Biden puts heat on Morrison climate lies

Our Gaslighter-in-Chief is having his climate bluff called. After yesterday promising an absurdly low $500m in new carbon taxes, the Biden administration is having none of it:

  • The Biden administration has demanded deeper carbon cuts from Australia.
  • “Technology not taxes” is insufficient said a senior official.
  • The US is expected to announce roughly double Australia commitment to halving emissions by 2030.

The absurdity of all of this is how warped is the rhetoric. Morrison’s technology pork is a carbon tax, on all of us, the proceeds of which are thrown to vested interests in his usual policy unprocess.

Yet a carbon price, which is not a tax in any way, shape or form, is couched as one.

It’s like we’re living in some kind of totalitarian idiot state.

Any way Morrison cuts his lies, we need to lift the commitment or, sooner or later, everyone will apply a carbon tax to Australia as well.

I advise them to do it right now. Australia needs the world to smash Morrison’s lies. So does the world.

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  1. happy valleyMEMBER

    “I advise them to do it right now. Australia needs the world to smash Morrison’s lies. So does the world.”

    Hear, hear. ScoMo’s $0.5bn technology pork has the prospects of matching Turnbull’s $0.4bn upfront Great Barrier Reef Foundation pork?

    • Yep, there is nothing as grand as a US POTUS… and Biden cuts an imposing figure, he proclamates and the world listens!

      China burnt 4.04Bt of coal last year, they will say, hey US, cut your emissions, we are still only half your rate on a per person basis, and Biden will look sorrowful, and say”quite right, how wrong of us…” CUT, CUT, CUT… and China will giggle, while India with the fastest growth in coal consumption, will giggle and say, look at all the solar we are building! According to MB, our power bills will be the cheapest in the world!!!

  2. “It’s like we’re living in some kind of totalitarian idiot state.”

    Idiocracy was a brilliantly prescient movie.

  3. The narrative of Biden as our “climate cop” is exciting, but it means little, from the point of view of Planet Earth.

    Earth pays a lot of attention to the humans’ endless growth and total war on the environment – but little attention to their empty posturing about UN “net zero” emissions. Hence, its CO2 levels and its land/sea temperatures keep on rising apace. The idea that humans can expertly geo-engineer global warming to a limit of 1.5C (or 2C) by 2050 is hubristic and fanciful.

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      Gotta keep people busy otherwise they’ll notice the weird changes happening outside.

    • Denis413MEMBER

      If I was planet Earth, I would be taking notice of the biggest polluter, followed by the second largest polluter (but less so given they are half the biggest). I wouldn’t even know Australia’s name.

      • True but per capita we are one of the worst and as such have zero credibility telling any other country anything. Not being at the forefront of carbon free energy when we have perfect geographical conditions for being so was a missed oportunity for a technological industry which could then be exported as well as having credibility on the world stage.

      • Yes pollution is the issue, including the dumping of radio water into the Pacific and the nukes flying quietly here and there unreported in media. Interior pollution is running high, the anti soil coatings, weathproofing on textiles and cleaning agents, let alone Big Pharma western medicine. For example Panadol blocks brain perception of pain, seratide blocks asthma symptoms and both cause grievous systemic body damage. Carbon dioxide has been much higher and vegetation benefited hugely. It’s poured into greenhouses to get plant growth up. Meanwhile coolest summer we have had for a long time.

  4. Who cares what the US says on this? It’s all bullsh*t.

    Let’s call out every country that has population growth. I would like to pro forma our targets to increase them based on the immigration we take … this makes it easier for those countries who have lost folks to meet their targets.

    Joe Biden is just a hypocrite … the Dems are always interested in the spin rather than the substance … but I guess Scomo is no better.

    • Absolutely. Population growth is a choice, either of governments or of the people themselves. The most effective action that you can take against climate change is to have one less child. You could hairshirt yourself in every imaginable way and not even come close.

      A rich country taking a migrant from a poor country has almost the same impact as another baby because the migrants massively increase their consumption on average and their children consume just like anyone else in the host country, which now has a bigger population.

    • There is always a cost to pollute, whether that cost is paid by the producer, the consumer, the ones that clean it up or whether is is the loss of health of people or the environment that bear the cost it is there.

      I think that you have rightly pointed out that it is people that pollute and emigration reduces other nations capacity to pollute and immigration increases ours. We certainly deserve credit for that whether it is carbon credits for immigration or recognition that we have stupid leaders.

    • Bill Gates has been actively espousing population reduction lifelong, and his Ted talk spoke of vaccination against fertility, even a vaccine researcher spoke out in jan 2020 as whistle blower that Bill was achieving that thru the vaxx he supported. So it’s said.

  5. Has any country met any target that they have previously promised at prior summits?
    And what precisely is the “Worlds” plan for China & emissions come 2050 but also the emissions between now & 2050 (or is it 2060 for China?).

  6. PalimpsestMEMBER

    Good Question @Sool. What has changed is the realisation amongst leading Nations is that there is sector rotation out of carbon into green, and done fast and properly, leadership in green means more income and profits than the losses in Carbon. Even in a third world country like ours it is cheaper to generate green power than carbon power, and if we did that our industries would benefit. To quote the Atlantic:

    “Contrast that scene with now. The Biden administration has sold climate action as concretely in America’s interests: Its infrastructure package seeks to develop green industries not out of a sense of global do-goodism but because [**]America’s economic competitiveness is at stake[**]. And Xi Jinping’s government has, since last year, pursued aggressive climate policy as a way to build its international prestige. China uses climate policy to sell the orderliness and sanity of its system over the cacophonous and chaotic American approach.”

    Don’t worry about the World. Worry that Australia won’t catch up. It is OUR competitiveness at stake.

  7. Yeah let’s all have no children so the few descendents we do have can give the land that was meant for their children to the children of others. While we’re at it let’s decide we’ll never fight another war…because we couldn’t if we had to anyway.

    • That’s a good argument for nuclear weapons and long-range missiles. Countries that are densely populated, or even big and densely populated, still get invaded. Think of Belgium, China, and Indonesia in World War II.