Tiresome Stan Grant needs basic research

Nobody is going to accuse MB of failing to fight the good fight for better democracy, less unequal capitalism, and a purer version of liberalism. These are our touchstones. We mercilessly unearth the hypocrisies of the elite in pursuit of these goals.

But, if you are serious about such reforms as opposed to just holding a grudge, you have to acknowledge the successes as well. Moreover, when a true force of evil comes along to exploit your flaws so that it can occupy and destroy what is good about the system, then you must fight back.

Instead, at the ABC, we have the droning and immovable prejudice of Stan Grant, who claims to support these goals but, really, one has to ask if he just hates the liberal democratic system. To wit:

China’s top diplomat, Yang Jiechi, got uncomfortably close to the truth when he lectured American officials about creating turmoil by invading other countries, having a “Cold War mentality” and trying to impose its democracy on the world.

Of course, Yang would not admit to China’s appalling human rights record, crushing of dissent, or flouting international rules and claiming disputed territory.

But when he sat down with his American counterparts in Alaska, he made it clear that there is another big voice in the world — and the American led so-called “global liberal order” does not run the game.

Perhaps his most telling comment, though, was that far from being a model of democracy, “many people in the United States have little confidence” in their own government.

And what of Chinese hypocrisy, Stan? Where’s your outrage at the Xinjiang genocide? The cultural annihilation of Tibet? At the enslavement of 1.4bn Chinese to a repressive regime? The crushing of Hong Kong freedom? The incipient move to destroy Taiwanese freedom? A footnote does not cover it.

China is a supposedly socialist regime. You know, for the people and all of that. Yet its wealth disparity is almost as bad as that of the US, which promises no such balance:

Chinese socialist not US capitalist hypocrisy

Chinese socialist not US capitalist hypocrisy

As well, where is Stan Grant’s acknowledgment that the American people have elected a traditionally left-wing government in a landslide? The Biden Administration is setting about aggressively undoing the inequality that has rotted the heart of US liberal democracy, via the FT today:

  • Democrats are increasingly confident of the passage of their latest $3tr stimulus bill.
  • $1tr is for hard assets while $2tr is for human infrastructure such as education and child-care spending.
  • This will be materially funded by lifting the corporate tax rate to 28% and a minimum tax for global trotters, tax hikes for $400k households and capital gains hikes for $1m+ individuals.
  • All of these initiatives have popular polling support.

This is not a minor blip or ephemeral shift in politics. It’s a structural change for the better. Wall Street’s Bank of America calls it the “war on inequality”. It even reckons American trade union membership is about to turn historically higher as the cultural shift beds down:

War on inequality

War on inequality

I’m not going to pretend that this will be resolved overnight. It will take decades and is certain to be a halting counter-reformation. But the American people have swung traditionally left to address many of Stan’s Grant’s criticisms while he has acknowledged none of it.

It’s time to wake up, Stan. Your pro-China prejudices are dated and hypocritical. Your anti-Americansim is dated. Your research is dated.

Your prejudices are dated.

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  1. “But the American people have clearly swung traditionally left to address many of Stan’s Grant’s criticisms while he has acknowledged none of it.”

    How good are democracies! Would like to see comparisons by all international press organisations much more often with other democracies instead of just America is quite extreme while other smaller democracies are well ahead of US in many ways.

    Also, I can’t understand how Stan ca< quite rightly, criticise the treatment our own indigenous peoples got and the legacy that many still suffer from but then doesn't have the same moral compass when it comes to CCP & the indigenous peoples of the lands they now control, it's colonialism, racism, cultural genocide etc or maybe he supports the Aussie government rounding up all aboriginals that have no jobs, have had social issues etc and sending them to the big cities to work?

  2. Twat got roughed up by CCP thugs when he was reporting from China for CNN. What a goat.

  3. NoodlesRomanovMEMBER

    Look at the LHS of that union graph. The rise is from ~10.7% to %11 and it looks like it started prior to the end of Trump presidency. For that matter, all the slight upticks seem to coincide with a republican in office.

  4. Ronin8317MEMBER

    Nothing to do with rising inequality. More than 35 million Americans believes that Trump won the election, and Biden stole it by vote rigging, and Trump is now in the process of politically destroying all the Republicans who stood in his way. This, rather than rising inequality, is what Yang Jiechi was implying in his speech.

    ‘Xinjiang genocide’ is Western psy-op. Expect to see ‘East Turkestan’ being brought up in the next phase. If you go back 30 years ago, there was a ‘Free Tibet’ movement : what happened to it? It fizzled out when the Western government stopped supporting it.

    • slatteryMEMBER

      Keep trying Ronin, but tags like ‘psy-op’ won’t cover the weight of evidence about what’s happening in Xinjiang…and are you seriously suggesting that the ‘Free Tibet’ idea was invented by Western Governments?

  5. Mic SmithMEMBER

    What would you expect he works for the ABC. They are all bigots of one kind or another, typically lefty.

      • Indeed this strikes a rather different tone

        “”I believe they do all this for audiences both inside and outside of China. It’s all part of a diplomatic performance,” said Wu Qiang, a Beijing-based political analyst who previously worked at Tsinghua University.

        “But their words are very old-fashioned and they’re raising issues that those countries have already reflected upon themselves.”

        Mr Wu said China had never reflected on the Cultural Revolution, a purge that left hundreds of thousands of people dead, or dealt with the Tiananmen Square crackdown in 1989.

        “But Beijing is using other countries’ critical reflections as a weapon. It’s absurd and ridiculous”, he told the ABC.”

  6. His take on sexual assault seems to be that we should stop worrying about upper class white political staffers and start locking up more aboriginal men and taking more aboriginal kids into care.

  7. At heart, Stan Grant is mostly a “commentator”, a guy that does endless examples of “compare and contrast” on “important” societal issues.

    His goal isn’t really actual change, it’s self promotion.

  8. He’s not pro China, he’s anti-West. You can see and detect it in his arguments and tone. Which is understandable from his perspective, but he offers few alternatives. Just passive support for others’ criticism of it. Surprised it passes for journalism.