesting material today is the emergence of effective vaccine passports which are a great idea:

  • No border opening is coming or we’ll be overrun with virus, said Morrison.
  • But, the vaccinated will be allowed to travel soon for important purposes such as funerals and business and then quarantine at home.
  • Wider travel will follow slowly.

That is a straight-up shift towards vaccine passports which, of course, Scotty from Marketing will never say.

He should. We need vaccine passports. They should be made explicit and rolled out nationally to demolish the hesitancy that the failed rollout has so badly exacerbated.

Sadly, the badly damaged PM is now too gun shy to lead.

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  1. Fu**ing Chinese. First, they emitted tons of CO2 that caused the great bush fire here (or so they say) and costed my vacation in Hawaii. Then, they unleashed the Wuhan virus that crippled our economy and made me look bad. I will take them to the International Court of Justice for jeopardizing my prime ministerial career. If they refuse to hear my case that will become irrefutable evidence that these international organizations are under the Chinese influence. We can stop funding the UN altogether. Nobody with half a brain can blame me.

  2. happy valleyMEMBER

    “Sadly, the badly damaged PM is now too gun shy to lead.’

    But he never has led, because he’s not a leader as was pointed out in Q&A last night. He mouths the principles but he does not lead?

  3. Scummo is trying to achieve two goals at once. Pivot to a faux ‘tough on borders’ stance for electoral purposes AND open the border all at once. Home quarantine for vaccinated Australians who leave for important reasons will be the thin end of the wedge to open things up to students temp visa holders….

    • Frank DrebinMEMBER

      Home quarantine – about bloody time.

      Where is the sense in cramming people into hotel Petrie dishes ?.


        Because keeping the Viroos out. Let it in without properly inoculated population ya get fresh lockdowns and fun stuff like that. Example: most of the rest of the fcken world

        • Frank DrebinMEMBER


          Stand-alone residences are much better than cramped hotel rooms with no access to fresh air potentially exposing hotel workers to the virus which they are then free to take back into the community.

          Compliance can be managed by tech and/or law enforcement means.

          Example: a lot of other countries in the world including the UAE, Singapore and Hong Kong

          • drsmithyMEMBER

            “cramped hotel rooms with no access to fresh air”

            “UAE, Singapore and Hong Kong”

            Pretty sure the majority of people in those countries are living inside densely packed and air-conditioned apartments.

    • Scummo is trying to achieve two goals at once. Pivot to a faux ‘tough on borders’ stance for electoral purposes AND open the border all at once.

      The Coalition (and Labor, for that matter) have been pursuing this strategy – with the tacit support of most in the media – for 20 years now. It shouldn’t be too much of a challenge, even with the current muppets ostensibly in charge.

      • Strayan political parties have been good at scoring own-goals. Still, scoring two own-goals at once is a bit hard to do, even for the experts.

      • Frank DrebinMEMBER

        The coolies perhaps, but those with the means to travel don’t generally need to slum it.

  4. Geez Norman Swann is a dead set legend. Just karate-kicking the IPA troll Paterson (hat tip to him though for calling a genocide a genocide) on the worst show on national television.

    Pity the country isn’t run by people of his ilk.

    EDIT: where is useless Albo on this. Nevermind students, get expats home FFS.

    • He did well but anyone intelligent could have driven a semi-trailer through the argument of the government boy. He was playing with an absolute lightweight. Everyone in Australia seems to wet themselves whenever they see someone in media display anything approaching intelligence.

      • Settle down

        Norman Swann is constantly broaching no BS
        I am far from wetting myself

        Thanks for the opinion though

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      That bit when Norman said “I’m sorry to correct you” when discussing the Moderna vaccine. I don’t think he meant it.

      The discovery of Scummo dilly-dallying last June with the phizer needs to be discussed more. Surely the media can’t ignore that.

  5. PS unlock the youth immigration post so I can share it as a PSA with idiot colleagues who think we need rampant migration.

  6. Didn’t someone make the comment that when tyranny comes to the West, it would be embraced with open arms by most of the population? And were they wrong?

    • Ha Ha the VAX/HEX narrative continue. When did MB become shill for vaccine propaganda & vaccine Pee A$$ Ports? Would all Australian citizens please bend over and prepare to be PRO (G) RAMmed:))

  7. Morrison isnt very Transparent on anything. This guys got more secrets then a Feminist Nurse.

  8. No. Vaccine passport = social credit score and I won’t willingly participate in such a scheme. I’m not anti-vax, getting a flu shot on Tuesday as it’s proven safe and effective.

      • “Communal vaccine outcomes” what kind of Edward Bernays/SFM nonsense is That? Is the survivability rate from covid going to go from 99.97% to 99.98% with a vaccine?

        Refer to above article – vaccine passports are the start, it’s going to start with international travel and be expanded outwards.

        MB banned all the dissenting opinions on this though, so I’m not surprised at this terrible take. I’m expecting the old boomer argument next of “well I had a yellow card from the WHO when I was backpacking in the 1970s” as if that is somehow relevant or comparable to today’s world.


          If you didn’t throw the “covid isn’t a real thing” argument in there you might have reasonable grounds for mounting a coherent argument about credit scores/trojan horses and whatnot.

          Currently though you come across like one of them “plandemic”/Bill Gates eats children/5g stole my wife nutters.

          • I’m not worried about COVID. I think everyone worried should get their vaccine.

            I shouldn’t have to receive an emergency use medical treatment because of other peoples anxiety and mental issues.

            Stay home if yer scurred.

        • +many.. don’t be put off by the will bates nutter slur…just another media hex put upon folk at the fringes who wittingly or unwittingly rationally question the bizarre social engineering narratives brought to you by folk at TV stock London via globular media …mock them as nutter with army of keyboard shill…..nobody died nobody got hurt..plenty of money got made by a few:))

      • Duke_Wellington

        Jeez guys you suck! Just take the vaccine!! youll get a bit of paper that will let you fly one of our monopoly airlines for cheap!

  9. Vaccine passports? More like SLO- MO under pressure from politicians and business “leaders” to resume with their little overseas business junkets.

  10. Duke_Wellington

    We now support vaccine passports here. Economy over all else.
    Strongarm people into taking a “provisionally” approved vaccine. Pathetic.

  11. This is a form of apartheid.

    So I have to be injected three times in a 12 month period with an experimental vaccine rushed through for emergency use?

    That’s concerning.

    I’d rather take my chances with catching COVID. I’m neither elderly nor a slob.

    And that’s taking the good kinds of vaccine, not our vaccine which has been suspended throughout the world and banned in Denmark.


      That’s a good point. Maybe we can inject/inoculate the folks who don’t want vaccines with the real virus (maybe P1, I hear the average hospitalisation rate is 37 in some areas). We could put em on Christmas Island while they clear the viroos or die or whatever. Obviously instead of boosters we’d have to reinfect them every 6 months with live virus of whichever variant of concern is the strongest. That’s a cunning and foolproof plan!

      • By taking basic precautions I will avoid the virus, and if I do catch it I have no doubt I will survive it.

        So I’m not worried.

        Australia is one of the most mentally ill countries in the world, highly medicated society doped to the gills, population whipped up into a frenzy by traditional and social media.

        It’s little wonder we have some of the most anxious people about this virus.


          But yer scurred of a little jab? Sounds like yer pretty scurred of things to me.

          • I don’t take medication unless absolutely necessary. Especially experimental treatments for emergency use. Can’t remember the last time I had something like a Panadol.

  12. Along with the Seek numbers, there was a clown on the radio talking about how employers can’t get people with skills and yes you guessed it we need loads of skilled migrants

    er no

    How about investing in training our local citizens

    jesus wept.

    • Duke_Wellington

      wear the mask, take the vaccine, get the passport buy plane tickets to nowhere, support local monopolies and pay your subscriptions to one of the most inwardly looking media circuses ever to grace this unfortunate planet.

  13. Forcing or coercing people to take vaccines that are still experimental and not finished trial and have been subject to many health concerns around the world is a breach of the Nuremburg Code.
    It is an absolutely abhorrent position to take. Even if the vaccines had completed all trials and been shown safe to use, there is no justification for the fast majority of the public to take them considering the risk from covid for a healthy person under 65 is extraordinarily low.
    Also the only reason that Pfiser are calling for a third shot is that the parasites realised it will increase their profits by 50%.

  14. Duke_Wellington

    “He should. We need vaccine passports. They should be made explicit and rolled out nationally to demolish the hesitancy that the failed rollout has so badly exacerbated.”

    Why do we need them DLS? elaborate? Why should australians be forced to take a provisionally approved vaccine , just to kickstart an economy that threw us all overboard decades ago?
    Unfortunately your just another screaming voice from the gallery now. What value is there here? The parliment rape thing has burnt you out old chap.

    • DLS burnt himself out screeching “anti vax loonies” at anyone who was hesitant to roll up their sleeve months ago. QED. we were right to wait

  15. working class hamMEMBER

    At what stage does business trip and funeral exemptions only, make any sense. If you don’t travel for business, the only way you get to travel at all is because of a funeral? Another dump taken on the Australian public by our self appointed betters.
    If this gets off the ground, we may as well let them stamp pleb in our new passport.