Get jabbed, get flight

A few more charts today on what happens when the population is vaccinated. The US has done a great job rolling out the vaccine and now mobility is taking off:

Americans come out to play

Americans come out to play

And what do the vaccinated do first? They go out for a fat steak. Then they get on a plane:

On planes

On planes

Even the inept Morrison Government won’t be able to hold this back in Australia for much longer, though it sure is trying:

Australia a state of Africa?

Australia a state of Africa?

We hold all kinds of global and local travel stocks in the MB Fund.

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  1. PolarBearMEMBER

    I am wondering how Flight Centre hasn’t gone broke by now. Australian international travel won’t resume until 2022 at our current vaccination rate.

    • FC did about a 750M capital raise last year as a cash runway. I remember putting together a cash flow for the refund team to gain an understanding and that the conclusion – fuvked.

      • PolarBearMEMBER

        Thanks Luke. You used to work there? Hard to imagine them surviving two years with next to no business.

  2. Had AZ y’day.

    Overnight, chills, shaking.

    Today: achey shoulders/delts and neck, headache, sore throat.

    So blasted out a 9km lunch run in the sun just to have the vitamin D evaporate all the 5G chips, I could see them flying out of my pores as the sun refracted through the chemtrails above and I could see (with my super vaccine eye vision) they had printed on them BILL GATES NWO OMG11111oneoneonenoe111onon!!!!

    In all srsnss, probably don’t do a long run, even if easy, the day after. Maybe a whisky will help tonight?

    I didn’t die, so that’s always good times.

    • DingwallMEMBER

      My wife’s work had AZ early last week. They had spares for staff so 20 or so from the same department got the jab. All of them had at least one of your symptoms and, weirdly, the younger and more fit people got the worst of it ….. taking rest of day off plus extra’s. The day after they were very short staffed but were not prior advised of the breadth of likely side-effects (otherwise they would have spaced the jabs out for the teams). The fact that not one did not get side-effects was interesting. The oldest felt some aches but battled through it.
      At least one who got a sore throat etc was sent to get a covid test 😬

    • UpperWestsideMEMBER

      I had the same achy shoulders, neck and headache after my first Pfizer jab (2 weeks ago).
      They claim it is the immune system kicking in.
      A good bottle of red seemed to help, and its a therapy regime I am keeping up with.

    • PolarBearMEMBER

      Yep alcohol is a good blood thinner to ward off the thrombosis risk. You probably have to continually dose for 7 days though!