Macro Afternoon

See the latest Australian dollar analysis here:

Macro Afternoon

Asian share markets are very unsettled going into the final trading session of the week, with the Biden stimulus plan not landing on the right note for risk takers as higher taxes are definitely on the agenda. Gold and silver remain somewhat depressed but are not pulling back to any new session lows, while Bitcoin is flat lining in Asian trade, unable to breach the $40,000 level which could setup a dangerous situation going into the chaotic weekend trade:

The Shanghai Composite is falling sharply just after the lunch break, down over 0.5% after floating along nicely at the open, now at 3546 points and back to where it started the week. Meanwhile in Hong Kong the Hang Seng Index is having a scratch day while Japanese markets are taking some heat out of recent gains with the Nikkei 225 down around 0.5% to 28565 points going into the close as the USDJPY pair is unable to get back above the 104 level after the US jobless claims whack from overnight:

The ASX200 is the only bourse in the green, up 0.3% going into the close at 6731 points, remaining above the 6700 point level in what should be a good overall signal for investors. Meanwhile the Australian dollar has pulled back most of its overnight gains as it still wrestles with a stronger USD at just above the mid 77’s going into the London open:

Eurostoxx and S&P futures are falling sharply this afternoon in line with other risk markets with the four hourly chart of the S&P500 now threatening former firm support that has held all week at the 3780 point level as it fails to properly breakout above the 3800 point level:

The economic calendar finishes out the week with US retails sales and the latest Michigan consumer sentiment print.

Have a good weekend and stay safe!

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  1. Etoro came out with a warning

    ‘Extreme Conditions’ May Force eToro to Limit Crypto Buy Orders
    A huge surge of new users and growing demand may result in the exchange limiting how much crypto each user can buy….In the first 11 days of the year, eToro had over 380,000 new users register with the exchange.

    I don’t know why this would be a problem for E-Toro unless it was running a synthetic book/market. Each BTC traded on its exchange should theoretically be bought or sold from another E-Toro user. However, from my investigations so far in regards to TDXP it appears as though most exchanges have the basic trading assumption that 70% of their traders will lose, so at a retail level you are mainly betting against the exchange as opposed to other traders.

    Given the vol in BTC when it blows off, if it experiences an extreme surge over the weekend as retail goes long, then come Monday eToro staff might walk in to find the have a huge short position against as all it’s loser traders come up winners, that they would then have to go out into the market to honor, which will only make their pain even worse.

    Anyhow, just further evidence of my statement that Crypto is always liquidity constrained on the upside, while imho downside is cushioned by USDT.

    • “it appears as though most exchanges have the basic trading assumption that 70% of their traders will lose, so at a retail level you are mainly betting against the exchange as opposed to other traders.”

      So in other words it operates exactly like a corporate bookmaker? I had a mate that worked in CFD (contracts for differences, sometimes called “spread betting) and it is EXACTLY like a bookmaker. Why lay off a trade (i.e. be an exchange) when you know the trade is a loser. [this happened in IB with corporate clients – wasn’t considered out of the ordinary but something that was a discussion and never an email!!]

      • The infamous A list and B lists. Yup – these exchanges are virtually completely unregulated, so it would not surprise me in the slightest, although as eToro operates in the US it may be more compliant than others. Regardless, they appear to be trying to minimise any risk to a weekend price spike.

      • Rorke's DriftMEMBER

        That’s really interesting Anon. I’m experienced in trading financial markets but the past few months have be dealing in large bets with Betfair for the first time. Huge execution problems of various types but they clearly have a bookmakers mentality (e.g. profiling their clients) vs the ASX whereas they should be very similar operations as an exchange.

        I though it must have been the NT legislation driving certain actions but I never though that they might be taking the other side of bets and not just operating an exchange.

        Surely the regulator wouldn’t let them do that, would they?

    • eToro is not an exchange, it’s a brokerage. It places orders and settles with actual exchanges. E.g. it’s CommSec to the ASX, not the ASX itself.

      It also doesn’t allow trade in real crypto, but in CfDs tied to crypto prices. I suspect their wholesale settlement arrangements on crypto are volume capped and with 380,000 new customers who all want to get long BTC they are worried they will hit their agggregate position long limit with their wholesale counterparty. So they will pro-rate buy orders across users to maintain the cap. Better than having to halt buys for all users at some arbitrary stage over the weekend when they hit the long cap. People would think the platform was broken.

      Pretty damn bullish for BTC if correct!

        • RobotSenseiMEMBER

          I understand the basic concept, and some of the technical detail, and the takeaway is “farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrk”

          • Yup – while I am happy to trade around the edges atm, I have no delusions that this is anything other than a bubble being fueled by Tether.

            I was VERY concerned about Tether at the last boom, when it played a similar systemic role. The narrative you have just read was pretty much identical to the light bulb going off in my head at the time – I freaked and moved all my Crypto off Tether exchanges. But in the end the bubble popped without Tether being taken down, they stopped issuing, and so became less important, plus I no longer had any exposure to Tether exchanges.

            However as their printing has resumed this year and cranked up, they have once again become critically important from a systemic point of view…. imho it is only a matter of time until they are either raided or issues a stop order – then….?

  2. Looks as though antifa were involved in the capitol riot. XiNN journalist also broke in hopefully she is apprehended as well.

  3. “The ASX200 is the only bourse in the green, up 0.3% going into the close at 6731 points”

    I got the finish at:

    S&P/ASX 200
    6,715.40 +0.10 (0.0015%)

  4. I did the politicalcompass smithy, and no surprise (to me), turns out, I’m a screaming leftist.

    Smithy….. “I have little disagreement with the ideas Gunna has posted for the “No more BS” party. To be honest I generally I have little disagreement with MB’s “official” policy positions on most issues (though I think they’ve gone a bit off the rails recently about China and “identity politics”).”

    Aligning with smithy, is the nail in the coffin for the BSP, Gunna. His views are to the extreme left of the Greens, which I’d guess could therefore attract up to about 5 voters.

    Is that what you set out to do?

    • President elect George Bernard Shaw

      One of the nails for BSP is propsing that commonwealth fiscal expenditure be used to subsidise mortgage payments to the banks through the tax system for individuals. I thought the idea was to reduce the BS. Also having everyone on a tax register is dubious. That happens in Brazil for a fee and it leads to kidnappings, ransom etc.

      • The BS party should have 2 polices. Stop immigration, and force the ABC to be independent, impartial and politically centrist. Mass sackings, reset it, not enshrine funding..

        To then listen to what constituents want and formulate policy prior to the second election it runs in. All the social housing, welfare, increase humanitarian intake, fund the ABC would be as popular as a fart while wearing masks at the woollies checkout.

        • Tell that to the MBAs the LNP demanded that the ABC be administrated by … you know markets thingy …

          • What a tragic combination. An ABC that doesn’t criticise the LNP while at the same time being extreme leftards.

            It can’t go on.

  5. Barry’s – “What is Wrong with These People?” –

    “Re-upping from 2017: “‘What the hell is wrong with those people?’ If the events of recent weeks (or years) have you asking yourself that, the answer is: not very much. They simply suffer from a small but crucial error in the way their brains create models [tm] of the world around them.”

    From the basic principal about human minds constantly seeking patterns to inform them of their world they live in and as such survive, speculated evolutionary upgrade, one might think the information processed on the ground in a natural setting vs. what has occurred since the advent of glyphs, written language, print, radio [audio], TV [visual+audio], and now the advent of full immersion behaviorally targeted [advertising bucks] digital multi device information … wellie one could only wonder at the results of all that digital Bernays sauce jack hammering peoples innate evolutionary pattern seeking behavior and what might be the outcome of all that … ummm.

    It makes one ponder if some actually understand this stuff and play around with it for one reason or another, then others cotton on and use it to gain market share from the other mob and then once the ball gets rolling it gets a life of its own and the dial is ratcheted up regardless of the increasing results on its targeted audience and the social dysfunction that goes with it.

    I mean its not like in the old MB days myself pointed out the best child psychologists working for PR/Marketing firms for the big bucks whilst targeting kids as young as 3 years old and adjusted the tools as their minds developed to 5 years old … sorta like burning in soft ware …

    Youngest son is back up with the old boys on his uncles property before school starts and with it his apprenticeship with Volvo CE after a bit of Noosa holidays.

    • migtronixMEMBER

      “From the basic principal about human minds constantly seeking patterns to inform them of their world they live in…”

      Nonsense. Patterns aren’t sought they are observed. A pattern is an abstraction of cause and consequence, but some would rather confound and obfuscate than design reasonable tests of logic and language to filter out the erroneous and extraneous…

      • Read up on it mig … humans from time mortal have sought patterns in their surroundings to understand them E.g. seasons, the sky day and night, activity and how day and night effect outcomes, its why we moved past the base line of the rest of the animal world.

        For you on fri – Beastie Boys – Glasgow 1999 (FULL)

        Desire to observe – ?????

        • migtronixMEMBER

          “humans from time mortal have sought patterns”

          A) immemorial I presume
          B) logically not possible. You can’t seek what you haven’t observed – it’s also nonsense psychologically, your favourite idiocy. Nobody seeks patterns, they seek validation – from whom and wherefore is entirely subjective. See the comments section…

          • “logically not possible”

            In appropriate framework for the discussion, not unlike projecting bias backward through time.

            PS regardless of your young intellectual capacity I think your day job and some dalliances with some philosophical views in the past is a bridge you may or may not cross later on in life E.g. it takes ***time*** to learn and all that happens in it has to be constantly reconciled … its not for the faint …

          • migtronixMEMBER

            I see, so you want to complain about subjective behaviour while promoting disinfo that can’t be segregated from the rational by disavowing logic in toto.

            On brand skip 👍

          • All I’m saying is no matter how constant the internal “logic” is does not automatically mean is a fair representation of reality.

            PS I can suggest Lars on all that and you can sort yourself as your time allows.

            PSS. Fkn Samuelson could not understand Keynes so he did the dumbed down version we now call neo new Keynesian and why PKE sorts call it bastardized. So where is the logical framework that substantiates that historical fact pre and post facto.

            PSSS. All why I incorporated the behavioral aspects of your day job imo,

          • Keynes could never completely move on from his past monetarism and if a live today might have a different opinion all thing considered post morte. For one I would have like to have seen bancor, not that it would have been a cure all but a path …. I think that epitomizes what Keynes was about when you boil it down.

          • “if a live today might have a different opinion all thing considered post morte”

            I doubt it very much.

  6. where the hell is ‘Coming’, bring back ‘Coming’ . I thought it would be his time by now?

  7. RobotSenseiMEMBER

    What are the odds we can get some 457 visas going for anyone capable of holding down 1, 2, or 5 in the national team?

  8. The amount of social media posts being deleted because people jumped to conclusions about who the culprit was in the Tullamarine murders is breathtaking. Equally breathtaking is the inability of some of these people to say sorry.

    • President elect George Bernard Shaw

      That’s what prejudice looks like. The people who won’t say sorry should get t-shirts made up that say, ‘This is what prejudice looks like’ and wear them around to feel good about themselves at other people’s expense.

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      Young lady at work this morning was very adamant that it’s always the husband. Always, no argument.

      Incidentally, when we were discussing pet rats and how best to avoid having them accidentally killed I said “Rat Lives Matter” and she called me racist.

      • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

        Well apparently if she has a purple fringe and orange framed glasses she’s always right too. One particular example told me I was in climate change denial for leaving the air con permanently on in the car …. I must be

        • Mining BoganMEMBER

          She’s also the one who tried to get me in trouble with HR when I ran my Tom Hanks must die campaign.

      • Shades of MessinaMEMBER

        For some reason I find this hilariously funny and wish I was the one who had said that.

        “Rat Lives Matter” – brilliant.

    • TailorTrashMEMBER

      Given biology is usually in balance …I have often wondered why toxicity is only ever attributed to males …

      Pity that poor man …If what is being put forward is true

    • RobotSenseiMEMBER

      Guiliani? The bus.
      Pence? The bus.
      Gonna be a lonely weekend in the WH. Hope he enjoys his Scottish holiday Jan 19.

      • The deal is the elites are not some homogeneous mob that holds hands and sings kumbaya for eternity, fads come and go [lmmao Victorians], economists come and go, and politicians come and go … but there is an unspoken agreement on some lines you do not cross … ev’a … the idea that some rabble would enter the buildings that represent the sovereign is a no go zone regardless of your complaint.

    • You could probably count the number of people The Donald wouldn’t throw under the bus on one hand, with fingers left over.

  9. migtronixMEMBER

    But if I wank all day on the blue ska mic
    There’ll be fruits on the driveway tonight
    Still I walk up and down Northcote High St
    On the blue ska mic

      • AU ( AUDUSD ).

        I just noticed Bidens all over Youtube. Guys press conferences going everywhere. I believe the last money dump that I can remember was in the order of $800 bill . It lasted about 4 days before the cocaine high wore off. A money dump of $2 trill should last for a little while heh.

        Bidens $1.9 trill plan speech ( got rid of the first minute as its boring ) –

        AUDUSD is still rising for now… but if US drops the $1.9 trill money bomb then that’ll see DXY rise like crazy… pushing down the AUDUSD for a week or more. You’ll see it in US Bond Yields as they’ll skyrocket.

        Just another day of riding the volatility.

        • What part of 34T-ish post GFC do you not grock … only trade matters and not what its denoted in … short or long …

          Now if you want to talk about distribution or rights to a share we have a completely different conversation and not broaching on money crank trip wires for all of humanities ills.

          • ” only trade matters ”

            You mean the world does more then just print copious amounts of money against itself? How about that… you learn new stuff everyday. Trade. What a novel idea. What smart person thought of that idea?

            You mean my plan to trade currencys and buy up gold is a bad one? You never know, that gold might be worth a lot of money someday.

            $1.9 trillion dollars. That sure is a lot of money printing ha ha. You reckon that will be the last time we print?

            I guess we will see where interest rates go in the future. If they dont rise after $1.9 trillion in printing then somethings got to be wrong. Maybe $5 trillion might do a better job?

            I figure Gold is a better plan then Superannuation. Just got to wait for the right time to retire. In 10 years, it might be worth a lot more then half the assets people invest in today. You never know… it might.

          • All money is debt, even before tokens were used, contracts proceed every transaction with notions of the future, hence trying to create a token that stops time and space is nuts. But some seem “Bent” on devotion to the barter theory of money with a side of says law [refuted].

            Then one wonders why a clown car rocked up to the capital building and took the “free” tour – chortle …

          • Jesus – you don’t understand anything, skipper. Publish your trades if you want credibility. If not, STFU, you windbag.

          • Lmmao at people that confuse gambling and speculation with investment, not to mention what I was pointing out with Brexit … look at it now chortle …

            I mentioned I don’t trade anymore, years ago, I only invest in businesses.

      • Yeah, ok… second thoughts. It’ll probably take till around March before AUDUSD hits 0.81 . Biden will have dropped his money bomb before then. You might have a point.

        Hmm… I think you need stop losses in scenarios like this. I’ll keep an advancing stop loss locked in and see how this plays out. Either it triggers or it doesnt. As long as you keep your trade in profit and dont let it run into the negatives, I cant see how you can go too wrong. I’ll take the charts a day at a time.

        • Don’t take the bait. This knob doesn’t understand currency or any other class more than an ant understands the curvature of the earth. A self-important tosser is the wee skip.

    • rates will not be allowed to go higher as that will trigger mass defaults by too many corps and individuals.
      Two days ago 10Y hit 1.18xx and US markets turned red from green. After some solid bids yields were quickly pushed down to 1.10xx and markets recovered.
      That looks to me as good signal that 10Y yield will not be allowed to pass 1.2 or 1.25 unless someone is prepared to crash the market.
      There is way too much debt.
      My guess is US will keep launching stimulus after stimulus and FED will keep buying bonds to keep rates low. Taxes will go higher and that will also trigger market correction (futures red now for this very reason thanks to Biden’s talk) but taxes will not be hiked too far so no major crash.
      If I am right, then gold price in USDs will go much higher. But when US start to push USD lower so will everyone else in order to protect their own export industries. So, at the end, gold should go up against all currencies.
      Anything’s possible but I can’t see gold falling lower than $1600usd as worst case scenario. More likely $1800 is the bottom and soon we will see price of gold moving higher.

      • Rorke's DriftMEMBER

        Niko at some point rates will be pushed higher in order to trigger mass default of private corporations and individuals. You can see the early steps already with government covid responses around the world smashing private SME’s, forcing more people to depend on the government. Populations are vunerable with the massive debt now and it only takes a little push on rates for the control system to tighten and get people to accept anything for financial relief, regular long term vaccination, vaccine passports, electronic tracking systems (already here), social credit scores, whatever. Dont bet against powerful people seeking to capture more power.

        I agree with you that gold will go higher and you should own some in these troubled times.

          • Rorke's DriftMEMBER

            The US population is the largest private militia in the world with all their guns, just not organised. Everywhere else though they’ve taken the guns, europe, new zealand last year, Australia after the Port Arthur massacre. Have a look at all the people walking around Australian streets with slave masks on their face. This is the test of obedience and compliance of a population. My fellow citizens are not from the warrior class.

  10. Arthur Schopenhauer

    3,915 people died of Covid-19 in the US yesterday. That’s one every 30 or so seconds.

    More than 3,915 deaths are expected today.

    Over 23,000 people died of Covid-19 last week.

    Yesterday in Australia there were no deaths from Covid-19.

    That’s the social distancing, masks, lockdowns and hand hygiene don’t work hypothesis out the window.

    Sobering facts.

        • migtronixMEMBER

          Leonid Brezhnev, Lenny Bruce and Lester Bangs
          Birthday party, cheesecake, jellybean, boom
          You symbiotic, patriotic, slam but neck, right, right

      • almost a year ago ‘Coming’ was very good at playing the rebound, he must be retired in the Bahamas now and not bothered with entertaining plebs on a Friday night

        • And in the long run – ????? – not that he suggested that people should die so markets would not be affected so income stream to investors would not be disrupted …. is that what your are on about – ????

      • remember how “viruses could cross oceans” so social distancing wouldn’t work haha.
        remember how lockdowns wouldn’t lower the reproduction number.
        masks wouldn’t work
        it was just a bad flu season.
        old people are going to die anyway
        curfews were unnecessary (now even France is doing curfews)
        positivity rate was far higher than testing suggested.
        there would never be a vaccine, so “herd immunity” was the only strategy.
        the best approach was to infect everyone … *now*… that is before the virus was better understood and treatments were better developed.
        Everyone should copy Sweden (even though the Swedish private sector wasn’t even copying Sweden and they were still having bad results)

        Imagine if Dan Andrews had of stumbled across one of these guys as an expert advisor.
        “So Dan… look don’t take any measures because you can’t reduce the reproduction number below one, just let everyone get sick because it’s just a bit of a flu, tell the oldies to take one for the team, don’t bother testing because tests don’t capture all the cases, masks don’t work, oh and don’t go to the beach because viruses can cross oceans”.

    • i also remember the let it rippers give MB a serve when the Melbourne outbreak hit for having faith in the hammer/dance strategy.

      0 cases here and vaccines look like being reasonably effective. Meanwhile US/UK right wing populist governments bringing mass death to their communities.

      So much egoistic sh1tfvckery made this site unuseable for nearly 6 months. Hope they’re never coming back

      • You Guys remember Dr Hateboner?

        He would turn up spamming every posting with comments about the need to open up and let it rip and how was moving somewhere where they didnt agree to lockdowns……..

        God only know which bowl he bobs up in now

        • Lmmaso … I can attest in a survival setting that mind set does not fair well …

          BTW what is the up date on the overseas dramas …

      • “Meanwhile US/UK right wing populist governments bringing mass death to their communities”

        this will be one to keep the political scientists busy for a few decades.
        why did the righties so dramatically screw up covid?

        My take is that they enjoy seeing people suffer.

        whatever it is it isn’t because they are tough. studies have shown that lack of humility and inability to consider others is closely tied to lack of resilience and coping ability in the limit
        this is why Trump teared up when he got covid.

        • RobotSenseiMEMBER

          Because facts don’t matter to them. Only the hubris of looking like you know what you’re doing.
          Thing is (like Australia) 99% of the time you get away with it – there’s enough confounders or “she’ll be right, mate” to see you through. This is just that 1% where the bullsh!t can be cut straight through.

        • yah, the right’s ideological opposition to social policies reinforces a latent misanthropy, and their new hardcore supporter base have raised themselves on a diet of internet nihilism and darwin-awards cynicism towards the suffering of others – and both leaders and supporters have little interest in the minuatae of public policy compared to the adrenaline of battle.

          as the article Ronin posted says – these politicians rode the waves of ideological battle to power, lacking any real program for government other than continuing the war against the other (Europe/Mexico/minorities/wokesters).

          Robot is right – most are opportunists on a well-paying grift riding their luck and boosting their ego (Trump,Boris). The truly dangerous ones are the true believers (Bolsonaro in Brazil), where incompetence and sadism combine in a program of destruction of the state pro-‘the lifters’, and a genocide of ‘the leaners’.

      • They have gone very quiet haven’t they. Also the “how good is Sweden” mob … very quiet. Good stuff.
        Mind you if the UK variant takes hold here they might think its time for a comeback, so I hope QLD can stop it before it starts ramping up.

  11. reusachtigeMEMBER

    I am so proud of Gladys, John and the whole Liberal Nationalist team that has got the balance of the Covid response right. Scomo too. They are ace. They never Lock. Us. Down! when the weaklings scream in immense fear. They have kept jobs and growth!! Well done legends!!!!! All good people know Labor could never manage this situation properly.

  12. migtronixMEMBER

    You know you’ve made bad life choices when you’re holding a specially sculpted HJs straw, to refill a crack pipe – mainly because you’re bored and the last person you spoke in person to was the dealer one transacted with for supplies.

    2 weeks ago

    • That sucks. I bought royal canin products in China almost exclusively to fed my cats because it was imported (though mine came from France not the US). Argh I hate the foreign student trade the ethics of it are beyond ugly these days.

    • bolstroodMEMBER

      + A Million
      distract , distract , distract,

      it’s the only way to do it.

      Do What ?

      depopulate the planet in an orderly way.

      Why ?

      Because at our present levels of population /consumption, we will devour the planet in the ner future.

      The reason we do not address the Climate Catastrophe is because it is the mechanism for population reduction

    • “The point of modern propaganda isn’t only to misinform or push an agenda. It is to exhaust your critical thinking, to annihilate truth.” – Garry Kasparov

    • Jumping jack flash

      Ah so politics has caught on that there’s no money in providing solutions or cures, theres only money in endless patches and treatments.

      I guess PC is the culmination of that. The attempt to please everyone means that nobody is pleased, and it means the arguments can rage endlessly, and the government endlessly offers solutions to a problem that has none.

  13. migtronixMEMBER


    Pattern: distributed, largely autonomus, systems rely on consensus quora for efficient and effective network sanity.

    Anti-Pattern: *you*

  14. migtronixMEMBER

    Oh sit down
    Oh sit down
    Oh stand up against the LNP
    sit down, sit down, sit down
    And scare the b00mers

      • World serves its own needs
        Don’t mistake it for your insight
        Its the end of the nerds as we know it
        And I feel fAIne

        • Try reconciling being offered a spot in a special forces team in the 70 only due to how they view you in the gist of the school being shared and taken on as one of their own and later on being a shining corporate star and at the xmas party having an elderly back women take the time to tell you you were the only white kid dancing with soul on the floor.

          Which has more meaning in life …

          • ME is a very limited observation and would seem to hamstring logic …. try answering the questioning from your own perspective considering youth and I would suggest as a person the latter was more significant considering the environment and all.

          • So you want to inject a plurality into your world view from your singular hypotheses.

            Good luck with that

          • Wow look at you … my inference was about not having distinguishing monetary or power significance having a role in society as critical distinction and your all wound up about dualism or pluralism … yeah it was a huge non monetary or socially advancing power ploy to have a woman of her experience to say such a thing to me off the cuff.

            Chortler your still advancing prax …

            No amount of money can change that.

  15. Housing heavens (parts of America) and hells (such as New Zealand) …

    Russell Bone and the family sell the American home and (for what appears to be about the same money) get a tiny trailer in Auckland New Zealand for family living …

    Tiny trailer homes are no solution for a first home affordability crisis … OPINIOM (WATCH HORROR VIDEO) Rob Stock … Stuff New Zealand

    OPINION: Like a man doing a word association test with a psychiatrist, I have automatic reactions to some concepts.

    She says, “extended warranty”, I say “con”. She says “loan”, I say, “risk”. She says, “savings”, I say, “relaxed”. She says “consumer”, I say “human”.

    But when she says, “tiny house”, what would I say? Words and phrases like over-hyped, trailer-dweller, and short-term spring to mind. … read more via hyperlink above …
    … meantime … in Dallas, USA … 25 year old teacher Lani Huang tells her story living on $58,400 a year with her recently purchased home of $155,000 …

    … therefore house price 2.6 times her single income … with boyfriend under strict instructions to contribute additional funding ! …

    How a 25-year-old teacher making $58,000 in Dallas spends her money … VIDEO … CNBC

    Lani Huang, 25, earns $58,400 as a public middle school math teacher in Dallas. She made an additional $1,212 from teaching virtual summer school and making instructional math videos for her school district and recently bought a home for $155,000. This is an instalment of CNBC Make It’s Millennial Money series, which profiles people around the world and details how they earn, spend and save their money.
    … with … New Zealand’s housing hell still heating up … latest REINZ results for the month of December 2020 …

  16. It’s the end of the worms
    As we know them
    Its the end of the boomers
    At the moment and
    I feel alighted

  17. NEW ZEALAND’S terrifying hyperinflating housing horror show …

    … a comprehensive release …

    Lack of properties for sale is putting pressure on house prices & speeding up sales, says REINZ (pdf) Documents/2020/December/REINZ Residential Press Release – December 2020.pdf

    As the total pool of properties available for sale in New Zealand falls to record lows, this is continuing to put pressure on house prices, with the country seeing a new record median house price for the fourth month in a row according to the latest data from the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ), source of the most complete and accurate real estate data in New Zealand.

    Median house prices across New Zealand increased by 19.3% from $628,000 in December 2019 to a new record median price of $749,000 in December 2020.

    Median house prices for New Zealand excluding Auckland increased by 17.8% from $535,000 in December last year to a new record median price of $630,000. … read more via hyperlink above …
    2020 capped with a 19% rise in house prices for the year despite a sharp jump in volumes sold. Prices were up $323/day in December in Auckland, according to REINZ data … David Chaston … Interest Co NZ