Victorian lockdown to end on time

Via The Australian:

A meeting is underway between Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews and his senior ministers, to sign off on what is expected to be an easing of the state’s five day lockdown from 11.59pm on Wednesday evening.

The Holiday Inn cluster, which sparked the lockdown on Friday, has not extended beyond Holiday Inn workers, residents or their immediate close contacts, meaning all those within the cluster would have been in isolation regardless of the lockdown of more than 6.5 million people.

Following the meeting, which began at 8am, Mr Andrews is expected to address the media, before a sitting of state parliament’s Legislative Assembly begins at midday.

Fingers crossed. There are no new cases today.

David Llewellyn-Smith


    • I like the way you think. There are several possibilities for the timing, location, spread, etc. of all things corona virus but the coincidences are too great and too many to be simply coincidence. The narrative is being managed for reasons we can only ever guess at and conspiracy theories abound. I only know one thing and that is that the offical corona virus story is likely not the real story and is certainly not the full story.

    • Ha Ha she blinded me with science

      Science fiction …made up …narrative ..story…news..msm tav i $tok… psi op…fear engineering..socio political sorcery…whatever the nutters call it, the Corona – covid ‘narrative’ does not pass the BS test.

      • TheLambKingMEMBER

        “Trust the science”

        But the whole premise is that you DON’T trust science! The results are published and they get peer reviewed. Other people can (and do) replicate the experiments to verify results if they don’t ‘trust’ them. All the data is there. All the results are published and anyone can read them. Meta analysis is done where multiple studies in similar fields (like vaccine results across countries.) THIS IS WHY SCIENCE WORKS. And it doesn’t stop working because it is climate science, vaccine research or gravity waves. This methodology has doubled our life expectancy & allowed us to land people on the moon and robots on Mars.

        And then you get these RWNJ’s, Flat Earthers, Climate Deniers (the tweet above from the Dilbert guy, Scott Adams is a Climate Denier) above talking about media and politics like it is an argument you can participate in when you can’t. We know that the world is warming and humans are the cause, vaccines work and the world is round(ish) because Science Works, bi tches.

      • Sure as the sun comes up in the morning, the people saying things like “it’s not science, it’s politics”, are the people trying to push a political cause either unsupported, or contradicted, by science.

    • Unfortunately for us Victorians science doesn’t seem to work here as well as the other states in Australia or in Indonesia, the Philippines, Japan or South Korea which all have lower death rates from covid. But Dan did surprise me lifting the lockdown and having Parliament actually sitting instead of being paid for doing nothing.

    • TheLambKingMEMBER

      why should we trust vaccine(s) that have been created in record time and haven’t been properly tested?

      1) Most of the ‘time’ is taken to find out if a vaccine/drug actually works. During a global pandemic you can test effectiveness within weeks when this kind of sample size and exposure normally would take years. Scientists have been working on Corona type virus vaccines for decades – but there has been almost no cases to test against!!

      2) Most of the vaccines (not the mRNA Pfizser one) are using methods and delivery techniques that have been in use for decades. All they are doing is ‘tweaking’ the payload – like they do every year for the flu vaccine. These types of vaccines have shown no long term side effects and only mild short term side effects (that paracetamol normally fixes.) The Pfizer one is a bit different – but the mRNA technique has been in clinical trials for almost 20 years!

      So yes, we can trust the science as they have shown that the vaccines are effective and that because they are using methods and techniques that have been proven to be safe.

  1. Oh lamby king, you sound more like a recent convert to some strange cult by the way you preach. You may be right, you may be wrong. But you don’t even care anymore as long as we all believe and do as you preach. I don’t even know but because I don’t know I’m not prepared to inject myself with a vaccine and I’m not prepared to lock myself in my home any longer. My duty to myself is far greater than my duty to “society”; after all, isn’t society just the collective term for individuals with a common cause? But yeah, science.

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