Porter outs himself, denies all claims

Attorney-General Christian Porter has declared himself the MP at the centre of 33-year-old rape allegations. The police investigation is over owing to a lack of evidence. Mr Porter will take a mental health break.

Polling is suggesting that the entire episode of six different sexual misconduct allegations against three separate Liberals has done the Morrison Government serious harm. At the headline level, Essential has Labor with a comfortable lead:

Essential TPP

Essential TPP

Two-thirds of women have recoiled in disgust:

Essential poll views of women on parliament rape

Essential poll views of women on parliament rape

Plus, female faith in public service as a safe career tumbles well below men:

Essential poll: Is public service safe for women?

Essential poll: Is public service safe for women?

The kicker is specifically for a disgraced Scott Morrison who has seen all of his leadership characteristics marked down sharply:

Essential poll: Scott Morrison leadership

Essential poll: Scott Morrison leadership

As women desert him in droves:

My own view is that this harm is irreparable. It is inconceivable to the ordinary mortal that a leader needs to consult his wife to figure out whether alleged rapes transpiring under his nose should be addressed with the utmost priority and severity. Let alone that he exhaust every resource on burying the issue rather than addressing it with an excoriating firmness.

It is a simple question of character.

Scott Morrison already had very nasty questions hanging over his personality after his appalling flight to Hawaii during a major national bushfire crisis. Then he returned only to prove his total lack of empathy in front of the national press. This may have proven fatal if not for the intervention of the virus.

Now, this entire sexual misconduct controversy has turned what were questions about the Morrison character into hard conclusions. Prime Minister Scott Morrison is missing basic humanity and is unfit to lead.

The further into this we get the more it reminds me of the 1996 election. Morrison only won by default, just as Keating did, thanks to a ruthless fear campaign against national interest policy.

Meanwhile, an unelectable John Howard, just as Albo is, spent his time shaving off all sharp policy edges so he came across as a safe pair of hands for the electorate to fall into.

The baseball bats are out for ScoMo.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. DingwallMEMBER

    Meanwhile, an unelectable John Howard, just as Albo is, spent his time shaving off all sharp policy edges so he came across as a safe pair of hands for the electorate to fall into.

    Either way it is all a worry. We have a weak bottom-of-the-barrel smelly government and a weak bottom-of-the-barrel stinky opposition. Labor has spent 1-2 years seemingly morphing into a Liberal Party MkII.
    If Labor get in it will be years before they move back to what they should be.

      • True! That’s why I’d advise everyone who doesn’t like this situation to vote for a minor party first as this may allow one or two more independent minded pollies to bye elected via preferences and the more votes minor parties get the more money they get which will help their future. Then put the lessor of the two evils.

        Edit: starting now in the WA election

      • Stephen Morris

        I know this will upset some people but this is an almost inevitable result of the adverse selection which occurs under the system of franchised monopoly government:

        [S]uppose that a monopoly right is to be auctioned; whom will we predict to be the highest bidder? Surely we can presume that the person who intends to exploit the monopoly power most fully, the one for whom the expected profit is highest, will be among the highest bidders for the franchise. In the same way, positions of political power will tend to attract those persons who place higher values on the possession of such power. These persons will tend to be the highest bidders in the allocation of political offices. . . . Is there any presumption that political rent seeking will ultimately allocate offices to the ‘best’ persons? Is there not the overwhelming presumption that offices will be secured by those who value power most highly and who seek to use such power of discretion in the furtherance of their personal projects, be these moral or otherwise? Genuine public-interest motivations may exist and may even be widespread, but are these motivations sufficiently passionate to stimulate people to fight for political office, to compete with those whose passions include the desire to wield power over others?

        James Buchanan and Geoffrey Brennan, “The Reason of Rules”, Cambridge University Press, 1985, p64

        A different government might not have this particular problem but it will always have the problem of over-representing aggressively narcissistic, machiavellian and megalomaniacal individuals.

        Minor parties have no hope of wielding much effective power due to a combination of Prisoners’ Dilemma, Schelling Focal Points and (again) adverse selection.



        • Haywood Jablome

          Safe to say that all the energy being poured into climbing the slippery ladder isn’t being expended on furthering the greater good.

    • And that’s the really scary bit.
      No party interested in governing properly, for the long term good of the general population.
      Politics is the ultimate extractive industry, taking everything it can lay its hands on for itself and its inner circle.

    • kierans777MEMBER

      It’s the hamster wheel Labor is on. If they try to actually put forward any policies that help the nation, the LNP with the propaganda outfits that masquerade as news conduct scare campaigns. Labor then becomes Liberal Lite to scrape into government after the LNP finally implodes under the weight of their own toxicity, but the the ALP doesn’t actually tackle the big issues. Cue losing government and the wheel turns.

      The real question is what does the MSM do at election time? Does their burning desire for truth, accountability, and justice for the women involved suddenly disappear with the LNP becoming the “safe pair of hands” for the economy – as if nothing else matters, or do they actually tell the truth. That #smirkandmirrors and his lot are corrupt beyond measure and need to all be binned.

    • WTF is going on with Labor.

      Their entire party should be prosecuting every toxic aspect of this government. Lack of accountability, job for mates, corruption, rape protection racket/Sgt Schultz, lack of probity/governance, sports rorts, water rorts, Hawaii, climate change, Newstart, go all in. ALL IN. Repeat ad nauseum so the electorate is really clear.

      • Know IdeaMEMBER

        You would have thought so. My speculation is that those who live in glass houses have learnt not to throw stones.

        • Cowards then, and speaking hollow words. Especially Plibersek, Wong et al.

          It’s going to be up to Steggal, Hanson Young, Waters, Bandt, Wilkie, then.

      • kierans777MEMBER

        I suspect they’re playing the Stephen Bradbury tactics. Don’t say or do anything and watch as Scotty’s polls crash. Then slide into government.

      • TheLambKingMEMBER

        Their entire party should be prosecuting every toxic aspect of this government.

        But how? They can (and do) scream until the cows come home, but the MSM just doesn’t report it! Compare how they gave voice to Abbott during his time in opposition – where he got more air time voicing negativity against Labor (particularly against Gillard.) It is the MSM that let the stories die, rather than hound them until the responsible minister resigns.

        Just look at this corruption list that the Chaser put together – 124 acts of (possible) corruption. Imagine if Julia Gillard had this list? Imagine how the Murdoch press and the shock jocks would have responded. Instead we have almost silence. The ABC get ‘please explain’ notices from the LNP when they bring stuff like this up.

        Labor are (sensibly) trying to work within the framework they have – in that almost all the main steam media do everything in their power to ensure that Labor do not get into power.

        • Well they could start by being in the media every day talking about this and piling on in QT and beyond including the Senate.

          What have we heard so far from Team Albodross?

          Crickets, is what.

          • The pollies don’t decide who is in the media, the media decide who is in the media.

          • I disagree, on this issue.

            Labor could be prosecuting and right here right now the media would be reporting.

            Definitely not Murdoch, Nine etc, but lots of people don’t just get their news from those sources.

      • Someone ElseMEMBER

        Remember Michaelia Cash’s threats to expose Labor when she was being questioned last time there was a scandal? They have some serious dirt on the Labs. M.A.D.

  2. Sounds like whoever it is will appear today to deny it all together with his top defamation lawyer by his side to threaten court action to anyone who dares mention it. Then back to business as usual, though might have put paid to early election.

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      Reckon the lawyer is there to scare off anyone else out there who might be thinking about a visit to the local police station to report a crime.

      • Journo Louise Milligan:

        NSW police didn’t “end” their investigation. The investigation never began. Complainant never made statement. When I inquired, they were very interested to know if I knew of other complainants against #CabinetMinister. My answer: “Not in your jurisdiction”.

        Porter is so screwed

      • Wait what? If you go to report a crime and swear a statement, how is that defamation?

        Milligan has more, she must.

        • Mining BoganMEMBER

          Not about the defamation, more about the power these pricks wield. I’m sure every bloke on this board knows a female who went through all sort of accusations and pressure because they called out bad behaviour. One I know said court was worse than the attack and another I know gave up when her father’s business started going under because of small town pressure to drop charges.

          That lawyer signifies power.

          • And now we find out John Barilaro arranged a grant for Angus Taylor’s family farm company to pay for research to lobby against their grassland issue. The corruption runs so deep we almost need Sharia law 🤯

          • Mining BoganMEMBER

            No it’s not, I’ve experienced it myself. But today is about what a minister will do to get themselves out of sexual allegations so hence my focus there on women being pressured.

          • I had a woman make accusations and try and destroy my marriage and life. I have a solid group of friends who were present when the accusations were made and more than willing to put this person back in their place. There are absolutely no consequences for that kind of #metoo-ism, none and it is thoroughly life destroying.

            To label this as one way gendered power is off the charts wrong. And most decent people have accepted that reality – a few white knights persist.

  3. One wonders what dirt the Porter has on ScoMo to make him deflect this much pressure?

    Anyway, in a week, the media attention will move on to the next topic, and the alleged rapes will be forgotten by voters.
    If nothing happens, then a good terrorist or virus scare will do the trick.
    This will all be long forgotten by the next election.

    • I remain unconvinced. I suspect there is more to be aired, and drip fed. We also have Ms Higgins’ investigation underway. Tingle, Milligan, Connelly, Maiden are not letting this go.

      • That nasty defamation lawyer will make it hard for them to report on much more
        Now he is outed himself anything they report on that even implies a rape took place is defimation unless they can prove that the rape occurred.

        Australian defo laws are written specifically to protect these scum.

    • A one seat majority provided by a CCP fellow traveller in Liu. Just as well Scotty can make north – south and the east into the west.
      That is what he is doing with his China “policies” – just as well he can talk out o f the four corners of his mouth at the same time. Note: Murdnews speak from 6 corners.

  4. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    Should hear 2GB keeping it all about Kristina Keneally, Bill Shorten and Turnbulls hatred of the LNP.
    No acknowledgement of the Fact that an enormous motive exists, for many powerful people, in the death of this Victim.
    The PMs relationship to the NSW police Commish by itself is reason enough for an independent enquiry.
    How long before she died did she withdraw her complaint?

    • it’s very odd that she withdrew her complaint. Malcolmn Turnbull on the radio yesterday said it should be treated as a “suspicious death” not a suicide.

      • If nothing else, you’d have to say the timing of such an unfortunate event was conspicuously convenient to certain parties.

    • Have people forgotten that Bill Shorten was accused of a historical rape ?

      I find it incredible Turnbull making the suggestion the deceased complainant may have been murdered.

        • Because he presumably knew of this behaviour when he was PM?
          Or did it start after he left?

          • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

            Rod was saying he thought it “incredible” that Turnbull would suggest that the victims death may not have been suicide.
            But I think Turnbulls questions are worthy of investigation.
            There is a shyte ton of motive for foul play in this arc of a story.

          • How long ago was the death?
            And really, a suspicious death does more harm than good to a decades old he said she said case that has minimal chance of getting up, like the one that started this whole thing off which most likely has far more evidence.
            Malcs is just still p!ss3d he got played and is throwing mud at anything and everything

      • Display NameMEMBER

        It is interesting. Turnbull is a lawyer and a good one, so he must know something. Since Gorden Gresch he wont be making statement he doesn’t have some real backing for. I would read it as there is more to come out.

        • Turnbull has general poor political judgement. As I mentioned before the moral outrage on this and simultaneous war mongering is extraordinary. Now they are manufacturing consent to get a China war going. Which I actually support as it will be the last war humanity fights.

          I asked my local MP last election day why are we in a proxy war with Russia in Syria over hydrocarbons we say we don’t want due to climate change. He looked at his feet and told me war was an executive decision.

          He shed no tears for the violation of women’s bodies that result from our actions.

          • “Which I actually support as it will be the last war humanity fights.”
            Wasn’t that supposed to be WW1, and for the same reasons. I.e. the fearsome destructive power of “modern” weapons like machine guns and chemical weapons.

          • drsmithyMEMBER

            If there is another genuine – ie: all major powers involved – world war, then it will probably be the end of civilisation as we know it, even if it doesn’t go nuclear/WMD. There aren’t enough easily extractable resources left to rebuild.

            Otherwise the power that sits it out will be the one that defines humanity in the future.

          • Cynical snake

            “Otherwise the power that sits it out will be the one that defines humanity in the future.”
            Much like the last WW it will be the one playing an away game that defines the future. US did far better than the brits and the russians out of ww2.

      • Ronin8317MEMBER

        The same protection racket is in place for both side of politics, that’s why the ALP is keeping a low profile.

      • As someone pointed out yesterday there has not been a formal finding of the cause of death. Turnbutt is just being a competent lawyer: until the finding is made that it was suicide then he should not make the assumption that it was suicide. Now, he may see an advantage in taking that line but that doesn’t mean he is not wrong in doing so.

    • happy valleyMEMBER

      Whether there’s any substance to it, commish was mentioned in Rupert’s Sunday rag as one of the umpteen potential candidates for the upcoming LP candidate selection for Kelly’s seat of Hughes?

  5. Mining BoganMEMBER

    I’ve just heard a rumour that the Minister of Defence rapist is a member of Hillsong.

    If true that’s twice the reason for a cover-up.


    • Know IdeaMEMBER

      And here I was under the false impression that the clap bit in happy-clappy was about the action of two hands being brought together repeatedly for percussive effect.

    • Lehrmann’s mummy sits on the Texas Supreme Court (he’s been allowed to flee the country back to her loving embrace) and she is “active” in the United Methodist Church which loves to do a bit of laying of hands and other nonsense favoured at Hillsong, so Lehrmann could well have been in Hillsong here

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        I might bypass that one. Her kids’ names are John and Greg. I had heard he was a Yank and had fled but apparently is still locked away, hidden from questioning.

  6. Mining BoganMEMBER

    3pm press conference. 15 minutes, lawyer in tow.

    Prepared statement, couple of organised questions from pet journos, implied threat, thank you and off we go.

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        If he does the complete 31 pages of the letter sent about would surely end up public. Doubt he wants that, it’ll mess up his dream of being Prime Minister.

      • Have you checked out his Wikipedia page
        Looks like there’s a edit war going on to add and substract the fact that he was in Sydney in 1988 as part of the Debating team.
        Hmmm wonder why that fact is so contentious.

        • happy valleyMEMBER

          Because he has just rationalised away that he wasn’t there at all and he just wants the record to be set straight? Wiki can be unreliable, I’m told.

  7. Display NameMEMBER

    Its ironic that the most overtly religious government I can recall is the most stinking, rotten, corrupt and incompetent one.

      • Exactly Kierans777. They say they follow God but never say which one (it would be the god of this world)..By their fruits shall ye know them. Even Jesus had to call out the hypocrites – those who professed faith by words but their actions told a different story. As it was then, so it is now.

    • Know IdeaMEMBER

      Being part of a religious organisation does not by and of itself make one religious. Nor does referring to an organisation as religious by and of itself offer conclusive proof that it is in fact a religious organisation.

      So far as I can tell, obtaining a membership to any organisation, religious or not, is, to some, a means to an end and not simply an end in itself.

    • happy valleyMEMBER

      Makes total sense – isn’t there an old saying: religion is at the root of all evil?

  8. Those poll numbers for Scummo are just incredible. I can’t think of anything he’s ever done to get any of those scores over 20%. Guess it just proves you can fool half the people most of the time, or something like that.

  9. Everyone has worked with a scumbag at some point. The whole workplace knows when that person has to go, while the scumbag carries on as if there is no problem. Morrison’s office is what happens when all the scumbags end up in the same place. They’re unable to see themselves.

  10. Aus politics continues to be a circus. Who needs to make good policies or have a good grasp on running a country when the opposition can have a few damning scandals and possibly do all the work for you.

  11. drsmithyMEMBER

    This is the most staggering response IMHO:

    Which of the following describe your opinion of the prime minister [sic], Scott Morrison?

    “Good in a Crisis”: 59%

    Mind = blown.

    • Know IdeaMEMBER

      Well he is good because he understands his limitations. If there are bushfires, well, you know, he isn’t holding the hose so he may as well be in Hawaii. See! A man of great vision and foresight.

    • Throwing money at people tends to buy approval…

      and people’s care factor about things not directly affecting them is less than you would like to think.

        • Cynical snake

          Maybe so,
          but 59% think he’s good in a crisis.
          What do they think is a crisis, and what do they think is good?
          I find it hard to think anyone thinks he is handling the whole [email protected] thing well so presumably they don’t give a classification of crisis to the events…

  12. Poochie the Rockin DogMEMBER

    It looks like Porter has driven this woman to suicide & it’s not just one story its a pattern with several accounts of predatory behaviour to women/disgusting comments. He should be in jail but at the very least needs to resign

    • So it’s not possible she committed suicide for other reasons?

      I’m not saying the accusations are true or not, but it’s now assumed the accusations must be true given she committed suicide.

        • Must be! But not Groupthink PR.

          Is it possible she may have suicided after realising she may have been used for political purposes? That all her ‘supporters’ didn’t have her best interest at heart and were hoping to use her story for political damage.

      • Haywood Jablome

        Absolutely. In the same way it might be said a pig can fly if you put it on a plane.

      • Poochie the Rockin DogMEMBER

        Obviously being raped at 16 would dramatically change anyone’s life for the worse. Crosby, Weinstein, Epstein they didn’t just assault one woman, their wealth/power protected them while they assaulted dozens. There’s enough talk around Porter to know that he’s a predator & hasn’t stopped either.

        • BradleyMEMBER

          I saw the movie ‘ A Promising Woman’ a month ago. Very prescient of right here, right now with the life changing impacts chillingly told. I bet the accused wont be watching it.

          • A Hollywood movie must be a fair mirror to society!

            I’m so glad Weinstein and other producers have created such a powerful and fair mirror of society!

        • Well she said she was raped, so she must have been raped?

          Yes, she may have been raped, but she may also not have been raped. There are enough cases of false allegations or false memories for one to not automatically blindly assume an accuser is always telling the truth.

          There are so many possibilities. Blacked out and been told she must have been raped. There is people who will happily use such stories for political reasons.

          All you men assuming it is the truth are going to be in trouble if you are ever wrongly accused. It is people like you that have created a sense where trial by media et al is justice, better then the justice system.

        • Or finding out some people in politics and around her have latched on to her story for political and personal gain.

          To perhaps be raped, and then used by ‘supporters’ for political reasons, would be devastating. Perhaps her supposed ‘supporters’, who would have gained politically with these accusations, should be held to some account too?

        • So we know she didn’t have lifelong mental health issues, before 16?

          Maybe she had other health issues, financial issues, maybe she was bullied at work by a colleague (male or female), or a string of toxic relationships. Maybe a good friend or friends had died?

          So so many possibilities.

  13. Ronin8317MEMBER

    Once upon a time, this would be a sacking offense. However our politicians discover that integrity no longer matters to the voters : their rusted-on supporter will happily put ‘1’ next to Ivan Milat if he is on the ticket, and the swing voters can be bribed to do the same.

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        Wiki says there’s been 19 politicians elected after they died. Ivan was fairly enterprising. No doubt he could become number 20.

    • When ever did people get fired when there is no charges when it comes to sexual or violent criminal accusations?

      Do you have precedents, when we are talking about alleged criminal acts?

    • kierans777MEMBER

      If the voters don’t give him the boot, he’ll sit in the naughty corner for a while and then get back into senior leadership.

    • happy valleyMEMBER

      Wouldn’t even have crossed his mind, as he can rationalise anything away (like ScoMo unless Jen does reality check with him – would need to a daily check probably) and will use the threat of defamation suits to bury the matter.

      Would still have tickets on himself to be PM, but whether the LP would chance it?

      • Porter did it

        There’s enough dirt on him now for it to stick. The 4 Corners piece last year was damning enough. Sodomising a 16 year old girl while passed out won’t be forgotten.

  14. MathiasMEMBER

    How do we destroy the Boomers, Liberals and Labor in this Country?

    So apparently ASIO says we cant use Murder ( they ruin all the fun ). So clearly, we have to be more inventive here and use Economics.

    I mean, they do owe Australia for the past 15 years of extortion and fraud, dont they?

    How do we claw back the 15 years worth of extortion that this Country has stolen from the Young and give it back?

    I do believe this is an Economics Question.

    Do we have to destroy the Australian Government first? I mean, they did start this war against there own Citizens, right?

    How do we restore Australia back to the Country it was before all this Corruption, Mafia, Rape and Murder came along?

      • Well given legally the case is closed, the thirst for blood from many seems to suggest that many are assuming the accusations must be true.

          • You don’t think those calling for an internal government investigation, despite there being no police case, are pushing this in the belief that the accusation is true?

            Why are they so certain it is true?

        • You made a statement, I asked a question.
          The accuser and accusation is credible, the accused is not. Look at his form and history. Unfit for parliament as a representative of the people and outrageously unfit for AG.

          • The accuser is credible? Why, because they are female, because they simply say it is so?

            If the accusation is so credible, why is there no police charges?

            It should have not taken 30 years for the accuser to come across.

            I can understand not as a 16 year old, but can’t understand why a 20-something, or even 30 something, couldn’t come forward.

          • So, using Chase logic, on what basis did the boss of the High Court order a review of Dyson’s activities?

        • No wonder you’ve missed the many points in this, you just don’t get it. And no, it’s not just because it’s a female. Good grief.

          So, your argument rests entirely on the fact that you don’t understand why it took so long for Kate to come forward, therefore the claim is not credible. Righto.

    • Cheers.

      Just saw on DomainFax.

      Interestingly for the very first time – just 45 seconds ago – ABC news stated that ‘we are due to hear from AG Christian Porter at 300pm’. First ID that I have seen.

      Edit: now on various MSM websites. Guess there was an embargo till 1430

      • happy valleyMEMBER

        Paul Fletcher will be writing a letter to Ita about the ABC jumping the gun?

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      I get the feeling Porter will be re-writing his statement after listening to that.

      If they did listen…

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      The media is only running the soundbite where she had a shot at Scummo. She said so much more that deserves more air.

      • Arthur Schopenhauer

        Fortunately its all over the socials already.

        Any man who has spent anytime in Corporate Australia has been witness, or subject to, sledging or outright bullying. The stuff I’ve witnessed directed at Women, has invariably had sexual overtones and was far crueler.

        I’ve seen a number of very competent women harassed out of senior corporate positions by deeply threatened, incompetent men. Similar to the type of men that are in Cabinet.

        It’s got a long way to go. A lot of women have been subject to this sort of behavior and they are rightfully angry. Now there is a focus.

        Taking a leading defamation Lawyer to a presser is about as smart as scrubbing 🧽 a Wikipedia page. Desperate stuff.

        • And you’re someone with no critically reasoning abilities.

          We must simply accept whatever a female says, must be true.

          Grace was rather theatrical today. You can’t deny that. It read like her comments were fed by someone else. It didn’t read true – it read as someone being fed lines by someone else. Theatrics.

          • fkn lol! The troll with no understanding of why rape victims don’t or delay coming forward says I’m the one lacking critical reasoning.

            Carry on, this is fun.

          • drsmithyMEMBER

            And you’re someone with no critically reasoning abilities.

            We must simply accept whatever a female says, must be true.

            Probably best to not surround a criticism of someone else’s “critical reasoning abilities” with ad hominem and straw man fallacies, if you want to be taken seriously.

            Just sayin’.

  15. Maybe he did; maybe he didn’t.

    Let’s do away with the justice system.

    Let’s have employer based and media investigations moving forward.

  16. It was Porter

    What a wimp! Taking a period of leave like all the sooks do! This is the same guy that pushed people into suicide with robodebt.

    I heard ALLEDGED stories out of the blue about him years ago. I kind of dismissed it but these allegations confirm it.

    Not to mention the 4 Corners expose was very damning. He’s had an appalling attitude towards women throughout his life going back to university (and now it seems going back to high school where he ALLEDGEDLY roofied a girl then violently sodomised her). Just the 4 Corners allegations should have been enough for him to lose his cabinet position at the very least.

    If the ALLEDGED stories are true it would indicate a similar pattern of abuse all the way back to high school.

    All ALLEDGED of course.

    Maybe it’s just a smear campaign by all these women.

    • BradleyMEMBER

      It does seem to point to a pattern of behaviour that would be outside of ministerial expectations. I am thinking it would only take one more victim to come forward to finish him off.

      • It was Porter

        Losing his cabinet position would be the least of his problems if someone else comes forward.

        He needs to come out and say the woman who killed herself is lying.

      • If there is such a strong history of behaviour, as you say, then why is there no legal cases sticking?

      • It was Porter

        I missed this before.

        “… a gratuitous focus on violent and sexually graphic material in the legal cases he taught.”

        There’s something really dark and twisted about this guy.

      • At this rate, all it would take to bring down anyone in politics, or public life, is to make false accusations. You don’t need charges to be made – you only have to make an accusation to force some one to step down.

        It’s a very dangerous precedent.

        • It was Porter

          The 4 Corners expose last year should have been enough for him to lose his cabinet position at the very least.

          • That was a very biased story.

            The journalist should go to the police if there is so many instances of sexual assault and harrasment.

            Didn’t realise the ABC was now a Court of Law.

        • RobotSenseiMEMBER

          Sounds like the RoboDebt saga that he presided over.
          But they’re only the lives of plebs, they mean nothing.

  17. One question jumped out at me. One was if he’d got anyone to sign a non disclosure agreement. He replied no.

    The other thing that caught my ear was when said that he was never approached about this by anyone in the media. Or by anyone else.

  18. Christian Porter fronts the media. Denies the incident ever happened. Has no idea why the woman made the allegations. Said no one approached him. Said he had heard rumours for several months (after 4 Corners episode in late 2020?). Also said he became aware of the allegation in November 2019 which is around the time the woman went to the police (or before?)

    So when DID he become aware – late 2019 or late 2020? That’s a year’s difference.

    • It was Porter

      Can’t keep his stories straight. A lying (alleged) rapist. And a sook too.

      You look at the some of the horrific things said about and allegations made against Trump over the past 5-6 years and he never buckled, never showed weakness.

      This guy didn’t last a day, taken leave over a dead woman’s rumour, she can’t take him to court, police not investigating.

      If he was innocent he would have come out and knocked it on the head straight away not waited until he had no other choice but to hold a sooky press conference. Waited until other cabinet members were having the reputation’s tarnished. Dragged kicking and screaming into addressing it.

      An innocent person wouldn’t let allegations of these type against them to take on a life of their own, he would address them immediately saying that are nasty, vicious, unsubstantiated allegations that I vehemently deny 100%.

      • Louise Milligan @Milliganreports on Twitter: #Auspol Clarification: NSW police didn’t “end” their investigation. The investigation never began. Complainant never made statement. When I inquired, they were very interested to know if I knew of other complainants against #CabinetMinister. My answer: “Not in your jurisdiction”.

        If another woman (from WA?) comes forward he is finished.

  19. Mining BoganMEMBER

    So the whiteboard lady who helped cover up the Brittany Higgins rape is going to move into the AG position while Porter follows LNP policy and checks himself into an asylum.

    Goodo then…

    • drsmithyMEMBER

      It’s actually quite amazing how many terrible people they’ve managed to collect into one place.

      You have to admire excellence wherever you find it…

  20. He won’t be back as a Minister and will resign at the next election in order to take up a position at the WA Bar.

    • The LNP look after their waifs better than that.

      I am sure a senior position on the Family section of the AAT paying $500K plus can be found. He may then be able to float up to the HCA when memories have faded.