Jacinda Ardern pumps brakes on Trans-Tasman travel bubble

New Zealand Prime Minister has once again pumped the brakes on a Trans-Tasman travel bubble, despite Australia allowing unrestricted entry to Kiwis:

“We know what it would mean for people but we also know that many New Zealanders are nervous”…

She said a number of measures needed to be in place to ensure a bubble arrangement would be safe. Among them, she listed contact-tracing of Australian travellers while they are in New Zealand, costs of managing isolation facilities in case of infection, and airline and airport preparedness.

According to the report, officials from both nations have met 12 times to nut out the details, but have failed to come to terms.

Nevertheless, Jacinda Ardern suggested that a travel bubble could come into place my mid-April.

New Zealand stands to gain more from a travel bubble. Being the smaller nation, there are far more Australians that could travel to New Zealand than visa versa.

This explains why Jacinda Ardern is facing strong pressure domestically from the tourism industry to open the nation’s border to Australians. At the moment, the tourism dollars are flowing one way: to Australia.

The ball’s in her court. With both countries facing similar virus infection rates (i.e. negligible) what is Jacinda Ardern waiting for?

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  1. Honestly, what chance a travel bubble with Singapore when we can’t get one going with New Zealand?

    • Singapore bubble makes total sense with people from further afield completing quarantine in Singapore hotels prior to travelling on. There are 40,000 Australians who would jump at the chance, good for the tourist industry in Singapore, good for Singapore Airlines and Qantas to get things underway.

  2. She is a nutcase with a now compliant NZ media that has received $100m in bailouts.
    It is nothing but political theatre and grandstanding at this point, politicians will not relinquish power once it has been given by the masses.
    Lets not talk about the poverty rate on upward trajectory.

  3. Im guessing has more to do with other issues – the increasing divide btwn NZ and Aus on many issues