Will vaccines end the lockdowns?

Hoocoodanode? After countless outbreaks and panic-driven lockdowns, Australia is finally having a debate about the wisdom of hotel quarantine. Domain leads us off:

  • Professor Peter Collignon notes that Dan Andrews’ ‘best in class’ hotels have no eye protection, weak governance and no awareness that the virus pushes into corridors when doors are opened.
  • Professor Maximilian de Courten said that the use of a nebuliser was much less likely the trigger for the outbreak than equipment and human error.
  • Professor Adrian Esterman said cities were not designed for quarantine. Staff should live on site.

You don’t say! Dictator Dan is draconian as usual, at The Australian he wants to:

  • Slash the numbers in quarantine meaning even more stranded Australians.
  • Possibly shut the hotel quarantine program.
  • Possibly use Avalon Airport as a remote site for rural quaratine.

At the AFR, Professor Catherine Bennett said:

  • Victoria should be able to contain outbreaks with contact tracing and social compliance without lockdowns.
  • 98% of close contacts were contacted within 48 hours.

Even the ABC is having a go with Virginia Trioli noting that Victorians have been repeatedly reassured that:

  • Hotels were supposed to be world-class.
  • The Australian Open was no risk.

I have three letters for Dictator Dan: NSW. If it can do these things then why can’t he? Not that it will matter. There is still no Victorian opposition so the dictator will continue unchecked.

Finally, the Pfizer vaccine arrives this week. It has much better coverage than ScoMo’s dodgy Astra Zeneca version. But we’ve been so slow off the mark that in six months’ time as other developed economies boom with vaccine rollouts we will still be entrenched with the Australian Nanny State. How will it transition to a herd immunity regime strong enough to open any borders?

Will it be tough love and mandatory shots for the vulnerable? Will it be a reversion to individual responsibility and promise to end all lockdowns? If not, then why have vaccines at all? A partly immunised population is a contradiction in terms and if lockdowns remain a part of the tool kit then nobody will get the bloody shot.

Where is the plan? Where are the speeches? You know…”this is what we are going to do together. We can do it, etc”. How will contradictory state and federal political goals be aligned? Where is the leadership?

Bugger that, here’s another lockdown!

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. I like the work the lockdowns do in reducing emissions and showing up flimsy business models. Especially like the impacts on importing visa workers and students. If I could change my name on here, it would be to the lazy anarchist as Covid does my work for me.

  2. pfh007.comMEMBER

    Aussies will rush out and get the vaccine as soon as it is available.

    We love our magical pills.

    There might be a few who will refuse but only a few.

    And then we will be cool.

    However, we may still need to lock down the Victorians as they now seem to enjoy it. It is what they do so well. A bit like private school boarders who talk fondly about bad food and a touch of the cane.

    • There’s definitely a proportion of the population who seem to revel in lockdowns and keeping the monsters from the door.
      They comment alot at the SMH/Age and sound like they are quivering with excitement as they go into a statewide lockdown for less than 20 cases while sharing recipes with each other and saluting Dan.

      • Never underestimate the appeal of ‘novelty’. People live boring lives and revel in such novelty. They like feeling a part of the global zeitgeist – enjoying their designer masks, the lock down stories on social media, the tragedy pron.

      • Yes nothing better than parking your wide a$$ on the sofa in front of $ hit flux eating dialled in Uber eats…all the while feeling somewhat sanctimonious that your lack of actions has saved Victoria…from the cold and a stay in a supposedly under staffed and underfunded public hospital hooked up to a ventilator that is supposed to help you live but on the other hand could speed you to death depending on which msm feed you’re fixed to:)) scary stuff

    • Mr SquiggleMEMBER

      I just got an email from my dear old Dad who lives in the US. He has just had his first Moderna shot.

      So, I jumped on the Moderna home page and here are a few choice words. https://www.modernatx.com/covid19vaccine-eua/recipients/

      “There is no FDA-approved vaccine to prevent COVID‑19.”

      “The Moderna COVID‑19 Vaccine has not been approved or licensed by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but has been authorized for emergency use by FDA, under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), …”

      I think we all need to understand the difference between vaccine ápproval’ vs vaccine authorised”. I look forward to when these vaccines move out of their experimental/trail phase and i can take them with the same confidence I’ve taken all the other vaccines I’ve had in my life.

      • pfh007.comMEMBER

        Fortunately there will be rush to get the jab and us more cautious types can be well mannered and considerate and let everyone else go first.

        Äfter you”
        “No, after you”
        “No, you first I insist”

        • The people refusing to get it until the data catches up are already being labeled anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists. Imagine wanting to apply a little common sense before rushing out and getting the jab. I’m far from being an anti-vaxxer but this has all been rushed thru very quick. Once things ramp up the pressure to get it will be considerable and road blocks will be put in place for those that choose not to get it.

          Unfortunately I’ll be pressured (forced) to get mine due to work but on the positive side I’ll be getting the pfizer instead of the moderna which gen pop will get. I won’t be surprised if at a later date people have to get a second vaccine when the moderna turns out to not be effective enough.

  3. AstraZeneca vaccine rollout is halted in South Africa.

    👉🏾Doesn’t work/ less than 25% effectiveness.

    Fact check.

    So will the 50 million ordered doses of the AZ vaccine going to the dump?

    Or will the AZ vaccine be forced on Australians knowing it doesn’t work?
    And when the health authorities now suspect that these ‘vaccines’ may create very severe health issues for people when they get infected later by new strains of the Chinese virus.

    AstraZeneca is now desperately trying to fix their vaccine & is working with Russia Sputnik to try & mix the AZ chimpanzee cold virus derived vaccine with the Russian human virus derived vaccine.

    But chances are the virus will stay ahead of it.

    This Chinese Virus is evolved from the Moijaing mine virus.
    The Moijaing copper mine virus is from civets & rats that infected & killed a number of Chinese miners.

    As those Chinese miners lay dying in hospital, the virus adapted & evolved in one miner in particular with very high viral overload to develop a unique protein spike to the human cell receptors.

    👉🏾This is human patient zero.
    Way back in 2012..

    Scientists from Wuhan labs then removed his spleen and lung tissue (whilst he was alive & dying).

    His virus tissue samples were stored at Wuhan labs pending Obama NIH funding which was to experiment in ‘gain of function’ specifically to infect humans and for human to human transmission, SARS & other combinants for complexity & lethality.

    Obama funded via the US NIH so that scientists could ‘prepare’ for ‘further pandemics that may come from nature’ by creating these Frankenstein viruses & ‘understanding them’.

    The main evolution by Wuhan labs was to develop the protein spike to specially infect human nasal passages & lungs. Lab evolved.

    Dr Fauci was the US Obama official who approved the funding and out tasking of this work to Wuhan labs as he viewed it as ‘too dangerous’ to do in the US / western world.

    This is all on public record.

    The Chinese virus was accidentally released in a Wuhan labs outbreak in October 2019 with step in by the CCP in creating a massive bio security zone around Wuhan labs, but it had spread into the community.

    No animal to human transmission.

    The virus was already perfectly adapted by Wuhan labs to infect humans and only humans.

    🔻No wet market eating bats nonsense.

    The CCP and WHO then attempted to cover all traces of this Moijaing to Covid-19 virus development and the actual outbreak from Wuhan labs in Oct 2019. Destroying records, altering databases.

    But fact is that the Covid-19 or Chinese virus is an exact match to the Mojaing mine virus with Wuhan labs adaptions.

    What Wuhan Labs developed is a new man made complex new combination virus.

    One that nature itself could never create as this virus ‘short circuits’ and joins seperate RNA evolutionary paths that would not occur in nature.

    It is a complex virus with many tens of thousands of latent & new potential mutations & adaptations.
    Some including the SARS mixed in that are highly lethal.


    All these vaccines do is now accelerate the virus to further mutate using this latent capability, and become more infectious & potentially more lethal.

    As example.
    Manaus Brazil.
    70% of the population were shown in studies to have been infected by the first waves of the Chinese virus.
    AZ vaccine had been used along with Moderna.

    Now a ‘new’ virus strain is sweeping the city:

    Their hospitals overloaded with many re-infected once again and this time many more younger & more fit people are getting infected and dying.

    👉🏾The reports from doctors & scientists are that with each new strain of this virus it appears to further weakens the persons immunity & the subsequent re-infection creates ‘more severe’ reactions & complications – just like say catching different strains of dengue kills or damages people.

    Q. So are Australians really going to line up for the AZ shots?
    👉🏾Knowing it doesn’t work on new strains coming in.
    👉🏾That it kills the elderly (Norway & other places)
    👉🏾Doesn’t protect younger people either.
    👉🏾And these vaccines don’t any give protection long term.
    👉🏾And that having the vaccine shots fact in may create severe complications later on when you get re-infected by a later or new strains of the virus.

  4. The Victorian Libs will win the next election. They don’t deserve to, but Dan will be so on the nose by then it will be inevitable. The State will be bankrupt. Never mind though. In thirty years time he will have a tennis stadium named after him.

    • The RBA will continue to buy state debt in a funding ponzi and the State will not go broke- basically impossible. They will spend so much money and hand out so many jobs / contracts with their free RBA funded money that they will get re- elected.
      Any Govt that tries to ” balance” the budget will be voted out……globally

  5. How will it transition to a herd immunity regime strong enough to open any borders?

    A medicine that suppresses symptoms but doesn’t stop infection is not a vaccine and cannot deliver herd immunity. Unless you think we’ll be happy to let the virus rip with somewhat lower morbidity rates, then I suggest you get used to your lockdowns

        • Yeah I think that’s about right. But the devil’s in the detail…what does “enhanced” really mean…internal borders open? foreign borders? snap lockdowns?

          • True. I would hope open borders and some piecemeal policy – increased sanitation requirements (businesses required stepped up wipe downs), hand gels available by choice at venues.

            At some stage politicians need to tell the public to calm down and put things in perspective.

            Even under a ‘flatten the curve’ approach, it was implied there was still going to be a lot of deaths. But now the public want no deaths at all costs.

            But sadly abiding to a hysterical public is a vote winner.

        • Didn’t work in Manaus Brazil.
          70% of the pop were shown to be infected from earlier waves of the Chinese virus.
          Then new strains re-infected them again with hospitals overloaded and many dying including younger and fitter people.
          AZ & Moderna were used in Manaus and proved ineffective against the new virus strains.
          South Africa also abandoned the AstraZeneca rollout .

          Doctors now suspect each subsequent strain and wave of infection reacts with the previous infection (like dengue) and possibly the previous vaccines rna or modified rna antibodies to create more harm and damage.
          vaccines / esp when untested and rushed out in mass rollout will create a high number of cases that then accelerate the virus to mutate aggressively in vaccine escape.
          And to possibly create more harm & damage in people than if they had no mass vaccine at all.
          This is a corona (common cold) virus with sars & whatever else Wuhan labs added in ‘gain of function’ to experiment in direct efficient human infection and transmission.

          So key point:
          Just like a common cold – there is no such thing as ‘herd immunity’.
          That’s exactly why the corona virus was chosen by Wuhan labs with Obama US funding.
          To be a highly adaptable constantly evolving & mutating chimera on which to experiment on.

    • Absolutely. Only group 1a (front-line health care workers, quarantine and border workers, and nursing home residents and their carers) are going to get the highly effective Pfizer vaccine. The rest of us will get the less effective AstraZeneca vaccine, which is so ineffective against the South African variant that the South African government is refusing to use it..


      I would be interested in knowing which one the politicians are going to get for themselves. Obviously the AstraZeneca vaccine is better than nothing, and we have the far more effective Novavax vaccine on order and can probably make it here. My worry is that people will relax their vigilance and the politicians will insist on opening up the economy and international borders after AstraZeneca vaccination is widespread, They are itching to resume the population Ponzi, so that they can get their cheap labour and revive the international student migration scam. Dead old people and younger people with long covid despite vaccination will just be regarded as collateral damage.

  6. The doctor in this video comes across as a sensible person.

    Dr. Simone Gold – The truth about the CV19 vaccine

    She has a few concerns with these experimental “vaccines”. In particular, there is the danger that these vaccines cause the body to treat a pregnancy like a virus and reject it.

    Considering this danger I would like to see some women volunteer to try the experimental “vaccines” and then try to become pregnant. This would suit a woman with 1 or 2 children already who is happy to have another and is also happy to become infertile.

  7. Part 4.
    🔹US Sos Pompeo letter accusing China.


    🔹Why and how. Facts, a good read.
    JAN. 4, 2021 the Wuhan Virus Lab-Leak
    For decades, scientists have been hot-wiring viruses in hopes of preventing a pandemic, not causing one.
    But what if …? By Nicholson Baker


    • Arthur Schopenhauer

      Thanks for all the links Mike. Great effort at compiling and posting.

      It’s 1000 times more likely to be a lab leak than an animal transfer.

      What a Sci-fi world we are living in.

      • About a year ago when the virus first got world attention I was hypothesising with a few friends.

        Regarding the virus first appearing near the virus lab in Wuhan, we thought:

        1) Co-incidence. 1 in a million but still possible.
        2) Accidental release by lab. Most likely.
        3) Deliberate release by enemies so it can be blamed on the lab. Possible but risky. Watch and wait to see who blames who.

        A year later I think 2 is by far the most likely.

      • See the part 1 to part 4 additional block of supporting facts & evidence & links above.
        There’s a lot more but that’s some examples the media here are suppressing in reputable scientific fact, US govt demands of China, or the real story that the AZ vaccine is now useless as an option.

        The simple fact is there will never any ‘master vaccine’ that can stop what is a common cold corona virus – but now SARS & other latent lethality mixed in & with specifically effective human protein spike adaptors.

        There won’t be ‘herd immunity’.
        It’s a new man made combinant RNA disease.
        An Obama funded out tasked Chinese biolab ‘experiment’ that crossed all of nature’s boundaries in mixing RNA to create a fearsome chimera as ‘what if’.

        The Obama US NIH funded Wuhan Lab mission?
        1. ‘To create & then understand’ chimeric cross species Human targeted highly infectious & lethal viruses as a fire drill for if these ‘ever emerged from nature’.
        2. To then ‘learn how to ‘combat & develop a bio pharma pandemic response’ to such a virus.

        And in step 1 – it got released.

        Whether it was a deliberate or an accidental release by the Chinese can be debated.

        But it’s here now to infect all humans in new strains forever.

  8. I’m not sure NSW is doing any better. We had our own quarantine breaches; the only difference is Gladys never wanted to lockdown …. ever. What about the Northern Beaches lockdown and the city wide mask wearing at Christmas time? How many times did states say NSW/Sydney area can’t come in over that break vs Melbourne? I can tell you more often. Even when there was a breach Gladys never ever wanted to lock down – instead of counting lockdowns (a response) count how many times other states banned areas of Sydney (actual breach events).

    The difference between NSW and VIC isn’t the effectiveness of its quarantine which is a flawed system, but the care factor if the community acquire COVID. VIC cares more than NSW does – period. NSW government doesn’t really care as long as its health system can cope and business keeps running. They don’t mind the community taking the pain whereas VIC take a more risk-averse approach. The fact that they are more popular for it is ironic.

    Everyone’s putting NSW on this pedestal when IMO it isn’t really earned.

  9. robert2013MEMBER

    “How will it transition to a herd immunity regime strong enough to open any borders?”
    With a bit of luck it never will. Open borders is exactly what this site has been arguing against for so long. Not vaccinating is the best way to achieve it. Australians only need to vaccintate when the government opens the borders. Not before.

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