Daily iron ore price update (moar demand)

by Chris Becker

More new highs for the iron ore complex yesterday as “structural contradiction of supplies and a shortage in medium and high-grade products” continue to elevate the primary product to ever new levels. Here’s the price table:

And charts:

Texture from Reuters as this commodity supercycle keeps benefiting from the “brrr” of the stimulus printers:

Chinese steel futures also closed at all-time highs, underpinned by robust demand and concerns over production curbs.

The northwest Shaanxi province recently urged local departments, as requested by China’s state planner and other authorities, to verify local steelmakers’ crude steel output in 2020 and explain those whose production exceeded designated capacity or didn’t meet it.

Another major steelmaking city Handan in the Hebei province recently issued a notice, asking mills to implement production-control measures in the second quarter.


Top iron ore producers Rio Tinto, BHP, and Vale released disappointing output figures last week. And a weaker dollar is making commodities traded in the currency cheaper to buy.

Aluminum is surging and copper jumped to a 10-year high as commodities advance toward the highs of the last supercycle. Metals are benefiting as the world’s largest economies announce stimulus programs and climate pledges as they rebuild from the coronavirus shock.

“Biden’s new climate promises and at least lip service by China to greener domestic policies are keeping the demand picture rosy,” Tai Wong, head of metals derivatives trading at BMO Capital Markets told Bloomberg.

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  1. pfh007.comMEMBER

    With the US implementing a new New Deal and China keen to keep making giant leaps forward it is a good time to be a dirt digger.

  2. The impact on Australia of this, even if fleeting, is massive. No wonder the Chinese are upset. They try to fire up their economy and send Aussie to the moon!