Morrison gaslights globe on climate

We know he can’t “read the room” owing to a personality disorder that inhibits empathy. But this is a whole new magnitude of expression for it. Welcome to Planet Morrison where it’s hot, entire countries sink from sight and we feed their drowning populations with scorn:

  • PM Morrison told the Biden climate summit that Australia does better because its lack of carbon targets allows it to make “bankable” cuts to emissions.
  • Australia is on a path to 2050 net-zero but won’t commit to it.
  • The untarget will be delivered by the private sector and innovation.

Here’s what bankable looks like in the real world. Last among peers and getting worse not better:

And this does not include exports. If it did it would be far worse again for Australia.

It’s not all bad. Despite Morrison’s climate disorder, Australian emissions will fall from here as its irresistible renewable assets have their day. Even if we refuse to join with others in setting a target to do so. Some of those new commitments include:

  • Peak coal in China by 2025 and net neutral by 2060.
  • Japan to nearly double its cuts from 26% to 46% from 2013 levels.
  • Canada to lift its target to 40-45% from 30% cuts from 2005 baseline.
  • UK to cut emissions by 78% through 2035.
  • South Korea to stop funding coal, phase it out, and be net-neutral by 2050

So why would Morrison do this at all, you might ask? Because his real target is not the Biden conference. It is his very narrow power base of dying coal seats in QLD.

Ironically, those very same areas have some of the best renewable assets in the world with a forthcoming wave of jobs as they are going to be built.

Like Trump before him, Morrison is pretending that he can save coal and retain votes with false hope.

The one thing that you can always bank on is Scott Morrison gaslighting.

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    • happy valleyMEMBER

      And a chronic and inveterate liar? And every time Angus spruiks our “achievements”, he smirks belieing the “truth”

      • Someone ElseMEMBER

        That’s called ‘duper’s delight’; micro-expression of happiness/joy/relief when a liar thinks they’re getting away with it. Great way to see who’s p!ssing in your pocket.

    • Ah, c’mon, you’re gonna make him cry in public for himself: ” Criticise me if you like for speaking about my daughters, but they are the centre of my life…” :'(

  1. See also Senior Assistant Gaslighter Coorey in today’s AFR. Whereby Morrison is approaching net zero “in a series of small steps…not quite the zeal of a convert but close”. Access journalism at its finest.

  2. Ironically, those very same areas have some of the best renewable assets in the world with a forthcoming wave of jobs as they are going to be built

    Exactly. Jobs that Scomo and his luddites would deny to their grandchildren.

  3. I am all for lowering Green House Gas Emiisions but sometimes I think what is the point when you read what China is doing.
    I was listening to the ABC news about how China was going to put pressure on Australia to lower emmissions , seriously WTF.

    “China’s coal-fired power generation increased last year as growing electricity demand outpaced the installations of new clean power capacity, making China the only G-20 country with rising coal generation, climate and energy think tank Ember said in its Global Electricity Review 2021.

    While wind and solar power generation led to a record fall of coal-fired generation in all other G-20 countries amid flat overall power demand due to the pandemic, China’s electricity demand increased in 2020 and had to be met by both renewable and non-renewable energy sources, with coal increasing its market share, according to Ember.

    Despite commitments to become a net-zero emission economy by 2060, China—the world’s biggest carbon emitter—commissioned more coal-fired capacity last year than the rest of the world retired, a new report showed this month. China’s coal boom in 2020 more than offset the retirements in coal capacity in the rest of the world, leading to the first increase in global coal capacity development since 2015, a report led by Global Energy Monitor (GEM) found.

    China commissioned 38.4 gigawatts (GW) of new coal plants in 2020, offsetting the record-tying 37.8 GW of coal capacity retired last year, the report showed.

    China also has 88.1 GW of coal power under construction. Another 158.7 GW is proposed for construction. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is retreating from coal capacity and is announcing coal retirements. ”

    By Charles Kennedy for

    • I recently read an article looking more closely at those sorts of numbers and claims. It seems there is a heap of ‘stimulus’ plants being built – small, lower-quality plants, which are there to provide jobs and keep certain local coal mines open.

      The gist of the article was to pour a heap of cold water on the notion of ‘dependence’ or ‘desire’ for coal power by China/CCP, and more as seeing it all as a way of stimulating certain locations, keeping certain local governments happy and solvent, providing jobs, short-term band-aiding of replacing aging coal plants, etc.

    • Display NameMEMBER

      I would argue in the medium term China, or the CCP will have no choice to execute on a green strategy. And this is just to clean up the pollution in major (and minor) cities.Coal is the major contributor to the pollution and going green will make a big difference to pollution. The factories west of Beijing had to close during the Olympics otherwise the athletes would have come down with asthma or other allergies. It is often a pea soup fog when the factories are operating Multiple cities a year of 1M plus people have to have water trucked in because of pollution.

      60% of NZ’s rivers and streams outside conservation parks are un-swimmable, and 95% polluted. You can bet that number is pretty much 100% in China. We are doing a stellar job of trashing our main river systems with BS governance models and over allocation. I can see no net benefit from having a market for water in Australia. Strategic resources should be government owned.

      The doc below gives a grim account of the volume and quality of Chinese ground water.

    • TheLambKingMEMBER

      China will reduce emissions when it is forced to (or when it is cheaper, which is happening). The issue is that Australia has been actively campaigning against action on climate change. So yes, Australia reducing our emission does not have much effect – but the Australia has a lot of world political influence (“We don’t need to change because a rich nation like Australia is not”.) Once the world imposes carbon tariffs on CO2 emitting nations then China will truly act.

      • Beg to differ TLK.
        “yes, Australia reducing our emission does not have much effect – …”
        Australia is in the top 2 exporters of Fossil fuels and that does make a huge differnce .
        It doesn’t matter where they are burned, it contributes to the global disaster.
        We prosper on the emissions of our exports.

  4. Love it …Gas Lighting nice way to say lies…globe, Climate Change, CC just say CC…on equal par with MAFS…yes I’m comparing climate change gaslighting to reality TV gaslighting where experts gaslight contestants, contestants has light each other and producers gaslight dumb viewers with mean spirited slack jawed, slope shouldered blokes who compete for affection from dozer jawed sheeelas built like proverbial brick shyte houses..needless to say they get none cos only thing Sheila’s want is attention & lots of it…same for Oz political ‘players’

  5. All the other countries in your charts have nuclear energy. Australia could rank down low with France in terms of per-capita emissions as well if it adopted nuclear energy to the same extent as the French.

    • Interesting observations from How a Physicist Became a Climate Truth Teller

      …what the media and politicians and activists say about climate science has drifted so far out of touch with the actual science as to be absurdly, demonstrably false… “number of high temperature records set in the past two decades far exceeds the number of low temperature records.” On closer inspection, that’s because there’s been no increase in the rate of new record highs since 1900, only a decline in the number of new lows… the world has warmed by 1 degree Celsius since 1900 and will warm by another degree this century… He’s a fan of advanced nuclear power… The public now believes CO2 is something that can be turned up and down, but about 40% of the CO2 emitted a century ago remains in the atmosphere… does not drive an electric car. He drives what he jokes is the official car of Putnam County, a Subaru Outback…