Albo: Grovel to Xi, put boot into Trump

As China delivered Australia a list of 14 demands to end our democracy, Albo had this to say:

Labor leader Anthony Albanese has sharpened criticism of Scott Morrison’s handling of the China relationship, suggesting he is unnecessarily causing offence, as the US and British governments both condemned Beijing over its smear of Australian soldiers.

With Treasurer Josh Frydenberg saying the tensions with China were “very serious”, Trade Minister Simon Birmingham and Agriculture Minister David Littleproud held crisis talks with export industries that have been crippled by Beijing’s flurry of retaliatory trade strikes.

Representatives from the wine, seafood, grains and forestry industries, plus the National Farmers Federation, emphasised the need to develop a long-term diversification strategy away from China, including improving access to new markets and export promotion.

Now, as the American people liberate themselves from Donald Trump via the ballot box, Albo has this to say:

Labor leader Anthony Albanese will claim Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s close relationship with Donald Trump has damaged Australia’s alliance with the United States and his positions on climate change will leave the nation more isolated than ever on the international stage.

In his strongest comments yet on the way in which Mr Morrison has handled the relationship with the outgoing president, Mr Albanese will lash the Prime Minister for not calling out Mr Trump over his incitement of the violent riots at the US Capitol.

So, it’s terrible for us to defend ourselves against a full-throated Chinese tyranny. And equally terrible to pointlessly kick Trump on the way out the door after American democracy successfully booted him.

If it is a point of principle, then Albo must defend democracy for both or neither. If it’s pragmatism, then Labor only knows how to grovel to leftist regimes.

Neither serves the Australian national interest.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. I guess Albo realises his only chance of making prime minister is some underhanded foreign interference..
    Wait for the CCP social media engine to start a pro Labor campaign..
    US secretary of state has determined china has committed crimes against humanity in xinjiang.. And our opposition leader is concerned we aren’t being polite enough

  2. The only ppl who have Trump Derangement Syndrome probably vote Greens or ALP anyways. Not many of them are LNP voters that he needs to switch.

    Classic Albo. He really doesn’t understand politics which is why he has been in opposition so long. It’s like that Mongol General asking Conan what is best in life … to crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women. For Albo’s reference, politics is about winning!

    For Albo to crush the LNP he just needs to wake up to the lack of popularity immigration and the Big Australia ponzi has in the electorate. Forgo that and rule. He’s a terrible opposition leader (not that Plibbers would be any better …)

  3. Albo preemptively grabbing his ankles and presenting for the incoming Home Office Big Boss on the remote possibility that his determination to remain in opposition backfires somehow.

  4. Albo and his party are solely responsible for the degeneration of US/ Australia ties. They’ve been undermining that relationship for decades.It’s beyond repair now.

    As bad as Trump was, he didn’t do anything to hurt Australia. In fact, his China approach was actually helpful. And as bad as Morrison is, he isn’t doing anything to harm things vis a vis the USA.

    Albatross is a moron.

  5. Stewie GriffinMEMBER

    “China is our friend. Russia is our enemy.”

    Let the roll back of the narrative commence – in 4 yrs time it will be like Trump never happened.

  6. Labor – not sure why they drop the U that should be in the word (but maybe it’s to symbolise the fact they don’t actually care about u) – only cares about three sectors of the population; immigrants, public sector workers and the gay community.

    If you’re a hard working, straight white middle aged guy like myself, even if you come from labour roots, they don’t give a stuff.

    • The ‘u’ was never dropped because it was never used in the first place. The labor movement founding fathers were showing that by choosing the American spelling over the British they were also choosing the ‘American System ‘ over the ‘British System ‘

  7. Just as predicted, as per the ‘pink recession’ & ‘budget for gender equality’ rubbish the ALP just can’t help themselves! The first oxygen you get in how long and you choose to spent it on a nothing Trump rant….

    How lucky must ScoMo feel, operating a govt that even on an generous take is ‘average’ at best, but so what? You’re running against an opposition who is worse.

    Granted, COVID consumes most oxygen in favor of the incumbent (good to bad) but the ALP is clearly just blowing the dogwhistle, reminding the blind & faithful voters that there are still here (same old same old) and hoping Scotty stuffs up between now an election time and delivers them just enough of his to steal the win.

  8. Charles MartinMEMBER

    Did Albos balls drop overnight?
    He was silent when the orange man was in the white house. They even dragged out Penny Wong today as well and she was bleating about the sanctity of democracy etc. etc.
    Albo has seen that Build Back Better can win an election and is probably gearing up for a crack at the top job.