Blokes’ support prevents Morrison collapse

The new Essential poll is both depressing and uplifting for Australian and the Morrison Government, but for opposite reasons. Morrison has suffered some serious damage as women desert him in droves but the blokes are holding in there:

  • New Essential poll has Morrison approval rating falling 5 points from 62% to 57%, roughly matching Newspoll.
  • But, the fall was entirely for women, having plunged 16% since the crisis began, with men virtually unchanged.
  • Lefties see the abuse of women as society-wide at 70% while 52% of right-wing voters see it as a problem confined to politics which may help explain why the “born to rule” side of politics is so overrun with smut, it always being the other guy etc.

What to make of that? A few points:

  • Will the failure of PM Morrison to bring appropriate accountability to thirteen separate alleged cases of sexual harassment and assault spike the divorce rate as women are horrified by their husband’s views? I’m not altogether joking.
  • After all, I enjoy getting on the piss and taking in eye-candy as much as the next man. But what the fuck is wrong with Aussie blokes that they reckon not applying appropriate processes to alleged rapes is OK?

My own view is that we will now proceed down the path of twelve months of toxic gender warfare that will end the Morrison Government.

But, hey, it’s all good, mate!

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. I’m surprised people think this is a new problem. Toxic masculinity has always ruled this country. This is a country that thinks that sticking a few sheila’s on a construction site as lollipop ladies should fix the gender issues

  2. This is a good quote. Let’s see how this plays out. Still lots of water under the bridge to go.

    After all, I enjoy getting on the piss and taking in eye-candy as much as the next man. But what the f//ck is wrong with Aussie blokes that they reckon not applying appropriate processes to alleged rapes is OK?

  3. Andrew Laming the MP accused of the crime of Up-Skirting, could face a maximum sentence of 3 years jail.

    Add to that stalking a female Labor MP, cyber bullying and slandering other women (claiming one stole from a charity)

    Now I’m no lawyer but I’m pretty sure you can’t be a member of parliament with a current criminal conviction.

    Laming has to go but Morrison will do everything to avoid that as it will tip his government into minority.

    • happy valleyMEMBER

      And presumably even if Laming is convicted of any crime for the abovementioned matters while still on the taxpayer tab in parliament, that wouldn’t threaten the old system pension (~$200k (?) a year CPI indexed, for life starting as soon as he is gone from parliament) to which he is possibly entitled as he’s been in parliament 17 years? And presumably if convicted after leaving parliament, he’s home totally free?

  4. kierans777MEMBER

    > My own view is that we will now proceed down the path of twelve months of toxic gender warfare that will end the Morrison Government.

    Reading the flack online and in the News Corps rags that Tracy Grimshaw got for her interview, people are more concerned about Scotty’s feelings than those of woman. There will be a tipping point at which people will have enough and switch off. Coupled with the MSM reverting to form (if they see the changing news cycle) and Scotty will be back in.

    The ALP has to force ScumMo’s hand. No pair for Lamming. Refer him to police.

    • Know IdeaMEMBER

      The things you learn: Scotty had feelings. Well there you go. Does that mean he has been unfairly portrayed as a sociopath and is more correctly categorised in the narcissist part of the spectrum?

  5. For mine, there’s two reasons people vote to change the Government. The first is that the current Government for whatever reason is perceived as incompetent. The second, there has to be a clear Government in waiting.

    The election remains some way off and if Australia booms, it’s hard to see many people wanting to risk Labor. And then why exactly would we want Labor? They’ve not put together a credible policy platform.

    Maybe MB can outline a positive case for a Labor Government?

    Personally, I don’t see one. What I see is an organisation that panders to state workers and special interests, who pretends to support the working stiff but doesn’t, and whose prepared to sell out the national interest to hostile foreign powers. Am I missing something???

    • pfh007.comMEMBER

      “.. What I see is an organisation that panders to state workers and special interests, who pretends to support the working stiff but doesn’t, and whose prepared to sell out the national interest to hostile foreign powers. Am I missing something???..”

      No. That sums it up quite well.

      • Fair enough. I don’t have any respect for politicians, almost all of whom are narcissistic morons. If someone’s done a Cuomo, then they should face the consequences, including prosecution/jail.

        My major concerns are economic and foreign policy, especially with relation to China; on the latter issue the ALP scares me.

    • Duke_WellingtonMEMBER

      Peter — TOXIC MASCULINITY is why! are you not on board yet? Dont worry about any of the issues that used to occupy states, like foreign policy, the domestic economy, trade, all of those things the left gave up on 20 years ago.
      no, lets talk about gender relations for 4 weeks and pretend this will define an election. Does anyone else remeber when the opposition used to talk about the economy?
      MB fell right into the very trap they have been alerting us to for the greater part of a year.

  6. Duke_WellingtonMEMBER

    I might just be the only one here who is not surprised. All of this nonsense will just ensure a Liberal victory again.
    As stated before – the treatment of Porter has changed my voting intentions, probably not in the way the Australian of the Year or the ABC intends either.

        • Duke, you’re the ultimate white knight for the lawyered-up, ruling elites. They’ll be over the moon to have such a staunch ally in the face of adversity. There is a legal process to deal with defamation. The objects of your affection need to stop acting like snowflakes, they have spent years tearing others down in their ascent to the most powerful offices in the land, and harden the heck up.

          • I’m not burning witches Duke. I’m seeking accountability from our elected representatives. There are legal options to protect against defamation in our (still) robust democracy. Those with good lawyers and clear consciences should go nuts. Don’t waste your time in the gutter with the plebs mate, they’ll just laugh in your face with every hypocritical whinge about fairness, due process, victimhood and witch buring.

  7. boomengineeringMEMBER

    Speaking of blokes.
    At Narrabeen beach/ lagoon cafe atm 14 women outside only me representing blokes. 20 women inside only one bloke.
    What’s going on, have women lost their jobs and blokes at work?

  8. I had a sleazy work colleague who used to upskirt women at the bar. This was back in the day when camera phones were new. He got caught once and the chick layed him out flat on the tiles with a good right hook. We pissed ourselves laughing and bought the lady a drink.

    I remember seeing him not long ago in passing while I was with my wife. I avoided him and told Mrs Hixtar that story. She asked if I’d said anything to him before he got KO’d knowing that he had a habit of sleazy behaviour. I admitted that I hadn’t. Not because I condone what he did, but because it was just a societal attitude that this happens and there’s nothing to be done about it. Shameful really. I don’t even remember asking that girl if she was OK- just saying “Good hit” and passing her a lemon Stolli.

    Of course, I no longer keep company with that type of person and my nights out are few and far between, but I would like to think that when my son is older that he would be confident to call out this sh!t if he sees it.

    I’m hoping the tide has turned on this issue. Some of the stories my wife, my sisters and other female friends are telling now really make me cringe.

  9. So here’s the run down on an interesting conversation I had at work this morning with an early-ish gen x male colleague (who btw is a father of a couple of daughters and would want someone to help them if they encountered issues in the workplace). Our supervisor came up in conversation and I let slip that last week a female colleague told me that our very young male supervisor who is responsible for the roster had told a young female staff member she could get more shifts if she showed him her t1ts. My male colleague then told me of several other incidents where he and another older gen x male colleague had written stat decs for other young female staff members who had been sexually harassed at work by this supervisor (and others who no longer work for us). Unfortunately these young women decided not to go ahead with formal complaints and none of them still work with us. My male colleague had raised with management numerous times a toxic sexually abusive culture among a clique of young male staff members but nothing happened except for him being put on notice for various bs issues (and he’s pretty sore about that too). And our female HR dept was worse than useless as well in the whole process. We now have a new female CEO but initial indications are that she might not be the person to clean a lot of [email protected] up. Someone at some stage sent my colleague a photo of the supervisor behaving inappropriately at a work event. Anyway my colleague has decided that he is going to write an anonymous letter to the CEO and our new board (at their home addresses) detailing an unacceptable workplace culture of sexual abuse of young female staff. He’s also going to say that the letter will also be sent to the PMO and some other politicians in order to make sure that action is taken.

    He’s absolutely disgusted by what is happening in parliament house and reckons now a window of opportunity exists to force management to take action.

    • “And our female HR dept was worse than useless as well in the whole process.”
      The Hr dept is there to Manage the “human” resources of the company for the benefit of the company. An award in court for sexual harassment is not a benefit to the company.
      HR is for the companies benefit, not yours…

    • Cuts both ways. I have a friend who back in the 90s was very a good looking bloke – people kept telling him he should be on TV as a news reader or something – his supervisor was a woman. She’d walk over to him almost every day and give him a 10 minute shoulder rub while he was at his cubicle working. He said it creeped him out but what could he do?

      Inappropriate behaviour is inappropriate behaviour. Needs to be stamped on whomever does it.

      • Arthur Schopenhauer

        In what ratio does it “cut both ways”? 1 man to 10 women? 1 man to 100 women? 1 man to 1000 women?

        It rarely “cuts both ways”. It mostly goes one way. Men harassing women.

        It takes a certain masculine strength to admit that, and a degree of cowardice to indulge in whataboutism.

        • Your too woke. It happens a lot the other way. Just men take it as affirmation of their attractiveness whereas I guess ladies are more selective in who they want appreciation from – Pareto principle

  10. Hixtar and Popcod anecdotes are good. My take on this DLS piece and these comments is that an enduring change in culture must be grass-roots. It only takes one person to call it out as it happens, just one.

    • Frank DrebinMEMBER

      Americans hate Communists, even the ones who can’t afford to feed their families and consistently vote against their own self-interest.

      They would rather starve to death than acquiesce to that red propaganda nonsense.

  11. My assumption that’s its always about the following:
    -Pink Recession, which is bulldust,
    -Gender pay gap which is bull dust,
    Endless programs of female social awareness

    So in all aussie blokes are like fvck it.

    • There will always be a bit of over-reach with these things at a societal level, but if you only do one thing, ask the women in your life what is their lived experience with sexual harassment and abuse?

      My two sisters have both experienced sexual harassment and abuse at the hands of work colleagues and previous partners. My wife has experienced sexual harassment and abuse by work colleagues, strangers and a previous partner. My sister-in-law has experienced sexual harassment by work colleagues. My ex-girlfriend was almost raped by a stranger when she was walking home.

      This sh!t is pervasive and it has to stop. Attitudes like yours and the blokes who say “fvck it” are part of the problem.

  12. What am I missing with this issue? What are the appropriate procedures that haven’t been followed? The rapes as I understand it have been reported to police.

    Is it that we haven’t abandoned the rule of law or just fired every dude who might have an inappropriate tweet somewhere in the past 2 decades?

    I fear how weaponized this stuff is going to get. He’ll, has already become!

      • To some they are part of the progression, inappropriate tweet indicates a thought, that leads to …… yeah, highly unlikely extrapolated bullsh*t, I know
        The articles author enjoys some ‘eye candy’. Again possibly seen as inappropriate by another who’s ‘feelings’ are triggered.
        This issue has so many variables to it, who knows where it will lead.

  13. Simple. | Just not enough good men in Australia that understand what’s right in a post-egalitarian society … and it’s the post that’s the issue. Populism = perfect at BBQ’s and easy politics without having to think just blame and fall back on lazy arsed 1950’s ideas.

  14. There are a lot of men who are now ideologically opposed to the women’s movement. They lost everything or saw mates lose everything. They want nothing to do with women at all. They are sick of reading the vitriol of women journos. They will vote bloke every time now, nuance be damned. The battle of the sexes is getting nasty. The loser is the nation itself. We continue not to breed. The elite replace us with foreigners instead, who don’t care about any of this stuff and just get in with

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