Macro Afternoon

See the latest Australian dollar analysis here:

Australian dollar badly lags commodities rocketship

Asian markets are still very hesitant to take on more risk with the return of Japanese markets still not providing any catalyst for more upside, except on mainland China. Gold and silver remain somewhat depressed but are finding some life later this afternoon, while Bitcoin is rallying again after dropping down towards the $30,000 handle, now at the $35000 level and ready to breakout if the chart pattern at the one hour level bears out:

The Shanghai Composite is rallying after this lunch break, currently up nearly 1% to 3565 points, while in Hong Kong the Hang Seng Index is again trying to climb above the 28000 point level, up some 0.5% to 28054. Japanese markets return from yet another holiday with the Nikkei 225 putting in a scratch session while the USDJPY pair is still slowly rising above the 104 handle, continuing its surge off the December lows:

The ASX200 was again unable to gain traction, falling some 0.3% to 6679 points while the Australian dollar was equally weak and still floating along just below the 77 handle proper:

Eurostoxx and S&P futures are flat lining going into the European open with the four hourly chart of the S&P500 still showing a lot of buying support as it remains poised to breakout again above the 3800 point level:

The economic calendar is again very quiet tonight, with a few speeches to watch out for this time on the Fed side plus the API crude oil stock report.

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  1. boomengineeringMEMBER

    Welcome to dobbernet
    NSW Govt asking people to dob in any business not complying with new unsolicited Covid
    imposed regulations.
    Spread distrust among the plebs.


      Was in me local fish n chips store last week. They had a printed sign stickytaped on the perspex saying “could you please take your mask down so we can hear you properly when taking orders.” No joke. It ain’t that they mean to not comply, its that they’re complete muppets. Good burger w/the lot tho.

  2. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    I picked up my Norco Storm 1 se from 99bikes today.
    Got my mate to drop me of at their store in West Ryde and rode it home.

    When I paid a $250 deposite and ordered it in Mid October I was told it would arrive in mid December but in Dec they told me late Jan to early Feb at the earliest!
    So I purchased a Trek Marlin 7 from Turramurra cycles on the 20 th of Dec for $1100 (same price as the Norco)
    I’ve decided I like the Norco more and now have the Trek up for sale.
    It’s only done about around 70 or 80km over half a dozen rides.
    Are any of yous interested in buying it?
    I’m gunna advertise it for $880 (20% off purchase price) but will sell it to a MBer for $800 if you contact me before I advertise it.
    DM me on Twitter if your to dumb to find my number.
    Colour is Marigold to Radioactive Red Fade

        • what price freedom hey?

          the social media documentary that is going around for parents to show their kids (think it is on netflix) makes the excellent point if you are not paying for it – then you are the product!

          I would happily pay for a social network that wasn’t so “evil” in their own way.

          • Arthur Schopenhauer

            It’s hard to compete against the scale, freedom or no freedom. Sure, Boomer & Gav can build a car, maybe even a few a month once they have a system, but they will never have the same efficiencies as a Ford or Mercedes or Datsun 😉.

            Same thing applies in software and especially cloud hosting.

    • Lmmao …. they would like …. nay dream of the day they could be an tech giant with deep fingers into the minds of the unwashed …. that is what they really really are despondent about …. the profits is just manna from above …. chortle ….

          • I know what the EULA is – doesn’t apply here, in fact blockchain technology will help ENFORCE the EULA.

            Do you know about the prophecy of the Six Million open gates, being a necessary pre-request loss of Juciy lives for the return of their messiah? How that magical number of Six million was being bandied about for 50 years prior to WW2?

            I presume you do – that is why you didn’t reply to me directly.

          • Its in direct reference to ownership and no I don’t partake of any mysticism, once that rubbish gets in your head the cognitive functions go out the window …. lmmao everything becomes a sign … some have been waiting thousands of years lol …

          • LOL – not my mysticism my midwit friend, but Juicy mysticism – reflected in all the newspaper and journal clippings and mentions of the magical 6 million perishing up to 50 years prior to WW2…. weird that the offical tally as per meticulous German records only put the figure at around 400k.

            Don’t believe me – here are the newspaper clippings…


          • Nah – that brief conversation finished yesterday. The squirrel conversation is ongoing and probably more important.

      • Arthur Schopenhauer

        Yep. Ownership is the key. Every Sandhill Road’r will tell you it’s not, which means it most definitely is.

      • I did warm everyone! But when I buy I find the price crashes momentarily then it’s back above where I bought. So no biggie.

    • “In the end, we were very fortunate to weather the storm better than most, so our management and board decided that returning JobKeeper payments was the right thing to do as a responsible corporate citizen”

      “the right thing to do” It’s a different world seriously

      • COVID everywhere by winter

        To qualify for the initial JobKeeper you just had to ANTICIPATE that your turnover would be down 50% in the case of a organisation that size. Obviously businesses that took the mickey will be in the ATO crosshairs when they match up the data.

        I’m guessing they decided to hand it back rather than be scrutinised by the ATO.

      • reusachtigeMEMBER

        LOLOLOL. How stupid. That’s not how to maximise profits. Every loophole and angle is there to be fully exploited and everyone understands that.

    • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

      Totally tax payer protected industry to start with so they should never have gotten it in the first place

      That c unt Fletcher MP did the dirty work for them

    • Thick cut T-bones on a charcoal Webber with an American kitchen sink salad, T-bones marinated at room temp in Tabasco, Lee and Perrins, salt and pepper, garlic, and the salad topped off with my home made Hellmann’s mayo, aged balsamic red vinegar and chipolata dressing …

      • Just what I needed to read lol. Inspired me to not be lazy and do steak and salad like I planned.

        I’ve been buying Cape Grim T-bones lately, I think they’re massively overpriced at $38/kg but so much better and cheaper than any of the other Cape Grim cuts available.

        I’ve been eating Ranch dressing with my chicken wings lately and loving it. Murican fella at work was surprised when I mentioned it says it’s pretty rare in Oz. I got the idea from all the Brisbane wing places, thought it was standard here now as they all sell it.

        • Go hot with the wings like south jerk and then let the ranch cool it off due to the milk protein – great mix. Btw never cook refrigerated meat, should be room temp before gracing a gill, other wise the out side cook faster than the inside … eh …

          • Hate to blow my own horn but I’ve cooked steak for Wally Lewis and recieved many free beers from him due to my skills lol. Not sure if he’s as mad a steak hound as the rest of us but as a qlder, King Wally buying you a beer for your skills on the grill is a pretty big deal

          • boomengineeringMEMBER

            Hey, what’s bad about blowing your own horn. Great to hear stories, be sad if you didn’t. Fact is fact don’t dumb down to appease armchair critrics.

          • boomengineeringMEMBER

            Hey, what’s bad about blowing your own horn. Great to hear stories, be sad if you didn’t. Fact is fact don’t dumb down to appease armchair critics.
            More stories please.

        • boomengineeringMEMBER

          I got fat while convalescing the tendon rupture. Now eating less while maintaining the exercise but seem the less I eat the fatter I get and should know better not tasking my own advice/

          • In regard to my above comment boom, I love blowing my own horn, just pretend I don’t to hide my massive ego lol.

            A lot of my other famous person stories are from when I was a young kitchenhand and didn’t cook their food so can’t really claim the fame. But while I was in highschool the resort I worked in catered for a bunch of things- The Wiggles, East Coast Bandidos Conference, 2003 Rugby WC Scottish and English Teams, Wourld Rally Teams circa early 00’s (Met Possum Bourne before he died), The Chappell Bros, Australian Swim Team prior to Sydney Games (fk Klim, such a knob), A billeting of AFP officers for post 9/11 CHOGM, The current King of Thailand from before he was King (he ate steak tartare even though it wasn’t on the menu, the beef we used was Nolans brangus so I’m glad he got a taste of real oz beef), numerous bands and heaps of NRL Teams.

            When I worked on Moreton island I did cook for the 07 Qld Maroons but it was just a bbq so nothing impressive.

      • You doing the 5/2 or something crazier? I watched that Michael Moseley doco on the value of fasting, was very surprised by the scientific evidence. I would probably benefit from a structured alternating fast instead of my unstructured feast and famine technique.

      • Was doing fasting and keto. When I was doing it lost prob 20kgs, but bad habits slip back in, mostly related to Chardies. Do agree that you feel a lot smarter when brain running on ketones.

        I gave up sugar and try to minimise other processed carbs, so the damage I have done is not as bad as what it would have been before I gave them up.

        So, I made a deal with myself, fast three days a week plus keto on another 2 days means weekend Chardies and Cab Sauv.

        When I gave up smoking a long time ago put on 20kgs, never been able to shift it, maybe I’ll just fvck it and take it up again, that and the ice should get me cut.

  3. Was gold oversold in the last 2 days or are Europeans overbuying it now. 10Y rates are pushing higher but gold and futures still pumping. Hmm..

    • The gurus say interest rates cant go higher as it will blow up everything, I think that is correct. It’s just the market trying to test your resolve. I suspect you know where we are all heading on debt levels, play the long game.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      “as white people, worried that they wouldn’t be able to integrate their son’s cultural heritage into their lives in the right way.

      “Our perfect Chinese son was going to be raised in a whitewash household by two ding dongs,” John explained.

      “We felt unable to provide him with any sort of connection to his cultural heritage and identity.”

      So they decided to expose him to as much Chinese culture as possible – enrolling him in Mandarin classes and befriending a Chinese couple who became his ‘adopted’ auntie and uncle.

      “We even took family trips to China every couple of years,” John added.”

      Then some time later,

      “Digging through my office for the needed paperwork I came across his adoption papers and it was only then that I saw it,” John revealed.

      “Something so obvious, so painfully brick-to-face obvious, something that neither my wife nor I, in the stupidity of our youth, had registered.

      “The names on the adoption paperwork were Park and Kim (written in Korean). Our son was Korean.”

      They do kinda all look the same to the untrained eye I suppose.
      Is this guy a racist for pointing that out?

      • reusachtigeMEMBER

        Nah he’s black so it’s funny as hell. (By the way, this blog is extremely anti-wh1te in that it thinks writing black is ok but wh1te is not allowed. Woke as!)

  4. reusachtigeMEMBER

    Bloke has a severe cancelling coming for not being woke enough. Forget his aerial ping pong prowess, he’s a red neck and must be destroyed along with his legacy and family!

    Welcome to Skippy and the wrong doctor’s commie paradise!

    Now that Trump is almost gone life as a wh1te person is going to get severely destroyed! They want your bones crushed and ground down fine for a magic elixir to make their penises harder!

  5. reusachtigeMEMBER

    Bloke has a severe cancelling coming for not being woke enough. Forget his aerial ping pong prowess, he’s a red neck and must be destroyed along with his legacy and family!

    Welcome to Skippy and the wrong doctor’s commie paradise!

    Now that Trump is almost gone life as a wh1te person is going to get severely destroyed! They want your bones crushed and ground down fine for a magic elixir to make their pen1ses harder!