Bloke meets woke in 2021 showbiz wedding of the year!

Roll up for the showbusiness wedding of 2021. The red carpet will glitter. The paparazzi mosh pit heave. The women’s magazines bid furiously. The gltiz. The glamour!

  • Morrison’s cabinet reshuffle has promoted two new women to the cabinet so they now make up seven of 23 spots!
  • Nobody has been dropped so Morrison will carry three abuse-tarnished (in political terms) MPs to the next election.
  • Marise Payne will head, with Morrison, a new cabinet taskforce to stop the blokes from not being woke (even though her Ministry for Women has not released a single statement in the past year).
  • Amusingly, Morrison has delivered a tricky way to shift media attention from his blokey ineptitude to a wokey sheila because Senator Payne “is effectively, amongst her female colleagues, the prime minister for women”.

In short, bloke meets woke in 2021 showbiz wedding of the year! Typical Scotty from Marketing but getting very bloody weird.

Meanwhile, in the real world:

  • Andrew Laming will likely be reported to police for taking happy snaps up women’s dresses.
  • Laming is coming under increasing scrutiny for all manner of whackness.
  • The NSW Coalition MP accused of rape is sinking.
  • The new Morrison lineup has been declared the most talentless in history by left press.
  • And the most whacko in history by the right press with the showbiz wedding coming under particular attack.

That’s the rub. This has now turned positively strange as the entire government warps around weirdo Scott Morrison’s psychological failure to come to terms with the very simple notion that blokes should not rape wokes.

So, from here on we will see a non-stop campaign by women to unseat this government until the election day. It will certainly compromise, and very likely drown out, every policy debate, statement or intent. That’s what comes of resolving nothing.

If it were not for the long-suffering women of parliament and their right to your empathy, your correspondent might be inclined to ask for it.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. spare a thought for old mate Rich/TotesBeWoke; this must be getting close to Aneurysm territory trying to imagine a narrative where this is Labor’s fault TM

    • He’s still there because 1 seat majority.
      Anything less than him being legally forced out of parliament(prison?) will see him stay till the next election.

      • Well, quite. That is self evident and totally expected.

        Be interesting to see how the eminent Queensland constabulary proceeds.

        At least Sarah Henderson has called it out but Australia’s second Prime Minister, the Prime Minister for Women Marise Payne has been stoic in her defence of his actions hasn’t she.

        It just shows you how serious these eminent Liberal ladies are: power is more important than principle.

        He could sit on the cross bench and still guarantee confidence and supply for what little that’s worth.

        • However the constabulary proceed, it won’t make court anytime soon, probably not even before the next election and I really can’t see him getting selection for the next election.

          The only people that make it to that level in politics are people who value power more than principle.

        • kierans777MEMBER

          Henderson’s just another party shill. Even the Liberal fanboi David Speers couldn’t believe Henderson not agreeing that the issues of respect for woman, and appropriate behaviour is a bigger problem in the Liberal Party, due to party culture and the unwillingness of the party to address the issues.

  2. Sibling at UQ back in student days remembers Laming as an entitled prat. Some things just don’t change but become clearer. He sounds like a narcissistic sociopath. They’re out there so nothing new in that but this is really LNP preselection failure and factional fukwittery. The only good thing is that he;s in a safe Lib seat, the bad thing is that not all all in that electorate are also entitled prats, like those two women he abused and harassed.
    I hope AMA strike him off too.

  3. Experts: (To her) “Tell him how you feel.”
    Her: “I feel he’s a disgusting pig.”
    Experts: (To him) “Did you know she felt like that?”
    Him: “No, no idea at all.”
    Experts: (To him) “What are you going to do about it?”
    Him: “Well, they’re just feelings … I don’t know what I can really do …”

  4. “ So, from here on we will see a non-stop campaign by women to unseat this government until the election day”
    Maybe you’re right but maybe this will suffer from public attention fatigue or even potentially the little boy who cried wolf syndrome. They are going to have to start ensuring some of these sexual complaints start getting over the “allegedly” line soon for that not to happen. The idea that this might be a confected and calculated attack might be the actual outcome before the election happens unless at least some of the allegations turn into proofs. Not for the woke obviously but for too many others to have the electoral impact you’re hoping for.

    • Arthur Schopenhauer

      Go and chat to a women’s professional association anywhere in the country. Maybe some medical specialists bullied and humiliated in front of the ‘boys’ by Senior Medicos while they were Registrars. White hot rage, and it’ll burn bright ‘til Election Day.

      It may not be showing in the polls, but the LNP are done in their formerly ‘blue ribbon’ seats. Is it possible to win an election on the cashed up bogan vote? We are about to see.

    • kierans777MEMBER

      > Maybe you’re right but maybe this will suffer from public attention fatigue

      And is at risk of the MSM moving on to another issue and come election time start shilling for the LNP again.


    “very likely drown out, every policy debate, statement or intent”. Apart from “house prices must go up”, I honestly don’t recall a single LNP policy for a while, even before the smut factory.

    Just seems like rolling scandals and corruption (sportsrorts, Angus grasslands, airport sale scandal) as far back as I can remember.


        I mean the liberals political brand is basically smut, the corruption is a feature, not a bug. Even the “conservative” /happy clappy set are more than happy go along with it all. The connections with Pell and the Hillsong rapists haven’t phased em. Abbot up and about saying “ditch the witch/b1tch” et al probably HELPED him get in.

        I do think that it’s gone too far and the net result is political damage, but not as much as I’d like, certainly, if Aussie society was truly fair, and the majority genuinely cared about their fellow man (or woman). But many folks don’t even know what’s happening (or like the Hillsong type set will just ignore, because, well, your blind spots are built-in at some level if your really into believing that sh1te, and where else you gonna turn politically if your into that?).

  6. and then you get this stupid sh*t !

    its a little single focused, one way street at present, and don’t dare speak against ‘the movement’. not the best way to get the majority on board, but the msm think they have 99% behind them, and if you disagree to any extent you’re an animal.

    problem being clowns like Laming get that much airtime for being a f*ckwit it looks like 51% of men do this sh*t. just needs to be shot

  7. Porter gets DEMOTED to Industry, science and Technology portfolio.
    And we wonder why we Bulgaria has a faster broadband connection and we missed out on one of the biggest tech booms in our life time while we completely be left out of the coming space race. Oh and we failed on developing our own vaccine.

  8. So ScoMo appoints an anti-abortionist as the Assistant Minister for Women.

    I guess it’s consist meant with appointing a Minister who refused to assist with a police investigation as the Attorney General.

    It’s like ScoMo is playing this long continual joke on Australia.

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