OK Boomer, time to get the jab

Boomers. They’re old. They’re spoilt. They’ve had free education, health care and fat pensions. They’ve hollowed out the Australian economy with housing speculation. Now, they’re costing every Australian untold billions by forcing the country into lockdown every five minutes.

It’s time we force jabbed them with COVID-19 vaccines. By all means, give them a choice which one. But jab ’em. Why?

Because the key to getting back to normal is not to completely cure the virus. Nobody is sure that is even possible. It’s probably with us forever. The key to normalisation is to stop hospitalisations. If hospitals are cleared for good then there is no risk of the COVID-19 healthcare congestion that turns the virus deadly to all.

It is steadily becoming apparent that the new wave of vaccines will achieve that end. For instance, the test case for the Pfizer vaccine in Israel is going swimmingly with a huge sample size released by its largest health care provider showing super results:

  • Both infection and serious illness were radically reduced.
  • 94% of the vaccinated had less symptoms and 92% avoided serious illness.
  • It was just as effective for those above 70 as it was below.

The case for mandatory jabbing the most vulnerable community in our society is strong. Obviously, it is a benefit to them. And, we get on the path to rapid normalisation with hospitals stabilised, which means that anybody still contracting the virus has much better clinical outcomes as well.

Moreover, because the virus is most dangerous to the elderly, everybody else has made large sacrifices in their name. Mass lockdowns, job losses, lost wealth and lifestyle disruption are all consequences of that collective sacrifice.  Then there is this from Domain:

Across the world, they have lost economic opportunities, missed traditional milestones and forfeited relationships at a pivotal time for forming identity.

“Many feel they’re paying the price not of the pandemic, but of the measures taken against the pandemic,” said Dr Nicolas Franck, the head of a psychiatric network in Lyon, France.

In a survey of 30,000 people that he conducted last spring, young people ranked the lowest in psychological well-being, he said.

I supported it. But it can’t go on just to pander to fossilied fear. If the vaccines are safe, and that case is strengthening every day, then it is time that the elderly gave back to the society that protected them and get the jab.

We could make this mandatory but that is probably not necessary. Another way to do it is to make a wholesale regime shift from “virus containment” and “elimination” to “herd immunity” and “personal responsibility”. That would force Boomers to either get the jab or wear the consequences personally.

Then again, Australia’s completely busted political economy is led by an inept robot with a corrupted empathy program and various little state dictators with whom the ScoBot can’t communicate, so could they even co-ordinate this outcome?

If not, then the Morrison Government should go mandatory and tie the jab to any and every government giveaway and service for everybody over 60.

No negative gearing without the jab!

David Llewellyn-Smith


  1. And this is where you lose me. For a site that I’ve respected a lot for being the lone voice of sanity on China, we’re now ironically advocating heading towards their social credit system. Covid passports, then no jab no insurance, then no live events etc. The lockdowns are now being used as a socioeconomic weapon by the ruling class into demoralizing people into doing what they want. Absolutely no reason for them particularly given the immense hypocrisies ie tennis and formula one etc.

    I’m a priced out of the market millenial and I don’t want mandatory vaccines for anyone (I’ve had a ton). Let alone for a virus that has fk all lethality and a vaccine that has a no liability clause and that we’re essentially being threatened with everyday in taking. I’ve been in west Africa, that’s legitimately concerning for disease. This isn’t, it’s just a middle class fear pandemic.

    You want to take it then go for it, i’m not and I’m not going to be bullied either. All I ask is just don’t wrap yourself up in the pretension of saving the planet and for the greater good. You’re taking it because you’re being told to and dont want to be hassled, that’s why we’re the world’s longest running penal colony.

    Ties right into DLS excellent article on Australian cowardice last week.

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        I thought DLS was just click baiting.
        btw I was already a Booma (name and age ) when at Lihir. The natives best life expectancy was 33yo most died of unknown diseases before the age of 30. I’m not advocating to punish the young for being weaker than their predecessors.
        It is what it is.

      • happy valleyMEMBER

        Likewise totally lost me. An arrogant insult and generalisation in paragraph 1 from DL-S, which I take personallly and one which I can only presume DL-S is totally comfortable ascribing to his parents and those of UE assuming they are still alive. I am in my senior years, will never qualify for the pension, have always paid my way, and will be working for a very long time to come to try and ensure my wife and I don’t run out of money in any retirement if we ever get one before we croke, in a country whose aged and health care costs are extortionate..

        Further, having two super-cluey sons like DL-S and UE to help structure their financial affairs, I’d assume that their parents would be enjoying excess franking credit refunds “pensions” (ie the pension when you’re not entitled to the real pension by dint of wealth) and other John Howard financial gifts that keep on giving.

        • boomengineeringMEMBER

          happy, welcome to the working oldies club that got defrauded by govt promise of, unmeans tested pension if you pay a lifetime of extra tax.
          btw We didn’t get inoculated to go Lihir (near equator) and when another epidemic came through, just got a bit sick that’s all. Admittingly, at the first meeting, “for Christ sake you guys, if you get sick go to the medical center, were sick of pulling dead bodies out out the toilets”.
          That said , why put more germs via inoculations into your blood when you already have too many.

          • boomengineeringMEMBER

            When in my twenties I learnt the hard way that its better to be a live coward than a dead hero.
            ( I saved the other bouncers life, from 15 Balmain boys who later that night killed a bouncer at Kings Cross, have had short term memory loss since) The guy I saved probably has completely forgotten as he ended up only minor scratches and bruises, I ended up in intensive care but snuck out after a week.

          • happy valleyMEMBER

            I will very likely get the jab once I have discussed it with my GP, having regard to it being Scotty from Marketing and Greg Hunt under the Liberal banner on the taxpayer tab spruiking it – the very same people telling me that their COVID app (remember that waste of the taxpayer dime?) was almost a pre-condition to avoiding lockdowns. And there’s nothing pansy about my attitude as I have had two very-near-death experiences over the years from medical procedures that went wrong where the medicos should have known better and also quite a bit of arrogant medical advice over the years – but when you are bulletproof (presumably you?) that will never be an issue.
            But that was not the point of my earlier comment – it was your broad generalisation bordering on contempt for all elderly people.

          • With vaccines that have undergone proper medical trials and testing, not vaccines that require special legal exemption from accountability for side effects and consequences. This tells you the people making the vaccines know they haven’t been tested adequately for widescale use.


            If yer over 40 or whatever the health system is increasingly keeping you alive anyway. Surgeries, pacemakers, hearing aids, any number of prescription drugs like blood thinners ect with all manner of known side effects. Why wouldn’t ya just get a bloody jab (like you have 1000 times before)

          • BoomToBustMEMBER

            Taking someone’s free choice away for forcing a medical procedure onto someone is NOT community, that’s dictatorship. The notion that YOU must have a medical procedure for MY health and wellbeing is insane. You’ve lost the plot.

          • If you hated Boomers wouldnt you want them to catch Covid and die. Just think of the taxpayer savings we’d make in healthcare and pension payments. Conferring immortality on Boomers is not going to make life better for Millennials. They’ll just continue to hang around demanding Govt payouts and free gated communities.

          • A) Compulsory immunisation has been around for ages (silver spoomers crack me up)

            B) Check out the entitlement of the silver spoomers. Maybe step out of your Winnebago, cross the professionally manicured lawns of your McMansion, hop into your 2021 Sahara and go ask your 3 year old grand-child what it’s like living in a totalitarian state of nazi nurses and communist doctors? You may find out that having a mandatory, communal vaccination program is not that bad after all.

          • As someone prone to asthma, I am very keen to get a vax ASAP, as is wife. It’s not just boomers who get sick. I know you know this, and you’re being provocative, but there is a real issue here beyond older/frail people.

          • The Traveling Wilbur

            So if the flu shot was made compulsory you’d stop getting it every year like you have been? Go logic.

          • happy valleyMEMBER

            Not quite the flu shot bro, but I will likely get one in due course and even then I will still mask up UFN.

          • The Traveling Wilbur

            @happy valley
            Go you good thing. Was assuming, errantly, from the comment I replied to, that you wouldn’t. You must be a right-minded (heh) libetarian and there’s nothing wrong with that.

            See above, as it happens.

    • Australia have forced the entire country to go into lockdown to protect the elderly, so the elderly must take the vaccine when it’s available. Responsibility must be reciprocal.

      • If it comes down to forcing the elderly to be vaccinated and everyone else can decide for themselves, or punishing everyone who chooses not to be vaccinated, I vote for the former. No one has any idea what kind of auto-immune dysfunction may be triggered by these “novel” vaccines, and until years of evidence based testing is completed, I don’t intend to find out by subjecting myself to one.

        • chuckmuscleMEMBER

          It’s a relief to understand that one is not alone in watching the entire world go insane. That we are conducting a live experiment on the entire population and only a few are concerned about tail risks suggests to me the level of thinking isn’t too high. No serious scientist (unlike the 27 clowns who knew for sure the virus definitely didn’t come from the lab and to suggest otherwise makes you a conspiracy theorist) would ever claim any vaccine is 100% safe, even the ones with long term trials, it is simply the trade offs for traditional vaccines (hep etc) are in favor of taking the shot.

          We simply don’t know what trade offs (especially long term) we are making with the China Virus vaccine, and more so with mRNA which, I think, is an untested technology. Happy days if it works as it seems to me like really good technology, but the tail risk is completely unknown and when it involves personal health, isn’t it wise to be sure?

          • One can’t say the mRNA vaccines are completely untested, as they have been testing them for years. What they omit to tell you is that to date every single one has failed safety protocols which is why none of them were ever commercially launched. Covid has provided an opportunity for these companies to skip all this pesky expensive testing that results in no commercial outcome, and go straight to making billions of dollars before they are caught out (which doesnt matter anyway as Govts have all agreed to indemnify them from lawsuits).

          • “What they omit to tell you is that to date every single one has failed safety protocols which is why none of them were ever commercially launched. ”
            Do you have an actual source for that?

          • I’ve always thought of mRNA as being a close relative to Infectious Proteins
            trouble is there is we really know so little about Infectious Proteins that trying to harness them to achieve good outcomes is at best wishful thinking.
            Sure mRNA technology has been around for decades now, but hey Kuru has been around for at least 200 years and widely studied for at least 50 years yet if we are honest with ourselves we still know F’all about it. We know that these Prion structures are able to easily cross the blood brain barrier and that this alone probably accounts for the propensity that Prion diseases have to cause various forms of encephalitis.
            In the end analysis there’s a lot to worry about with any structure that looks similar to an Infectious Protein


            So would folks prefer to get the SARS-cov2 “naturally” instead of vaccine?

            Seems a lot of anti-lockdown/anti-restriction type folks also aren’t keen to get vaccinated against diseases? What’s the logic with that? I really struggle to understand that.

          • “Seems a lot of anti-lockdown/anti-restriction type folks also aren’t keen to get vaccinated against diseases? What’s the logic with that? I really struggle to understand that.”
            Possibly they evaluate the cost of contracting the disease as a much lower problem than you?
            Poor old Tom Hanks seemed to do ok, after all.
            Or potentially they are just better at logically assessing Novel risks. How much active flu prevention did you undertake pre covid?

        • From a risk perspective, COVID vaccination should only be mandatory for those at high risk (60+) and those who intend to travel overseas. There will be adverse reactions, and it will be very serious for some combination of human genes which we don’t know right now. The chance will be low, but it won’t be zero.

          • Oh for shame I stated the obvious re youthernasia ie give it to boomers as the not rich ones have been suitably conditioned of their burden to society status and would willingly take the jab…just like the do the flu ‘shot’ thus eliminating need for Corona hot shot unproven solution developed in 12 short months since some moron in far flung market ‘ate a bat’
            Spare me the narrative:)) and stop moderating my comments. I pay subscription to read DLS musings on jabbing boomers and register my disdain in comments somehow deemed offensive and binned. Snowflakess in summer:(

          • I commented yesterday that the highest percentage sick are the 20 to 49 year olds.
            Clearly David Llewellyn Smith and his mates who lunch needs to be front of the line. Not the old who are clever survivors of everything the world threw at them for donkeys years and have no intention of getting sick.

        • Just euthanise everyone deemed vulnerable or elderly. UK NHS define 50 as old age…Me I’ll continue to take care of my well-being drug & alcohol free. As I said earlier stick your jab up your a!$ laugh kookaburra laugh…gay your life must be…old (50) Aussie ABC children’s song

      • BoomToBustMEMBER

        You have just changed my position on the matter, force inject all the elderly, those holding most the money. The more shots the better with this toxic crap. I need to start telling my elderly in-laws to get it, we could stand to inherit sooner than we thought. Cudos for this new change in my position.

  2. I can see a thriving black market that offers immunisation certification without receiving the jab. Bent (foreign) doctors will probably offer such certificates at a price.
    After all whose to know if the jab went into the bin instead of your arm in exchange for a couple hundred bucks.

  3. We must be living in a double world. I just see death all over the place. Australias gone beyond what Familys can do.

    We are in a situation where even familys have no idea what to do anymore.

    With old energy dying, everyone becoming broke and turning desperately hostile against each other, its evident that young youthful energy is becoming rare. Boomers dont want to die, apparently, so who’s going to be there for them in there dying days?

    I saw a miserable boomer afraid to die alone, while he told me that his daughter had died. I thought, how ironic.

    So what is the future? What comes beyond all this? Well thats the problem. Todays young have no life, no job, no marriages, no house and no future.

    When the young have no future, there is no future. Suicide? I dunno. What is that future?

    There comes a time when we begin to ask, ” So what is the future? “.

    We realise the young have none so the Boomers have none either… because nothing comes after them and there’s nowhere left to go.

    We do what we know. We dig ourselves in, house prices go higher, steal more money from the young and wonder why there is no longer any tommorrow.

    I’ve noticed it hits men harder. All the suicides are men. The woman fall pregnant, gain the sympathy vote and end up on some kind of pension.

    What do men have? A job? If they dont have that, then what? Not very much. Unlike woman, men dont have anything.

    I see familys without men. The men suicided or are gone. Only the woman remain. They live on sympathy while the men have no choice. Its always the men who are the first to go.

    I think the Boomers are about to realise that the death of the young, means the future is long gone.

    I think the transition from Boomer to the next generation will just collapse. There’ll be nobody to hand the chalice to. There’ll just be nobody there anymore. Boomers thought they where clever but now there’s nobody to hand the future to. There’s no future. Only just today. Stubborn or not, that time is running out fast. That damage is just too permanent now. Identity destroyed. I just dont see how Australia will recover from this.

    You cant start your life at 50. Its already over. Its already too late.

    • Matthias, “I think the Boomers are about to realise that the death of the young, means the future is long gone”. Sadly you are right at a broad public discourse level. I’m appalled with the transition from the traditional family home that was a haven for young and old, to the single occupant suburban facade frantically clung to. We have sterilised our world and made it childless. Not me though. I’m immensely proud of my wife who gave up work for 15 years to raise 4 fine sons with me. The future might be bleak, but life finds a way. Get on board.

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        February 15, 2021 at 10:31 am
        After that nasty domestic violence episode in Queensland the gov’t is contemplating making it against the law to mentality harass their partners. Wow this is opening the gate for most women to end up in jail as most physical violence is perpetrated by men whereas .


    • Funnily enough I am a woman left alone after what was either accidental or deliberate overdose by my boyfriend not that long ago but life goes on. I actually learnt that lesson, not to stake your whole sense of self on another person, while I was with him. You can be sentimental about family and lord knows I depend on my family, but in the end even your family will betray you. Betray you because we all have to grow up and do our own journey. We come into this world alone and die alone and nothing else is certain. Except obviously taxes and Mark Twain being a great read.
      Also my parents are silent generation and all the kids are gen x so we’re completely excluded from your Boomer deluge theory. I hope you’re right, though, and while Boomers crush everyone outside my orbit, that Gen X will finally inherit the earth. And by inherit, I mean real estate.

      • Frank DrebinMEMBER

        Hate to be a downer but I think you are wrong on Gen X inheriting the earth (at least from a job perspective).

        Have seen numerous examples of the Gen X cadre being passed over in favour of the bright young thing. Not generally being done because the younger staff is better but because “we need to be sensitive to their generational needs”. Basically meaning that they expect to be placed in senior roles, and increasingly under a diversity ticket, or they will walk.

        Looks like moodily listening to all that Alice in Chains and the Cure in our bedrooms wondering why the world sucks is going to end with us moodily listening to Alice in Chains and The Cure in our bedrooms wondering why the world sucks……

      • The old Inflation Deflation Debate.

        Personally, I think we are heading for DEFLATION .

        Money Printing will save us for a while but lives have just been Parked. People think its up up up from here. I dont see it.

        As for Marriages and Domestic Violence. I think 99% of Domestic Violence is House Prices. We also have a legal system that exists to syphon money from men. Men arent humans. They are cattle.

        I see us heading up Japan. Marriage will become so bad in this Country that we will end up a nation of singles. It just wont be worth it. We are already seeing the unofficial rise of MGTOW where Men are just saying, ” I’ve had enough “.

        The problem in this world of singles I see, is Australia absolutely HATES men. It hates the idea of us all ending up single, living in small block housing and refusing to marry but its where this Countrys headed.

        At some point, Australias going to have to support that kind of singles lifestyle because it was the Government who was responsible for creating it.

        When Boomers die from 2018 to 2038 its going to be social disruption. Its happening now and I see that social disruption getting worse. Australias just going to clamp itself down, drain more money from anyone they can and all its going to do is result in even worse situations then we see today.

        Money Printing might save us. It has to because growth is practically dead. Social Disruption continues to get worse so money printings going to have to continue to grow with it. Government might tighten the screws of money on marriages which is only going to see them fall apart.

        Next 17 years, I see Japan. Australias turning into Japan.

        At some point in this future, there will be waves of suicides and the Government wont know what to do. It’ll probably just increase the bar on migration while Aussies suicide. It’ll be the end of cultural identity. Aussies will be replaced by Foreigners.

        I did this ages ago. Im wrong but Im not really wrong. All we are doing is printing money now but behind the scenes, I still think this is where its headed: If you take away the money printing, this is probably where we’d be today:

    • Oh please…..can you at least be self aware enough to acknowledge that your despair is the result of depression and is not genuinely representative of the world at large? The young have nothing……? The young have youth and the optimism that flows with it. I know lots of young people and their lives are great whether they have money or they don’t because most aren’t yet wedded to the false concept that happiness is associated with finance. As for your misogyny….well, we’ve been down that ugly little road and don’t really need to revisit it.
      BTW – Life is over at 50. It’s already too late..? More absolute drivel. One of my favourite coworkers was a bloke who’d never worked on a construction site in his life till he started dogging cranes at 48 and driving cranes at 50. Ten years later and he’s retired in his cool beach shack in WA.

      Go see someone. Get help for your depression.

        • My problem is the zero testosterone misogynists who want to blame everyone without a penis for their miserable existence. Every one of his posts attacks women. I’m done listening to that noise.

          • You’ll have to put it into the context of all his other woman-hating diatribes where life is a zero sum game between warring genders but it doesn’t take much comprehension ability to garner the gist of this – women bad……mmmmkay. :

            “The woman fall pregnant, gain the sympathy vote and end up on some kind of pension.

            What do men have? A job? If they dont have that, then what? Not very much. Unlike woman, men dont have anything.

            …..Only the woman remain. They live on sympathy while the men have no choice. Its always the men who are the first to go.“

          • That reads like “system is bad” to me, but feel free to let your own biases shine through.

            For some context:
            Deaths from suicide occur among males at a rate three times greater than that for females. In 2016, the standardised death rate for males was 17.8 deaths per 100,000 people, while for females it was 5.8 deaths per 100,000 people.
            from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suicide_in_Australia

          • Rightio buddy. Hold that thought cause his putrid attitude spills over into the discourse regularly enough. You’ll get another opportunity to enjoy his sad misogyny never fear.

      • Im not depressed and frankly, I couldnt give a toss about what you think.

        For years, I’ve seen the same things. I think whats happening in Australia is due to the Political Divide, the Libs have basically funneled cash and given benefits to ‘themselves’. So basially, if you happen to be an Australian Liberal Voter ( as I suspect most are ), then your on the receiving end of all these wonderous benefits.

        If your not a Liberal voter, your living in dire poverty.

        So you speak up about this stuff and suddenly, you’ve got a bunch of greedy Liberals pouncing on you in an ocker like fashion saying, ” Get over ya self. She’ll be roiyte mayte. Your a whinga. “. Honestly, I couldnt care less what people say. Australias a nation of bullys. It didnt just start overnight.

        I think there’s two camps.

        There are those who think growth is dying and if you take away all this money printing, growth is practically dead.

        The other camp is saying, ” Money Printin’ Mayte… Inflation to the Moon… We’ll just keep print forever… Your depressed… Whats wrong with you, you stupid b*stard… get a life… Print Print Print… We’ve got all this “.

        I believe they call it a K shaped recovery. I think money printing will see artificial growth… but its as real as Cocaine is to a healthy diet. I think at this point, your really just asking yourself, ” How long can money printing keep all this alive? “. Thats all it is.

        If you happen to be the recipient of money printing, then good on you. You voted Liberals so pat yourself on the back. If your not, then too bad. Its purely political.

        As for what I believe is coming in the 17 years, more social dysfunction. Australia has an Aging Population that’ll just keep dragging us down. More money printing will be needed to keep the same effect. We’ve parked peoples lives in a holding pattern. People are going nowhere and this is what growth looks like?

        The level of ignorance is astounding. I think its going to create some serious psychological damage and social problems for Australia and it’ll be cheered on by, ” She’ll be right mate. Money printin’ maaayte… I got mine so why havent you got yours? “.

        We are killing Australians. Thats whats a concern to me is. They’ll just be replaced by migrants in the end so someone else can fuel the greed.

        Money Printing is here and it’ll be ramped up in coming years… but I dont think its the silver bullet. Its fake growth because peoples lives arent getting any better.

    • There are a lot of people willing to come here from overseas and take our place in the Oz sun. Oz will continue to exist but it will be a very different Oz to what we knew. Our Lib/Lab/Green govt, BigBiz and unions will ensure that the transformation takes place no matter what we may think of it.

  4. Banana ManMEMBER

    “Another way to do it is to make a wholesale regime shift from “virus containment” and “elimination” to “herd immunity” and “personal responsibility”. That would force Boomers to either get the jab or wear the consequences personally.”-
    I’m pretty sure a lot of people would like to exercise this option. This is not an option we are being given.

  5. Boycott Beijing 2022

    These vaccines don’t give immunity to the virus but just makes the disease less severe in 60-90% of people depending on what you believe.

    So really they don’t change much, won’t give herd immunity, will encourage mutations into more deadlier strains.

    People that have been vaccinated might suppress COVID, but many will still be infectious.

    The infectious that don’t have symptoms will be superspreaders. The unlucky 10 or 40% of people that don’t respond to vaccines will have to take even greater precautions in the future if they don’t want to catch this virus since everyone vaccinated will be a potential and probable carrier.

    At least now when someone is infectious with COVID they have bad symptoms and stay home. In the future they will spread it everywhere since they think they just have the sniffles.

      • Boycott Beijing 2022

        I’m sure it does in lessening the viral load in many people who suppress symptoms of the disease.

        None of these vaccines give immunity to SARS 2 they just stop COVID from progressing in 60-90% of people depending what you believe with many of those still infectious. The results in South Africa were much worse I think.

        If you take a look at videos online of Brazil basically 1 in 50 people might have a mask on, life is basically normal for the most part. That’s the good news. When the vaccines don’t give the results we hoped for we can always just follow the lead of Brazil.

      • The Pfizer vaccine should certainly get us to herd immunity, but the vast majority of us are going to be offered the far less effective AstraZeneca vaccine, which is so useless against the South African variant that the South African government is refusing to use it.


        Only group 1a (front-line health care workers, quarantine and border workers, and nursing home residents and their carriers) are going to get the Pfizer vaccine. Most elderly people don’t live in nursing homes.

        Once everyone can get one of the more effective vaccines and has been given time to build immunity after it, say, two weeks after the second shot, then just announce that all restrictions are off. If you are an anti-vax idiot, then you can wear the consequences, regardless of age. No need to save people from themselves by making it mandatory.

        On another matter, this anti-boomer nonsense from otherwise intelligent people amazes me. It has been stirred up in a transparent attempt by our ruling elite and their tame media to divert attention from their own culpability and as a divide and rule tactic. I don’t dispute that the top few percent of baby boomers have been raking it in, but this is a class, not an intergenerational, issue. Their children support the rorts because they are good for their parents and are likely to give them a bigger inheritance, not to mention that they expect to benefit themselves in due course.

        To deal with your specific points, everyone is entitled to free health care, and waiting lists tend to be particularly long for procedures needed by the elderly. The vast majority of baby boomers never went to university, free or otherwise. We could afford free university if similar percentages attended now.


        70% of the elderly population are wholly or partly dependent on the aged pension, which is heavily means tested and one of the least generous in the OECD (and yes, Newstart is even worse), It is true that the means testing doesn’t include the family home, but there would be nothing stopping the government from putting an estate tax on it.


        • I'll have anotherMEMBER

          Pretty sure DLS should have added sensitive to the list. The fact that boomers had a much better quality of life and received the lion’s share of monetary welfare and government and societal benifits is not up for debate. To suggest otherwise is really just kind of silly.

          That said, I am yet to witness a Boomer admit their flawed position….

          • I note that you haven’t dealt with any of my specific points. Of course you will have received more government benefits in total when you are old, simply because you have lived longer. You will have also paid more taxes in total.
            Baby boomers did have a better quality of life. The reason why it isn’t even better for the younger generations is because silly, sheep-like people, old and young, keep voting for the neoliberal/Big Australia parties. For just one example, who flooded the housing market with migrants, foreign investors, and local investors lured with special tax breaks to make housing unaffordable to young families, working class baby boomers or the neoliberal politicians? Younger voters outnumber the baby boomers by more than two to one, and the majority of them vote for the major parties, even in the 18-24 age group (see Figure 4.4).


            It is hard to be sympathetic to people who have contributed to their own dispossession.

        • See what I mean, their Boomer song is blocking the soundscape, all that I can imagine is that their song has deafened them as well, otherwise they’d at least acknowledge that they are the source of this horrid noise.

        • I'll have anotherMEMBER

          Sure I will respond to your points:

          From Deloitte Access Economics Chris Richardson:

          “There is a stunning generational unfairness in our [budget] settings and all those disengaged younger Australians need to wake up to the fact they’re being massively screwed by … what the baby-boomers are leaving for them,”

          John Daley at the Grattan Institute points to retirees being able to reverse mortgage their homes to make up pension shortfalls enforced by a (long-awaited) means test. This may assist budget savings of $7bn a year:

          “This is roughly the combined effect of the May, 2014 budget measures to impose a Medicare co-payment, reduce family tax benefits, tighten Newstart eligibility, increase income tax for high-income earners, and increase the amount students contribute to their degrees.”

          The baby boomers bought their properties when the price of a house was x 4 of the average annual income… allowing them to then go ahead and buy all their investment properties…(which are owned mostly by that generation)
          This had the effect of pushing up property prices to about x 12 of the average annual income. Thus keeping many Gen X’s and most Gen Y’s out of the property market….

          The boomers are currently allowed to own a house worth….lets say…5 mill, and still draw the pension. (How is this anything other than blatant intergenerational theft?)

          MB’s Leith van Onselen at the 121st annual Henry George Commemorative dinner in 2015. The key point – boomers own 47% of total wealth. That has certainly increased since then as per the Wealth of Generations report:

          Despite the global financial crisis, households aged between 65 and 74 today are $200,000 wealthier than households of that age eight years ago. Meanwhile, the wealth of households aged 25 to 34 has gone backwards.

          As far as boomers not going to uni, that’s simply not true. Many did. The ones that did, got a free education. The ones that did not, did not need to! Many professions these days that require university education did not when boomers were in their 20’s and 30’s. Think business, marketing, technical professions, accounting, journalism etc etc. The ones that did need a degree, did have graduates to fill those roles. This argument is pointless on this topic regardless. You either got a free university education and either decided to take up the offer, or not. The fact remains.

          They also did not have to compete with hundreds of thousands of immigrants.

          Wont argue with your point on Medicare, I agree old people need more health care. Again though, the fact remains, they use the lions share of this funding as well.

          Yes, it’s all the young peoples fault. Typical Boomer response.

          As far as your sympathy, keep it. Just stop robbing all the other generations and were good, thanks!

          • Only around 20% of baby boomers own even one investment property


            You are blaming a whole generation for the actions of a relatively small elite, most of whom haven’t even been baby boomers, and pretending that that elite is typical. As I said, this is a class issue. The typical baby boomer might own a small, rather badly built house that he bought back in the day when they were going for 3-4 times the median wage. In some cases government policies have made the land under that house very valuable. You will get no argument from me about taxing it when it is passed on, although I think that starving people out of their houses or forcing them to take out an extortionate reverse mortgage is brutally inhumane. According to ASFA, people retiring in 2015/2016 had a median superannuation balance of $110,000 for men and $36,000 for women. I believe that it is now up to $150,000 for men. Go ahead and envy this enormous wealth. If you and Bill Gates were sitting together in a bar, the two of you would be billionaires on average.

            I gave you a link to the statistics on how many people went to university in what year. In percentage terms, it was not many. Again, only a small elite. Entry to university was very selective in those days. They weren’t taking anyone with a pulse.

            You are blaming ordinary people, who don’t own much besides a modest house and have had very little say in anything, for the effects of neoliberal government policies.Even those baby boomers who really are sociopaths could do very little harm if they were not being enabled by the politicians. I am an equal opportunity blamer and blame all of the people who voted for them, whether they are old or young, as I wrote in my last comment. It is just particularly stupid to vote for the parties that are ruining your lives and then mostly blame the wrong people.

        • innocent bystanderMEMBER

          one of the few, bloggers included, who can make intelligent articulate comments.
          I wonder, why do you bother?

          If you expressed similar bigotry towards any other group in society, you would be banned. That is why you don’t do it. Ageist bigotry is still fine, though.

          • Tania is correct. As a tail end boomer I have never considered investing in property, always saw it a purely speculative and paracitical. My gen Y nephew holds me in contempt for this and he also holds me in contempt for being a boomer even though is life to date has been far more privileged than mine at any time . He admires his gen X dad who is a property investor and a LNP devotee. It seems to me that people have completely disconnected silos of thinking in their brains, ie ” we make our money by being involved in financial speculation and this is good” the other silo ” All boomers got rich cause house prices went up, because they are bad people” this is no better than bogan thinking. Other forces are at play that few of us have control over and Macro readers should be sensible enough to know this.

      • That’s BS David. Read the literature. It’s all case control studies on symptomatic infections. That means they’re reporting protection aganist symptoms, not infection. But you already know that. Don’t be dishonest.

  6. reusachtigeMEMBER

    Point me to the black market for fake certifications please! There’s got to be massive profits in that market for sure. I hope it thrives, massively!

    What a sick dystopia you are promoting. I hope it gets you in the end!

  7. SoCalSurfCreeperMEMBER

    I think people are misinterpreting efficacy. It is quoted in terms of a reduction vs the control in a double blind study. 94% is outstanding. This is already a virus that leaves between a half and 90% without symptoms or anything more than mild illness. So it’s a 94% reduction vs the control. This will reduce severe outcomes to very very low levels.

  8. This article is embarrassing for the author. Calling for the mandatory imposition of a vaccine which doesn’t even have any sound authority for safe use beyond emergency applications. It’s not known what the long term implications of this vaccine may mean for health.

    If you are sick of lockdowns then GTFO out that totalitarian dung pile they call Melbourne.

  9. OMG listen to all of the Boomers whinge and whine I swear they have perfected the art of simultaneous whining and transformed whining into a modern day version of the Vienna Boys choir. Lots of voices all singing the same F’ed up song, personally I stopped listening years ago but this continuous whining just permeates the walls and destroys the soundscape.
    No other voice can be heard over this whining, in the end the young are deafened by the moans of the elderly.
    This is not how any society is suppose to function, nature delivered a cure for the Boomer disease and they demanded that others put their lives on hold.
    I say F the boomers they have two choices
    – A jab with the vaccine
    – A jab with the Covid virus
    Either way we’ll put an end to the current stupidity and let young Aussies get back to living their lives.
    Two choices, they get to choose…trust me you don’t want me making the choice for them.

  10. Mr SquiggleMEMBER

    a mandatry jab would be a gross infringement of civil liberties.

    Even more so while they are still experimental, do not have FDA approval and are only made available under emergency provisions. Or in the case of Australia, approved on a provisional basis.

    I’m hopeful the pfizer vaccine gets approved as quickly as possible, but then I had the same hopes for the AZ vaccine just two weeks ago. The South African experience killed that hope

  11. Hey DLS do you have anything you should share with us on this – any conflict of interest, financial impact of not opening up or is it just a strong opinion. On this issue you seem to be a bit of a zealot given most other things you follow the science and/or seek evidence?
    Not making any accusations but this is the sort of questioning you ask of others when they come forward with such hardline opinions.

    • I'll have anotherMEMBER

      Sadly this has some truth to it.

      I have a subscription to the Australian, i.e. the boomers daily and the comment sections are filled with the most self centred, bigoted opinions I have ever read.

        • I'll have anotherMEMBER

          I find that most people here are prepared to debate ideas without plugging their fingers in their ears.

          The exception to the rule in this joint is the occasional wave of CCP sympathisers, aligned in their hatred for the US who will happily try and convince you, say, the CCP is a type of elected democracy.

          But no. The Australian makes this joint look like a bastion of enlightenment.

          • I'll have anotherMEMBER

            That’s true Swampy.

            It’s funny because I could care less on vaccinations either way.

            I will get the AZ jab and I figure anyone who does not, knows the risks and can deal with their own outcomes.

            As a libertarian, I don’t think anyone who doesn’t want to get injected by a chemical protein bio mixture shouldn’t have to.

            The funny thing is, the same people will be fake coughing when someone walks past them with a cigarette, or will be fully supportive of gun laws, against legalising drug use etc etc.

            We Australians are an odd bunch with what freedoms we wish to maintain and those we wish to persecute. There is no rhyme or reason to any of it.

      • Thats the 1% that read that foul rag. The richest 1% and lets face it, the richest cohort whinge and whine more than anyone else. Just listen to Murdoch moaning about right wing media being silenced.

    • happy valleyMEMBER

      Apparently, empathy-trained Scotty from Marketing was ticked off by Jen as to how would he feel if the assault in Reynolds’ office had happened to one of his daughters?

  12. I’m with you all the way on this one. No jab, no benefits sounds fair to me. As a 68 year old boomer, who enjoyed free tertiary education, bought my first house at 27 (affordable because it cost just three times my annual salary then), left serious work at the age of 49 because I could increase my wealth faster than working, by riding the obscene housing asset price boom in the insane Sydney market and now enjoying a retirement partly funded by an aged pension and all its benefits, I reckon it’s about time we gave back something!! Also, because I had the good fortune to have had parents who believed in public health and had all of their kids inoculated against polio and all all the other terrible diseases lurking in my childhood, I share their faith in public health and so I have my free flu shot every winter. Therefore, I have no problem with making access to benefits conditional on having the jab. Vaccination is a no brainer.

    • How was your faith in the public health system around the time of thalidomide?
      How do you feel about these new vaccines bypassing all the testing regimes put in place to prevent that from occurring again?

  13. The level of vitriol on this one does puzzle me. If people want to have any form of medical treatment, go for it. If people want to refuse, that’s supposed to be their right.

    My youngest son has had two serious life-threatening anaphylactic reactions to prescription drugs and a serious reaction to the only vaccination he ever had as a baby. Still I endured endless pressure to have him vaccinated. Healthcare professional who didn’t want to vaccinate him themselves suggested I ask to have him admitted to the ICU in order to be jabbed. I said why don’t we just leave him un-jabbed and alive. Now, at twenty, he can’t handle the pressure and wants this new vaccine. I’ve told him it’s unwise and that he should point out his history and say he wants to be in the ICU if he does that.

    I’ve seen enough vaccination reactions, enough disastrous cancer treatment that kills long before the cancer would have, enough reactions to prescription drugs. I would decline most of the popular and most profitable avenues of western medical care. I would certainly decline an experimental vaccine. Why can’t I make my own choice?

  14. Over 70 years of age the case fatality rate is around 5% or slightly higher. Over 80 it is in excess of 12%.
    No need for compulsion. Just provide the information to the oldies and let them decide if they think the risk of the vaccine outweighs the risk of becoming infected while unvaccinated. But let them know we are going to let it rip later this year or early next year.
    The issue is why anyone under 30 would subject themselves to vaccination when the risks from infection are so low and the long term side effects of mRNA technology are unknown.

      • Currently in the UK. My neighbour nurse is telling me this, lots of 30 – 50 something nurses off with long covid and some dead. Also covid crippling the hospitals for other services. Official stats are that covid is 11x more fatal than a bad flu. Also catching it once is not the end of it, you are still at risk of the next mutation with vaccine giving some protection for current known mutations.

        • “Official stats are that covid is 11x more fatal than a bad flu”

          So in a bad flu year we will lock the city/state down when 500 or more people have the flu? That seems a reasonable course of action to prevent the spread of this killer.

          • ? Dont understand. Covid is 11 times more deadly than flu. Covid is far more transmisible than flu.. In the Uk they left things open for 2 weeks longer than they should have done and that ended up with 1000 deaths per day then in the second wave thanks to getting slack again it ended up killing 2000 a day for some time, circa 120K in less than a year (in the UK) and that is with half the time in lockdown, and several thousand younger people also. Flu left to its own devices without facemasks in public or lockdows is around 5k – 20K in a very bad year. Covid is not the flu and the effects are overall far worse for many and not just the elderly. And why would you lock the country down for flu, or is that just a bit of good old Aussie facitious sarcasm?

  15. > free education.

    Sounds like you are the one in need of an education

    1. There were uni fees until 1975.

    2. Places were extremely limited, at any price.

    Many of those who “got into uni” which was a difficult thing in those days had to become indentured servants of the education department to afford to go. Many of my friends didn’t get in or could not afford it.

    People have absolutely no idea what life was like for the boomers, especially the late boomers. You want 45 kids in a class? My 4th grade class photo has that many.

    Brutal corporal punishment? Yep. A friend of mine’s doctor took him out of school to allow his body to heal from the floggings. Many left school at 15 just to escape the beatings.

    High inflation and unemployment in our first 10 years in the work force? A crowded labour market? Yep. Look at the numbers and learn some history.

    By the way less than half the covid deaths were of boomers last time I checked. It is the pre-boomers who are mostly at risk. But what does that matter when “boomer” means “anyone older than me” to the ignorant and uninformed.

    • When I started high school there were 7 classes of around 35 in each for my year. By the end of form 3, two classes worth were turfed out and every year till one small class left for HSC as it had just become. Only 3 or 4 went to real university and a handful to teachers college for a much shorter course. As for teacher violence I still have the scars both physical and mental, primary school was a living nightmare with an unqualified headmaster whose purpose and pleasure in life was to whip kids with his cane and strap depending on his mood that day. When he took you for spelling was the worst and to this day I still associate spelling with violence.

  16. Dls is banging on about this every day and it is total BS. Australia has a very effective quarantine than can be improved if needed. We DO NOT need a vaccine except to open our borders to a renewed influx of low wage labour. That DLS is ignoring this point is an utter betrayal of one of this site’s main themes for a decade. And shame on the rest of you for getting sucked into a false discussion about the merits of vaccination in general.

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