Morrison buys another useless 20m Pfizer doses

Desperate to appear to be doing something, the Morrison Government has moved quickly to do nothing. Its latest unsolution is for Australia’s gigantic 2021 vaccine supply hole:

  • The Morrison Government has secured an additional 20m doses of Pfizer vaccine.
  • Sadly, they won’t arrive until Q4 this year.

The second point means that the new doses will do nothing to plug the Astra Zeneca hole that has opened up in the next six months thanks to a disastrous procurement policy that bet everything on one producer.

We already have heaps of Novavax arriving around the same time as the new Pfizer batch and more AZ to boot so, arguably, we don’t even need the extra Pfizer. At least we will be more diversified in the event that Novavax succumbs to side effects (so far its test results are excellent).

As well, we will likely see the existing rollout slow even more as everybody waits for the Pfizer jab.

I wonder what the non-solution cost long-suffering taxpayers? The US is paying $26 per dose for Pfizer. Given our desperation, it’s probably a lot more than that.

At least PM Morrison will now be able to stand with hand-on-heart and declare that he is sharing with everybody else the same Pfizer vaccine that he had. It was never made clear why he didn’t get the AZ version that he bought for the rest of us.

Finally, in the latest vaccine race update, Australia has managed to edge ahead of Bangladesh and is even approaching war-torn Lebanon! Alas, we are now eating serious Albanian dust:

Prepare for new lows ahead.

David Llewellyn-Smith


      • I’m sure he came out of charcater once and admitted if he’d followed his own alter-ego narrative he’d be a richer man

      • reusachtigeMEMBER

        I love Scomo! He’s the best PM we’ve had since Menzies and his Liberal Nationalist Party is the only one capable of managing!!

        Things have never been better for those who strive to maximise their success. It’s a great time to be alive thanks to Scomo and his great team.

        Albo and his cheap champagne commies would destroy this nation with weakness. Everyone who is anyone knows this. That is why Scomo and his great team have the next election in the bag.

        LNP all the way baby!!!!

          • Different party thenMEMBER

            Menzies goal was a large middle class. And apparently protected Australian manufacturing with tariffs to encourage high wages for most workers (as they were scared if proletariat had not enough money they would become socialists or communist revolution). . And banks were only allowed to do extremely responsible mortgages so kept house prices down. Doesn’t sound like this Liberal Party of today at all.

    • The vax/ hex saga continues…International Game Of Mates…taking a bite of Australian tax payer $$

  1. innocent bystander

    this will encourage more to avoid AZ while waiting for the Pfizer vac?
    so, 2021 will look similar to 2020 then?

    the more vulnerable will have to go the AZ since there won’t be many immunised wandering the country.


    Sure would like to know what commercial terms Sclotty and the team have agreed upon?
    Under ‘pandemic pricing’ the Pfizer was US $19.50 per dose while the AZ was $4.00.

    However, Pfizer is looking to raise the cost to its normal vaccine range of $150-$175.

    • happy valleyMEMBER

      +1 Scotty’s masters will not be happy – cannonfodder home buyers and wage slaves needed to keep the ponzis boring ahead.

    • You got that wrong. Unvaccinated Australians won’t be able to go anywhere. Vaccinated foreigners will be welcome with open arms.

      • No they won’t. These vaccines don’t stop you catching or speading the virus. They stop you getting badly such/ dying from it. Vaccinated foreigners will bring the virus in.

      • Nope. What gramus said. Local nanna will still die if the foreigner brings it in.
        It doesnt stop foreigner actually catching the virus just reduces the severity of the sickness for them. Once they catch it, it also doesnt reduce the severity of the virus for all those that catch it from the foreigner. Foreigner survives but local nanna still dead.

        • Let’s be honest..vax/hex is largely untested and no one knows what the vax or covid did ease will do:)) besides nana is a subjective term….age range 45 year to 90+ who exactly died from this covid conundrum??

  3. 4,200 we come

    Don’t trust the experts. A few weeks ago they said there’s absolutely no connection to blood clots, that there’s no threat to anyone’s health, that the vaccine is perfectly safe, that these reactions were merely coincidences.

    Well, those experts and their cheerleaders are eating some humble pie today.

    They were wrong, wrong, wrong.

    • kiwikarynMEMBER

      That’s what happens when the only “safety” testing you do during clinical trials was to monitor people for 15 minutes for vaccine reactions.

    • Happy to be corrected but didn’t the experts say rhere appeared to be a link but it was difficult to quantify/ qualify due to the low prevalence ?

  4. Ya gotta ask yourself …. out of this whole international drama how many polies are looking for a soft landing post civil service in some Pharma/Health[lol]/Insurance perch as a reward for services rendered to Investors and the C-suite … its only rational to maximize ones utility … eh … waves at Ev’bal Anna …

  5. Mike Herman TroutMEMBER

    1 in a 1000 chance of blood clot from flying, 1 in a 1000 chance from birth control. 1 in 250,000 chance from Az vaccine….. just sayin…. welcome to COVID normal….

    • Even StevenMEMBER

      Yes. Agreed. There is more risk to me from crossing the road.

      Having said that, I agree with MB’s premise that we should have pursued a multi-vaccine strategy rather than placing all our best on AZ. It *could* have been the case the side-effects from AZ were much more severe (or Pfizer, or others…).

      • There is more risk of being hit by a truck travelling at light speed while crossing the road than catching Covid Corona Just say CC

    • Yup agree with that.
      Although there are some key differences that we should add iust for completeness which is the exposure and hence expected numbers. The percentages hide that.
      I.e. not everyone flies, only part of the population. Automatically half the population (men) do not have the pill and only some women do. Also, vaccine is going to be tied to some basic rights of freedom to move freely and work as it stands. Neither the pill nor flying has those strings attached. So even though the “1 in xxx” is much lower for the vaccine, the number of people that will get it can be expected to be equal or higher in our population. And that can matter if it impacts only working age, tax paying less than 50yo people.

  6. MathiasMEMBER

    A mate of mine pointed out ( they never learn lol ), that Melbourne has tonnes of single females. Normally I couldnt care less but it intrigues me from a Social Imbalance standpoint.

    So, Men, if you stupidly want a woman and the thought of pain doesnt phase you, move to Melbourne.

    It leads me to wonder why there is such a societal imbalance, though. Either, a) Melbournes done something stupid which has turned all its men away or b) Melbourne woman have serious social issues and no man wants to touch them ( anyone seen Australias Marriage stats lately? Australian Woman are hopeless at keeping a marriage together ).

    My mate was being a smartass and trying to teach me about what he called, ‘Responsibility’ lol. I was being a smartass and trying to teach him about what I called, ‘Independence’ lol.

    Being the narcissistic, misogynistic and self-centered individual that I am ( all of which I consider my best features ), I couldnt help but ask, ” What the hell is wrong with Melbourne woman? “. More to the point, why does Melbourne have such a serious gender divide? Is that a sign of some kind of social / economic issue?

    I dunno… but if my mate ends up in a divorce case, loses all his money and ends up suiciding, then I’ll be sure to turn up at his funeral and tell him, ” I told you so “. They never listen lol.

    I dont know enough but I cant imagine Melbourne having such a serious Gender imbalance would be healthy. That seems like a red flag to me. A sign that somethings not quite right with Melbourne ha ha… but what do I know.

    Its a bit like owning a Car thats sputtering smoke out the exhaust and saying, ” Yeah mate. Just a bit of smoke. Nothing to see here. “.

    • Someone ElseMEMBER

      You’re looking at it all wrong. When there are too many women it’s a playboy paradise. Add in that during crises (esp. economic) women tend towards larger age gaps and older men, it sounds like Melbourne is a candy store.

      You don’t have to marry them. Seriously, you don’t have to marry them; if they start putting their foot down just ditch them. There’s plenty more who want a crack at the title.

      • reusachtigeMEMBER

        Yep! I’m gonna go check out Melbourne’s party scene. Sounds like an absolute delight!

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      If you want to experience the joy of a woman’s warm embrace, and I mean embrace, I can hook you up! Contrary to popular opinion the best ones are fit and healthy and work out so that they can deliver!

    • “Australian Woman are hopeless at keeping a marriage together”

      Dear me, I can’t think why.

      Or why there are so many single women in Melbourne – or Canberra….or anywhere in Oz…..

      Or why this sick, regressive, utter garbage is not moderated?

    • All the blokes are busy knocking together another flammable dog box and investing proceeds into crypto. Tinder is so 2019.

    • David and leith. Enhancing comments with upvotes downvotes or even simple ignore would be good. Happy to recommence membership on that basis. Pretty sure I am not alone

  7. MathiasMEMBER

    Health Minister Greg Hunt’s office said in an emailed statement on Thursday that “a cyber security attempt to impersonate the minister has been referred to the Australian Federal Police and investigations are underway.”

    Comment: ” He got phished, if I read TFA correctly, via Telegram. ”

    lol. ScoMo’s famous words, ” We have the technology ” lol.

  8. This is like the purchase of useless subs. The same dumb, fingerprints everywhere.

  9. I would be happy to grab an AZ vax. At this point I think they should just throw the doors open to any takers.

    • Sadly history is not so kind and those that live unscathed then are burdened with the half dead because some wobbled on about freedoms before information was known …

    • Yet he defers to the Blue Dog Democrats …. aka the Third way corporatists … everytime without blinking an eyes …

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        Are you saying Chomsky or ScoMo defers to “Blue dog democrats”?
        Their (Blue dogs) fiscal and social conservatism is certainly similar to the LNPs ideology.
        But you seem to be suggesting Chomsky is in this Camp.
        Are you?

        • See his position on Hillary vs Trump and then Biden today, down with Third Way and only seems concerned about the GOP management style.

  10. How many have suffered a blood clot following administration of the vaccine? Commentary above has it at 1 in 250,000 probably well below people getting a clot from staying in bed too long.
    Surely there can be some mitigations taken like reminders to drink plenty of water and do regular light exercise in say the 30 days post vaccination. Interestingly clotting was also something the disease itself was also causing, given the vaccination is essentially the spike protein, one wonders if this particular protein in interacting in some way with clotting factors. We need to ask the CCP for their Wuhan lab notebooks to find out what they were doing.

  11. COVID did a great job of exposing why it is vitally important to have an industrial economy. All the soft stuff – financial engineering, service economy, etc., do not help. You cannot substitute a real vaccine with a virtual one from your iPhone…. Even if you did, the chances are that it won’t do its job.

    This has always been the case – after all, you have never been able to eat virtual food from your iPhone – but many Strayans have somehow come to disregard this vital, if obvious, point. It has always been an accident waiting to happen.

    Now, at last, the chickens have come home to roost.

    • Not sure about Industrial economy necessarily. Australia has CSL in Melbourne which is more than capable of making vaccines. What is needed is the R&D capacity linked to that industrial base. It’s more difficult to undertake R&D here to the extent you would find in the US, Switzerland etc. because of many factors.
      A small team at UQ no doubt did their best but a quirk of the underlying technology set them back by a year.
      And no, CBA creating a banking app or mortgage assessment software is not R&D despite qualifying for all the inherent tax breaks.

      • R&D is an integral part of an industrial economy. From an initial discovery through many stages of development to a final product, the associated infrastructure, logistics and distribution network of various parts that flow freely between the development sites, etc., are all integral parts of an industrial economy.

        As it has been a while since Straya lost it, all the associated knowledge will soon be totally forgotten.

    • Covid did a great job at exposing how many poorly educated, media gullible half wits inhabit Victoria

      • The Strayan mass delusion is not new. It is nonetheless quite breathtaking as to how entitled Strayans have been – somehow believe they can keep spending more than they earn because they *deserve* it.

        An inevitable consequence of selling the farm, bit by bit, to make the ends meet is a slow and gradual process of sinking – what is commonly known as poverty. Poverty is not an absolute state – after all, the Hottentot lived very simple but happy lives that are far from poor – it is the process of this sinking.

  12. Lord DudleyMEMBER

    The difference between Australia and US on this is very stark right now. I had my first Moderna jab on Monday at a Walmart. The wife has her first Pfizer jab booked for Monday. I know that some places in the US have been having trouble getting enough people to take the vaccine they already have (e.g. Wyoming) because a high percentage of their population refuse to take their medicine. I’m guessing excess vaccine in those places will be distributed elsewhere in the country.

    FEMA are doing mass vaccinations all over the country. Or you can get them at CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Kroger, Safeway, and pretty much every dinky little clinic. Zero cost.

    By Q4, it seems to me that the US will be awash with excess vaccine. At the rate they’re going, pretty much everyone who wants to be vaccinated will be by July. It boggles me that Australia won’t be getting Pfizer until 3 months after that.

    After July, Australia is still going to be lurching from lockdown to lockdown, while getting a steady supply of news from the US about how everything’s completely back to normal here and the US is seeing the biggest economic boom in the last 50 years.

    Florida are already jumping the gun… the whole state is a bit like a coke addict who just got out of rehab and flew straight to Vegas.

    • It is true the way this has been presented to the public by the media is like declaring victory in a game that has not yet finished. Being relatively isolated the South Pacific and Australia have had some natural advantages in terms of being able to keep the virus out.
      In terms of vaccine deliver it is interesting to see pictures out of some Eastern European nations, where basically you can go to a facility and they have rooms for administering Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Sputnik or Sinopharm vaccine, take the pick of the one you want
      Seems it is Western governments that have forgotten how capitalism is actually supposed to work, by going for huge orders of one vaccine over another which then comes with an attendant political risk.

      • Lord DudleyMEMBER

        Too many of my hyper cynical predictions came true, then covid happened, and it stopped being funny.

        Also, after about 2015, I gave up on the idea of going back, and got green cards for the whole family instead.

        Now I just want Australia to prove me wrong, at least so my nieces and nephews won’t have to leave the country if they’re crazy enough to learn how to actually design and make stuff.

        • I see. To me, SLX is the embodiment of Australian ingenuity and excellence, or what is left of it. If it cannot succeed I will pull the pin.