Albo kicks off year with new call to kowtow

More desperate kowtowing from Labor today:

Labor leader Anthony Albanese has urged Prime Minister Scott Morrison to enlist former prime ministers John Howard and Kevin Rudd to help end the economically damaging stand-off with China.

With no end in sight to Beijing’s deliberate targeting of Australian imports, and the government seemingly bereft of solutions, Mr Albanese has written to the Prime Minister suggesting he enlist the support of his predecessors, both of whom have links with China.

Mr Rudd is well connected to the Biden administration, and is president of the Asia Society. As recently as December he participated in a dialogue with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi who, like others in the Chinese government, is refusing point blank to engage with anyone in the Australian government.

Mr Howard, under whose prime ministership the economic relationship with China snowballed, is co-chairman of the Australia-China High Level Dialogue.

Meh. Why would we do so? China has made it abundantly clear that it wants a compliant province or there’s no re-engagement:

Why is Labor so desperate to give in to these conditions when they openly represent the end of Australian freedom? Notwithstanding the fact that Australia is benefiting from China’s trade war on itself:

Indeed, Mssrs Howard and Rudd oversaw the growth of the very China’s dependence that has led us to this impasse. Though Rudd at least tried to tax commodity rents appropriately so some could be saved for rainy day. Neither former PM is helpful to the relationship now if it means revisiting the terms of the past.

Labor is already unelectable on China and seems intent on becoming untenable:

ScoMo has it 100% right:

Scott Morrison has already consulted former prime ministers John Howard and Kevin Rudd over how to deal with Beijing and did not entirely rule out a Labor suggestion that he enlist them as diplomatic envoys to help break the worsening trade impasse.

…But the Prime Minister stressed that any re-engagement of dialogue with China would be unconditional in that Australia would not be bowing to any of the 14 grievances China listed late last year as the reasons for its trade bans.

For our children’s sake, we need to get further away not closer.

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    • What is really odd is that he is implying that John Howard disagrees with the current Australian stance? Which is patiently incorrect??

      Sure, enlist Kevin Rudd…

    • Even StevenMEMBER

      Yes, extraordinary how wrong Labor have got this. They are seemingly persisting in trying to alienate mainstream Australian voters. Where has this bizarre mandate come from?

  1. I don’t understand why China does not just pull the plug on the Pilbara and send Australia broke. They were not intelligent either. They know Aussies are American lap dogs so why give them money to buy expensive planes and ships that will eventually end up in South China Sea? They should have had diversity of supply.

  2. Come off the grass! Former prime ministers in Hawke, Keating, Rudd, Howard have all sold us out to China after retiring from parliament. Read Clive Hamilton for the details.

  3. Nurse, please, the smelling salts. Clearly, this article has not been alternative-fact checked with Mother Superior Murphy’s content moderators. Nor even the Asia desk of the ABC (Australians Backing China).

  4. I know a lot of die hard… ” have voted Labor all my life ” people.

    They are really concerned about the future of Australia. The ones I know wont be voting Labor next election.

    This China issue… they really dont like it. I think they are a little confused and shocked by it. They dont understand why Labor is doing this.

  5. Reus's largeMEMBER

    One wonders how much dirt the CCP has on Labor MP’s that they are so desperate to bow down to Winnie the Poo

  6. Quick, someone phone Labor PR and get Albo down to the pub this Australia Day so as to try and make him appear human.
    Maybe get Tanya to do a walkabout.

    • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

      Tanya is the future of the Labor party.

      She has to sell the message…. more gender equality, quota’s (in politics, uni’s, executive, and other great jobs), harsher AVO’s, legal support for women, a fairer asset divide for women, higher super for women, earlier pension for women,….and more public housing, and turn backs “when safe to do so”.

  7. Then again you could always thank Albo and make Rudd special live-in envoy to Xinjiang.
    He may find it a bit hard to browse the blogosphere and file his lawsuits from there however. Such a shame.

  8. Why would anyone want to consult Kevin the Dudd.

    Possibly the worst PM since Federation, and that’s up against some pretty stiff competition…

  9. This is one area ScoMo is right & why I still have LNP above Labor, better the corruption you know than CCP corruption