Morrison’s vaccine rollout falls behind Third World

More scuttlebutt on the poorly executed Morrison Government vaccine rollout today. The Guardian notes that logistic problems have multiplied:

  • Vials arrived without needles.
  • Complaints of undersupply and failed deliveries are rife.
  • The vaccine booking website is allowing second shots days after the first when it should be three months.

The rollout schedule is now something of a laughing stock:

Too busy beating off?

Too busy beating off?

Leaving us all but last among developed economies and badly lagging all kinds of emerging markets:

Just crap

Just crap

Australian vaccine hesitancy is also likely rising owing to the bungled procurement choices which have made us overly dependent upon the Astra Zeneca version. Thankfully its European problems are resolving given the connection with thrombosis has been pinpointed as narrow and highly treatable. But the US has now refused to use it, owing to dodgy trial results:

  • US Government National Institutes of Health accusing AZ of “misrepresenting results”.
  • It accused AZ of including “outdated information.”
  • NIH is run by Anthony Fauci who did not say which data was in question.

This follows local questions over Coalition connections with AZ management.

Reports are that demand for immunisation is strong but the Morrison Government bumbling is clearly going to slow us down and cost many billions as a result. Not to mention that we are already far, far behind.

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  1. kierans777MEMBER

    Thank goodness this isn’t a Labor government otherwise it’ll be over every front page, with daily 5 pages worth of news, analysis, opinion, etc holding the government to account. We’d never hear the end of it!

  2. happy valleyMEMBER

    Give SFM a break – he’s had a few minor but very distracting issues (multiple r.pes, w.nking, women marching etc etc) to deal with over the past month or so, which are a pain in the butt (no anal pun intended) and as much as he has tried to dismiss the issues they just won’t die the natural death that befalls most LNP inconvenient truths?

  3. If we can just get back to me, my first AZ jab went fine, and Scotty’s self-immolation was a bonus. However, had to drive the long way round, the causeway was flooded. and Canberra’s tram won’t get to “Denman Prospect” anytime before 2060.

  4. I'll Stir Fry You in My Woke

    Had AZ this morning. All fine.

    Primary care is a mess. Tell me how one practice can elect to stratify by age (>90s working down in decades), neglecting younger patients with existing conditions who meet 1a), but another can say “if you’re eligible you can book.”


  5. A pharmacist I spoke to said that Lindsay Fox has the monopoly distribution rights to the vaccine in Australia.
    They may not get vaccines through their normal suppliers.

  6. When cashed up retirees can’t travel overseas during the Northern hemisphere summer two years in a row because they haven’t received their shots yet, all hell will break loose.

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