Ghost Melbourne permanent

Dictator Dan says Melbourne is now a permanent ghost city, at the AFR:

In a sign that Melbourne’s CBD may never fully recover, Mr Andrews predicted workers would continue to work remotely and said many businesses had reported high productivity levels since the shift to remote work caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

“We will see people return to the CBD, but I think it would be unwise – and the evidence does not bear it out – to assume that we’re going to have 100 per cent of people who worked Monday to Friday every week working from an office in the city,” he said.

“The notion that we can just flick a switch and go back to normal, and use threats to do it, doesn’t make any sense at all.

“My advice and my request to all employers and all employees is to sit down and have a good-faith discussion about what works best for the business and for the worker. I think there is a balance point to be struck there and I think I’d be confident that people can do that.”

Not to worry, the Dictator has a new plan, same as the old plan, at The Australian:

The Victorian government is drawing up plans to allow international students to re-enter the state as the higher education sector warns it is facing a loss of up to $8bn if foreign students remain locked out for the first semester.

The Australian has learned that the Victorian government plans to take to national cabinet on February 5 a scheme that would increase the number of overseas arrivals allowed in the state — currently 160 a day — and create a separate entry quota for international students.

Fears are growing in the university sector that reduced international arrival caps, announced last week by national cabinet as part of efforts to prevent the entry of more cases of the highly infectious UK coronavirus strain into the country, have ended any hope international students will be allowed into the county before the middle of the year.

For many years MB warned about the apartment and office overbuilding in the Melbourne Ghost City based upon unsustainable population growth extrapolations. Sure, it was a surprising pandemic that ended it. But if it was not that it was going to be politics or China or competition or something else.

The fact is, the Victorian population-ponzi economy leverages entirely to a peculiarly brittle kind of external demand that is vulnerable to just about everything and it is always and regularly disrupted.

And this on top of the basic problem that it does absolutely nothing to lift living standards for the existing population, squashing wages while raising land prices. Indeed, it steadily erodes living standards as all public goods are crush loaded by warm bodies and public under-investment.

It’s complete madness to double-down on it, not least given its obvious vulnerability to CCP vicissitudes.

But this is the fake left for you. Always open your borders. Always label any alternative path racist. Always let actual export business get hollowed out. Never do actual productivity reform or promote broad economic growth drivers. So it can get praised on the ABC.

That said, it is not helped by the fake right, which pretty much promotes the same economic dead-end but moblises those labeled racists to its cause. So it can get praised by Murdoch.

It’s total political economy failure.

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  1. *Most livable city TM
    This is the most livable it’s been in ages! How nostalgic I am harking back to the early 2000’s through to 2010 when I lived in a Scandinavian sharehouse or later when I had an endless procession of scando students through my place. They lived the high life on a strong Korona (“Norwegian oil dollars”, they’d joke).

    And here we are, a generation later, where a strong Corona was the undoing.

  2. Yeah. Could of seen that coming… especially in this high printing environment we are going into.

    Australias Capital Cities will probably end up havens for crime and fall apart.

  3. Can’t see how this will work with the coronavirus situation. Hotel quarantine and contract tracing is already at its limits. Increasing daily international arrivals from current levels will produce more capital city lockdowns and more deaths. We are at least a year away from vaccinating enough of the population to significantly reduce this risk.

    • billygoatMEMBER

      The fact that Danny boy is contemplating opening gates for the for reign students tells his Corona fears & subsequent restrictions including ma$k wearing, lock down, hand washing propaganda & curfews etc were & are an over reaching beat up if not downright BS response to check the gullibility of public not ‘ in tha club’ to outright lies:)) enjoy the die versity & multi culture mould that will continue to ingest the city after its cor ona deep clean.

        • billygoatMEMBER

          Hello billygoat,
          Arthur Schopenhauer replied to your comment on Ghost Melbourne permanent:

          Let’s test your theory that It’s all propaganda. The US has not locked down and has mostly no compulsory mask wearing or mandated hand sanitation nor contact tracing. Victoria has/had compulsory mask wearing, lockdowns, sanitation practices, social distancing and contact tracing. Yesterday in the US, 23,000 people died of Covid-19 virus. That’s one every 24 seconds. Yesterday, nobody died on Covid-19 in Australia. Today, the number who die of Covid-19 in Australia was 0 (zero), nasa and nix. There you go.

          • Now compare NSW from 20 Dec 2020 to now to Vic from 9 June to 27 October 2020.

            Lockdowns may or may not work. Seems like: a) effective contact tracing in the early stage of an outbreak makes a huge difference; b) Victoria can’t contact trace properly and subjected the state to an unecessary 4 month lock down as a result.

        • billygoatMEMBER

          Comments appear to be out of order and same as notified in email notifications. Something up with robo censor??

    • I’ll believe it when I see it. Note there is only ‘work going on’ and no actual announcement. It is still a fvkn disgrace that it isn’t rejected out of hand.

  4. A favourite game on the rare occasion that we drive into the Melbourne CBD is to count the number of delivery riders on illegal e-bikes. They’re so ubiquitous it’s almost funny. I then ask my kids why they think the government isn’t enforcing this law when it’s being so flagrantly broken, who benefits from this law not being enforced, and what other laws the government is not choosing to enforce.

    • If food delivery jobs weren’t propping up employment for international students then it would be banned on safety and wafe grounds.

    • How many utes with fishing rod attachments on the bull so you see (illegal)? Old 4x4s spilling out black diesal fumes (illegal). I could go on. Spare us mate.

  5. A potential $8b loss to Victoria without foreign students?

    Little new money is introduced to the economy with these students given living expenses and fees are paid through working here. Plus remittances of money earned here to pay back loans and support family overseas.

    • Its because they measure GDP against money circulation and not against actual production. That $8B is not actual money, its just a measure of economic flow. They can no longer increase actual production but also cant tell anyone this without the impacts of people suddenly waking up to the fact. So they do what ever they can to increase the circulation of money….

      • The public think ‘income’ means new money earned rather than a circulation of the same money as in an economic flow.

  6. Any premier that has wanted international students back has been hit with a virus leakage from hotel quarantine. NSW was the most recent case. Even Victoria had plans to start welcoming students in July last year and was hit with a second wave.

    • Let in Indian students and their partners with covid to then have contact with quarantine Indian security and cleaning staff working multiple sites. No problems there!

  7. Seeing reports of Australian companies hiring white collar workers, working remote from places like Indonesia.
    For Australias white collar it might be a case of get back to the office pronto.