Sweden locks down more as Swedes turn on government


Not happy, Stefan:

Support for Sweden’s government and public confidence in authorities’ ability to handle the coronavirus crisis are sliding as the country’s anti-lockdown approach continues to be tested by mounting numbers of deaths and new cases.

As the national health agency announced 6,485 new infections and 33 more deaths on Thursday, the prime minister, Stefan Löfven, said the country’s high schools would switch to distance learning from 7 December for the rest of the term.

“This is being done so as to have a slowing effect on the spread of the disease,” Löfven said, adding that the measure was “not an extended break”. What the country did now “will determine how we can celebrate Christmas”, he said.

A six-monthly poll by Statistics Sweden this week showed support for the prime minister’s centre-left Social Democrats had dropped nearly five percentage points to 29.4% since May, amid signs Swedes are increasingly unconvinced by the country’s strategy.

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  1. RobotSenseiMEMBER

    Oh it would have been just superb if the “let it rip!” crowd had had their way here. All that whinging and sooking about “the fatality rate is so low!” completely puts aside the civil unrest and panic as the numbers of cases start rolling in. Thank goodness we had half-competent state premiers who listened to their chief medical officers and responded with the appropriateness this deserved.

    • Yeah, there wre alot on this site who said only the elderly were at risk and they were going to die anyway…..what about the deaths from suicide due to the lock downs etc. I’m glad we are where we are too!

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      Yeah hear hear. I told everyone Lock. Us. Down. now! and Now Is the time to panic but they all scoffed. Where’s those freaks like C0ming and D0ctorX gone huh? LOLOLOL

        • So, the linked data I shared said the 2020 death rate nationally in Sweden was lower than 2019 with 22 days left in the year, lets review next year to see actuals. Your linked document states old people were more affected and it hit harder in more dense population locations – this is well understood based on the last 8 months. It goes on to say that they cannot isolate if its age or co-morbidity which triggered excess deaths. They also say in the background section that “all-cause” related deaths are being considered COVID related as a comparison to the prior 5 years (this is the excess part). I am not sure what your point is apart from me needing to wake up or someone will stick me with morphine and kill me.

          My point is that the death rate appears lower in Sweden this year than anytime since 1950 according to the data shared. Surely this is a good thing or am I missing something more sinister?

          • Logic is a foreign language to a lot of people here. They prefer speaking in their native tongue, Hysterical.

          • See gm’s response below re macrotrends.net. Statista or this image can’t be right if excess mortality is above zero the whole year so far?: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EnDBAJ8UYAUSzci.jpg

            And if we use a 12 month period that starts from the start of covid (say, March/April 2020) and will include this winter, than it’s going to be even worse and reflect the true impact on covid deaths in Sweden. And it’s not cherry picking – we need to measure a 12 month period that includes the beginning of the pandemic and the second wave to truly compare.

            And mid-Nov, a record number of cases (https://twitter.com/DrEricDing/status/1327230581143465984) with an increasing number of people with unknown long-term effects is a dangerous gamble to take. Thankfully everyone can treat covid better now, but it makes that 6000 deaths in Sweden’s first wave look like a failure.

            And I know we’re focusing on excess deaths, but 174 covid deaths on a day in early Dec with what we know now with treatments, is not a success (surely at least 50% of those are caused by covid, regardless of how anti-lockdown one may be).

      • NOTE: All 2020 and later data are UN projections and DO NOT include any impacts of the COVID-19 virus.

    • Shades of MessinaMEMBER

      The data as presented actually makes a case for “let her rip” though. Initial cases and deaths were high but then tailed off dramatically with zero lockdowns or other initiatives.

      Both are ticking up again now though which suggests a “let it rip” in summer and a “lock it down” in winter approach ?!.

      Second wave also seems less fatal which presumably is due to better treatment of critical cases ?.

  2. kiwikarynMEMBER

    And yet they are still doing far better than many other EU countries in this “second wave”. Compare their stats to Switzerland’s second wave, who (with a smaller population) are now seeing over 150 deaths per day. And lets not even talk about the usual suspects Belgium, Italy, France, Spain and the UK. Sweden now sits at #25 in terms of deaths per million of population, and is sliding further down the list each week. Someone should ask why they are doing so much better this time compared to all the countries that are in and out of lockdown every few months.

    • If you’re only contact with the world outside of Australia is via Australian news sites you’d think Europe, the Americas, India, etc are experiencing some kind of zombie apocalypse where even going to the supermarket is a life or death proposition.

      But reports from the US are the everything is fairly normal but with some restrictions such as masks, places like California more paranoid than others.

    • kiwikarynMEMBER

      But the “experts” said this would be so much worse in winter because everyone stays indoors LOL

  3. Wave 2 peaking at half of wave one in Stockholm thanks to immunity. Grades 10-12 are home schooling for a month(having home schooled for 5 months earlier in the year)
    You may have noticed they just placed first again for doing most on climate change. First in place for women to live as well. That’s a trifecta of big first places.
    40,000 Aussies stuck overseas, I just saw my parents after 4 months. Travelling overseas banned are you kidding me?
    Median age of death in Sweden and Oz for covid is 86, higher than the normal age of dying!!!
    Where is the outrage at sugar?

    • So do all respiratory illnesses.

      Yawn – https://www.macrotrends.net/countries/SWE/sweden/death-rate

      Its like some people on this site expect no one to die, ever!

      More Yawn – https://www.macrotrends.net/countries/GBR/united-kingdom/death-rate

      And again – https://www.macrotrends.net/countries/USA/united-states/death-rate

      Its over for the vast majority of countries at a statistical level – https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/data/cumulative-cases

      And no, I’m not arguing that we should all JTFU but the stats on the topic, if you can de-personalize it tell us at a population level its not as bad as the media has made out. My personal view is that the rich v poor wealth divide growing through this epidemic will be much worse than associated long term death rates, which basically have not changed on a population basis. In Australia alone, Roy Morgan say’s 11.5% of Australian’s are unemployed, this is not good and has severe flow on affects for the country and the individuals.

      • Which is why COVID-19 will be remembered as the pandemic that we had to have to bring earth’s human population growth rate back down to, well, earth. Expect water-shortages to claim a few million lives in coming years, and malnutrition to really bite once we pass 8,000,000,000 heads and arable land has all but disappeared

        • If the data supported your claim I would be agreeing with you, it doesn’t, so I cannot. Show the stats which support your claim and I will change my view.

          Excess deaths in certain age groups and locations are up, excess deaths nationally are not. You are picking specific data segments to make your claim, in essence stating one demographic (old city people) are more important than the rest of the populace.

    • Deaths have not “curled over” in Sweden as this guy was claiming on Nov 26. Dry tinder theory is unraveling right now.

  4. People need to stop comparing Sweden with the unhealthy, densely populated countries like the US and UK where contact tracing is nearly impossible. As many do, rest of Scandevania should shut most lockdown deniers down. Compare them to us and the changes in numbers from locking down in Victoria (a costly lesson of course) and where we are at now.


      True. demographics is huge too. Sweden has the highest proportion of single person households in the world (more than half). Pretty hard to bring it back to yer extended family when you’re a lonerrrr

      • Ooooh. Look at you with your consideration of multiple variables. Bet you think you’re clever.

      • Im thinking of all those single lonely swedish women right now. What theyd give for some covid free aussie bloke right now.