More Trump protests planned?

Via NYT:

Officials in state capitals across the country are bracing for a spillover from last week’s violent assault on the U.S. Capitol, with legislatures already becoming targets for protesters in the tense days around the inauguration of the incoming president, Joseph R. Biden Jr.

Gone is a large measure of the bonhomie that usually accompanies the annual start of the legislative season, replaced by marked unease over the possibility of armed attacks and gaps in security around statehouses that have long prided themselves on being open to constituents.

“Between Covid and the idea that there are people who are armed and making threats and are serious, it was definitely not your normal beginning of session,” said Senator Jennifer A. Jordan, a Democratic legislator in Georgia who watched the police officers assembled outside the State Capitol in Atlanta on Monday from her office window. “Usually folks are happy, talking to each other, and it did not have that feel.”

Dozens of state capitols will be on alert in the coming days, following calls among a mix of antigovernment organizations for actions in all 50 states on Jan. 17. Some of them come from far-right organizations that harbor a broad antigovernment agenda and have already been protesting state Covid-19 lockdowns since last spring. The F.B.I. this week sent a warning to local law enforcement agencies about the potential for armed protests in all 50 states.

In a video news conference on Monday, Gov. Gavin Newsom of California said that “everybody is on high alert” for protests in Sacramento in the days ahead.

More at CNN on legal process:

The House of Representatives is expected to vote Tuesday on a measure calling for President Donald Trump to be removed from office through the 25th Amendment in the wake of the violent siege of the US Capitol last week.

The resolution, brought forward by Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin of Maryland, calls on Vice President Mike Pence “to immediately use his powers under section 4 of the 25th Amendment to convene and mobilize the principal officers of the executive departments in the Cabinet to declare what is obvious to a horrified nation: That the President is unable to successfully discharge the duties of his office.”

It further calls on Pence to assume “the powers and duties of the office as Acting President.”

Approval of the resolution by the Democratic-led House will stand as a symbolic rebuke to the President as many lawmakers are furious and reeling from the deadly attack on the Capitol by Trump supporters seeking to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

It comes as House Democrats are now moving rapidly toward impeaching the President for a second time as a result of the insurrection, which Trump incited after repeatedly making false claims that the election had been stolen from him and calling for his supporters to fight back.

House Democrats plan to vote Wednesday to impeach Trump, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said on a caucus call Monday, setting up an impeachment vote one week after rioters overran Capitol police and breached some of the most secure areas of the Capitol.

More pushback by social media, at the ABC:

Twitter has suspended more than 70,000 accounts associated with the far-right QAnon conspiracy theory following last week’s US Capitol riot.

The social media company said on Tuesday it was taking action against online behaviour “that has the potential to lead to offline harm”.

The decision comes after the events last week in Washington DC, where a mob of pro-Trump loyalists tried to violently storm the Capitol building.

Twitter said that in many cases, a single individual operated numerous accounts, driving up the total number of accounts to be removed.

I can’t see how any sustained violence can do anything other than alienate the vast majority of Americans.

David Llewellyn-Smith


  1. Hernando de Soto

    Interesting to see how the media classifies Trump supporters as “violent” while BLM was “mostly peaceful”.

    • The difference is that the BLM protesters are doing violence to their fellow citizens and police, while the Trump protesters are doing violence to the politicians and the media. Having your life threatened by a lynch mob is a life changing experience, and there were many reporters hiding inside Capital Hill during the failed insurrection event.

      • The difference is that the BLM protesters are doing violence to their fellow citizens and police, while the Trump protesters are doing violence to the politicians and the media.

        The difference is that only the Trump supporters who were actually being violent, are being called violent.

        That is a very different thing to saying everyone who attended a BLM protest was being violent.

        • That is only the difference in drsmithy redefinition world.
          The nuance between only Trump supporters acting violently and all Trump supporters is extremely hazy and not one the media is really stretching to distinguish.
          But I do love a drsmithy auto-reframing where the BLM issue is refocussed as applying to all BLM protesters and the Trump issue only to the Capitol protesters.

    • Pretty sure parading the confederate flag through the congress of the union is more violent. Look up the 1860s…

      • Once you strip away symbolism, objectively, the widespread and sustained violence of the former is clearly ‘more violent’ than the latter, pick your violence metric (property destruction, economic loss, injury, death). But hey, I’ll lock down your neighborhood for a week or so, and then burn down your house maybe, all less violent until some moron parading the confederate flag turns up.

        Your neighborhood burns, I turn up to work in a kente cloth, my office is trashed and I publicly compare it to pearl harbor.

        The constant attempts to minimize the impact and responsibility of one groups actions over another along partisan and racial lines is one of the reasons they are were they are. And so the show goes on.


      Not sure when encouraging supporters to storm the Capitol after losing an election became classic conservatism?

  2. “I can’t see how any sustained violence can do anything other than alienate the vast majority of Americans.”
    That so many are already willing to go to those levels of violence indicates that a huge portion of americans are already alienated.

  3. There is a growing realisation that it is impossible to talk any sense into Trump supporters.
    I have tried a few times, and those guys are completely tone deaf.
    In these circumstances the only rational thing to do is to go on the attack with violence and lock them up.
    Many cops used to support Trump, but now the mob attacked the cops, the cops will turn on the mob.
    Biden and the Democrats know this is there only chance to destroy Trump, or he will be back in 2024.

    • pfh007.comMEMBER

      “..Biden and the Democrats know this is there only chance to destroy Trump, or he will be back in 2024…”

      They would be better off not impeaching Trump and leaving him free to destroy the republican party for years. That will ruin any chance Trump might have in 2024.

      The moral grandstanding of seeking an impeachment a few days before Trump is gone will not help the DNC and may actually help Trump paint himself as a victim.

        • From a partisan point of view, yes, Trump was the DNC’s best asset for 2018 and 2020 elections.
          But for the country, you want the cancer Trump represents to be cut out, so that it does not return in a more competent form. RNC needs to clean out the crazies and become electable again. And Congress need to demonstrate the consequences of such an assault are so bad that no-one does it again. People looking to demonstrate for the next fortnight are putting their heads in the mouth of a very annoyed lion and expecting it does not bite.

          • If you want to pull out the weeds in your yard, you should first let them grow taller. Then you can easily see where they grow.

          • Actually there is much support for the view that a helluva lot of Americans are not represented by the politicians of both parties. Trump was a Democrat until 2015. If he had been taken out early someone would have popped up.

            The public will find someone and there will be a new party, maybe a party which puts on term limits, and Dems and the RINOS will be panicking in 2022 and 2024. It’s already clear which conservatives will join the third party.

            Point I am making it’s not Trump the personality.

            Unemployment underTrump by Dec 2019 was lowest postwar. Black and Hispanic unemployment at historic lows, a lot of people considered he tried to do something for them. It was clear how he was opposed by every agent possible, no reason for the unrepresented masses to change their minds. His presence has clarified a lot, but

      • I don’t know about that. There are now a number of house republicans that have stated publicly that they will vote to impeach Trump and media reports that house leaders Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy have discussed (off record) the pros and cons of supporting impeachment or asking Trump to resign. Impeachment probably looks like the more attractive option for them because Trump is likely to stick around and make the Republicans lives/careers hell either way. At least that way, the party can cut ties.

        Without social media and the protection of the office of the President, Trump will probably fade into obscurity and die.

          • The likes of McConnell have six more years in the Senate – four of those at least will be as a minority. Self-interest is a mighty motivator and Trumpo is mortally wounded. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if momentum is swinging firmly towards a Senate impeachment.

          • If you are expecting a Republican “turnaround”, then it pays to remember that the chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.

          • I’m not expecting it, by I wouldn’t be surprised. They can’t remove him from office if he’s already gone, but they can remove his entitlements. That would sting bigly.

        • “Without social media and the protection of the office of the President, Trump will probably fade into obscurity and die.”

          Bingo, which is what makes all the theatre around impeachment, the 25th, the 14th, nuclear codes etc all the more counterproductive. Jo knows it, that’s why he is doing the fence sitting routine. At the end of the day, these are US politicians, and that swap contains individuals every bit the vindictive, narcist that Trump is (the color of their tie matters not), These guys want a show, they want to ‘win’ and damn the consequences that are not really theirs to bare.

          • I don’t disagree except to say that I think impeachment will work in the GOP’s favour. I think Pence is likely to say no to invoking the 25th purely so articles of impeachment can be introduced and voted in favour.

            Trump is not only the antithesis of the Dems – he is also the antithesis of the GOP. They have at least four years without executive OR legislative power because of Trumpism and now the dems have given them the perfect opportunity to cut ties with Trumpism.

          • Nuclear launch codes are a non event. The president has no actual ability to launch nuclear weapons.
            “According to nuclear safety expert Bruce G. Blair, the US Air Force’s Strategic Air Command worried that in times of need the codes for the Minuteman ICBM force would not be available, so it quietly decided to set the codes to 00000000 in all missile launch control centers. Blair said the missile launch checklists included an item confirming this combination until 1977.” from
            The military had and ultimately still has final authority and responsibility for launch.

        • I should also add, I agree with you re the possibility of impeachment. Last time around it was pure show with no reasonable hope of success, this time around it is still theatre, but the majority of the GOP always hated Trump, those loyal to him simply feared him but were happy to ride the wave! Surely now they are just balancing the consequences (Republican voter support and potential Martyrdom) of publicly unhitching and burning the Trump wagon.

  4. USA is facing its own ‘Falun Gong’ moment, and have responded exactly like the Chinese Communist Party with censorship and persecution. Underneath the thin veneer of democracy, the USA is no different to China.

    To those who don’t know, Falun Gong is a cult (somewhat like Church of Scientology) that managed to infiltrate the Chinese Communist Party in huge numbers. When Jiang Zemin eventually realized this, he went ballistic and orders a complete purge in China. QAnon is the same. It’s ideology have managed to infiltrate all sector of the society, including the army and the police That the only way the protester can locate Democrats politician’s unmarked office inside the building.

    4chan may end up destroying civilization as we know it. (see Prophecy of Q).

    70k QAnon accounts have been blocked on Twitter. They may not have their organs harvested like in China, but they will definitely lose their job.

    • wow – really ? QAnon the same as Falun Gong ? Thats a new one. I can’t speak for the communist party’s reaction – which was almost certainly appalling, but the 2 ideologies couldn’t be more different.

    • Nice comparison.
      Qanon and Trump represents the concept that you can lie about anything and the truth is irrelevant.
      The truth is the foundation of society and the truth needs to be returned to its rightful place on the podium.
      All the institutions built up over the decades to find the defend the truth need to start working together to unwind 4 years of Trump turning the swamp into a sess pit.
      This starts with putting Trump in jail, and letting him rot until he dies.
      Its not really revenge, its just justice.

    • Jumping jack flash

      Pretty sure Trump lacks the depth or intelligence to have anything to do with QAnon, but I’m sure the QAnon members loved the exposure. Or not. Regardless it was simply more anti-Trump, orange man bad, sensationalist nonsense like the golden showers and the Russians and the [first] impeachment, etc etc etc.

      Now, BLM is a far more obtuse organisation. The difference between them and QAnon is similar to the difference between a hammer and a logic analyser.

      Far more people can identify with a hammer, though.

    • So Turnbull is now a US History scholar? The guy got rich by his platform as a banker and is useless at everything else.

  5. I bet the protests will stop as soon as Trump completes his takeover of the GOP and re-branding of the GOP as a political division of the Trump brand.

      • It is said that the chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.

        • RobotSenseiMEMBER

          I was really hoping that was an Obi Wan quote.
          Google tells me Warren Buffett. Eh, close enough.

          • Ahhhhh, I thought I quoted Warran Buffett and Yogi Berra more often than the Star Wars characters, but well, maybe not recently.

  6. So when A BLM/Antifa/Whatever mob invades your place of work, smashes things up and terrifies everybody it’s a peaceful protest. When it happens to the politicians themselves they’re furious and reeling. The hypocrisy of these lizards is mind boggling.

    If I was a US politician right now I’d be very damn worried. There’s a lot of angry people with guns over there, and the Republican congressional baseball team are a good reminder of what they’re capable of.

    • A mob busted into the legislative building with zip ties chanting ‘hang Mike Pence’ while elected representatives were certifying the presidential election result.

      It was a large step up from Tyrone looting a widescreen from Best Buy.

    • When did it happen to you? See the Capitol is an attack on America not an attack on some Americans.

      In the 30s when the Bonus Army occupied *the grounds* not the actual congress, look up what happened next…

  7. It’s funny how mainstream media is completely ignoring Michael Beller. It’s raging on social media, but mostly silent from the anti-Trump camp with a few defending “free speech” and how it was “taken out of context”. Yeah, forcing Republican children into “re-education” camp is nothing bad if spoken under the right context.

    It’s all on Trump at the moment. All the effort to get rid of him while ignoring the voices from the Republican supporters. Best way to get unity and forgiveness in America!

    • There’s a difference between nuts talking sht, and a nut talking sht that leads to mobs marching on Congress to try and overturn an election result.

    • To their credit, apparently PBS has fired that lawyer and made a public statement. Can’t say I’m fan of cancel culture, the kind that results in someone publicly losing their livelihood over a private dinner conversation but if that’s the world we live in now, applying it equally to lunatics regardless of their social or political ideology will go a long way to calming down the masses.

  8. The Trumpian element of the Republican party, and those Trump supporters who don’t really care for either of the major parties but are fanatical supporters of Trump, remind me of abusive children. They have made life difficult for those who are around them, and even for those who know the family and yet aren’t able to intervene. Many have cowered due to the fear of their wrath. If they don’t get what they want they lash out and don’t care who gets hurt. Those that turned a protest into a riot (there were two elements at the gathering, the protesters and the rioters) have finally allowed a lot of civil society to speak out without the fear of being bullied because they know that wider society will no longer stand for the BS.

    The worst of the Trump supporters have used Trump to act out their political insurrection fantasies, and Trump has used them as a tool to get what he wants. These are people who don’t care for the political process, or compromise. If what has been doing the rounds on social media platforms is true then there are some who believe that a last stand of sorts is coming up. Hopefully they don’t go that far. They predominantly appear to be cowards who rely on being in a mob. May their cowardice be greater than their anger so that no more people are hurt and America can sort its sh1t out.

    For those who would reply with the whataboutism of BLM and the events around those protests and riots, that’s another topic. Like apples and oranges, they are of the one type yet they are different. The issue is the threat of violence from one group of extremists over the coming days.

  9. COVID everywhere by winter

    Did the left really think they had won this war when they silenced their opponents on social media?

    The left spent 2016-19 denying the result of the 2016 election and I’m sure many still think Trump stole the election by “colluding” with Russians.

  10. The GOP would have been slaughtered by Hillary in 2016 without Trump.
    Most of them are a useless lot of shifty old guys that the electorate did not want.