Berejiklian completes reverse takeover of Morrison vaccine dills

You have to hand it to Gladys Berejiklian. She may be attracted to toxic blokes but she knows how to handle them as well. To attract the attention of the personality disordered Australian prime minister, Berejiklian and friends spent the last week openly assassinating his government. First, there was the appearance of Brad Hazzard on 7.30:

And when that didn’t catch the distracted federal eye, Berejklian herself appeared to sink her pump into Morrison’s fleshy hide:

  • Morrison chopping the AZ vaccine a “huge setback”.
  • Australia in danger of being left behind by the vaccinated world.
  • NSW to set up its mass vaccination centre (outside Morrison’s plan and advice) just in case surprise supply appears.

Late yesterday, the Virgin Premier was cock-a-whoop as her plan came to fruition:

  • Berejiklian welcomed the PM’s newfound urgency for national cabinet.
  • “We can’t afford to be left behind because it’s bad for our communities,” she said.
  • NSW is ready to roll out mass vaccine but doesn’t have any!

And why wouldn’t she be happy about it? She’s just pulled off one of the fastest and least bloody reverse takeovers in history. To wit:

  • The Morrison Government is planning to establish mass vaccination centers for the fourth quarter rollout (assuming it has got some vaccine by then).
  • “And if we get that right, it should be possible – it should, assuming supply chains and vaccine hesitancy not getting beyond us – it should be possible to vaccinate the balance of the population this year,” he said.

Of course, this is the complete and explicit opposite of the bungled Morrison Plan to use fraught GPs, even up until two days ago and is 100% the plan of Gladys Berejiklian.

Such public humiliation by a sheila ill befits PM Morrison’s marketing-at-all-costs approach to policy. But he has to extract that painful Berejiklian stiletto from his sagging butt ASAP.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Lord DudleyMEMBER

    Meh. No-one but political tragics have noticed this. All we need now is the states to secure their own vaccine supply, and get ahead of the Federal government on this one. If that happens, come the next election, Scotty and News Corp will be crowing about how Australia’s COVID response was so well managed that there were almost no deaths (for which you can thank the states), and there’ll be little to attack them with on vaccines if the rollout improves, even if the improvement is 100% because of the states.

    Here’s the thing; the average Australian has almost no knowledge of how the government actually works, or the difference between state and federal responsibilities. Even if the states are responsible for everything good about the COVID response and vaccine rollout, Scotty (or at least the LNP if they oust him) will take credit. It’ll work, too. I have multiple relatives who think he’s done a “great job”, in their words.

    A big question is whether the states will start procuring their own vaccines, or whether they’ll wait for federal supply to appear. If one state managed to procure a heap and vaccinate everyone way before everyone else, then that might (maybe, if permitted by News Corporation and Nein) make the federal LNP look bad.

    • Arthur Schopenhauer

      ‘the average Australian has almost no knowledge of how the government actually works, or the difference between state and federal responsibilities’

      So true. Has there ever been a time when the general populace was so disconnected from how they are governed, how food is produced, what it takes to defend a country and how goods are made?

      • Lord DudleyMEMBER

        Goods are produced by digging up dirt and shipping it to China, who automatically send us goods to prevent the world becoming top heavy and tipping over.

        Goods are distributed by house prices going up.

        The AZ, Pfizer, and Moderna vaccines aren’t involved in these two systems. Maybe that’s the problem. Get ‘straya into the Sinovax. You could offer China the Hunter Valley, or maybe Newcastle in exchange.

      • Display NameMEMBER

        How would they have any knowledge when News Corpse controls 70% of new papers and sky/fox and the SMH/9 faction are all for the status quo. There is no MSM any more in Australia. The large “media” companies are oligopoly supporters. Cash for comment, paid stenographers with few exceptions.

      • turvilleMEMBER

        Then the majority of people must be very stupid and or your chucking a huge insult at the populace. We’ve never had the capability to seek out good and qualified information more than now and we DON’T have to believe everything we read in the newspapers (who bothers with them anyway) or the “media” – DYOR

        As far as vaccine success goes here are some facts hot off the REAL press – pretty obvious why the US and the UK are well ahead of anyone – they make most of the early batches and look after themselves firs + Covid has had a far worse impact in the N Hemisphere + of course the more recent surges in India and Brazil (god help them). truth is – we’ve become a country of entitlement seekers who’ll complain about anything just for the sake of it. Should stand back and be grateful for what we have. what we’ve avoided and create a positive atmosphere for all. Simply blaming the Feds is of course the easy way out.

        NZ has administered ~135k vaccine doses and are rolling out vaccines at a 7-day average of 5,500/day. This needs to lift to 30,000/day for all adult New Zealanders to be vaccinated by the end of the year and ~14,000/day to hit the initial 1.16m doses target by July. 2.6% of New Zealanders have received at least one vaccine vs 22.1% in the US, 11.3% in the UK, 6.2% across the EU and a global average 2.3%.

    • RobotSenseiMEMBER

      I have multiple relatives who think he’s done a “great job”, in their words.

      Time to talk to them and point out the litany of shortcomings. Frank incompetence shouldn’t be left to pass through to the ‘keeper.

      • Lord DudleyMEMBER

        Ha ha ha! They wouldn’t listen or care. I’m the weirdo who abandoned Australia. Why would they listen to me?

        Nah, Kochy told ’em ScoMo’s ace. Their house prices are going bananas. COVID’s eradicated in Oz. Everything’s perfect as far as they’re concerned. I see no reason to interrupt their bliss.

        Got my kids out… that’s enough for me.

        • Great businesses like McDonald’s, Philip Morris and Coca Cola know the vital importance of getting to their customers early. The LNP take their cues from great businesses, so it is only natural that they are copying what their mentors showed them and trying to get to their voters early. In fact, I heard that they are trying to figure out a way to get to their voters before they are born.

        • I’m sure the LNP is running a “It’s labor’s fault” information session to young impressionable minds. So they know that everything that goes wrong is always “labor’s fault”. 🙂

    • “ Here’s the thing; the average Australian has almost no knowledge of how the government actually works, or the difference between state and federal responsibilities.”
      This is exactly why WA is different. Those of us in the great state fully understand hence why we want to get rid of the rest of you clowns, particularly the other AFL states, ASAP.

    • drsmithyMEMBER

      Here’s the thing; the average Australian has almost no knowledge of how the government actually works, or the difference between state and federal responsibilities. Even if the states are responsible for everything good about the COVID response and vaccine rollout, Scotty (or at least the LNP if they oust him) will take credit. It’ll work, too. I have multiple relatives who think he’s done a “great job”, in their words.

      + Gazillions

      Civics education in Australia is catastrophically bad. This is a key part of so many problems.

  2. working class hamMEMBER

    It doesn’t take much, to make Slowmo look bad.
    Maybe blaming the states on the Feds ineptitude was the final straw, Gladys has had enough of being the Feds mouthpiece one minute and whipping boy the next. I really hope the states do procure some vaccine supply of their own, at least then, the PM will have to do something for his salary. Seeing as PR nightmares are his forte.

  3. But which vaccines ? Developed countries are making a lot of enemies hogging vital raw materials for vaccine production which they are wasting on hastily put together jabs built on hope.

    Nearly 200,000 infections caught in India yesterday…….the Brazil variant taking over in British Columbia, Netherlands and other places, even building up in the UK now. In South America many people are not getting into hospitals and die at home so are not in the figures. Looks like India will have to be locked down again and they just might just decide to keep many other medicines to themselves for a while. Fill your prescriptions early.

    We will see how we go when one of these variants escapes from our hotel quarantine , the P1 spreads at least twice as fast as the first wave and our people still can’t bring themselves to believe that it is really aerosol broadcast because they don’t want to believe it.

    • Arthur Schopenhauer

      Viruses are gonna virus. Don’t let an economist or a politician tell you otherwise. Fkn Biology! Transforming the world 🌍 for at least a 4.28 billion years.

      • I reckon the next terrorist threat will actually be the form of a manufactured virus. I mean bombs are scary, but do limited economic harm. A virus however, can rip through entire populations and destroy entire economies.

        • Ritualised Forms

          I must confess I too think we are at that point. I also think that small amounts of a manufactured virus would possibly be transported by micro drone to specific sites, and deposited as ‘innocent’ looking phenomena in such a way as people – who have largely been shown to be idiots – would open them themselves.

        • Xi beat you to it mate!! it was called Wuhan 2019! the great global pandemic, brought to you by the CCP as they prepare to take Asia

    • happy valleyMEMBER

      Nah – missing the magic ace marketing BS gene that only SFM has, but probably has the empathy gene that SFM definitely doesn’t have?

      • Arthur Schopenhauer

        There is also no such thing as a GP in the US. It’s all Health Insurance affiliated large scale Medical Centers, closer to the scale of a small regional hospital.

      • Ronin8317MEMBER

        The lesson from the US is that rather than inventing a new way to do things, it is more efficient to adopt something that already exists.

  4. She’s still the woman who had close connections to Chinese Corruption.

    I look upon these things very cautiously

    • It’s insulting to say she’s attracted to toxic blokes – of course she isn’t. She just knows how to do the needful, that’s all.

  5. From scrotum’s point of view this is risk management. By getting the state premiers more involved if and when the vaccination program turns to sh!te he will be able to say “well, I don’t run the vaccination centres!”. I see one of the nordics have totally stopped using the blood clotting vaccines. This has the makings of a train wreck and Scotty will be much happier having the sheilas – Anna and Bin – to blame when FA progress has been made heading into 2022.

  6. reusachtigeMEMBER

    Yeah she is a star. Best state PM for sure. It’s because she has the great Liberal Nationalist Party right behind her. Striving for success!

  7. Have no fear. Systemic corruption (more incidents than I can list), systemic rape and sexual assult, the deaths of 100s of citizens across the fires/COVID, stranding 1000s overseas during COVID, totally bungling the vacine rollout (again due to curruption) can’t topple SFM.

    But he won’t survive our Olympians missing the games due to non-vaccination. Go Straya!

    • turvilleMEMBER

      well that’s a load of complete and utter rubbish – back inti your hutch might be the best thing to do

      • I suspect he may be not wrong. Look at the last election – Labor had that in the bag, right up until they announced some of what anyone with half a brain would recognise to be wildly unpopular policies, and boom, we get SFM again.

        I have the utmost faith in Labor’s ability to out-potato Scotty.

  8. Imagine where we would be without the States – in particular Dan.
    – SFM would have been able to have people voluntarily walking off a plane and responsibly quarantining all by themselves in the comfort of their own homes – as intended.
    – In case that fool proof system didn’t work entirely the Covid “safe” app would have instantly picked up community transmission.
    – and then go all in on an inferior vaccine. Don’t roll it out. Meanwhile the states have rolled out a superior vaccine in many cases in their regulated health areas.
    South Dakota minus the vaccine.
    Yet people spent 6 months last year whinging about Dan because journalism said it was trendy.

  9. PalimpsestMEMBER

    Using “fraught GP’s” to distribute vaccine isn’t a bad idea in itself – provided you actually communicate with them beyond a PR campaign. They’ve handled mass vaccinations before. Add in some distribution centres and outreach programs for people that aren’t enrolled and you’re well on the way. In reality we have only a few in each area, even in big cities, and none of them have enough supply for patients already on their books. They’re not taking anyone that’s not already a patient. It’s the trickle of supply, the random nature of it, missing whole groups of residential homes, and a qualification timetable that hasn’t adjusted (1b are all qualified based on the original plan, but 1a rollout hasn’t been completed), and the restricted choice that’s the problem. Where’s the urgency to get that revised UQ vaccine out now they’ve reworked the clamp. World leading research that would have billions thrown at it in the US just totally underfunded and relatively ignored. I try not to comment on this too much because my blood pressure goes up.

  10. turvilleMEMBER

    Maybe this system might be useful if applied over here:

    NZ Covid

    Business Desk have introduced a Vaccine tracker which allows the public to track how NZ’s vaccine rollout is going. NZ is currently averaging ~5,500 vaccines per day, a rate that needs to increase to ~30,000 if all adults are to be vaccinated by 31 Dec (and ~22,000 for 70%). The Government has a target of delivering 1.16m doses by July, suggesting ~14,000 vaccines per day are required to reach that target. To-date ~105k first doses have been administered, and 30,200 second doses. 2.6% of New Zealanders have received at least one vaccine. (Business Desk)

  11. turvilleMEMBER

    And here id another factual statement re vaccine progress (SUBJECT TO TGA APPROVAL)

    Oz Vaccines

    Potential Australian vaccine manufacturer Novavax has pushed back the timeline for its production target of 150m vaccine doses/mth until 3Q21, due to supply shortages. The Australian Government signed an agreement to purchase 51m doses of Novavax – if approved by the TGA. (ABC)

    • innocent bystander

      Apr 6

      More than half of the three million COVID-19 vaccine doses that Australia has manufactured remain in cold storage and cannot be rolled out yet because they are undergoing further batch testing in Europe by the drug company AstraZeneca. has confirmed that despite CSL producing more than 3 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine here in Australia that the majority of these doses have not been approved for distribution.

      Instead, only the first 832,200 doses that left CSL-Seqirus’ Parkville factory with great media fanfare on the back of trucks on March 23 are being used to vaccinate Australians.

      Another 2.5 million doses remain in cold storage while undergoing final approval and testing. Of these doses, a couple of hundred thousand doses were finally approved for use last Thursday but the majority remain “on ice”.

      • The Traveling Wilbur

        I’ve always preferred my vaccines well-aged and on ice anyway. And accompanied by fava beans and a nice chianti.