Morrison Government vaccine rollout tracking Albania

It’s tiny, backwards, gap-toothed, corrupt and failing abysmally in its vaccine rollout. It is Albania. Or is that Australia? Actually, both:

Losing the vaccine race

Australia losing the vaccine race badly

By any measure that is an abysmal failure for a developed country with a top-notch health system run by individual states.

Sadly, that system was overlooked so that a pack of federal arseholes could take the credit. Now we see the results:

  • Just one-third of the highest risk aged care facilities have received any vaccine at all.
  • Only half of nursing some residents have received one dose.

The states aren’t taking it lying down. NSW is in a fury via Minister for Brad Hazzard:

  • The Morrison Government is deliberately seeding the media with misleading vaccine data to blame NSW.
  • NSW was told it would receive 13k vaccines so prepared accordingly then 45k doses arrived, leaving it unprepared for the rollout to health workers.

If it was not so important, it might be amusing as QLD fumes for the opposite reason via Deputy Premier Steven Miles:

  • QLD has held back the rollout because it was told it would receive less vaccines than it needed for health workers.
  • It therefore kept some in storage for the second dose.
  • There’s been no security of supply and “almost no communication”.

Victorian Health Minister Martin Foley is playing peacemaker:

  • Demanding the Morrison Government co-operate with the states.
  • Victoria has not held back any vaccines owing to insecurity of supply.

Finally, add another $1.7bn to the tally of Morrison Government failure as tourism is rocked again. The final bill to the nation of this vaccine debacle will be tens of billions. So far we have seen:

  • A corrupt procurement policy hit with vaccine concentration risk.
  • A busted vaccine booking system with an IT partner bought in one month ago.
  • GPs out of pocket with no vaccine and doctors muzzled.
  • Logistical screw-ups all over.
  • Rollout target running 86% behind schedule. Or, in Scotty from Marketing’s world, 14% success!

The Morrison Government never learns. It’s always somebody else’s fault. This is exactly the same “don’t ask, don’t tell” culture that has delivered an alleged rape epidemic for its own staff.

What a shame that on the one occasion that the nation needed Prime Minister Scott Morrison to go to Hawaii and leave government to the states he decided to say home and hold the hose, mate.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Great politics by Foley. I doubt he would be playing the role of peacemaker if Health Hazzard hadn’t dropped his bundle against his own side yesterday. Foley intervenes as the putative voice of reason in the midst of a Liberal Party feud.
    In 1939 King Zog of Albania was deposed when the Italians annexed Albania. His son the Crown Prince, married an Australian from Sydney after the war. They lived in Rhodesia for a quite a while before Smith left power. That is Australia’s connection with Albania.

  2. Arthur Schopenhauer

    Too busy attacking women journalists and covering for perverts, rapes, an alleged rapist, corruption, thieves and nut jobs, to do their job.

    Sack ’em.

  3. pfh007.comMEMBER

    Well ALB is before AUS in the alphabet so it stands to reason that they are before us in the queue.

    We may be at the front of the queue but a queue is still a queue!

  4. Australia does not need the vaccine urgently. We have a very effective quarantine system in place, unlike most of Europe and the USA. Who gives an xxxx if we don’t vaccinate faster? It only means fewer unskilled foreign labourers coming in to take our universities, jobs, houses and our children’s futures, as has been well documented on this site for many years. A slow vaccination effort is utterly irrelevant in this country except for universities, property shills and those who defend our unproductive, copy cat big businesses based in Sydney and Melbourne. You can GAGF.

  5. MathiasMEMBER

    I guess so. I really dont know anymore ;p

    I just want to live my life and most days I just want to pull the blinds down and not even care.

    Im pretty sure nothing I say or do matters in Australia anymore. I thought Australia was run by woman now? Why havent things improved?

    Australia just seems to be in total chaos. It kind of makes me laugh when I read stuff like this. My response to it is, ” Is that the only thing wrong right now? lol “. Stuffs wrong everywhere.

    • Mate , get out of australia for a few years or permanently if it works for ya.
      Fck move to albania.
      You will need a marketable skill , i dont know what your into, but consider training up in a 3D job and FIFO if you dont have better options.

  6. “top-notch health system run by individual states.”
    Really? It is not bad but it is far from being as well run as it should be. To call it top-notch is a reach.

  7. As an over 70s I tried to book in for a Covid jab today. My normal medical practice want approved for the vaccine so I have to go elsewhere, but was told they’re only taking bookings for their patients who have medical issues. I was put on a waiting list but was told that given the length of the waiting list I was unlikely to ever get a booking.
    Looks like well all be vaccinated by 2050 at the latest. Oh gosh – I’ll be dead by then.
    Thanks ScoMo.

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