Australians need a vaccine for Morrison Government lies

Australians need a vaccine for Morrison Government lies. The rollout of the vaccine is getting worse not better but according to our lying PM it’s keeping us on pace with everybody else:

  • Morrison said Australia’s rollout is “keeping pace” with everybody else.
  • We don’t need to keep up because we “are different” and have “no death”.

You tell me if we are keeping up:

Is keeping up with the Third World really keeping up, I ask you? Races are not won by keeping pace after you’ve fallen on your face. Worse, by mid-year the AZ hole is going to send us backwards versus everybody else.

Labor is having a field day:

  • Morrison Government cooked its own goose with an overly narrow procurement policy.
  • Most other countries have five or six vaccines.
  • Business now has no certainty to invest.

All true and Labor has the high moral ground having urged greater vaccine diversity from the outset. Worst, having dropped all targets and acquired another 20m Pfizer doses that don’t arrive until Q4, today we get this news:

  • The Morrison Government will not purchase any Johnson and Johnson vaccine.
  • It is too alike to the existing Astra Zeneca version.

But are they alike? Sure, in terms of the science. But J&J is a room temperature stored, single-dose, vast improvement on AZ. It has already delivered 6.5m does in the US and is the “killer app” of vaccines given it can be jabbed anywhere, any time at a dramatically accelerated pace. In the US you pop into a corner pharmacy and get the thing in a matter of minutes.

The truth is, as usual, Australia is suffering from the overcommitment of the Morrison Government to the one AZ version. It dumped too much money into one basket of eggs and now that it is broken it doesn’t want to appear to be tossing it out.

In short, we are now being held hostage by a hapless Morrison Government-run vaccine cartel.

The lies don’t stop there, sadly. While Vaccinegate deteriorates, Rapegate isn’t going away, either. Having declared that alleged pervert Andrew Laming won’t run again at the next election, he may well do so:

  • While on empathy training, Laming decided he would recontest his seat.
  • The Nats are moving to block him.
  • The Morrison Government insists he is a “fit and proper” person to remain in parliament.

It appears that the Morrison Government needs a new outfit for its empathy training. And not just for Mr Laming. He only has an ongoing foothold because the empathy-free PM Morrison won’t sack him to the cross-bench, owing to his fear that he would lose his political majority in a by-election.

Meanwhile, the complaint against Christian Porter has reared its head again as Four Corners revealed that senior police kyboshed her chance to make a statement:

  • But the trip was denied later by Deputy Commissioner David Hudson on the basis of COVID concerns.

Expect the combined rape and vaccine debacles to embroil the Morrison Government non-stop until the election.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. You can add to your list the bollocks line of “But we can only produce the AZ vaccine here in Australia; it was our only choice!”

    What a load of piffle. What better time to fund and diversify our medical capabilities than during a pandemic to protect our own people from death and disease? Oh right, yes, that’ll touch another sacred monopoly so let us not go there! Another epic failure of Australia’s political elites and every LNP leaning individual I’ve spoken to reckon they’ve done us proud. The only vaccine for that level of stupid is a bullet.

  2. I’m going to start my own “Empathy Consultancy”, it’s just for the LNP though. My key training technique will be to give the member a swift kick to the goolies. Then I will screen footage of other people being kicked in the goolies and force them to watch it like “A Clockwork Orange”. If they don’t wince and feel ill, they fail and the public will understand they’re not just lacking empathy, they are likely psychopaths.

  3. Ritualised Forms

    Australians need a vaccine for Morrison Government lies

    I think you’ve made a typo there.

    Australians need a white hot poker, a branding iron, an ice pick, some oxyacetylene equipment or a battle mace for the Morrison Governments vaccine lies.

    And once the tools of choce are made the Australian electorate simply needs to wait.

    • kierans777MEMBER

      One has to wonder how ground down the Aussie public who don’t give a toss about politics are feeling. Do they care? Are they actually questioning the MSM fed narrative that the LNP are “better managers”? Because if they don’t care, or the MSM starts shilling for the Coalition again (you can’t trust LaBouuuuuuR) then there’s only more down.

  4. Diogenes the CynicMEMBER

    Clotty is suddenly coming West! Hasn’t been here for 2 years but is now going to appear at the cyclone disaster sites and discover iron ore in the Pilbara. No announcement on submarine maintenance for WA of course as that has to be saved until the election gets underway. Hope his empathy training has kicked in or he will get a pretty robust welcome from the locals.

    • Oh man, if his reception after the floods on the mid-north coast of NSW (safe Nationals territory) is any indication, then he is going to regret goin to WA. You watch – it will all be very tightly orchestrated. He’ll appear with emergency services/ADF personnel only and will avoid talking to any affected citizens because of the empathy deficit.


    Instead of admitting the obvious failures, the default ‘play’ every time is to announce a ‘success’.
    We’re beyond amazement and despair now; our leaders are dangerous and are not fit to hold office.

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      That’s exactly how propaganda works in North Korea and China.

      ScoMo will soon release a video with “smiling people” who took AZ vaccine (no, they’re smiling because they took the Pfzier) , similar to the Chinese video of ‘smiling Uyghurs’ in the land of happiness.

    • You are absolutely correct. These ‘leaders’ are a liability to us all, yet many if not most people either look the other way or aren’t interested enough in the detail to see it.

  6. happy valleyMEMBER

    “Australians need a vaccine for Morrison Government lies.”

    Sorry, that is beyond the enormous capabilities of medical science.

  7. SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

    straya has also gone all in on real estate, china, mining, immigration, edumigration and now a fckn vaccine, its just how things are done

  8. Laming had to contest preselection in order to get his $105k redundancy payout when he didn’t get it.

  9. I wonder if the real issue behind J&J is they want a no fault compo policy but we in AU don’t have one. I wonder if there are vested interests behind the scenes who do not wish to stand up such a scheme….

    J&J have apparently said they can supply if we have one….to that point, I wonder if, given it’s an adenovirus based vaccine like AZ, could CSL mfr locally?

    Since there doesn’t appear to be (I didn’t say there isn’t one, just that it’s not clear at least to this little duck) a credible reason why we can’t have a no fault compo policy like Canada, US, UK etc (like, you know, comparable countries), the govt appears to be c#ckblocking a credible alternative for no reason.

    “Because it’s like AZ” isn’t a credible reason.

  10. Typical Morrison arse-backwards logic. We can’t buy J&J. Because it’s “the same” as A-Z.

    Similarly, if I need a dozen eggs, I only buy six. The other six are bound to be the same.

  11. How can money be an issue in procuring a supply of the vaccine?

    Aren’t we just printing the stuff anyway via the ttf? Cost is the absolute stupidest reason I can think of for not getting different vaccines. JHFC can they get any more pathetic/incompetent? This is so painful

    • darklydrawlMEMBER

      “Can they get any more pathetic/incompetent?” Every time I think we have hit the bottom with these buffoons, the entire floor falls away to a lower level with a thump. I suspect we can still fall lower yet. Sad, but true.

      • We’re world leaders in this type of innovation! Hey, at least we’re winning at something right?

      • Truer words were never spoken.

        Love it that we actually got everyone out of poverty last year with the jobseeker increase but hey, let’s chuck everyone back into poverty and make it even harder for the truly poor to get themselves job ready (if they are actually capable of working, many on JS aren’t but they can’t get other assistance).

  12. Andrew Laming has been disendorsed by the LNP today. He may be a pervert, but he’s no fool:

    “Under parliamentary rules, his formal disendorsement makes him eligible to receive a taxpayer-funded “resettlement” payment of six months’ salary, amounting to $105,600.”

    By refusing to withdraw he has gifted himself another $105,000 of tax-payer money. Fkn grubs, the lot of em.

  13. ” won’t sack him to the cross-bench, owing to his fear that he would lose his political majority in a by-election.”
    Either he is sacked from the liberal party and moves to the cross bench, or he resigns from parliament and there is a by election.
    He doesn’t move to the cross bench and have a by-election to replace him, since he is still there.