The People versus Scott Morrison

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is in deep, deep trouble. He thinks he’s fighting a culture war when things have moved far past that. Australia is now the in throes of a generational shift that is rendering the Morrison Government obsolete. It is under sustained attack, quite rightly, from an extraordinary alliance of alleged sexual assault victims and supporters, prominent women in the press, the legal profession, and all decent blokes as well.  This is now a revolution not a political problem.

Let’s first reprise the latest news flow. Late yesterday, Morrison completely lost control of the rape narrative. At The Australian:

The parents of the woman who alleged she was raped by Attorney-General Christian Porter support an inquiry into the circumstances that led to her death.

The woman, who has not been named, took her own life in June last year, a day after contacting NSW Police to inform them she did not wish to proceed with a sexual assault complaint she had initiated earlier that year.

The police weighed in with more troubling findings:

…“She also advised investigators that she dissociates and wanted to ensure when supplying her statement that she was ‘coherent and as grounded as possible’,” the police statement said.

Investigators spoke to the woman at least five times over the next few months and, police said, discussed the support she had from a partner, friends, family and professionals.

Nobody involved in the complaint has been engaged by the Government, at Crikey:

Friends of the woman who alleged she was raped by Attorney-General Christian Porter during a school debate trip in 1988 are disheartened and saddened by the government’s response — or lack thereof — to the allegations.

Despite many providing their contact details in a letter given to several politicians outlining the allegations, including Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Crikey understands no one named in that letter has been contacted by anyone within the Morrison government.

Lynda Reynolds also sank deeper into the swamp as her “lying cow” comment regarding Brittany Higgins. First, the PM castigated Reynolds. Then Ms Higgins punched her in the face:

Alleged rape victim Brittany Higgins says it is “incredibly hurtful” to hear that her former boss, Defence Minister Linda Reynolds, reportedly called her a “lying cow”.

…Lawyers representing Ms Higgins have issued a letter to Senator Reynolds, demanding a public apology for the “hurt and distress” caused.

There is now a threat of legal action as well.

Meanwhile, even at the old school AFR there is some awakening:

Leading lawyers have insisted there should be an independent inquiry into rape allegations against Attorney-General Christian Porter, saying it was “about having confidence in him and the position he holds”.

Barristers Jane Needham, SC, and Larissa Andelman and the immediate past president of the Law Council of Australia, Pauline Wright, also said it might be the only way for Mr Porter to clear his name.

Obviously, there needs to be an inquiry. Mr Porter is not only the subject of allegations, as A-G he is massively compromised in terms of the Government’s response to the five other allegations against Liberal Party staff. Frankly, he should recuse himself entirely.

The issue exploded on Q&A with the Coalition coming off a long last again, via News:

Queensland National Party Senator Susan McDonald threw her support behind Mr Porter, saying she felt “deeply” for the woman and her family but that the justice system must be adhered to.

…Fellow panellist and Western Australia Labor MP Anne Aly, who appeared less than impressed by Senator McDonald’s stance, cut in by asking: “What about justice for the victim?”.

Indeed. How can anybody trust the Government to prosecute any of the six cases via inquiries, reform and legal recourse properly when its own chief legal officer is one of the accused?

I could go on and on. There is scathing material everywhere. The family of the alleged victim of Christian Porter is demanding an investigation into her death as well. Her friends are backing the inquiry to the hilt. There are the beginnings of marches and protests. Idiot MPs have lined up behind Christian Porter with no consciousness that they are throwing themselves under a runaway train because all they read are creepy crawlers at Murdoch.

This started as a coming out for alleged victims of sexual assault seeking justice. But Scott Morrison’s empathy disorder and default reflex to cheap culture war politics has now turned it into a rampaging social movement fast gathering the speed of a tsunami.

Gaslighting the growing rage by calling it “mob rule” will only make it worse. The anger is righteous. It wants accountability. Deny it that and it will grow.

By failing to provide legitimate accountability of any kind, Morrison has allowed the issue to mushroom into a war between a party of the privileged and powerful versus all Australian women and those that respect them. That is, everybody else.

It’s The People versus Scott Morrison and if he won’t give them due process then they will enforce it at the ballot box.

David Llewellyn-Smith


  1. Belying his gilded background, Porter also displayed a lack of self-awareness, so little grace under fire. Down here among the peasants, it is routine to lose one’s job or career in a flash, for no just reason. Forget about justice and the rule of law.

    • Goldstandard1MEMBER

      Great comment. The biggest problems with these guys is they are really getting used to having different rules. Maybe an uprising is coming soon.


      Bit rich for these dodgy, corrupt fcks to be hiding behind the “rule of law” now, after all the dodgy sh1te they’ve been up to. Cry wolf much?

    • Duke_WellingtonMEMBER

      So instead of fixing this issue – we just apply it to everyone.Macrobuisiness is finished. You people are barbarians

  2. BradleyMEMBER

    I love the smell of conservative fear and confusion in the morning. ScoMo has been forced into a corner and I expect more grubbiness than usual in their ultimately futile efforts to spin their way out. Happy Friday to everyone!


    And finally, thanks to the Enlightenment, the monarchical edifice of the Strayan gov’t prepares for impact. The kinetic energy stored in the the ‘wrecking ball of change’ is enough to rend it asunder.

    • Someone ElseMEMBER

      Thanks. Your turn of phrase has that chipmunk-faced Miley bird in my head.

  4. Mining BoganMEMBER

    Speers is out and about this morning throwing Reynolds under the bus and defending Porter.

    I’m still betting the lying cow leak was organised by the PMO.

      • Unfortunately they left it a little late and it will be nowhere near enough to defuse the situation now.

        • kierans777MEMBER

          For some reason the psychos in the government (or large corporates) seem to have a “wait and see the way the wind blows” mentality. They don’t understand that time is not on their side. You need to get out on the front foot quickly and show sharp, decisive leadership. I suspect the “wait and see” approach is taken because the people involved want to hang on “to their career” for dear life instead of committing political seppuku to save the team.

          It was also leaked by the PMO. After all they’ve lied and leaked about so many things.

      • As reported yesterday, this was a massive wedge strategy since the speaker of the comment was female. It divided the ranks nicely: The Conversation wouldn’t touch it, Plibersek refused to acknowledge Reynolds even said it but interestingly the Q and A panel went for the jugular and were not fazed by the fact that the jugular was female.

        Scummo has done the following deals:
        1. With Porter – resign Parliament citing ‘personal reasons’ at next election and stay the F out pre-selection, get a post Parliament consolation prize appointment but it will be well out of the spotlight e.g. Sanitation Commissioner for the Australian Antarctic Territory, Fencing and Feral Animals Commissioner for the Woomera Prohibited Area etc.
        2. With Reynolds – ditto at end of current life of Senate seat, but can have slightly higher profile job with some continuity of purpose e.g. DMO, DSTO

    • For sure it was – Scummo said on camera that “I don’t condone it, but of course she regrets saying that.:
      Didn’t even attempt to defend her.

  5. Ronin8317MEMBER

    There are many instances where a historical rape accusation is enough for a court trial. The rule of law should not be selectively applied.

  6. since Porter has such a long and seamy record of abusing the powers of justice he so tearfully pretends to uphold, would it not be unreasonable to look at past performance and ask whether he is even fit to be AG, irrespective of this allegation?

    As for his long and sordid history with women, that goes a long way towards forming a viewpoint on someone’s character. Doesn’t mean he raped anyone, but there are a hell of a lot of dots on that plot.

    Thirdly, given journo Louise Milligan’s response to NSW police (run by ScoMo’s bestie Mick Fuller) when asked if there were any other complainants, her reply was “not in your jurisdiction”, one has to wonder how long before one surfaces and how many other Ministers have to be thrown under the bus as a distraction? Just how long can they keep this farce up?

    No doubt the good burghers of WA will smash the Liberals in the state election next week and the next national polls will see support for Scomo and co plummet.

    So eventually a political decision will need to be taken if the Libs want to hold onto power. Maybe the easy way out is the electoral commission getting rid of his seat (electoral commission deciding which WA seat disappears and gets redistributed to Victoria and Porter’s is one of the most likely) with Labor’s complicit approval, so no more dirty laundry gets aired on either side of the aisle.

    In the meantime we can have the Murdoch stable and Porter’s journo mates continue to crank out propaganda in support of what is an unaccountable and corrupt bunch of mates posing as a government and giving the middle finger to the country as they rape it

    • Wow, apropos the redistro, now that is a super cynical take.

      Milligan must have something.

      • Given how compromised the AFP, NSW police, Dept of immigration are it’s not longer a long bow

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      I’ve had a third thought about that tweet.

      Was it a signal to everyone about how corrupted NSW police are and to be very careful about what information you give them? That information may not be used for the greater good.

    • If Milligan is honouring the current rules, then she will go promptly to the relevant jurisdiction, be it ACT/SA/WA elsewhere and pass on what information she has. This point has been made loud and clear in words of one syllable and she would have no defence about missing the memo …

      • Only if the complainant wants to proceed…and that takes a lot of guts knowing News Corp will trawl your life and character assassinate like there’s no tomorrow

    • Well, that need not be the case. I mean, if you think this deserves more scrutiny and ‘justice’, then you could put your own energy into ensuring it is not forgotten, at least until your own standards are met. I know I will. e.g. my MHR is a member of the Govt, a thoroughly decent and respectful person. Clear message given ~ not happy. This will continue until resolved to my own level of restorative ‘justice’ is met. If, come the election, it is still not met, well, that MHR will have me actively campaigning. It will be blunt and unpleasant and perhaps ‘unjust’ collateral damage. But no way am I letting this be forgotten.

      • Frank DrebinMEMBER

        Well more power to you, that’s exactly how democracy is meant to work and good on you for having faith in that.

        Myself, I am just too cynical to believe anything will change. The only other possible option in Australia is just as bad as the incumbents.

        I am happy to sling some cash to guys like Michael West to keep fighting the good fight but my faith in “the system” is completely eroded.

        Pretty sad and poor on my behalf I admit……

        • I don’t think your efforts are sad and poor. I do think that we should work within the system and structures we actually have to effect change. Changing the system and structure is also worthwhile but is separate argument.

    • kierans777MEMBER

      As I keep saying, the real test with be what the MSM does at election time. Do they continue to pursue these issues or fall back into their pro LNP biased narratives (“good economic managers”).

      • RobotSenseiMEMBER

        Those narratives are now easily refutable.

        A one followed by twelve zeros is a big number.

  7. The only thing the average Australian voter cares about is property prices.

    They’ll overlook just about everything else if property prices keep increasing.

    Morrison is a grub but he’s typical of most Australian men his age and older.

    I suspect this 4manufactured property boom will see off the useless Albanese.

    • Display NameMEMBER

      A former high court judge did the investigation into the claims against Deyson Heydon. Same could be done here. A Chief of Staff or a mate is just not going to cut it.

      • rob barrattMEMBER

        A high court judge would have to call the same witnesses as the police interviewed?

          • rob barrattMEMBER

            You would have to ask them that. I would imagine that memories of a high school debate 33 years ago would be somewhat vague – unless a rape was commited in front of witnesses.
            The overwhelming majority of young men under 18 at that time would be scared witless or at least very shy around women.

          • Mining BoganMEMBER

            As far as I know they’ve only ever spoken to the girl who says she was raped.

            But as for remembering, it’s 35+ year since I was selected to go away in schoolboy teams and I remember them well. You know, it’s kind of a big thing. I can’t think why a representative debating team would be any different.

          • You would have to ask them that.

            There’s no need. They’ve already said they didn’t speak to Porter, a fact he confirmed.

            I would imagine that memories of a high school debate 33 years ago would be somewhat vague –

            You can imagine all you like – at present, there’s no way to test the recollections under oath. *That* is what it appears many people – including eminent lawyers and now politicians from Labor, Greens and Indies – are calling for.

            unless a rape was commited in front of witnesses.

            Right, ok, so your test for this allegation is the presence of witnesses. Sexual assault prosecution (or in this case inquiry) does not require witnesses, as far as I know. Moreover, this infers that so long as there are not – and presuming they’d corroborate the allegation – witnesses, there is no prospect of upholding the complaint (in whatever arena – criminal, civil, administrative). I’m sure victims of non witness sexual assault would be uplifted by the implication of this.

            The overwhelming majority of young men under 18 at that time would be scared witless or at least very shy around women.

            A citation of <18 male sentiment for 1988 would be useful in testing this comment. My gutfeel is it is utter nonsense.

          • drsmithyMEMBER

            But as for remembering, it’s 35+ year since I was selected to go away in schoolboy teams and I remember them well. You know, it’s kind of a big thing. I can’t think why a representative debating team would be any different.

            +1 Same (and I generally have a pretty awful memory).

            This would have been a big event, and I’m quite confident is well remembered by all who participated.

          • rob barrattMEMBER

            I would be certain that if they spoke to the girl who alleged she was raped, the very first question they would ask after their description of eventds would have been “did anyone witness it?”. If she said “no” then what could they do? If she named people then, unless Porter has as much power as Putin, they would speak to those people. I don’t believe the Australian police are under the influence of any politician with regard to criminal investigations.

          • “Moreover, this infers that so long as there are not – and presuming they’d corroborate the allegation – witnesses, there is no prospect of upholding the complaint (in whatever arena – criminal, civil, administrative). I’m sure victims of non witness sexual assault would be uplifted by the implication of this.”
            There are poor prospects for a he said-she said case with no other witnesses. This is fact.
            This is also why police have declined to further investigate all the cases under discussion here.

          • Someone ElseMEMBER


            There is talk of extensive diary entries and confidants at the time. Contemporaneous notes are very powerful evidence.

          • It was Porter

            “You would have to ask them that. I would imagine that memories of a high school debate 33 years ago would be somewhat vague – unless a rape was commited in front of witnesses.”

            Porter remembered the woman ironing his shirt 33 years ago.

    • Drawing your attention to yesterday’s Crikey, as well as yesterday’s MB, both of which go into this in clear detail.

  8. Failed Baby BoomerMEMBER

    All this outrage about Porter when he was a schoolboy and the woman formally withdrew the complaint.
    What about the Shorten rape complaint? How come he has been given a free pass for a more credible complaint?

    • Is that you Scott? Stop Sock Puppeting, this has been addressed ad nauseum.

      PS: got it, alleged rape is ok as long as you’re a schoolboy.

      • rob barrattMEMBER

        That’s it. Don’t worry about the onus of proof. I might be mistaken but I believe the police are the authority on investigating alleged crimes.
        If the police say “not enough evidence” who are you to question them? Your political bias is, from your many many bloggs – obviously extreme.

        • I’ve no political bias.

          I am however interested in the truth, facts and probity; they’re my guiding principles.

          Unfortunately, we have a surfeit of those in this government. And of course, if you were a rusted on LNP supporter you might perceive my comments as one of the left, alas, no, it is not like that. If a Labor government were acting similarly, my comments would be exactly the same. I bear no kind regard for Labor either.

          As lawyers have made plain – most especially in Smage and Crikey yesterday – the inquiry could adequately deal with the requisite legal precepts.

          Unfortunately, you appear unable to consider these comments and the suggested frameworks from these people of the law – SCs, professors of law, barristers.

          Lastly, in this case, the police *appear* to have not investigated anything. Haven’t spoken to Porter, nor any of her friends. I find that passing odd. But hey, that’s just me.

          • rob barrattMEMBER

            I’m a rusted on Centrist. I hate them all. There’s no point in all the vitriol. Just change them every 4 years or so for the same reason you change your underwear.
            In this case however, unless a rape was witnessed, I do not see ANY real possibility of proving any charge beyond reasonable doubt. The elapsed time alone would would be enough for a defense to prevail challenging witnesses’ memories and, most importantly, the fact that no complaint was made. It would all be a political mud throwing contest.

          • Rob, this is a useful starting point for a collection of comments by people of the law stating what the inquiry would be, and what it would not be. To dispel the apparent misconception, this is not about proving anything to a criminal conduct level, at all.



            And this link details calls by other eminent people in the law to conduct an inquiry.


            It’s worth remembering that we need to determine if Porter is a fit and proper person to hold the position of highest law officer of the land. At present, I suspect many people couldn’t make that determination. This voter can’t, there are too many questions that have not been answered adequately.

            If you think determining if the highest law officer of the land position should be held by Christian Porter given these accusations (and I should say, some of the activity outlined by Michael West) is mudslinging, well, that’s you. Many others think it is a perfectly reasonable question to be determining an answer too.

          • ” Many others think it is a perfectly reasonable question to be determining an answer too.”
            Doesn’t matter what the vast majority of people think, at least not until election time.
            Like the position of PM the only people’s opinions that matter are those sitting in the parliament.
            If you don’t like that take it up with westminster “democracy”.

          • rob barrattMEMBER

            The issue with determining whether Porter is a fit and proper person based on a single allegation 33 years ago is an important one. Should the ALLEGED crime be enough to force a retirement? If the answer is Yes, then we have just handed our potential enemies an ideal method of destabilising the Australian government in an afternoon.
            If the answer is No then surely it must be our police who investigate the matter. This is not about complex bank behaviour. It is entirely within police expertise to carry out an investigation. But, as I mentioned previously, if the alleged victim cannot name any witnesses then the process cannot go further. The question is: did she?

          • drsmithyMEMBER

            The issue with determining whether Porter is a fit and proper person based on a single allegation 33 years ago is an important one. Should the ALLEGED crime be enough to force a retirement?

            But it’s not a single accusation of improper behaviour. And the only person suggesting only an ALLEGATION send the bloke “into retirement” is you.

            Therefore your consequent argument that the stability of Government is somehow at risk simply does not follow.

        • Hopefully the family will gofundme a civil trial against porter so we can really find out how much evidence there is.

        • Display NameMEMBER

          In criminal courts the burden of proof is “beyond reasonable doubt” and evidence admissibility rules are strict. In a civil court proof is “on the balance of probabilities”. Coronial inquests and ad-hoc inquiries can hear a *much* wider range of evidence as I understand it. The public needs some reassurance the the leading law maker is a fit and proper person to hold the job. That is the role of an independent inquiry usually run by senior judges.

          • While the odd person makes that restrained point, most seem to be slinging the words rape, rapist and rape protection racket around with reckless abandon.

    • kierans777MEMBER

      The attempt to drag Shorten into this is laughable. His case was thoroughly investigated, and he’s not the AG; not in the government; not in charge of any other investigations. While the police have deemed that there is not enough *admissible* evidence to proceed, it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t have an inquiry to determine if Porter is a fit and proper person to be the chief legal officer of the land. Going by the ongoing revelations about his past and treatment of woman there’s plenty of cause to warrant an inquiry.

  9. kierans777MEMBER

    Unsurprisingly the letters today in the Horny Herald Sun were all in support of Porter (presumption of innocence and all that) and having a go at Shorten. Got to keep shilling for the bosses right.

  10. drsmithyMEMBER


    I love how this is “not a culture war” despite covering the same ground that’s been regularly written off as part of “the culture wars” for decades, and pretty much splitting down exactly the same lines as every other part of “the culture wars”.

    • Perhaps this and other recent posts mark a renewed focus on a core MB ethos – holding those in power to account. I do hope so.

    • Of course it’s a culture war. It has nothing to do with the accuser it has everything to with with who is accused.

      • What rot. If it was on Labor’s side – and it appears there are renewed calls from Shorten’s alleged victim to subject him to a similar enquiry as that proposed for Porter – I think most reasonable people would support that.

        The issue here is the LNP have a very long list of transgressions. Ok, that’s cultural – the culture of the LNP.

        Go check out Michael West.

  11. Yeah, while I’ve been out and about, I’ve been thinking about this.

    I think Liberals are a product of Fear… Our Fear. So we’ve got all these idiotic Boomers who’ve grown up with a Silver Spoon hanging from there mouth, whining to the Government that Lifes not fair for 50 years. So suddenly, Boomers are confronted with a problem they cant control… Death . No amount of whining to Government will fix it. No amount of material possession will buy it. No amount of houses or renovations is going to make this go away. So Boomers are somewhat shell shocked that they are going to die. Its interesting to me that now Im seeing all these Boomers getting all philosophical, attending the local Library and suddenly turning into Poets. ” For my death came sooner, for I was a Boomer ( lol no Im not a poet ) “. So you’ve got Boomers, writhing in Fear, wanting to write memoirs of there lifes history, getting scared at the fact that when they die, todays young absolutely hates them. Not only is that a hit to there Ego’s but it also makes them think, ” I dont want to die being remembered like this. I dont want everyone to hate me when I die. “.

    So out of Fear, we vote in this Disciplined, A$$holed Liberal Government. Boomers ( and idiot Woman ) are probably thinking, ” Groiyte Mate… a little Discipline on them young… that’ll make me feel important in my miserable life. Make the b*stards suffer “. The Boomers trying to impose discipline in the hope the young will respect them more, which just doesnt seem to be happening. Woman are probably so lonely in this life that they want the Man to step up… and despite all this society of Liberalism, are coming to realise men dont want them. I mean, how can a person get what they want when Bullying others isnt going to do it for you? I think Liberals are just a product of Societys Fears which is why you’ve got all these a$$holes running around Australia, being big and tough, when in reality they are the most fragile fruit cakes in society.

    Boomers never really had that many strengths. They no longer have youth on there side because thats fading fast. The only two powers they had where Social Majority and there ability to fix Things. Compared to the Young who are a highly intelligent generation who’s more likely to be Computer savvy then any other generation, the Boomers where better off with there hands. So here we are, in 2021, and everyones using there Social Power in this fight for survival. The young have crawled into the internet ( even I admit, if its not on the internet then I rarely know about it ) and the Boomers are crawling into there Houses. Its all become this big threatening game of fear, anger, ” give me what I want ” and forced slavery. Yet despite all this, is it really working? In some ways, the spoilt selfishness of these Boomers are akin to how Woman play. Not unlike Communist China. From the young perspective, you’d be forgiven for thinking the Boomers are Chinese by the way they always act.

    Then you’ve got guys like me who dont give a toss. I’ve got my Trading Life. I’ve got my mates. I go surfing and am having fun with the Boys. Despite the oodles of death threats given to me by Boomers and Woman, here I am. Im still living my life and none of this Bullying the Boomers or Woman have done has had any effect to a guy like me.

    I think the greatest hate of hates is the fact that both Boomers and Woman have been unable to control me. Despite all there threats, the violence, the abuse, the attempts at trying to hunt me down, the hatred towards Men and people even threatening to throw petrol bombs at my house, here I am still. Im rejecting both Boomers and Woman, who neither have been able to control me, while I spent time with my mates.

    It then dawns upon me the ridiculousness of all of this. It occurrs to me that I have something that all these people need. I have young youth which is dying fast. While Boomers lie decrepid in there beds from a lifetime of health and back problems, I have all the health in the world. Im fit enough to do star jumps and poison my body with coffee. Woman are also p*ssed they cant syphon off my cash and resent the fact they cant screw there way to success so actually have to get a job. They say there’s a woman for everyone out there in the world. If thats true, then mine is lonely, having to work for herself and realising I dont take sh*t. Despite all the Bullying that goes on in Australia, one thing Boomers and Woman are slowly starting to realise, they are losing 🙂 My life is happier then ever and despite all the Bullying, they’ve got absolutely nothing from me and been totally ignored.

    The thing I was thinking of to myself this morning was, ” These people need me. I dont need them. “. You dont have to be evil, vicious or violent in this world to assert your power. All you have to do, is just walk away. At a time when Boomers health is fading and Young are come into the Prime of there Life, to think money will save you and declare war on the young is utter lunacy. For lonely cat woman who spend there days travelling after 40, and working themselves into there grave are only trying to compensate for the fact they are lonely. There seems to be this idea that bullying someone gets you results. It certainly hasnt worked in my case.

    All a good man has to do is nothing. All they have to do is turn there backs and walk away. Loneliness is the most horrible killer of its time. As someone who’s seen death with my eyes, I know the power of an empty room when the soul has died. Im willing to bet, in a few years, most Boomers and Woman are going to be suffering that intolerably. While they b*tch, moan and whinge, I’ll be out planning our next Camping Trip and BBQ with the Fellas.

    Young Men are going to win because if it hasnt become blatantly apparent by now, its the Young Men who have what these people need. Its what they are fighting over. So all Young Men have to say is, ” No “… and this entire game, is done.

    • rob barrattMEMBER

      If you had any brains you’d be dangerous. You would have loved the Hitler Youth. A Bogan favourite. Unless of course you’re a devotee of 1984? I assume you will of course start to hate yourself as you grow grey. At retirement age you will of course do the decent thing.

      • Most young men I know arent evil people. They are just ordinary humans in a Country thats thrown them under a bus. Most of the blokes I know dont have an evil bone in there body.

        No brain? Yeah… maybe. I guess I just invested in the right things ;p

        Time? Money? Whats the difference.

        Your life is just one great big investment… as far as Im concerned… and we each have to choose our side. Guess I’ve chosen mine.

        I’d like to point out that whats happening in Canberra today ( rape scandal ) is downright evil. The things happening in Canberra are so far different from how ordinary people live there lives in remote places of Australia that you just cant compare apples and oranges. Dont judge the men of Australia by the standards of our Liberal Politicians because even as a man myself, I consider Liberals evil.

        Most people I know just want to live there life and be happy. For some reason, thats now become a crime in Australia. Bullying other people has become almost a Sport in this Country. I dont see myself as a Bully. I just see myself as a guy who’s sticking up for Mates and sticking up for Australia. If there are Bullys in this Country, its certainly not any of the people I know. On the contrary, most men I know have low self-esteem. One look at Australian Suicide Rates and its clearly evident this Country has a problem.

        • “The things happening in Canberra are so far different from how ordinary people live there lives in remote places of Australia that you just cant compare apples and oranges. Dont judge the men of Australia by the standards of our Liberal Politicians”

          “From the 2005 survey the ABS estimated that in the previous 12 months:
          363 000 women (4.7 per cent of all women) experienced physical violence; and
          126 100 women (1.6 per cent) experienced sexual violence.
          The ABS further estimated that:
          2.56 million (33 per cent of all women) have experienced physical violence since the age of 15; and
          1.47 million (19 per cent) have experienced sexual violence since the age of 15.”

          • Firstly, Man or Woman, I believe everyone has a ” Right to Life “. As someone who’s seen death, I can assure you, I have an appreciation for the Living.

            Secondly, Domestic Violence in Australia is a product of High Immigration and High House Prices in Australia. Every second idiot who whinges about Domestic Violence also tend to be the same kind of people who say, ” oh but I want my house prices to rise “. We have utterly destroyed men in this Country through rising cost of living and yes, its had very negative conotations on destroying domestic familys and marriages within this Country. Its sparked a Feminist Revolution of woman blaming men, while Male suicide rates have gone through the roof. We’ve got Australians living out of Vans in there Cars for gods sake and people saying, ” Oh but thats not relevant “. Your damn right its relevant. Im not suggesting woman arent suffering too but to suggest its ONLY woman who are suffering is arrogant and nieve. Both young men and woman are suffering as the stress of High House Prices has destroyed the family unit.

            I mean bloody hell, Australias Fertility Rates have collapsed to the lowest we’ve seen them in years. Thats proof enough that we’ve got HUGE stress bearing down on the young due to the cost of House Prices. Expensive Housing is destroying Familys and has been for the past 15 years.

            Dont give me this bullsh*t that Men are all to blame while under the same breath saying, ” Gee… I just made another 5% on my overpriced housing “. Crocodile Tears.

            You want to talk about solving Domestic Violence then lets talk. Dont hit me with bullsh*t stats and blame and pretend Im going to cop that.

            I’ve already gone on record to say Australias heading down the path of Japan. We DO NOT have enough money to pay for Boomers retirement. Its 2021 and this deteriorates till 2038. Not only is housing destroying Australia but divorce rates ( and domestic violence ) are going to skyrocket over the next 17 years.

            You want to talk about Domestic Violence then lets talk about Domestic Violence… but dont you dare sit there and tell me that its the Young Men of Australia who are all responsible.

            You might find this hard to believe but Im actually a supporter of Marriage and Co-habitation. I do believe it makes for better societys. However, as a realist, I just happen to believe that without some kind of serious adjustment, in the next 17 years, your going to see skyrocketing Divorce Rates and Domestic Violence rising higher then we’ve ever seen before ( Suicide rates? ). Everyones suffering and you want to make this a Mans Issue just to protect your precious House Prices?

            If your serious about Domestic Violence then lets talk Housing. If you dont want to talk Housing, then your nothing but hot air and wind.

            Blaming men will get you nowhere. You need to solve the source. That source is Immigration in Australia and the fact House Prices are too expensive.

            Labors support for Immigration will drive up House Prices, create more Domestic Violence in Australia. Labors stance on Feminism will only serve to drive attacks upon Men, divide Australian Society even more and result in higher divorce rates / isolation in Australian Society. Labor will achieve nothing and Domestic Violence will be twice as bad.

            Your damn right Im telling Young Men not to marry. Anyone with half a brain knows Australia has some of the worst Divorce Stats and Suicide Rates in the World. The only future I see on this trajectory is a future of Social Isolation.

            Just like what stagflation has done to Japan, this is where Australias going to be:

          • Rereth Hdhdyefe

            Those statistics are horrible. Do you have any stats for Australian men or other countries to help put it in better perspective? I abhor all violence, we need more details to help narrow down where the problem actually lies. Is it a man thing? A white man thing? An Australian thing? Does it have a correlation with poverty or power? A human thing? Part of nature? Is it a growing problem, a shrinking one or has it always been thus? So many questions to such a serious issue that need answering if we wish to address it. Selective statistics do not help find a solution.

          • There is a very good reason I’ll be voting Sustainable Australia Party at the next Federal Election.

            Its because unlike 99% of Australians, I’ve actually thought about the policies.

            I do NOT and refuse to vote for Liberals Corruption or Labors Chinese High Immigration Domestic Violence Policys. I believe both partys are going to drive Australia into more Social Division in the next 17 years and none of these solutions are solving any of Australias actual problems. The worst fear is if we dont start taking sh*t seriously in this Country, then my greatest fear is many Young people are going to die ( and yeah, many woman might die of domestic violence as well ).


            Australians need to wake up… and thats been this Countrys problem for 15 years.

            How many young men have to suicide before this Country wakes up? Australia is a stupid Country and its murdering off its young.

            The problem with Australia is we are willing to forgo Male Suicide and Domestic Violence as long as we continue getting rich off the back of rising House Prices.

            Even Dick Smith supports the damn party ( if there are any aussies left in Australia who even know who Dick Smith is? ) –

          • @ Rereth Hdhdyefe
            There’s this thing you might have heard of.
            It has the answers you seek, if you have at least a quarter of a brain.

          • drsmithyMEMBER

            Suicide rates have been broadly stable for about fifty years – ups and downs, but these have balanced out. They’ve risen a bit over the last 10ish years, but declined by a greater amount over the previous 10ish years. Males have a much higher rate, but the rate for both males and females trends the same way.


            The massive run up of house prices in the 2000s, alongside a dramatic decline in suicide rates, disproves the suggestion above that higher house leads to more suicide.

            Fertility rates have also been basically stable (VERY slow decline) for forty years.

   rates australia

            After a massive spike in divorce from the introduction of the “no fault divorce” in 1976, divorce rates held basically steady until the 2000s, and have been steadily declining since (this is likely at least somewhat due to a similar slow decline in marriage rates – ie: fewer marriages means fewer divorces).


            TL;DR: Most of the above is bvllsh1t.

          • MathiasMEMBER

            So if I was to make a single phone call to Life Line or one of them places and ask, ” How accurate do you think are Australias Suicide Stats? “… then they would laugh in my face?

            There probably is some truthe to it because the systems been backing up for years. We pulled the hand break on Australian Society by jacking up house prices and all these Boomer Experts want us to believe that this has had zero impact on Australian Society?

            We’ve got young people staying home into there 40s. We’ve got people living out of vans. We’ve got fertility rates at the lowest levels they’ve been in years. Marriages falling apart but Australias Suicide Rates are low?

            Im sorry… but I call bullsh*t.

            If its true that this Data is accurate and this stuff really isnt happening, then Australian Society is sitting on a timebomb.

            Australias view is, ” If we arent suiciding then house prices can go higher “. What kind of insane logic is that?

            We should of done what Sustainable Australia Party suggested ages ago… and crashed the Housing Industry and shifted peoples pensions / lifes savings into the Sharemarket.

            Last week in an article, ScoMo finds it hard to believe that todays young could be ” putting off life “.

            For all the wisdom of all these Housing Arguments, and ” Australias never been better “, why the hell have interest rates been falling consistently for the past 20 years? Things arent so great. I call bullsh*t.

            The systems becoming backed up. These are not the interest rates of a country thats thriving:

          • MathiasMEMBER

            Australias rich because of this:

            Money Printing. Thats all.

            Bonds are rising because we are printing money, giving it to 50% of the population ( the Liberal half ) while leaving the rest to suffer and be neglected.

            We are about to run Interest Rates to the lowest levels in 100 years… and likely destroy the currency at the same time ( and tommorrows young ).

            and people are saying, ” But suicide rates seem just fine… looks like we can jack up house prices some more then “.

            Lifeline is getting more calls then they can handle.

            That suggests to me, those Suicide Stats are bogus. We arent even properly counting them.

            Australias never had a plan for its own future. If ever it did, we would of had a solution to our Aging Crisis before now. Despite 50 years of advanced warning, we did nothing so why should we do anything but murder off the young upon this trajectory? Why would we have a plan now?

            My fear is young men are going to die. This country is stupid and other then following the flow of money into Corrupt Boomers pockets, I find it hard to see how Young Australians are going to end up anywhere but dead… especially Young Men.

          • drsmithyMEMBER

            At a glance, suicide rates correlate strongly with economic downturns.

            Divorces much less so.

            So both of these are likely to increase if/when the economy goes sour, but I’ll wager this is a predictable and common pattern, and not at all unique to Australia.

            Fertility rates are stable and have hovered between about 1.7 and 1.9 since the late ’70s, other than a short-lived increase to about 2 when the baby bonus was introduced.

            Just because the reals don’t align with your (wannabe) feels, doesn’t mean the reals are wrong.

          • Sustainable Australia… how will they ensure that LNP governments, ministers, MPs and staff act ethically, let alone on environmental regulation?

            Somebody needs to give heads up to Dick Smith, Bob Carr, Kelvin Thomson, Bob Birrell et al. that they are being manipulated into indirectly supporting LNP, IPA and NewsCorp’s white Christian nationalist policies joined at the hip with radical right libertarian ideology.

            SPA are not helpful as their population obsessions, channelling the miserable and pessimistic preacher Malthus, who not only influenced Darwin, but the latter’s relative Galton who founded eugenics, and later ZPG’s Paul ‘population bomb’ Ehrlich. Both Malthus and Ehrlich have been proven wrong in their predictions of exponential growth, as they are based upon sub-optimal data collection and analysis.

            SPA was spawned from the fossil fuel supported ZPG (Rockefeller/Exxon and Ford) to claim high population growth from fertility and now ‘immigration’, is a more serious environmental threat than fossil fuels, pollution, carbon emissions and global warming. Immigration restrictions as an environmental solution, versus robust green legislation and regulation, that does not disrupt business income streams, aka Covid science denial and opposition to any state measures.

            Fertility rates have crashed everywhere, many demographers including in PRC (according to SCMP based on hakous issued for new births) predict that the population peak has passed and scepticism of the UNPD’s forecast fertility rates, that keeps the headline number high. Australia, UK and NZ populations have been inflated statistically by describing temps as ‘immigrants’, conflating temporary turnover with everyone to spike from 2006 via the UNPD’s NOM mechanism and definition.

            While it’s very useful to NewsCorp etc. and its political arm in the LNP and ideological in the IPA to claim ‘immigration’ led ills and costs to society e.g. high house prices and unemployment, yet the latter do not seem to be linked with ‘immigration’.

            Especially as permanent immigration is at a relatively low proportion of the estimated population, i.e. 0.6% p.a. with many of this number already counted into the population annually via the NOM and no impact on the established house market (apts. yes).

      • Australias a Nation of Bullys.

        The think thag I find amusing is when the Bullys cant figure out ways to Bully you, they get angry, irritated, upset, wrestle with it and wrangle with it for days until they figure out new ways to Bully and Control you.

        House Prices is just another tactic in Bullying.

        The Boomers had 50 years to figure out a solution to there Aging Population problem. Now its all falling tits up, we’ve decided to blame the young and make it a Young Problem, when the young had no choice in the manner. Rising Suicide Rates. Socio-economic crisis. Intergenerational Wealth Transfer.

        The Boomers and the Government had 50 years to come up with a solution to this problem, they screwed it all up, blew there own retirement savings and now they want to Suicide off the Young in there own Stupidity.

        There is a crime being committed in this Country and its certainly not one the Young Men of Australia created.

    • Someone ElseMEMBER

      You echo a significant portion of young-ish (<40) men and women I associate with.

      The guys have just said 'no'. They poo-poo marriage, they make good money and do want they want (working on motorbikes in the loungeroom seems popular?!), they hook up to no end online (the 28-35 yo women are divorcees out for a good time or desperate or have baby rabies; either way the ladies are just giving it away), and they are happy.

      The women are despairing. The only way they can get noticed by guys is by slüting it up online (because the no one approaches anyone in real life?!), but there's always another, prettier girl who will do more depraved things (thanks pörn?), the good guys have more options than they can handle (the old 80:20 rule), and the ladies think they deserve better or can get better than the guys they can get (they don't and they can't), and after 28-35 yo they become the women they despised and do ANYTHING to get guys attention in the hope one sticks, and they hate working and think that finding a rich guy to support them is a life goal (which they won't do, because those guys are working on their bikes in front of their 100 inch TVs or whatever ridiculous size their latest one is from their unlimited disposable income). And the women are unhappy.

      It is horrible out there for the young ones. I feel for them.

      The sexes have been weaponised against each other.

      • my toranaMEMBER

        then they read a book like the Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fk, or their counsellor says how you discover yourself through relationship and they give the mundane art of commitment a go for a while. Or a woman gets used to living in some form of alone and goes along for a few years feeling quite happy. it’s not a complete train wreck out there.

        • Someone ElseMEMBER

          I hope it is better than I think. I really do. There are so many lost people.

          All I see is novelty masquerading as a thin veneer of happiness. Is it just me or is there a direct correlation between the amount of travel and being dead inside?

          FFS I’ve had one of my best hard b!tches crying over a form because she had no one to put down as Next of Kin. How are you meant to be sympathetic when it is literally all her fault she has no one? At least the guys will (do) end up fat, bald, and happy living in Thailand.

  12. A long time ago, I asked an old Arts mate of mine, ” Whats the meaning of Life? ” and he shocked me by his answer when he said, ” To Learn “.

    As someone who’s seen Death, Woman Falling apart because there world disappears and as someone who’s had my manhood tested on an almost daily basis, I’d go a step further and say, ” The Life of every man is to have fun because Men are the shining light of this world. Without men, woman are useless and future Baby Boomers are twice as useless “.

    I think young men need to be protected. Societys trying to kill them off and young men are losing there role models. Despite the fact I take my trading pretty seriously, I guess its probably why most of my mates have better things to do with there time then deal with the melodramas of Boomers and Woman, when they could be out with the Fellas and having a good old Surf with there buddys instead. As many are starting to realise, Men need Mates… and Mates look out for Mates… unlike there trust in Woman or there faith in Boomers. Frankly, I think thats the right thing for them to do.

    People need us. We dont need them. I think in a few years, thats about to become very apparent. I think my greatest contribution to Australia has been showing Men there Self-Esteem and to help them realise that it was them who’s going to have all this Power. In a few years, those men are going to realise that despite the fact Boomers and Woman have bullied them today, they are the ones who in the end, are going to ultimately hold all the Power.

    I dont even think the Liberals have that power. In a few years, they’ll be gone.

    I think young men are going to remember these days… and Boomers will be judged as they deserve to be judged… and so too will the Woman of this horrible society. Its a mans world, at least if I have anything to say about it.

    There’s a lot of my mates girlfriends who dont like me… and for very good reason. I dont like them much either. You know who’s there for you when the times get tough. Its usually never them. Its a mans mates.

    • Someone ElseMEMBER

      Nah mate, as the great man said, the meaning of life is “to crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.”

    • as someone who’s had my manhood tested on an almost daily basis
      Ermo has had his tested on an almost bi-daily basis (if you believe what he says).

  13. I doubt any of this matter one bit for anyone beside Canberra circle/press corp and noone care about these 2.

  14. turvilleMEMBER

    “The People vs Scott Morrison” – how ludicrous is that comment. Did he do it? Did she lie? What actually happened? Was it “rape” in the truest sense of the word?? It was in 1988 – almost certainly when things like rape and mental illness were still very publicly stigmatised. The erosion of time (now 33 years) shouldn’t however change the need for legally driven enquiries as to whether this happened as stated (i.e. she was definitively raped). This will have to be resolved by the legal system and of course he’s not guilty at this point in time its ALLEGED!!. Most of the media would like you to think he’s guilty by association of course.

  15. Forrest GumpMEMBER

    I know of a young woman that was recently sexually assaulted at work in a remote area by a colleague.
    She logged a complaint with her employer whom immediately engaged the same Lawyers from the same office that Christian Porter has engaged.

    Subsequently their was an independent investigation…by the legal team (Same as Christian Porter’s) ….whom reported the sexual assault was consensual. Case Closed

    It was gutting….

    • Cynical snake

      At best it will be indeterminate unless someone wants to admit guilt, or there is third party evidence.
      It may not be a nice fact but is the reality.

    • Rereth Hdhdyefe

      It is absolutely gutting to not be believed when you are telling the truth. You say she complained to her company and they wrote it off. Did she go to the police also?

      • Forrest GumpMEMBER

        Company wrote her off.
        Victim got legal advice first. Victim Showed the evidence (Lots of it) to her lawyer. Her Lawyer said the guy MUST lose his job. Done deal.
        Victim then lodged a complaint with HR
        HR dragged their feet.
        She made some threats.
        HR engaged a “arms length investigator” (from CP’s lawyers)
        Investigator was a lawyer and white washed the whole deal immediately. Blamed fixed the victim

        Forced the victim to work back with the perpetrator.

  16. migtronixMEMBER

    Here’s a nice bit of Rule of Law doctrine everyone is forgetting: when you get caught lying EVERYTHING you say MUST be disregarded…

  17. MarcusOzMEMBER

    How is it possible to have a credible inquiry into the allegations against Porter that is not a witch hunt and a travesty of justice?

    There are no direct witnesses to the alleged event. Tragically the alleged victim took her own life. Porter strenuously denies it ever happened.

    So we do not know nor can we ever know beyond a reasonable doubt (or even on the balance of the probabilities) whether or not it took place. Perhaps the woman concerned is deluded? Perhaps Porter is a liar? Perhaps they both have different recollection of the events?

    We will never know.

    It doesn’t matter what anyone BELIEVES – it only matters what can be established. And there is no basis to establish anything that is not based entirely on HEARSAY. Those advocating for an inquiry are in fact launching an attack on the very fabric of what is Justice in this country – do we really want allegations to be established on the basis only of hearsay??

    Instead we should use this tragic situation to launch an inquiry into how we handle allegations of sexual assault in a way that makes it safe and re-assuring for alleged victims to come forward in a timely manner – whilst also preserving the presumption of innocence.

    That’s the real hard work that needs to be undertaken that is swamped by the virtue signaling ignorant rubbish by those pursuing this issue for their own political ends or to virtue signal their position on this matter

    • Inflation, infrastructure & commodities

      If they’re just lies Porter would have knocked it on the head immediately without fear, read the 31 page dossier looking for inconsistencies, then strenuously deny it, call the claims outright lies, consider suing for defamation, then welcome an independent inquiry in order to clear his name.

      Instead he blubbered through his tears over and over ‘it didn’t happen’, tried to claim that if stands down then anyone can lose their job from a historical allegation, bizarrely brought up that he remembers the girl ironing his shirt but nothing else, then stood down indefinitely citing mental health like the Higgins rapist did.

      If he didn’t do it, he’d have nothing to fear and come out with fire in belly ready to fight this to the end.

      What we got was a meek capitulation from a guilty man.

      • MarcusOzMEMBER

        Amazing – I am truly humbled by your super power of being able to simultaneously totally ignore the issue of hearsay which was the central point of my post and demonstrate your god like ability to understand the inner workings of someone else’s mind without a skerrick of knowledge of their actual circumstances.

        Obviously the justice system would be well served by having someone like you able to immediately make such definitive judgements about a persons true experience without any knowledge of the situation – who needs juries or the presumption of innocence with people like you?

        I am reminded however of the famous quote from Bertrand Russell ““The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wise people so full of doubts.”

        I must also congratulate you – you HAVE identified something other than hearsay on which any inquiry can be based. You have added ignorant innuendo to the list

        I stand in awe of your prescient intelligence 😉

  18. I reckon your opening lines say it all, DLS – ” … rendering the Morrison Government obsolete …”

    The natural progression and growth of OECD population demographics is rendering traditional WASPy conservative politics redundant. Same sex marriage, monarchy, climate/fossil fuels, drug laws, living wage, lobbyists and corporate welfare, CONSULTANTS!!!, prison v reform and education etc etc. Citizens in and certain societies are progressing without the likes of Scomofo and Porter who are reduced to pork barreling, going to war, outright lying – in order to maintain a base.

    That and the general holier than thou WASP- iness, sexist, elitist etc – renders them more and more irrelevant as time passes and the population becomes larger and younger – and poorer. Irrelevant and redundant.

  19. Ailart SuaMEMBER

    Does anyone else see an opening for a predominantly female political party? I think they’d attract more votes than either of the two majors. It would be refreshingly interesting, would it not?

    • refreshingly interesting

      The list of candidates could include:
      * Penny Wong
      * Tanya Plibersek
      * Bronwyn Bishop
      * Natasha Stott Despoja
      * Cheryl Kernot

      How could a thoughtful voter not vote for such a party?

      Of course there is another way of forming a political party – a decent group of people with decent policies. That could also be attractive to some voters, indeed refreshingly interesting.