Ruined Aussie politics arrives at the OECD

I have noted many times over the past year why the OECD would be bonkers to promote former Australian Finance Minister, Matthias Corman, to secretary-general. The two reasons are straightforward.

Cormann’s record of voting on climate change is abysmal and he played a key role in destroying Australia’s world-leading carbon price.

Second, economically, Cormann is a reknowned supply-side and trickle-down true believer, the precise opposite direction that the OECD should be pushing member states towards addressing inequality if it wishes to end the kind of populism we’ve seen rise with Donald Trump.

In short, Cormann’s views are horribly dated with a policy record that suggests that they are personally entrenched.

However, in recent days, a new driver of his case for election has emerged, at Domain:

  • US views are being cited as an important driver of the OECD decision.
  • Cormann is seen as tough on China, as well as sharing US views on taxes and trade.
  • The winner will be clear by month-end.

I have to point out that this is wrong. Cormann does not share views on taxes with the Biden Administration. It is planning to raise corporate taxes to fund public investment. Cormann did exactly the opposite in power, aiming to slash corporate taxes as he gutted public investment. He was only prevented from doing so by the heroic independent senator, Tim Storer.

That is, Cormann is Trumpian on taxes.

Anyways, who knows how this will go. It can only observe that the ruination of Australian political culuture is now permeating upwards into the OECD if they let it.

The Hobbesian choice faced by the Australian polity between corrupt ideology on one hand and Chinese sell-outs on the other is now on display in Switzerland.

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  1. peterbruceMEMBER

    The village in east Belgium where Cormann comes from, has a very interesting 20th century political history.

    • Strange EconomicsMEMBER

      He’s through to the semi finals already.
      Why is the government paying for his campaign costs, surely the coal industry could have given him a jersey, with a big logo on the back…

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        “Hey Scummo, back me in my bid to the big show otherwise I’ll leak the story about the rapey staffer. Oh, how about a nice private jet too.”

  2. chuckmuscleMEMBER

    Hilariously, Greg Medcraft (head of US securitisation forum pre-GFC and stuffed ASIC up so much it led to a royal commish) also works at the OECD. Could we come up with two greater walking policy train-wrecks to showcase on the global stage? Perhaps Scummo could take charge of some global #MeToo organisation?

    • happy valleyMEMBER

      +1 None of the three is suited to the roles. Read Niki Savva’s excellent book to get the lowdown on Cormann and ScoMo – the whatever it takes brigade.

  3. BoomToBustMEMBER

    If you observe the politics in all western nations you will understand they are following the lead of their unseen masters, the UN and WEF. Their goal is not to build, but to destroy, subvert and control. Everything they do is to the destruction of the current system in order for them to replace the current “broken” system with their new system. If you understand the the central banks are against their populations. Everything that the politicians and central banks do makes sense when you understand these key facts.