US on brink of civil war as Trump supporters storm capitol

There’s been crazy scenes overnight and this morning in the US, where thousands of unmasked pro-Trump supporters have stormed Capitol Hill demanding Trump remain US President:

The SWAT teams and the National Guard have been called in to disperse the protesters and a curfew has been called.

Here’s a summary of the day’s events via The ABC:

  • Donald Trump held a rally in Washington DC, urging Vice-President Mike Pence to overturn the election result
  • Congress began a joint session, with Mike Pence presiding, to count the electoral college votes
  • After Trump’s rally finished, the crowd left and some supporters stormed the US Capitol Building, which was placed in lockdown
  • Rioters breached the US Capitol Building and the the US House of Representatives and Senate were evacuated. Congressmen and women were taken to secure locations
  • There was an armed standoff outside the House of Representatives. Rioters breached the US Senate chamber and posed for photos
  • One woman was shot in the chest on the grounds of the US Capitol and taken to hospital in the critical condition
  • President-elect Joe Biden spoke from Delaware, called the events an ‘insurrection’ and demanded President Donald Trump call off the ‘siege’
  • A short time later, Donald Trump released a video on Twitter telling the rioters to ‘go home’, but repeated his unfounded claims about electoral fraud

President Trump has ordered protesters stand down but continues to fan the flames by claiming election fraud:

This is truly American democracy’s WTF moment.

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    • Hernando de Soto

      Putin too, but at least the Yankees have the guts to protest.

      No Australian sheep have the guts to protest in Canberra.

      • All guts and zero brains. At least a majority of Australians have the intelligence to realise if you try to storm parliament you’re likely to end up in a spot of bother.
        American police and security forces have hitherto shown little restraint in deploying weaponry against citizens. They might deal with the yobs in the Capitol “with extreme prejudice”, as the expression goes. At least that would raise the average IQ in the States.

        • Donald Rumsfeld

          So BLM literally burn down the CBD’s in over 400 cities and towns across the US – and all good – including storming the White House.

          But conservatives protest – don’t burn anything down – and you think they should be shot.

          The epitome of the left wing.

          • The usual mis-direction from the crackpot conspiracist theorists.

            Did “I” say they “should” be shot? No. I said they “might” be. One person already has been. By whom is another question…

            Laughable that you wheel out the term “leftist” a la Bolt and the Murdochracy. You must be much more astute than what you seem to be from your asinine comments, to glean any political identification from my comment. FWIW, my personal belief is that any riotous behaviour should attract appropriate responses to maintain law and order, whether BLM or MAGA crazies.

            Go back to your knitting together of loon brainfarts.

          • Some people are effing dumb!

            BLM: protests against police brutality and shootings against overwhelmingly black people.

            Present Protests: we just don’t like the result of a democratric election; we love our constitution, especially the 2nd amendment, but you’re not taking our gov from us no matter what the election result was. lololololololololol.

            Dumb as!

          • Dennis, the stupidity is that the statistics on police shootings of different racial groups don’t bear out what you are saying despite the propaganda churned out by the MSM.
            It is of course verboten to discuss this in the current climate where shrill hysteria and identity politicsand cynical race theory dominate the discourse.

          • Exactly. BLM Burn down or damage mostly small business in the centre of the tax reduced area of 33 out of 34 blue cities near a Fed building. Those businesses are now ripe for buyout if not already done.

          • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

            You are incorrect when you say,
            “BLM: protests against police brutality and shootings against overwhelmingly black people”

            More “White” people are killed by Police than “Black” People even though the per capita rate is higher for African Americans.

            Incidentally 15.5% of the murders of white people were committed by Black offenders where as only 8% of the reported murders of Black people were committed by white offenders (234 of a total of 2,925) and 88.9% by Black offenders (2,600).

            The entire BLM movement is deeply racist and contains not an ounce of Solidarity and delivers a Big, divide and conquer, win for our Plutocratic overlords.

          • EP, what a load of crap. Whites 60% of pop, blacks (AA, not including hispanics) are 16%.

            Yeah, and blacks kill more whites than whites kill blacks. Surprise, Surprise, Surprise! What’s the % of blacks living in poverty?

        • Donald Rumsfeld

          Calls people loons, brainfarts, morons, claims to have never insinuated people should be shot – having said this

          ………..”deal with the yobs in the Capitol “with extreme prejudice”, as the expression goes. At least that would raise the average IQ in the States.”

          Pretty sure you are self projecting here champ.

          • Selectively quoting me does not validate your points. Pretty sure any reasonable reader would understand my comments.

            Yes, I do not consider that the rioters in the Capitol have much facility for critical analysis (much the same as you). One could easily extrapolate that from previous antics of the MAGA crowd. That’s not without even addressing the issues of illegal behaviour. Since the Trump era will come to be regarded as a skidmark on the underwear of American political thought, “brainfart” seems apt for anyone equivocating about recent events and Trump’s role in that.

            If I’m projecting, let me assure you it is only towards you, Chump.

      • No way civil war.
        The Dems will crack into divisions. The Dems chart of voter support has been in bear market for a helluva long time, trending down. Can’t last much longer. Trump was a Dem until Obama.
        The republicans have shown which are republicans in name only. The globalists are identified, the China funded supporters..last one the Ossof guy in Georgia. Lighter than Beto,

        in my opinion the very best chance for the country/people is a third party by 2022 which is supported by populists ie not nationalists as such, but the mass ordinary people wanting a govt to represent them. Not the zuckerbergs,, media owners, etc. who got their representation well and truly by this election.
        The populist group is in both parties. This will face the same voting issues with crook machines.

        However Armstrongs computer forecasts a real pandemic next year. Spain had the coldest temp ever recorded this week of negative 34 degrees Celcius. So not holding my breath for an easy time being had by all.

      • It matters not, Democrat, Republican, and whoever in those parties. Their stance on China, and Russia will remain unchanged.

    • Yep …. the useful idiots in the English speaking world (which on this topic seems to include LVO) are in full cry support for the DNC play book …

  1. I never thought I’d see the day an American politician attempted a coup. Would they ever charge an ex-president with treason?

    • They accused him of Russian collusion for years with no foundation so there is no limit to which they will accuse him.

      • migtronixMEMBER

        No evidence, except a giant hacking campaign against the US in Trumps (obviously) last year and now MAGA deep kremlinites raiding the offices of Polosi…

    • happy valleyMEMBER

      Has Trumpie given himself that provisional pardon that was being mooted a while back?

    • Calm down kids, this isn’t a coup or civil war. Trump is just sore loser and a bunch of people stormed the building, terrible but hey. It’ll be secure and Inauguration Day will take place on the 20th followed by a Democrat controlled senate and house. Today is just the last hurrah…

      • There is footage on Shaun King’s Instagram of police opening a barrier and letting the mob through. That’s looking a lot more like a coup than it was previously. Still not a general sitting at the Resolute Desk – ie an actual coup.

        • Only needs to be a general if it’s a military coup, although admittedly few other than military leaders have the ability to direct the level of violence, or potential violence required to actually achieve it.

      • Also want to point out those calling for Trumps impeachment are being ridiculous as well. A security failure at the Capitol building is not a reason to call for impeachment. It’ll only further inflame the situation and would only be of symbolic value to the anti Trump mob whilst making Trump some kind of martyr in the eyes of his supporters. Maybe let the security ppl do their job properly so the people inside the building can do theirs and count the votes. No need for further political opportunism from any side including the Dems. Whilst the Dems won, 70mil voted for Trump, they need to find ways to bring these people across not further demonise them. Let trump burn his own house down himself, no need to give his supporters another scapegoat and for him to further play the victim (Washington outsider) card.

        • Also want to point out those calling for Trumps impeachment are being ridiculous as well. A security failure at the Capitol building is not a reason to call for impeachment.

          LOL. Are you seriously trying to argue those calling to invoke the 25th are doing it because some fools successfully got into the Capitol Building ?

    • “I never thought I’d see the day an American politician attempted a coup.” …. ehhhhh – ????

      Ever hear of the business plot and Smedley D. Butler, a retired United States Marine Corps Major General two-time Medal of Honor recipient and his part, bridge too far it seems, even wrote War is a Racket due to events.

  2. This time last year the term ” thousands of masked supporters ” would have been terrifying. Now days the term ‘ thousands of unmask supporters ‘ put a shiver down every hyperbolic herbivore journalist.

  3. Hernando de Soto

    Meanwhile Twitter has blocked/censored most related tweets, to “restrict engagement”, something they didn’t do with the BLM riots.

    • this is nothing like a BLM protest. Rocking up to the place of gov and storming it with weapons, no comparison! Though, imo, calling it a coup is over the top.

      • Cos no one died in BLM protests. Wait actually they did. It is people like you sense of moral superiority that fans the flames.

      • Donald Rumsfeld

        BLM turned up with weapons to multiple events, burned down entire central business districts in over 400 towns and cities and an entire BLM militia stormed a capitol – oh – and they also tried to storm the White House with molotovs and had to be held back with multiple layers of police with barricades.

        You couldn’t be more delusional.

        • RobotSenseiMEMBER

          Yep, multiple CBD’s today lie in ruins because of BLM.
          Talk about hyperbolic. Trump is a clown and two weeks is too long. He should be removed immediately.

        • “Yep, multiple CBD’s today lie in ruins because of BLM”

          but but ….they were against the RAYSIST THUGS! So entirely justified. Lol


        • Rumsfeld, you surely did name yourself after the right person as the real Rumsfeld had an issue with english as well.

          “……burned down ENTIRE central business districts in over 400 towns and cities…….” Well, it’ll be good for GDP!

          Imo, they exercised great restraint after putting up with institutional racism for decade upon decade in every part of their lives. But I guess from your perspective they’re behaving in that manner because they’re from an inferior culture, which is why you see them as you do.

          • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

            The left invented “systemic” and “institutional” racism when it became apparent that there was so little explicit racism left in society that, in order to maintain an oppressor/victim narrative and explain the residual differences in life outcome between DIVERSE population groups, it would be necessary to imagine an invisible force so powerful & omnipresent that it could not actually be seen.

            BTW on the basis of violent offences committed and convicted, African Americans are actually less likely to die in custody than white Americans.

          • You know Stewie, you have a self-esteem issue, you once accused me of basically having no self respect or cultural awareness and being riddled with white guilt and so on. I have no white or patriarchal guilt, whatsoever, but I do recognise what I believe are injustices and therefore I’m happy to call out the faults as I see them, and our white culture has plenty and that’s not to say other cultures are immune.

            I bet you’d have no problem if we had the present level of pop growth if it was all white.

          • Donald Rumsfeld

            “BLM: protests against police brutality and shootings against overwhelmingly black people.”

            According to FBI data the number of white people shot by police during a confrontation is roughly 4 times more likely if you are WHITE than if you are black.

            Think about that….BLM is protesting over blacks being killed by police when the data is very clearly showing that you are 4 times more likely to be killed by a police officer if you are white than if you are black.

            Every single riot in the United States over the past year from Breonar Talyor to Floyd has been subsequently shown to have involved to some degree criminal activity. Conversely there have been multiple examples of white people simply answering their door or standing in their yards and being gunned down with absolutely ZERO criminal activity.

            Violent criminal culture among black Americans is higher than it is for whites as a pure quantum. So for example from 11,000 homicides 6,000 of these were committed by blacks – the pattern is similar across almost all violent crimes from robbery, manslaughter to assault. HOWEVER blacks only represent 12-13% of US population.

            Yes – its culture. 100% its culture, its not even a debatable question. Its not genetics, nor skin colour- but there can be no question that it is culture.

            What makes this worse is that the ethnic wealth distribution of the United States shows that recent migrants from North Eastern Africa are amongst the most affluent and successful with Asian migrants coming in second.

            And even worse than all of this is that LATINO’s are the most impoverished, most dispossessed, and worse off in every single metric than blacks – and worse than this is that BLM actively target the Latino community for trying to raise awareness.

            BLM a politically registered organization whose funding goes directly to the Democratic Party.

            You really have no idea – none.

          • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

            I recognise there are past injustices, however I just disagree with you that the all the remaining injustices and differences in life outcomes between population groups in the freest and most racially conscious societies ever to exist on the planet, where even the barest hint of racial bigotry will have the offender socially castigated, is due to residual ‘institutional’ or ‘structural’ rac!sm.

            As to my comments made to you in our feuding in the past, again we differ. My main issue with social focus on immigration is that it is done under the auspices of MultiCult as opposed to integration an assimilation. If you believe that colonisation was immoral, then I struggle to see how anyone can support the imposition of MultiCult on what was previously a relatively socially and culturally homogenous society. The one exception to my relatively agnostic position on ‘race’ and immigration, vs ‘culture’ and immigration, is large scale immigration from Africa – the reasons for which I have previously given to you on several occasions.

            The immorality of an existing society’s culture and people being pushed aside in order to make room for those with no intention of ever becoming a part of it, other than drawing down the economic benefits of residing there. To be morally consistent this objection should be the same irrespective of the whether the host society was originally coloured or white. Both result in the host society being dispossessed of its social capital, and imho is immoral.

            Anyhow, you are entitled to your views on immigration and MultiCult, the only reason I felt it necessary to speak up was because of the misinformation created by the MSM that African Americans are somehow victims of the police and American Institutions, when in fact all the evidence, especially in regards to violent offences being committed on a per capita basis is contrary to this popular manufacture narrative.

            I have shown and provided many links previously in support of my position, which while you have acknowledged that they exist and support my claims, they remains contrary to your ‘gut feel’ hence there is little point in covering that old ground once again as it would accomplish little other than waste your and my time.

            PS: My self estimate has never been better 😉

        • Donald, wrong again. If you’re black you are more than 3-4 times more likely to be shot than if you’re white on a per head of pop basis. Remember, black are only 16%.

          • Black is really easy to identify though. Do those stats based on wealth and I bet what you would really find is you are far more likely to be shot by police if you are poor, and also you are far more likely to be poor if you are black.

          • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

            Donald, wrong again. If you’re black you are more than 3-4 times more likely to be shot than if you’re white on a per head of pop basis. Remember, black are only 16%.

            Apologies Dennis I did not mean to comment again – opinion I’m fine with, but I feel compelled to point out misinformation.

            Once you adjust for the violent crimes committed per head of population, they are not being either unfairly policed (over 80% of American Americans actually want MORE police in their neighbourhoods) nor victimised.

            African Americans are actually make up 12.5% of the population, meaning there are around 40m African Americans in the US. The number of white Americans living in extreme poverty is just about the same, yet African Americans commit 53% of all murders in the US.


            There is no statistical descrimination in the treatment of violent black offenders versus violent white offenders.

            There is however a large statistical difference between the propensity of blacks, as a population group, to commit MORE violent crime, than white people, as a population group.

        • It has been an interesting exercise in watching US political commentators do a number of routines of mental gymnastics to find a way to condemn what happened today and still believe the riots cause by BLM were ok. Let’s be serious for a moment – both were not ok, both should rightly be condemned, neither side is more virtuous than the other. If only there were any people in the public sphere who could admit they’re wrong. This here is the issue – no one will ever concede that they are wrong. If you have any chance of movement to a more harmonious state of affairs there needs to be a spirit of compromise, which seems impossible in the current environment…and Twitter.

          • It has been an interesting exercise in watching US political commentators do a number of routines of mental gymnastics to find a way to condemn what happened today and still believe the riots cause by BLM were ok.

            Well they’re quite different scenarios so it shouldn’t be that hard.

            Let’s be serious for a moment – both were not ok, both should rightly be condemned, neither side is more virtuous than the other.

            Let’s set aside the loaded, emotional and vague term “virtuous” for a moment (exactly what you don’t want to do, I know, but whatever).

            One group is protesting against (primarily) police violence (and other negative police behaviour, not all of which they are “to blame” for), with a commitment to non-violence and a fairly mundane agenda.

            The other is explicitly trying to use violence to overturn the outcome of the legal – and probably the most closely scrutinised in American history – election and appoint Donald Trump as President.

            They are not even vaguely equivalent. Not in philosophy, not in methods, not in objectives.

          • hahahahaha! I can’t believe someone walked in and made my point! Cognitive gymnastics of the highest order 🙂
            BLM protesters burnt down buildings, assaulted people, vandalised property and looted businesses – some of the owners they did this to were of the very race they were “trying” to uphold. I can’t believe how easy that was 🙂

          • BLM protesters burnt down buildings, assaulted people, vandalised property and looted businesses – some of the owners they did this to were of the very race they were “trying” to uphold. I can’t believe how easy that was

            You are committing a fallacy of composition.

            None of those things were BLM objectives, and were committed by a minority of people.

            Violently entering the Capitol to try and change the election outcome was the explicit objective.

            It’s like the difference between hitting the piss with your crew and ending up in a fight because one of your mates is a fuckwit, and going out with your crew to specifically beat the crap out of whatever cvnt is unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

            There is not even the slightest amount of “cognitive gymnastics” drawing a distinction between these scenarios because they are fundamentally different.

          • Please make this hard. One could easily argue that this capitol building thing was only committed by a tiny fraction of Trump supporters too (74 million people did vote for the man). Also the BLM objectives are not universally virtuous. As an example, one of the objectives is the breakup of the nuclear family, which I’m certain would not be agreed to by a large amount of people.
            Lastly, I condemned both, they are both not the way to get things done. If you believe that burning down the businesses of people who you would ostensibly support is the way to get things done, then I worry for your state of mind.

          • One could easily argue that this capitol building thing was only committed by a tiny fraction of Trump supporters too (74 million people did vote for the man).

            One could, but it would be a pointless irrelevancy, not an “argument”. The comparison here is between the people who “stormed the Capitol” and “BLM protestors”, not “74 million people who voted for him” and “BLM protestors”.

            Also the BLM objectives are not universally virtuous.

            You really don’t want to leave that appeal to emotion behind, do you ?

            As an example, one of the objectives is the breakup of the nuclear family […]

            No it’s not.

            If you believe that burning down the businesses of people who you would ostensibly support is the way to get things done, then I worry for your state of mind.

            Leave the poor straw man alone.

          • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

            Cognitive gymnastics of the highest order are what the professor excels at – that and cognitive dissonance.

    • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

      One rule for those in the Media who lean in the direction of the owners of these companies, and another for those who hold different views – social media is most definitely not a town square were all voices are treated fairly.

      Here we have the hypocrisy of evil Vox… but then ‘double think’ is a cultural way of life for scumbag Ezra Klein.

      • I’ve got to say Stewie I admire your persistence. For anyone without ideological blinkers what you say re police and ‘black’ deaths and propensity for violence in the ‘african american’ community in the USA is borderline trite it is so well known. Unfortunately, now that we’re in the new age of Wokesterism, where the religious acolytes populate the western world (particularly English speaking) political class,MSM, bureaucracy, churches and schools the chances of recognition of facts are 3 fifth of sba.
        As the great Killery so famously stated “you can believe what you want but we’ll tell you the facts”.
        We’re heading down some really dark rabbit holes …

        • Yeah the problem with all the ***Race*** rubbish is it distracts from the underlining economic factors which the aforementioned is used to steal oxygen from. Wonder why …. eh ….

          • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

            Because in the fairest, most egalitarian societies to have ever existed on earth, where any public displace of rac!sm results in social ostracization and possible professional career suicide, the best possible explanation for residual differences in life outcome between population groups are innate biological differences.

            Race ISN’T a distraction from the Economic outcome of social policies. It feeds into the result as a contributing variable, ignoring it means that valuable resources of society are wasted trying to close gaps that are simply a reflection of natural differences aka diversity.

            Rac!sm IS however a distraction from from the economic outcome of social policies. It is a word whose very origins was conjured up by the Juicy Socialist Leon Trotsky, as a means to stigmatise and break down the resistance of Ukrainians from their cultural identity and innate human preferences.

          • “Race ISN’T a distraction from the Economic outcome of social policies.”

            Race is a categorical error at onset and historically used by those seeking superiority over others through self awarded authority. The rest of your views/beliefs offered without evidence or fact is a tautological spray and pray rhetorical device.

            BTW your miss using the term Culture out of context when you mean Religion – specifically.

          • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

            Race is a categorical error at onset and historically used by those seeking superiority over others through self awarded authority.

            Race is simply an explanation for natural differences in outcomes to be expected as a result of something we are all meant to believe in – diversity.

            However it is funny that you should mention religion and then say that Race is something that has historically been used by those seeking superiority over others through self awarded authority…

            The man who invented the term “Racism” so as to justify the genocide of white Ukranians, Leon Trotsky, also said this:

            “We must turn Russia into a desert populated by white Negroes upon whom we shall impose a tyranny such as the most terrible Eastern despots never dreamt of. The only difference is that this will be a left-wing tyranny, nor a right-wing tyranny. It will be a red tyranny and not a white. We mean the word ‘red’ literally, because we shall shed such floods of blood as will make all the human losses suffered in the capitalist wars pale by comparison. The biggest bankers across the ocean will work in the closest possible contact with us. If we win the revolution, we shall establish the power of Zionism upon the wreckage of the revolution’s funeral, and we shall become a power before which the whole world will sink to its knees. We shall show what real power is. By means of terror and bloodbaths, we shall reduce the Russian intelligentsia to a state of complete stupefaction and idiocy and to an animal existence”

            …and so they did.

            Those who weld the term of ‘Rac!sm’ as a cudgel do so to shut down good faith dialogue, and it is they more than anyone else who uses race as a source of power to oppress others.

            You stand with that guy.

        • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

          For anyone without ideological blinkers what you say re police and ‘black’ deaths and propensity for violence in the ‘african american’ community in the USA is borderline trite it is so well known.

          That statement is a fallacy of dismissal, referred to as the Appeal to the Stone Fallacy. It occurs when the person making the statement dismisses their opponent’s argument as absurd, without actually addressing it, or without providing sufficient evidence in order to prove its absurdity.

          The violent behaviour of Africans as a population group compared to Europeans is repeatedly shown throughout the crime statistics of every locations that is subjected to large scale African immigration. I have provided links to these statistics many, many times. The vast majority of gun shot and shooting deaths in America are commited by African Americans, the vast majority of stabbings and knife deaths committed in London are committed by people of African decent.

          Differences in population group IQ are testable, repeatable and predictable. Not only that the limited testing of IQ between admixture from the two population groups also shows a linear relationship between IQ and the proportion of African or European genes in the sample. Again, I have provided many links to scientific and professional bodies that recognise the existence of this diversity.

          Biological Marxism is just another aspect of Wokism – it demands that all the vast and overwhelming evidence of Human Bio-Diversity in terms of individual population groups physical and mental capabilities, be put aside and ignored because if there is the slightest recognition of this fact as an explanation for differences in life outcomes, then it undermines the oppressor/victim narrative that is used against the interests of Western society. If stigmatises the main defence against mass migration of hostile and incompatible population groups.

          What I find astonishing, is that despite the overwhelming evidence that there is some biological component to life outcomes and behavioral traits between population groups, people still chose to ignore this as a possible explanation for the alternative hypothesis that white people are morally wrong, and the societies that they build are fundamentally rac!st.

          • Biological Marxism ….. hahahahahahahaha ~~~~~

            BTW this violence thingy is absurd when one factors in history let alone the never ending wars in the ME or some other meso-south American banana states. BTW the data shows that people [tm] with reasonable economic security are less physically violent and more socially relaxed. Additionally that the first 5 years of a Humans life is the most important period in shaping every other aspect of their lives moving forward.

            None of the above has any notion of Race or Unidentified Culture as a prior, it transcends all human groups. Studies are decadel and up to over 60 years in real time observation and backed up by natural history/anthro.

          • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

            Additionally that the first 5 years of a Humans life is the most important period in shaping every other aspect of their lives moving forward.

            None of the above has any notion of Race or Unidentified Culture as a prior, it transcends all human groups. Studies are decadel and up to over 60 years in real time observation and backed up by natural history/anthro.

            That is true – the first 5 years of life are important – and the statistical corrolation holds true ACROSS population groups. Meaning children brought up well in African societies in the first 5 years of their life do better than children brought up poorly and abused, just like the white children brought up well in white societies thrive bettern than children brought up poorly and abused.

            But the existence of environmental factors doesn’t preclude the existence of naturally occurring HBD differences – they are not mutually exclusive.

            That there are observable and measurable differences between population groups in behavioural context and IQ matters across a whole range of variables has been well documents. Violence is often associated with lower IQ outcomes, because the range of possible conflict solutions i.e. problem solving is reduced for low IQ participants in conflict with each other.

            However it is not one way in that IQ is always of benefit. One of the main personality traits, Neuroticism, is more highly associated with intelligence than other personality traits like conscientiousness, extroversion, etc. The association between neuroticism, mental illness and genius has long been recognised – we call all recollect such figures historically as well as more personally. Neuroticism is considered to be a spandrel which is a phenotypic trait that is a byproduct of the evolution of some other characteristic, in this case intelligence, rather than a direct product of adaptive selection.

            One of the problems with self awareness is the understanding of and recognition our own mortality and the inevitability of our own deaths. It is thought that this spandrel is something of a coping mechanism for the psychological impact that this awareness creates. It would make sense that as women are in general more empathetic and feeling, they would be more disturbed by the implications that come with great awareness, i.e. worry and that is why it is Neuroticism, while still associated with intelligence, is also more commonly found and recognised in women.

            This trait to varies across population groups – while women in general have higher levels of neuroticism than men, in some population groups the level of female neuroticism is far higher – J3wesses of Eastern European descent, as a subset of a a particular population group, are even more neurotic than women in general, with much higher standard deviations of neurotic incidence. But then this would be expected as Eastern European J3ws have median IQ’s of 115, which is nearly a full standard deviation above the median White populations IQ (which is also similar to the gap between Whites and Africans).

            The stereotype of a neurotic mentally ill j3wish chick having to make time to see her shrink is a well worn cliché, which once again happens to be very accurate… but then that is half the allure of them isn’t it, their crazy irrationality – makes them great in the sack though.

            So on the one hand IQ helps a society in making it less violent, yet on the other it has the potential to make it far more neurotic and hence dysfunctional.

          • You mean lower IQ associated with environmental factors like lead in the water or other pollutants, too include neurotoxins – ???? – and how that might correlate with historical factors which are economic in origin and not one of this mysterious culture you keep referring too?

            I wonder if there is some control group one might use to ascertain a bench mark for such, then again the psychiatric discipline is divided on IQ let alone its tricky or that is just a metric, one of many, that can be used to evaluate and not some holy grail.

          • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

            Was there lots of lead and other toxins in the water when you were growing up Skippy?

            I keep saying they are environmental factors – no argument there. But nature exists too dummy.

          • Nature in your use is bastardized to support some notion of a superior race of humans which should administrate over all others, not very democratic sounding is it. BTW could you supply the genetic code which identifies this group of special people and what might be its population ratio and where they originally come from.

            Spencer bastardized nature too, just to forward his deductive ideological views …. still waiting to hear why the “Von” Mises mob removed the heraldic/historic shield and the Von [authoritarian social by birth right] like a bad habit.

          • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

            I’ve never said one group is superior – I’ve said there are irreconcilable differences between population groups that will guarantee there is NEVER equality between the two population groups. Without recognising those differences exist you will create resentment and waste resources trying to solve social problems that are naturally occurring.

            People like you use race and rac!sm as cudgel to silence opposition to your hateful views and as a source of power… you are no better than a slimy juicy Bolshevik like Trotsky.

          • You can engage in tautology till the end of time, but sociology/anthro is quite clear on economic security promoting cohesive benevolent society more than any other one factor, contra economic insecurity driving people to the authoritarian hard right and fundamentalist religions or cults.

          • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

            Blah ha ha ha ha ha hah!

            Sorry, sorry….Blah ha ha ha ha ha hah!

            You are accusing me of tautology?

            Stating facts – me. Denying facts – you.

    • agreed, all a bit overblown i reckon. surely this was the expected minimum ruckus these folks would cause. if it all stops here, it’s just a bit of healthy democratic push and shove. try this in China and the crowd would have been turned into speed bumps for tanks.

    • Coup, civil war, come on… It’s a security fail, should never have got inside the building. Headline should be:Embarrassing security failure lets a bunch of wackos inside enabling them to populate their Instagram and Facebook feed with photos of themselves posing in various symbolic locations inside the Capitol building.

      • Yep. Click bait. I actually avoided clicking on it initially because it had a dumb title, but then entered it just to comment on how dumb it was.

      • To be fair, it’s not like anyone could have seen this coming. The situation has escalated incredibly steadily and predictably over the course of a few years.

  4. Reus's largeMEMBER

    So it was fine for BLM to loot and riot but not the other team’s supporters !

    And there was election fraud, have you not seen the video evidence of them scanning the votes from “mysterious briefcases” multiple times.

    Note that the DEMS are not saying they did not steal the election, they are saying they won’t allow the others to present the evidence in front of a court.

    • RobotSenseiMEMBER

      I missed the part where BLM were armed, stormed the Capitol, or tried to rig an election.

      Other than those minor details, absolutely equivalent.

      • The Trump supporters in the Capitol Building are not armed. There was one shot fired and that was from a guard killing an unarmed woman. There is no way they can storm Congress, armed, with elected officials inside and not be gunned down.

    • You clown, Reus will be unhappy with you using his name and polluting his integrity like you have.

      The courts have rejected the numerous bull2h!t3 arguments about fraud more than you can count on your toes and fingers. Just so you now, that’s more than 20!

  5. They still have some sense of civil obedience.
    They are still waking in between the roped walkway like tourists.
    Not exactly the burning of the Reichstag.

    • This isn’t the end of it, the spooks and cops need to be a lot more organized for the Biden inauguration.

    • Hernando de Soto

      @Chris Becker – This is the end result of the practical erosion of Free Speech in the West. Liberal democracy and science thrives on members:
      1. Being willing to admit they may be wrong
      2. Having access to a diverse information diet

      But the past two decades have shown erosion of free speech:
      Whereas previously they were just ignored (or even rebutted), today employees, students, and professors are all punished administratively for saying something that contradicts the narrative of the predominant members, or that may be offensive to someone.

      When people aren’t allowed free speech, they express their opinions with a riot.

        • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

          Nah – I don’t watch either “Left” wing or “Right” wing telly – the MSM is just a conveyor belt of Globalist bulls!t, lies and propaganda.

        • Donald Rumsfeld

          Dennis you guzzle left wing mainstream propaganda like its the second kuming of our lord.

          Everything you write is just a worn out CNN trope from Don Lemon – I bet you believed every word, and still do, of Jessy Smollet.

          • Pot, meet kettle.

            P.S. your comment down below on Biden environment destroying…..lololol. Have you seen what Trump has done to the EPA, what he’s doing in Alaska?

    • Chris Becker please play attention. Unless your being ironic you would notice that this is not the reality. You continually examples of you no keeping up with what the world is compared to what you think it is is disturbing as you are one of the gatekeeper to this site, a site I love and respect for its realitive impartiality.

        • Becker simply has the opposite biases. His post is pure schadenfreude. He’s been a mouth-breathing anti-Septic for as long as I’ve been here. There’s nothing intellectual about it, just like there isn’t in most window-licking Aussies. Hypocritical morons who fancy themselves to be intellectuals.

  6. Did MB hire the Daily Telegraph headline writer for 2021? Brink of Civil War? Really? So there’s a few hundred morons who have been incited to protest the election result, then the mob decided to storm the Capitol Building. Let us know when the South rises again.

      • That’s based on a Vox survey. There’s still no logic in your assertion. 75% of Republican voters polled agree that the allegations of voter fraud have made them question Biden’s victory. This does not mean that Civil War is going to eventuate.

          • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

            Resist! The Russians stole the election!…. oh hang on, Biden won…. Unite! The deplorables are trying to steal the election!

          • Donald Rumsfeld

            Best thing about a Biden Victory is we can celebrate his 50 year record of the most racist, anti-black, war mongering, environment destroying, corporate shilling of any politician in US history.

            As bad as Trump was – Biden is literally Satan in comparison – but CNN guzzlers like yourself would have absolutely no idea about his voting record or political history.

            Orange man bad – Hillary good. Go pies !Go pies ! Go pies ! Go pies ! Go pies !

            Just a pathetic regurgitation of the guzzle with absolutely no critical thinking.

          • Resist! The Russians stole the election!…. oh hang on, Biden won…. Unite! The deplorables are trying to steal the election!

            I am genuinely curious what you think this incoherent mess is saying.

      • bolstroodMEMBER

        Do we have a plan “B” for Anzus if the US disolves into civil war ?
        We are living in interesting times.

        • No. But I’d like to see Arsetralia dissolve it. The coup de grace of entitlement and stupidity for the ages. Please cut the cord. Straya doesn’t deserve my tax dollars. My kids have passports. They can flee this mess.

          • bolstroodMEMBER

            Very sorry to see the developments in your country Kodiak.
            If you feel that Arsestralia is not worthy of your tax dollars, and you and your kids have passports
            WTF don’t you use them.

          • It’s inevitable one day, Bolshevik. I’m separated now. They will be here until they flee to the US to get a decent tertiary education – now impossible here in Arsetralia.

  7. RobotSenseiMEMBER

    Trump supporters need to uppercut themselves.
    With a shovel.
    Until the message sinks in.

  8. The symbolism of this event isn’t that it’s an attempted coup or disruption. Or that Trump is trying to take power or that it’s the cusp of a civil war. The symbolism is that the Trump era had its last gasp of air as it dies its death, pilled onto the bodies of almost 400K Americans dead and the ring of the bell ushering in a Democrat president, house and senate. The republicans took the poison pill when the backed Trump into the Whitehouse, and there is no more effective poison pill than one that tastes sweet at first and kills slowly….

    • And resulted in the greatest economic boom of the past decades, including record-low unemployment for African Americans.

      Now we will go back to mega-charged immigration. Mexicans (illegal) and Indians (legal) only!

    • Somewhat poetic….and absolutely correct.

      It is quirky that Trump’s final weeks are just making a return to power by the Republican Party any time soon that much harder to achieve. His legacy will be one of widespread revulsion for a naked, egotistical attempt to retain the presidency by force majeure.

        • Sorry, I will break it down for the simpletons.

          Trump is a clown.
          He says “They stole the election from me. Waahhh”.
          Most people don’t believe him.
          Even some really bigtime legal people in a thing called the US Supreme Court.
          Trump cries “But..but..the sacred landslide”.
          He wants to steal the election his own rightful way of course.
          Some people do believe him, and follow his call to cause trouble.

          Got it? I could do a Dr Seuss version just for you, if it helps.

  9. sydboy007MEMBER

    began the civil war has
    end of the republic is

    Will be fun to watch if Trump does a Hilary and never admits defeat. even more fun will be if trump starts the partiot party and appeals to the outcast left and centrists and the republicans who hate the RINOs and never trumpers.

    Glad I went long popcorn.

    The most fun wiill be from the squad and extreme progressives who’ll believe they have a mandate and unfettered power to reshape the USA into the utopia they bellieve is just one tax rise away, one anti white hiring legislation, one Govt lead boondogle away. It’s going to be so much fun seeing the fake left eat themselves.

  10. It’s ok, it’s mostly peaceful though and the government has insurance so it should be ok. The whole point of peaceful protest is to make people feel uncomfortable.

    Right on cue, MB”s cosmopolitan brigade led by Chris Becker giving their usual milquetoast takes on US politics that we’ve heard a million times, while having their feet up on the couch with a glass of red and wearing none of the political or physical risk. As others have said, the yanks have the balls and the means to do something about it, while we just sit here and whinge online about the pillaging of our country.

    • Too early for a red, I’m having a lime spritzer with my smashed avocado on toast, eating it with my feet up on the Turkish pouffe.
      Of course, I have a popcorn box on the other side reading the MB Trumpists coming out of the woodworks here yet again…

      • Thanks for proving my point, standing on the sidelines being snarky/moral while wearing none of the actual risk. It’s about all you’re good for on this site.

        I don’t know how you derived “Trumpist” from me making an observation about repeated, vapid Australian commentary on US politics, but then again I do from a glance at years of boomer tier anti-Trump memes in Macro Afternoon.

  11. The USA, like Australia, has ceased to be a nation. Unlike us they have mass poverty and guns. This leads to greater levels of anger and self confidence and hence violence. The place will split eventually into social units that have sufficient cohesion.

    • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

      More diversity – that is what America needs. More diversity to unit behind, that will make them stronger and more united.

      • 100%

        Especially more LEGAL H1B immigration from India for the American middle class and more students. “They should be stapling green cards to the back of diplomas” – Charlie “Koch” Kirk

        • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

          Just imagine how big the US economy will be with One BILLION people living in it (not Americans mind you, just atomised, diversified, MultiCult consumers).

  12. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    It’s a wonder that no one has put a bullet in Trump’s head.
    Is not the Secret Service sworn to protect the United States of America?

  13. kierans777MEMBER

    I think my favourite part of the news footage of people storming the Capitol building was watching everyone happily climb through broken windows to get in. Doors are for Democrats I tell ya!!

    We are witnessing the falling of an empire.

    • You are hoping for it more like. It’s like the idiot teenager in the back seat hoping the driver takes them off a cliff.

  14. Yep…MB has definitely jumped the shark.
    Just waiting for all the whack jobs on here to start blaming the Labour Party (you know the guys who have been in power for slightly LESS than 6 years out of 25- including getting Australia thorugh the Global Financial Crisis). At least America still has a left (ish) side to politics. We lurch more and more to the right with every passing year of the LNP.

    • Reus's largeMEMBER

      Yes but in those 6 short years they made more of a mess than the other fcukwits did, like opening the doors to China to buy up everything via traitor KRudd.

        • RobotSenseiMEMBER

          And this current LNP iterstion have sold more to China – including the Port of Darwin – than all other federal governments combined.

          But absolutely 100% Kevin Rudd’s fault.

          • Keating started the pivot to China and the “Asianisation of Australia” in the late 80’s as Treasurer. Both sides have just managed it since then wihout changing it. Rudd priced an entire generation out by letting the foreign buyers (read: China) in.

            You can have your team red v team blue measuring contest if you want, but if you don’t want to ask yourself why your so bad that you can’t even beat the LNP for more than 6 of the last 23 years because you offer no alternative to them, you are the problem.

          • RobotSenseiMEMBER

            No, but the casting of the ALP as some kind of policy Trotsky is patently misleading. Remember when we had a debt and deficit disaster a few years ago when they had to contend with the GFC? Now it is a full-blown farce but she’ll be right, LNP debt is good debt.

            I raise this as a single example. We can go into the ALP shooting themselves in the foot all the time sure, but this underlying narrative of “it was worse under the ALP” is rolled-gold bollocks.

        • What the Left might possibly do in someone’s wildest dreams is always a bigger threat than what the Right is actually doing.


          This is true regardless of whether you are measuring absolutely or relatively.

        • OMFG twice, the doors were open long before that, I remember when the japanese were the ones buying everything in sight…

          • And that didn’t work out well for them, lost a sh!te load in Queensland property developments.

    • As far right as Labor has come, they are still well left of the Democrats who don’t even all agree that public healthcare is a good idea.

    • Various Trumpists sit in their Confederate flag-bedecked pick-up trucks in the garage, sipping on a Bud, and proceed to scratch their collective bums, as they dolefully absorb the news of Trumps Twitter suspension.

      “Tarnation! How the heck am I going to know what to think for the next 12 hours!!”

  15. In any case, the American Empire is now over.

    China is the pre-eminent power, and their century begins.

    What has the USA achieved in the last 70 years anyway? Just dumb wars, overthrowing foreign governments, and holding back action of climate change and sugar.

    China has achieved excellence in manufacturing, suppressed violent religion in their midst, and driven the rollout of electric vehicles and renewable energy.

    We need to kowtow to China and resume selling them all our stuff. Australia needs to formally shift allegiances to China. Macrobusiness needs to get in line.

    The only thing that China gets wrong is environmental pollution – just keep up strong pressure against deforestation, plastic pollution, coal plant building.

    • But half the commenters on here write today’s events off as media fabrication or exaggeration. Man, some people lost touch with reality a loong time ago.

    • good footage. lucky it didn’t end with more casualties.

      feels like an excellent time for GFCv2, with the Democrats in control of both houses there’s a risk they could decide too much of this free money could get thrown down to the plebs…we’ll need something that makes deficits matter again. /conspiracy

  16. I find it hilarious reading all the world leaders decrying the people doing the riots but not once mentioning the person that has spent months riling them all up.

  17. Sigh both the republican and democratic parties are Washington Consensus or Third Way with only the PR idpol wrapper being the difference between the two. Then again I posted this yesterday and got nada –

    Referring too –

    Yet lest we forget the 14 city paramilitary crack down on occupy and around 10M people got evicted, economy for the unwashed never recovered, largest wealth transfer upward in modernity [now increased post covid], and my only question is where is Patton to lead the Cavalry charge against the pension protestors at the Capitals doorstep ….

    Lots of ignorant deductive branch and leaf display comment that have absolutely no historical reference points …. wheeeeeeeeee~~~~

  18. Living LIFE has become too expensive. The housing market should have crashed a long time ago.

    Im guessing all them protestors are protesting because they are about to lose money.

  19. Trump should have just walked, even if there were questions regarding some ballots, Biden won by more than 6m votes!!!