Labor embraces Trumpism for the regions

If you can’t beat ’em, fool ’em appears to be the mantra of Labor today. The future of coal is deeply troubled. But to win government, Labor has decided to make coal great again in QLD and NSW regions with lies. This is straight out of the Donald Trump playbook and the US coal regions. Joel Fitzgibbon leads the way at Murdoch.

  • He trashes shadow Minister for Climate change and Energy, Chris Bowen.
  • Declares local coal power dead but, for some reason, those economics don’t apply in Asian coal exports.
  • Because coking coal is very much in demand for steel.
  • And Australia’s thermal coal quality edge means more gains, especially via Fitzy’s old mate China.

There is some truth in this for coking coal. Australia has a big edge in it and all emerging markets are short of it. So Chinese blockades see the product going elsewhere for now. Green steel and Chinese scrap usage are long term propositions. That said, they are coming.

It is also true that Newcastle thermal coal is better quality than many others. And, during the cold Asian winter, export volumes surged despite Chinese blockades.

But, thermal coal has a very big problem. It can no longer compete:

Australian energy costs compared

In five years renewables will be much cheaper:

Price of solar and batteries over next 5 years

If it goes the way we think it will, renewables plus full storage will be more than 60% cheaper than coal and gas:

Price of solar and batteries over next 5 years

Leading to energy transformation in Asia export markets as well, via Goldman:

The future of thermal coal is bleak and scumbag Trumpian pollies with dubious China links that lie about it to their constituents are only ensuring that the fallout for them is the worst possible.

But then, this isn’t about their future is it? Like his mentor, Joel Fitztrump is only worried about himself.

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  1. Labor was told that the franking credit policy and coal were the cause of its downfall by an inept and corrupt media and it has chosen to believe that rather than embrace workers, limit immigration and make other sensible policies. Bill Shorten was, and possibly is, the best they’ve got. If he didn’t feel forced to pander to wokesters he’d have done much better. That unlimited parent visa still makes me shudder.

    • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

      Shorten’s the only one I can imagine as PM.

      Labor also omitted the issues from their own election review that cost them government.

      They don’t want to know, and the reason I guess is inner city elite Tanya etal would rather lose the election, than risk their seats to the Greens.

      • Unless Labor can contol / terminate Joel FitzGibbons, both Albo and Tanya will probably lose their inner city seats to the Greens
        This is an attempted coup by FitzGibbons.

        • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

          If Albo, Plibersek, Marles, Burke, Chalmers, Wong all go, that’d be a start to fixing Labor. They are just so so so so so far removed from what the plebs want.


          They can’t control Joel FitzGibbons because he’s fighting for his life. If more backbenchers did that, Labor would change for the better.

          Make Joel FitzGibbons irrelevant by dumping immigration as a Labor policy.

          It’s the only way Labor are winning.

          • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

            Wow. That escalated….It’s a good point you raise.

            Though I don’t think anyone should be bashed. Do you think broad Australia relates to the key MP’s of the Labor party?


            I can tell you from my experience and from what I’m presently hearing, it’s a resounding…nnnnNNNNNNOOOOOOoooooooo

            Labor are nowhere near where they need to be to win over Australia. They have done so much damage to their brand via Gillard and Rudd it’ll take a miracle suite of policies for them to win in the next 30 years IMO.

            Hey why did Labor omit immigration from their own election loss review?

            Because it’d hurt inner city seats like Pliberseks.

    • kierans777MEMBER

      > Labor was told that the franking credit policy and coal were the cause of its downfall by an inept and corrupt media

      The same inept and corrupt media that failed to report correctly on Labor’s policies, and treating LNP talking points as facts.

      • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

        “The same inept and corrupt media that failed to report correctly on Labor’s policies”

        If MSM actually told the public what Labor were intending on doing, they would have gotten even more smacked than they did. Stop the BS, Labor were mollycoddled by MSM.

        Labor didn’t deserve to win a seat, let alone government.

        • kierans777MEMBER

          > If MSM actually told the public what Labor were intending on doing, they would have gotten even more smacked than they did. Stop the BS, Labor were mollycoddled by MSM.

          That is absolute bollocks. While the ALP had a massive problem getting their messaging consistent and simple to try and cut through, the MSM was absolutely in the LNP court. I wrote several complaints detailing how the journalists couldn’t even get basic facts right when reporting on ALP policies. To their credit some journalists did update their online versions, however I shouldn’t have been doing their job for them. Practically all the opinion pieces were “why you shouldn’t vote Labor”.

          If people chose to vote they way they did because of an informed, thought out choice then all power to them, it’s a democracy. However I doubt a lot of Aussies did because they were not informed because the Fourth Estate completely failed the public because they’re controlled by pro LNP interests.

          I know you hate the ALP but you are wrong on this issue.

          • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

            “Practically all the opinion pieces were “why you shouldn’t vote Labor”

            Why you shouldn’t vote Labor has been burned into Australia’s psyche by watching QandA and anywhere else Labor gets a say. They have not improved since Australia threw them out, and LNP’s gotten no worse, so why would Australia risk it?

            Unless Labor tell Australia ….”we are completely dropping big Australia, here’s how we’re going to do it…we’re also dropping 80% of extreme woke policy…we want to be the workers and plebs party, with a limited safety net”….they’re not winning. It really is that simple.

            Stop blaming MSM, and blame Greens and inner city Labor MPs for dragging Labor way way too woke to win nationally.

            Both go to the election big Australia, LNP is going to win forever. Labor cannot win.

          • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

            “I know you hate the ALP”

            My preference would be for Labor to return to the party for the plebs. I hate modern Labor. Labor of 30 years ago were a bit too left for me, but they were far more my party than LNP were.

            In a rapidly growing population, LNP are from now always going to be Australia’s choice.

            Labor have one way and only one way they can win.

  2. master of toilet paper

    coal is cool

    a literal lump of dino soot took us to the moon, lifted billions across the world out of crushing poverty and keeps the lil light in my refrigerator on when i open the door and u all be hatin despite everything its done for us

  3. Yeh, and now Macgowan in WA has been wedged to mouthing out the Glibfitz dark side of his mouth in support of a coal mine by, ffs!, the WA Liberal opposition leader spruiking big spending plans to shut down coal fired generation by 2030 and go to renewables.

    BTW, how many federal ALP MPs who were so quick to join Craig Kelly’s “Parliamentary friends of coal” group are still in it? I’ve not heard any from the ALP side announce they have dropped it including my Brisbane local the Dick qld member AWU apparatchik for Oxley

    • The WA Liberals as the champion of renewables and anti coal. Totally unexpected. Hopefully we get a good outcome and maybe McGowan could follow rather than oppose – he has a large enough lead that he could take it on as a good idea and the Liberals will be back to having nothing to offer.

  4. Jumping jack flash

    Labor are simply irrelevant in the New Economy.
    They need to find their niche. Nobody works any more. The economy expands itself on a sea of self-expanding debt while China makes everything we need.

    It looks like their only choice is to do Libs’ policy better than the Libs:
    Double down on debt.
    Cosy up to the banks even more.
    Immigrants by the planeload
    Etc, etc.

    Their other choice was Nationalism but Trump ruined that option for everyone. Oh well.

    • Did you independently fact check Happer’s claims yourself? Have you adopted the devil’s advocacy against your own belief and checked?
      I have and only 10 min in and he’s wrong multiple times. These are from 2013 and 2014, he was wrong then and is wrong now. .

      • Which one? What did he say and why is it wrong? Much of what he said is in total accord with others, but generalised claims are BS. Stick to the specifics.
        Given an anonymous blogger with a generalised claim I would go with Professor Happer unless I can be given a reason why not. Otherwise the criticism is the second law of propaganda.
        “(2) A suggestion concerning an ambiguous situation will be more readily accepted than one concerning a clearly structured situation. Whenever there is ambiguity or doubt suggestions work more effectively as there is no scope for clear perception. “

        • What? So, clearly your answer to my simple question as to whether you have fact-checked is ‘no’. 10 minutes of claims is not a big task.
          Why are you so wedded to dogma? I think you genuinely believe in what you write, even though it is wrong. But genuine belief is no place for science.

          • I gave you a detailed answer that was moderated. It said that I was once like you and believed AGW. I do not now. I have more than challenged my views and I am not alone in initially accepting the propaganda. Fundamentally I was set on this path by the Medieval Warm Period which was written out of existence by Michael Mann’s hockey stick. This was wholly inconsistent with these papers that in my view proved the hockey stick to be BS. 1242 papaers as to the existence or otherwise of the Medieval war period are here. You can go to the original papers that are hyperlinked here Which prove that the period was global.
            Then this email proves that the hockeystick was drawn without data

            Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2003 10:17:57
            I think that trying to adopt a
            timeframe of 2K, rather than the usual 1K, addresses a good earlier point that Peck made
            w/ regard to the memo, that it would be nice to try to “contain” the putative “MWP”,
            even if we don’t yet have a hemispheric mean reconstruction available that far back.

            Then there is the litigation which Mann lost where he declined to show the R2 stats. and had to pay millions in costs.
            The evidence in support of the Medieval war period is overwhelming. That means there is no climate emergency if we managed to survive a global period when the climate was 2 degrees warmer than today.

            As for the models all burning too hot Prof Happer’s work on the Co2 spectrum confirms the satellite work by Dr Chisty and the papers by Dr Soon. Before you embark on the usual propaganda about the oil industry or Baptists, the 1 % make billions out of this.

            Nothing religious about it. You on the other hand just swallow what ever is spooned up
            As in the stockmarket DYOR.

        • No, you’re wrong. It didn’t take long and I apologise for not reading beyond the first line and responding then and there. Basically
          1. :you have not fact-checked your own claims. It’s really basic stuff and I’m not going to do it for you.
          2. Mann’s legal case was about defamation not climate science. I thought you knew something about law?

          That’s enough from me.

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