Morrison Government vaccine failure deepens

Lordy, Canada has banned the use of Scott Morrison’s politically-connected Astra Zeneca vaccine for under 55s. Now Germany has done so for over 60s!

  • The German health regulator has recommended the ban after data on the thrombosis side-effects.
  • Four Germans states have found new cases of thrombosis.

The cases still appear to rare and linked with previous conditions but they are increasing in frequency relative to the number of vaccinated.

Australia does not have the luxury of pausing the rollout because the Morrison Government went all-in on just one politically-connected pharmaceutical company instead of getting a spread of vaccines that included Moderna and Pfizer. Poor risk management and procurement policy.

Except for health workers and the PM who reserved a shot of Pfizer for himself.

Meanwhile, the heat on the Morrison rollout is also intensifying from its own side of the aisle. The IPA is not happy:

  • Oodles of the vaccine but Morrison distribution is useless.
  • The Morrison booking system is a joke, bringing on the IT partner a month ago.
  • GPs are out of pocket with no way to reclaim expenses.
  • Punters are being vaccinated by health care workers that are not.
  • We need transparency to figure out the bottlenecks.

Good luck with that. This Government buries bad news like dead bodies.

And so, we fall ever further behind our own gutted targets:

If at first you don't succeed, lower your expectations. Then again.

If at first you don’t succeed, lower your expectations. Then again.

And don’t even mention versus the rest of the world:

The new Brisbane lockdown is just the latest millions up in smoke. It is already billions and will be tens of billions in waste before the Morrison Government vaccine failure is concluded.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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    • Gordon Flashman

      NSW is bearing the brunt of the quarantine burden. We should put returning citizens of NSW at the top of the list. Returning Victorians should go to the bottom of the queue and ask Dan Andrews why.

      • Im from Queensland. NSW can go to hell and die for all I care. Your the most corrupt state in Australia and deserve everything you get.

        While your at it, take your drugs back. Queenslands sick of your crime.

        • Mathias, whilst your sentiment towards the cockroaches is entirely understandable and acceptable when it comes to rugby league … mate, it’s a sport, a bit of escapist fun. For reality I suggest you cogitate on what Bubbly says in the post just below this one.

      • Gordon

        You do realise we are all Australians don’t you?

        Pitching state against state is a retrograde attitude. Also quarantine has been the responsibility of the Federal government since 1907 and the days of cholera ships. The Fed LNP should have build proper facilities in the last year, so don’t blame the states, it was never their area of control.

        The focus needs to be on getting the vaccine rolled out.

        It you want to place blame, put it on the Federal government, who have only managed to roll out 15% of the 4,000,000 doses they said they would by the end of March.

  1. Mr Hawaii can’t arrange the vaccine roll out , doesn’t take responsibility for quarantine (FED responsibility), can’t arrange to get stranded Aussie’s home so now they complaint to the UN about a human rights violation to try to get action, the building of our submarines contract is a farce and to top it off the clown announces this :

    The clown will probably get the computer chips to run them from Ch!na just like the Yanks did for the F35’s that they sold to Australia.

    How much more can the Australian people take of this rubbish.
    Rant over.

  2. Too busy being rapey in parliament.

    Wait till some of the blokes supporting morrison also get covid and realise the vaccination rollout could have saved them the hassle…

    • You don’t come to Macrovirus for measured , insightful commentary. They have been dreadful in all things virus. No reason to stop with the vaccine. And when you have got no clue, double down!

  3. 31 people out of 2.7 million vaccinated in Germany have thrombosis issues. That’s 0.00114%

    Germany’s Covid death rate is 2.7%

    Does it seem strange that Germany (which produces the Pfizer vaccine) is banning AZ based on that?

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