Fake left and fake right join in immigration wages assault

Some folks just never learn. The fake left for instance:

  • The Greens are ramping up a campaign to increase family visas.
  • They would like to accelerate the entrance of 200k extra visas.
  • The current system is “unfair”.

The question is, unfair to whom? Is it unfair to the migrants who knew that were leaving behind loved ones when they took the gig? Or, is it unfair to the Australian workers whose wage outcomes have been decimated by waves of mass immigration?

That is not to say that there is not a need to reform how family visas are governed. There are certain to be inequities in the process.

But it is to say that the fake left is joining hands with the fake right to deliver smashed wages. Even those on the more traditional right can see that much. Judith Sloan:

  • All signs point to the Morrison Government restoring mass immigration.
  • During the last fifteen years, Australia has seen infrastructure, housing, wages, per capita GDP and social fallout from unbridled immigration.
  • It is simply driven by business lobbies.
  • Labor is doing a much better job by resisting Morrison Government moves to bring back the flood.

This is Judith Sloan talking. The last time she praised Labor was when during construction of the arc.

The return of mass immigration is a direct return to last the cycle of low per capita growth, falling wages, falling living standards and Australian worker’s copping the lot.

The UK and US have learned their lessons about this kind of trickle-down capitalism. It leads directly to inequality, populism and the end of capitalism via rentier corruption that destroys competition and worker disenfranchisement that destroys living standards and collaborative policymaking.

Both sides are as bad as one another. The fake left ruins workers. The fake right ruins markets.

David Llewellyn-Smith


  1. This is Judith Sloan talking. The last time she praised Labor was when during construciton of the arc.

    Ah yes, the good old days when the ALP were trying to grow the pi.

  2. Being Australian today means this: to be paying a mortgage to a Sydney or Melbourne bank, either as an investor or as a home owner. There is nothing else the majority have in common since Australians born of Australian parents are now a minority in Australia. As long as the mortgages are big enough (stick) and the house prices keep rising (carrot) people will keep working without too much complaint. That is all the “leadership” have for us. I can’t see that changing until the wheels fall off, and that will only happen when there is epic inflation in everything except housing due to a lower for longer AUD due to a long commodities bust. In the meantime, the best thing that Australians can do is what they’ve done for years: keep leaving VIC and NSW for QLD and eventually push to either change the immigration policy or stop the subsidising of NSW and VIC economies via financialisation, superannuation and the tax system, or to secede. At the 2016 census QLD was ~22% foreign born vs ~33% in NSW and VIC. Later this year, we’ll see if the spread is widening or narrowing.

      • Pretty rich hassling people for not subscribing when your own staff are not only editing subscriber comments without saying they are doing so, but also deleting comments just because they don’t agree with them and/or the comments contain legitimate criticism of the actions of your staff. Like, say, criticism of comment editing.

        For the record my original comment here was deleted.

    • ” keep leaving VIC and NSW for QLD ”

      What makes you think QLD wants you? Aussies ran away to QLD so they could live in peace. NSW and VIC are full of migrants. Why the hell do we want migrants coming to QLD?

      I hope any southerner who comes to QLD gets eaten by a damn crocodile. This migration thing. Thats a declaration of war, that is.

      I have to be careful of the surf now. Since all these Southerners are coming up, they keep feeding all the sharks. Now the food supply is rising, so is the shark population. Not that I care if a few Southerners get eating alive by a shark but it does make it harder for me to enjoy my surfing hobby.

  3. “The return of mass immigration is a direct return to last the cycle of low per capita growth, falling wages, falling living standards and Australian worker’s copping the lot.”

    Just as bad, in my view, is lifestyle destruction. Packed roads, packed public transport, packed suburbs, McMansions overflowing their block size, overloaded public services (hospitals, schools).

    I emigrated to Melbourne in 1984 and was dumbfounded by how good it was (compared to London). For mine, it’s definitely not a better place now.

    As the Eagles wrote, “Call someplace paradise, kiss it goodbye”.

  4. The vast majority of parent visa categories in AU do not carry working rights – so this would have no impact on labour market – furthermore, the vast majority of applicants for these are elderly people, well past retirement age.

    • So we import a bunch of ailing elderly non-working people who’ve never paid a cent towards our health and other infrastructure which they then exploit for the rest of their miserable lives at the expense of people like me?

      Fck that noise.

    • Last election the Labor Party which was trying to win a couple of key migrant seats (one was Box Hill in Victoria – large Chinese community) had a policy to allow a migrant couple to bring both sets of parents (4 persons) into Australia for a $1500 one off fee per person and, without a time limit for their stay.
      The implications were not thought through properly.
      The visa required the persons to care for their parents but did not explain what could, and, would have happened if the children defaulted on their obligation to fully support their parents.
      How many could support four extra elderly people on a continuous basis?.
      Not one of the elderly parents would ever leave Australia and Australians would have to fund their welfare.
      It would be impossible to deport them as they would appeal to the AAT claiming that all family support is in Australia so returning them overseas would be breaking the family apart.and subjecting them to extreme hardship.
      This would involve much legal appealing and even with an adverse AAT ruling, the elderly parents could find a Doctor who may find that they cannot fly for health reasons.
      This scenario was very real and it escaped scrutiny from the media. This was staggering because Labor was considered a certainty to win the election and form Government.

  5. Greens are being disingenuous. If it was purely about “family reunion” then permanently strip all welfare entitlements and let them in for free. But the reality is Greens want Australian tax payers including the many who cannot afford a house of their own, to cough up even more taxes to provide shelter/welfare/healthcare for someone who is not even Australian.

    • Agree I’m flat out paying for a rented roof over my head & deeply hatefully resentful that my tax dollar is funding some furr rain students grandparents healthcare. And taking decent rental properties off the market as they buy them up. No handouts or subsidies for my demographic/ cohort or whatever term you fancy:))

    • The greens are being disingenuous … they should oppose mass immigration as it makes up over 60% of our population growth, which is the greatest contributor to emissions.

      However as I have said before, when it is a choice between the environment and mass ‘brown man’ immigration, their ruinous mass immigration ideology wins every time.

  6. Parnell McGuinness (SMH Saturday) ran the same line, that Labor and Liberal have “traded places” on migration. Maybe. But it could equally be that Keneally is just playing semantics, supporting “permanent” not “temporary” migrants.

    2020-21 permanent migration ceiling is 160K – Labor has not opposed. The medium-term net migration target is 235K – Labor has not opposed. The Special Platform Conference pled for the “safe return” of the edu-migrants.

    When Keneally publicly espouses net migration of 80K or less, I might just begin to half trust her.

  7. Wage theft of Ag workers…how much of that is driven by supermarket cartels? Anyone calling it out?

  8. Lord DudleyMEMBER

    The Nationalist Liberal Party know that they can’t just de-fund Australia’s (very successful) health care system in the way they want, because Australians actually know that it’s one of the best in the world. It’s one of the few good things in Australia that’s safe from sabotage (for now).

    Oh look, here’s the Greens with a plan to sabotage it by loading it up with people who never contributed to it.

    Never mind… the Greens will face electoral annihilation over issues like this.

    If Labor were smart, they’d take this opportunity to support policy that helps the average Australian, and instruct their woke members to go join the Greens.