Liberal Party sinks into cesspit

It’s ceaseless and there is no stopping it. Yesterday afternoon continued the ruination of the Liberal Party as Eric Abetz entered the fray. Tasmanian MP Sue Hickey accused him of telling her:

  • Not to worry because Christian Porter’s accuser is dead.
  • On Brittany Higgins “anybody who is so disgustingly drunk, who would sleep with anybody, could have slept with one of our spies and put the security of our nation at risk”.
  • Abetz, who is great-nephew of prominent Nazi, Otto Abetz, denied it all.

Tasmanian Premier, Peter Gutwein, threw his weight behind the accusations of “slut-shaming”. Showing he has learned precisely nothing, Morrison backed Abetz to the hilt.

Before anybody could draw a shocked breath, a few hours later Peta Credlin unloaded another bombshell, declaring gay orgies have transpired in parliament, and that the recently disclosed desk wankers had been previously fired and rehired:

But wait, there’s more. Another Coalition rape has been alleged in the NSW Parliament. This time from a sex worker that wrote to Labor MP Trish Doyle.

Next up, Linda Reynolds was seen wining and dining in Goulburn when she is under instructions to rest at home at Canberra for five weeks, because, you know, she’s sick (as opposed to on a cover-up furlough). Further, it has become clear that there was a separate security breach in the Minister’s office three days prior to the alleged rape of Brittany Higgins so the Government either can’t get its story straight or has outright lied again.

Christian Porter is in hot water as well. Former Queensland Criminal Justice Commission director Mark Le Grand said:

  • Porter should not be a party to setting up the Commonwealth Integrity Commission.
  • The special protections it affords pollies creates a conflict for Porter.

Then again, last night The Australian was softening everybody up for the dumping of both. They are to be parachuted into other plumb positions in Cabinet where they can resume doing…whatever it is that they do in shadows.

It’s all far too little, too late. PM Morrison had foot-in-mouth again all day, declaring:

“Blokes don’t get it right all the time, we all know that, but what matters is that we’re desperately trying to, and that’s what I’m trying to do, and we will get this right — we all need to focus on that.”

Is Australia a bingo hall? What we need to focus on is a proper process and probity, rule of law and justice, rational policymaking and reform.

As for trying to connect with women, Morrison is a write-off:

Mr Morrison also told parliament that Australian women wanted him to “demonstrate my understanding of the issues that they have raised” and show he was “listening to the great pain that they have been enduring.”

“I’m understanding the pain that so many Australians are feeling.”

So busy telling us he’s listening that he can’t hear a thing.

Crikey was wall-to-wall attack again yesterday. Amber Shultz is spot on:

Diverting blame and playing the victim is a common tactic used by men accused of sexual harassment or assault — and those who choose to defend them.

It’s so common that the pattern of behaviour has an acronym: DARVO, which stands for Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim and Offender. The term was coined in 1997 though similar tactics have been reported on for decades.

This tactic became clear during Prime Minister Scott Morrisons’ press conference yesterday to address allegations of sexual violence in Parliament, from a Coalition staffer masturbating onto a female politician’s desk, to Brittany Higgins’ alleged rape, to the allegations of rape against Attorney-General Christian Porter (allegations he strenuously denies).

Bernard Keane too:

It’s now clear Scott Morrison is incapable of ever delivering effective change on the treatment of women within his own party, within parliament or across the country.

He doesn’t understand the issues, and he continues to regard them as a problem of political management. Very likely, he can only understand them as a problem of political management.

By failing to recognise how extraordinarily and intrinsically wrong this all was from the outset, Morrison has brought a revolution to his own door as an increasingly horrified polity rip it from its jambs. Now he can’t even go outside:

The only way forward here is for Morrison to resign to give a new leader clear air for a full-scale inquiry and purge of the party. But that’s not coming, either, David Speers at the ABC:

The Prime Minister’s leadership is safe, according to his colleagues, and some are more forgiving of his “missteps” than others, but damage has been done and Morrison’s standing internally has been diminished. The view this Prime Minister has some sort of infallible political judgement, having delivered a “miracle” election victory, is well and truly gone.

The link has been drawn between Morrison’s mishandling of the Black Summer bushfires and the past month’s allegations of rape, harassment and sexism. Both required human empathy, an ability to read community sentiment and judgement — important traits for a Prime Minister, which more than a few Liberal MPs believe Morrison has now failed to demonstrate in two separate political crises.

Recent Australian experience would suggest this would normally lead, at the very least, to leadership chatter. Just ask Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard, Tony Abbott or Malcolm Turnbull.

That’s not happening here and certainly not in the midst of a pandemic. The party remains loyal to Morrison, as does his deputy Josh Frydenberg; the only viable alternative leader.

And so the Liberal Party will drown in its own filth.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. reusachtigeMEMBER

    Anyone talking about and questioning the recent parliament party scene revelations is a homophobe!!

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      You got to realise though that in Scummo’s party and ‘church’ homos are worse than rapists. Unless it’s kids.

    • The Traveling Wilbur

      If it was just one parliamentary party that would be fine but now we’re iterating through all the Liberal state party rapey related antics – I’m not sure anyone has the energy for listening through that litany. There’s a lot of states.


      • Ritualised FormsMEMBER

        Lets officially cut to the chase…….

        Let us delete references to Scummo or Scotty from Marketing etc…

        Let us Unite

        Let us refer, from here on in, to

        ‘Angry Throbbing Scotty’ and ‘The Trousers of Family Values’

  2. Its dragging on.

    The money must be good if they are willing to put up with an entire Country hating them.

    • my toranaMEMBER

      It’s not just the money, one imagines its the power and the service. Cars pull up at the kerb and whisk you away. You glide into an aeroplane, just lifting into an alcoholic high as the city falls away beneath you. Someone sorts your calls. You’re always needed. Gossip and picking and choosing the fate of people’s lives. Making huge budget decisions after reading the front page of a fifty page submission. Lining up women for an affair… your wife and children adore you… putting down journalists when you feel cranky makes you feel you’ve had a constructive day… I’m guessing.


        All that’s missing in our pollie’s regal comportment are jewelled crowns and velvet robes-amaranth purple (of course).
        What’s sad is our limitless tolerance and why we’ll remain stuck in a19th century monarchy;precisley what our leaders (rulers) want.

      • Let me just fix that for you.
        Your wife adores your money and your kids will grow up and be charged with sexual assault, drug dealing etc…be bailed out by you but will still hate you.

        Then after you’ve made no postive contribution to the universe at the end of your greedy sad life you’ll kick the bucket surrounded by other greedy sad f#@ers who also do not care about you. And then it’ll be eternity spent downstairs.

      • Ritualised FormsMEMBER

        Plug in here that Australian politicians – State and Federal – are among the worlds best remunerated politicians

      • Jeez it’d be utterly thrilling if it came out that Scotty was rogering a staffer on the side.

        And she was pregnant. Barnaby blazed a trail for lesser men to follow…

  3. Ritualised FormsMEMBER

    ScoMo and this Torynuff government are floating face down in the pool……..into which everyone has been peeing, and tossing off, or rogering drunkenly comatose women pre prepared for the occasion, and making videos of it

    But even now its a lot like the Old Demtel sales because Wait! There’s more!

    I believe there are those thinking that such behaviours are ‘fairly normal’ and that much of Australia ‘does the same type of stuff’ (I actually had that expression put to me be a private school educated, Tory voting, higher socio economic demographic member recently, which did sheet home the idea that some people ‘don’t get it’)


      Yah well the opinion polls have slid. But even after allllll the corruption and filth there’s still plenty of “normal,” conservatives” that would vote for them..

    • Display NameMEMBER

      I have never been in a professional working space as an engineer where any of that behavior has been present without people being sacked. I have seen people dismissed for much less than many of the events we have seen in Canberra. There is zero accountability.

      • MountainGuinMEMBER

        I think an underlying lack of accountability drives a few behaviors. This site has covered all manner of pork barreling, grant abuse, questionable donations, debt ignorance, and post politics jobs. Keen to hear if any members are psychologist, as I feel a culture where all manner of bad behavior happens can only encourage worse behaviors in other areas.

          • Arthur Schopenhauer

            It takes a great deal of ‘self regard’ to be preselected. The LNP has a propensity to pre-select ‘functional’ narcissists and ‘whatever it takes’ amoral characters.

            The same character profile makes up a considerable portion of the prison population.

          • Not just the LNP, I’d suggest most people who want a position of political power is a narcissist, regardless of party affiliation. Probably a psychopath as well.


          Kinda like the lawlessness/moral black hole that led to Australia’s war crimes in Afghanistan

      • Ritualised FormsMEMBER

        MountainGuin i completely agree, there is a lot of connected entitlement and shielding from consequences in all this.

        I find myself thinking that not only should there be quotas – male, female, LGBT in direct relation to the percentages in the community – there should also be ethnic and religious quotas, and that from there all recipients of budget funds – politicians and public servants – should be monitored in real time for any outlay of public funds, and any decision to commit funds, and that the geolocation of all politicians and political staffers should also be monitored in real time and all meetings with other members of the public in receipt of budget funding should also be monitored in real time……….

        And every day work should commence with a lie detector test which starts with the statement ‘I have not sexually harassed or considered harassing anyone in the last 24 hours’

      • An employee at Macca’s that overcooks the French fries by 30 seconds is more accountable and faces more punishment by their boss than these assclowns do.

    • So I work in the tech space/software. We hired someone from Brazil who flew in on to start at a week long company event. On the first evening he followed a female colleague back to her room and propositioned her at her hotel room door. His ass was on a plane the very next morning first thing (pretty sure he was at the airport before 9am escorted there). “But what about my container of my belongings” – Get [email protected]#ed was the COO’s reply.

      This sort of stuff being reported is not normal and any belief it is it in for a rude surprise as more millennials enter management roles.

  4. Jenny, blink twice, if you want help. Scotty’s latest instant u-turn, as regards demoting Porter, confirms once and for all that everything is about him and his ego. What might be best for Australia doesn’t even get into the frame.

  5. Catherine Cusack was powerful this morning. She’s wasted in State parliament. She sounded positively prime ministerial this morning.

    Who in the LNP has a law degree. Are any silks of the ilk of Dreyfus QC – he strikes me as being eminently capable as AG.

    So Moronson is safe but diminished? Tick tock.

    • @PJ, Yes, it was always their plan. Get enough rooftop solar in place, then cut FIT’s to make people buy batteries so they can still justify their solar purchase. This gets people spending again and stabilises the grid. They will probably offer rebates on batteries, but you will have to export at night!

      Fixes the grid problem, money for their mates and the average bloke pays. Just the way its supposed to work!!
      8k for a battery that lasts 10 years!! that’s $800 per year ongoing!

      Well I say [email protected]#k em. Built a 1500Ltr hot water service(thermal battery) with a 9Kw immersion heater in it to divert excess solar into. will last a lot longer than 10 years!

  6. working class hamMEMBER

    Why does it take a so many victim’s stories to come to light for an insider like Credlin to spill her guts? She is just as bad, if not worse than SFM and anyone else who covered up this behaviour.
    Anyone who thinks that this behaviour is an acceptable standard for anyone in public office, let alone a licensed Practioner of law, is not to be trusted.

    • Yes – she’s just clearing the path for her favoured successor (warning: may be her own self)

    • She’s probably copped plenty herself from the LNP (and probably others), and the LNP stoics have doubled-down so much, so often, so far, their behaviour has even crossed her threshold – toxic stoics showing their true colours is, ummm, ugly…I expect there will be more women saying things, on both ‘sides’ of politics, and this is a good thing.

    • Hopefully it remains that way.
      George Pell has had enthusiastic support and character references from senior Liberal Party members.
      That is a worry.

    • At the rate of escalation of these allegations it would not surprise me if someone came out saying there was a few alter boys and clergy men in that prayer room as well.

    • Frank DrebinMEMBER

      Probably best for Scomo to dump it all out as early this year as he can, round the post for Xmas and head for the election safe in the knowledge that the voting public will be happy little Vegemites once they can take their European and Bali holidays in mid 2022.

      All will be forgiven.

  7. Stoics unite!

    The world is a s simple as I need it to be at that point in time.

    Double-down! Don’t cede anything! Your sense of control and power depends on it!

    Have I covered everything?

  8. Australian politics …. a bunch of narcissistic, male toxicity (most apparently think they are alpha males 🙄 ) throwing poo at each other and taking the occasional bite before they do.

  9. Not only does the emperor have no clothes it appears most liberal men have taken that a bit too literally and have been walking around parliament without any clothes on as well.
    Probably a good time to call the top of the market.

  10. StingRay70MEMBER

    @DLS: why don’t you tell us just WTF does being a “great-nephew of prominent Nazi” have to do with anything?

    Further, I consider such statements akin to being a racial slur – against people of German/Austrian decent. Pretty lame and unwarranted – a cheap mis-aimed shot. Maybe I’m alone in that view? Don’t care if I am. Just sayin’.

      • StingRay70MEMBER

        Thx Ronin for the reply to my request (of DLS).

        My response to your points:
        #1 We should honestly assess: surely Eric isn’t alone in those sentiments is he? Granted, some folk in our midst are plainly too intolerant (a tiny minority of our number); others (the silent majority) are just calling out unacceptable and/or incompatible endemic/dominant/overrepresented/prevalent (choose your word) behaviours, culture, politics/allegiances of certain groups in my view.
        … and that perhaps was the intention of Eric’s brother. Dunno. Don’t really care either.
        #2: as for NSDAP-related positive outcomes or not… I’m not gonna get into judging whether or not Autobahns are a good thing bla bla bla; nor will I ponder if I should be sleeping in a bed because a certain (alleged) “gifted orator” and his buddies also slept in one.

        Identity politics gone mad…

        An aside: checkout recent podcast by Jordan Peterson and Ayaan Hirsi Ali re #1 above… neither person is a nasty National Socialists or Racialists I don’t think.

    • drsmithyMEMBER

      Further, I consider such statements akin to being a racial slur – against people of German/Austrian decent.

      Uh huh. How’s that ?

      • StingRay70MEMBER

        Bringing up WWII allegations seems to be the only game in town when it comes remembering the sins of any culture.

        It’s used to silence debate, impose shame and to make the person seem dubious, not worthy and likely gulity (however loosely associated with the history)… and really rubs off on ’em all. See it a lot. Sick of it. Nobody else cops it.

        Take that view or leave it.

        • StingRay70MEMBER

          Fair enough fellas… I’ll leave you guys consume your TV doco induced cultural Marxist “education”… which includes the all too frequently enforced “ze eternally nasty Germans” narrative. #straya

          • I actually agree that it was distateful. We can’t choose our ancestors. I love Germany and Germans , most of the world’s moved on.

        • StingRay70MEMBER

          Have enjoyed some of your posts historically JohnR but perhaps you’re a cheap-shot type of fella like the professor Dr Smithy.

  11. I doubt any of this will make a slight bit of difference come election time.

    People generally vote with their pockets and I fully expect these grubs to fall over the line again.

    • probably, the media circus will most likely be back to telling us the disaster labor will be by then.

    • I agree with you. Despite this websites obsession with this issue which is being used as a reason to jettison Labor into power no one will give a toss about this come election time. News polls mean zilch.

  12. kierans777MEMBER

    > And so the Liberal Party will drown in its own filth.

    Couldn’t happen to a nice bunch of people.

  13. – It’s like cockroaches. When you see one (walking around) then one is sure there are more (cockroaches) around. The question is how much more cockroaches will we emerging from the cracks in the (Liberal / National) (political) building.

  14. Now, now. “Proper process”, “rule of law and justice” are the very last thing MB and its angry commenters want.
    Proper process will not get you Porter’s scalp. A single accusation from a deceased woman of whom we can say no more for fear of being accused of victim blaming even though there has been no crime established.
    Braying is what occurs here. No time for police investigations and charges to be laid where evidence exists.
    MB is the crude, angry expression of mob rule.
    This is more about expressing rage against people you dislike than doing anything meaningful for the work environment women encounter in parliament or anywhere else.