Time for a new Democratic Labor Party

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Leading Labor figures are warning the party will again fail at the next federal election unless it reflects on why it lost its once-reliable voter base, drops its left-wing populism, reconnects with the suburbs and stops scoffing at parents who choose to send their children to faith-based schools.

As the opposition grapples with an identity crisis after three successive federal election losses, Labor frontbencher Chris Bowen has warned his party will lose the next election if it attempts to “boil the ocean” with a complex array of promises and policies.

ALP national president Wayne Swan has also cautioned the party against being a “pressure group” or a “wine and cheese society” and urged Anthony Albanese’s federal caucus to relentlessly focus on how it can return to government.

The pair is among 30 Labor Right frontbench MPs, unionists and faction activists, including future leadership aspirant Jim Chalmers, who have penned essays on how Labor must govern in post-COVID-19 Australia in a book titled The Write Stuff: Voices of Unity on Labor’s Future.

Take your time guys. The China problem will give you plenty of it. Here’s how to get elected:

  • slash immigration to support wages and borders;
  • clear the party of all China sympthasisers;
  • stick to your climate change guns and
  • launch a full-scale industrial revitalisation platform including incentives for cheap capital, energy and currency.

In other words, forget about power with your gaggle of progressive globalists. They’ve been mugged by history.

Given as much, the best thing that Labor loyalists can do is revive the Democratic Labor Party:

The Australian Democratic Labor Party (Anti-Communist) was formed as a result of a split in the Australian Labor Party (ALP) which began in 1954. The split was between the party’s national leadership, under the then party leader Dr H. V. Evatt, and the majority of the Victorian branch, which was dominated by a faction composed largely of ideologically-driven anti-Communist Catholics.Many ALP members during the Cold War period, most but not all of them Catholics, became alarmed at what they saw as the growing power of the Communist Party of Australia within the country’s trade unions. These members formed units within the unions, called Industrial Groups, to combat this alleged infiltration.

The intellectual leader of the Victorian Catholic wing of the ALP (although not actually a party member)[citation needed] was B. A. Santamaria, a lay Catholic anti-Communist activist, who acquired the patronage of Dr Mannix. Santamaria headed The Catholic Social Studies Movement (often known as The Movement),[13] modeled on Catholic Action groups in Europeand, ironically, in organizational terms, on some of the methods employed by its principal target, the Communist Party of Australia. That group later became the National Civic Council (NCC). Evatt denounced the “Movement” and the Industrial Groups in 1954, alleging they were trying to take over the ALP and turn it into a European-style Christian Democratic party.

Kimberly Kitching can lead the new party. There must be half a dozen others that haven’t forgotten that they represent Australia.

This is the only way that I can see to fix Labor. Sure, it will take ten years of bloodletting to rid the party of its China grovellers (Keating, Rudd, Evans etc) but it will be forever in opposition if nobody makes it happen.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      It used to be a beer and boiled peanuts type place. A past leader once said something like Labor used to be made up of the best of the working class, now the dregs of the middle class.

      Nothing will change until Straya’s uppity middle class realise they’re still working class and not upper aspirants.

  1. reusachtigeMEMBER

    I’ve often thought that the Godless Labor party really does need to find the Lord again before they are returned to power.

  2. “Leadership aspirant Jim Chalmers”

    You mean the student unionist turned career public servant with a PhD in political science, who has never had a real job and has the charisma of a brick?

    Keep self-destructing Labor.

      • The same Jim Chalmers who recently refused to put a figure on how much NewStart should be because the LNP haven’t told him their budget numbers or some nonsense. As if that makes a difference to the minimum living costs to stay above poverty line or as if the government budget is containerised because they can’t just print these dollars nearly ALL of which will flow straight back into the economy. He can’t see he’s letting the LNP frame his policy around their “household budget” bs.

        • dollars nearly … will flow straight back into the economy

          That is meaningless econobabble.

          Do you think the it would be better to print the money directly into the economy? (Also meaningless).
          What happens if money flows out of the economy? (Also meaningless).

          • Meaningless economic babble? The velocity of money is well established isn’t it?
            The flow of money through the economy is its lifeblood, money must flow or the economy dies, poor people will spend it so they are the best way to stimulate the economy. It must not be saved. Unfortunately much of it will flow offshore as we import so much household goods these days in our consumer led economy, that is one of the problems with having an unbalanced economywe rely on others

  3. Swan is correct. The ALP are nothing more than a very well paid wine and cheese society, who live lives of comfort and ease adrift in a sea of woke virtue, and whose self-satisfied arrogance is leaving the LNP criminal syndicate to do as they please with the country. Angus Fcking Taylor, FFS.

    As long as the party is run by the woke virtue signalling fake left they are doomed to electoral oblivion. It’s good that some of them are apparently starting to realise that if they want to actually achieve something they need to win government, and they’ll never win government by furiously espousing policies that by definition appeal to a tiny minority of inner city radical left nutjobs.

    My advice to the ALP would be to have policies and do things that appeal to normal people. It’s that simple.

    • The90kwbeastMEMBER

      Precisely. Tough job though for a bunch of folks that have been out of touch for at least the past decade if not more.

  4. Totes BeWokeMEMBER

    “But concerns about insecurity in the face of climate change action mirror the concerns many had about floating the dollar, tearing down tariffs, competition policy and financial deregulation (some of which occurred during a recession)”

    “tearing down tariffs, competition policy and financial deregulation”

    They still don’t seem to understand the devastation these policies have unleashed on the plebs.

    I saw somewhere today the leadership options are Plibersek, Marles and Chalmers. Australia’s working class isn’t going with that.

    Seems they’ve found much of the problem, but they’re still pretending immigration isn’t an issue.

    Labor are a completely and utterly different people than the voters they’re trying to attract. It can’t work until that changes.

    • Yeah. I can see how it went down…. “Let’s remove tariffs, and compete on a level playing field with countries like China that have no WH&S laws, no unions, no environmental protections or anything else at all. What could possibly go wrong?”
      Outstanding work, that.

      • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

        I don’t know anything about economics, but I guess it worked while the country was sold off for revenue.

        Australians should be asking Labor to clearly explain….”now what?”

  5. GunnamattaMEMBER

    Ermo – Your new political home is developing (slowly it must be said)…….

    get on board!

    OK Ladies (I know there are some here) and Gents.

    I really do think now is the time to create some sort of new political party/discourse. We have a Liberal Premier going down in NSW on corruption grounds. We have an ALP Premier likely to go down in VIC on grounds of having told porkies about the engagement of private contractors for quarantine purposes. We have a Federal ScoMo & Josh government which is short changing Australia with an Austrian budget designed to shunt wealth into those who already have it and impose some form of ‘fiscal rectitude’ based ideology on the 95% of us further down the food chain. We have a Federal opposition which is seemingly ensconced in a ‘big Australia’ China KowTow mindset which has major corruption issues of its own


    The below is a comment I threw up a few weeks ago now (so there is some sort of awareness of what sort of policy platform we are looking at) . The latest is I would like some help getting a website together. If anyone is interested, can you email me at [email protected].

    I had a blog for a while a few years ago and my experience was that that it got spammed immensely. My guess would be that anything that looks like morphing into a new political party (or movement, or social discourse or whatever) will also be spammed immensely. My initial thought is that using WordPress would probably be fine, but that down the track we may need something with heavier security.

    I still think Bullshit Australia is a plausible alternative. I tend to think simply having a party of that name would upset the mainstream parties immensely insofar as they would be all too aware that every time they came out with a pronouncement on anything the risk of having someone call ‘bullshit’ and having that call gain traction in the public mood poses a real risk to them (all of them, Liberal National ALP and Greens). I think the word ‘bullshit’ although widely recognised as mildly offensive, is also widely used by just the types of Australians we would want to vote for us.

    My other thought of the moment is that I dont simply want to be a party focused on hating the ALP (as seems to be the motive of some in our midst) and would rather spread the awareness of bullshit to the point where we can get some meaningful policy up.

    First I need to get time to get a website together, and work out what we need to do to help registration etc.

    The below are draft policy positions (all up for shaping – I note Dr Smithy had some good tax positions on one of the comments loaded but I cant find them)

    This is Bullshit – Bullshit Australia!

    Does Australia’s body politic – both mainstream sides including the Lberal Party, the National Party and the Australian Labor Party – have at its core an economic policy of completely trashing the competitive basis of the Australian economy and to inflict lasting economic pain on all Australians?

    Have Australian public sector data gathering, regulatory, and policy formulation organisations and departments been so corrupted that they do not identify the above? Have they been so neutered that they cannot report the above to Australian politicians?

    And at that point

    Are Australian political and public sector elites acting in the best interests of Australians? Are they accountable for acting in the interests and explaining their actions to Australians to a sufficient degree enabling Australians to feel that their politicians and senior policy makers are accountable to them? ….and if they are not, How can they be made more so?

    It is time for open revolt.

    Bullshit Australia – the party to identify and deal with Australian Bullshit and to promote informed and data backed decisionmaking throughout the political and administrative bodies of Australia, and to hold politicians, public officials and corporate interests to account for past decisions made, starting with a permanent standing Australian Corruption Commission.

    I propose we aim initially – the next Federal election – at trying to get up 4 Senators from each state. I propose we get as far as we can up the nose of the current ‘elites’ by constipating their policy platforms in the Senate.
    I think/suspect we currently lack women…….

    Key Slogan
    ‘This is Bullshit!’
    Men and Women of Australia, Have you ever wondered about your energy costs ………‘This is Bullshit!’
    Do you wonder why your salary hasnt gone up in donkeys years? ‘This is Bullshit!’
    Do you work in a large organisation wondering why psychopaths inhabit the upper floors and you get stuck with meaningless KPIs? ‘This is Bullshit!’
    Do you worry about if your kids will get a decent education in a government school while ‘elite’ private schools get more funding from all levels of government than your kids school does? ‘This is Bullshit!’
    Do you wonder why your governments keep banging on about immigration needed for skills shortages when kids with Master degrees are joining the military as base grade grunts because there is nothing else for them to get into? ‘This is Bullshit!’
    Do you wonder why Australia, the worlds largest gas exporter has the worlds most expensive gas in Sydney and Melbourne? ‘This is Bullshit!’
    Do you wonder why foreign nationals traipsed on in and laundered money through Australian real estate so your kids need to move to Campbelltown to be able to afford a house, and hack out a 2 hour commute to a peanut paying gig every day? ‘This is Bullshit!’

    Every time a mainstream politicians opens his mouth (or her mouth) in the public domain, just point out ‘This is Bullshit!’

    Draft Policy Platform – for discussion/arguing about/ data provision
    I propose that the Bullshit Australia and the Macrobusiness cognoscenti run a full campaign in the upcoming election to get ourselves elected as the swing players, running on a platform revolving around (with negotiations/debate/argy bargy) the below…….

    – which would at least offer some sort of genuine left and data backed – and openly transparent – presence in parliament

    Policy Positions


    · Enshrine Medicare into Constitution

    · Enshrine ABC funding into Constitution

    · Enshrine Australian Bureau of Statistics funding into Constitution

    · Enshrine political party funding transparency into Constitution

    · Enshrine freedom from foreign influence legislation into constitution

    · Enshrine requirement for all candidates for every election in Australia to be approved by AEC prior to standing for parliament

    · Enshrine a National Crime & Corruption Commission into Constitution and give it investigatory powers.


    · End negative gearing

    · End capital gains tax dispensation

    · End health insurance rebate

    · Implement Federal Land tax

    · Remove PAYE taxation for those earning under 55K (but retain/create Medicare (4%), Defence (2%), ABS (1%) and ABC (1%) levy

    · Inclusion of family home in determination of access to the aged pension where the home is worth more than 500k.

    · Development and maintenance of publicly available database on Australian taxpayers [companies & individuals]

    Economic and Monetary Policy

    · Reinclusion of employee and community representatives on RBA Board.

    · Requirement for RBA to report quarterly to Parliament on monetary policy in relation to wages and housing costs

    · Requirement for RBA to report quarterly to Parliament on the effective use of taxpayers funds in relation to support for Australian banks and financial system entities.

    · Requirement for RBA, Treasury, and other government agencies (including ABS) to develop standards and monitor quality of life issues being faced by Australians (both on average and by decile) and report on how policies being adopted by them influence a range of demographics

    · Mandate the creation of new entity to be called the Australian personal public and corporate debt commission to produce analysis on the debt, indebtitude and debt servicing of Australians and Australian entities This organisation is to have representatives of the RBA, Treasury, State governments, local governments, retail banks and community organisations at a board level.

    · Requirement for RBA to report quarterly to Parliament on money creation and the beneficiaries of money creation over the preceding quarter and year, and forecast such into the future.


    · Commence federal government building housing

    · Implement competitive GST Bonus payable to states which do best on housing affordability and housing creation

    · Enshrine right to housing into Constitution

    · Enshrine a National Probity and Veracity test for all funds used for housing purchases.

    Urban Design and Construction
    · Establish a set of national standards for residential design and construction. Enforce these standards with criminal penalties.
    · Establish ‘Plot Ratios’ in the state planning systems to ensure adequate green space on residential blocks.
    · Establish a national policy to harvest storm water for urban parks and open spaces.
    · Establish access to natural light as a property right.
    · Re-establish the professional registration of building related engineering services.
    · Outlaw private building surveyors and re-establish the system of Municipal Councils administering building standards.


    · Mandate real time visibility of politicians allowances and outlays

    · Mandate Housing affordability requirement for all politicians to reaffirm whenever they propose legislation

    · Audit all payments to or on behalf of politicians

    · Mandate funding transparency for all levels of Australian government (Federal State and Local), and a donations and gifts declaration requirement for all persons above a particular level (about SOG C in APS) in all public services of budget funded organisations (including Universities)

    · Mandate rate of politicians salary at 2, 3 , or 4 times average full time earnings.

    · Mandate access to politicians super is only accessible by vote of the seat which politician represented each 5 years at rate of 25% 50% 75% or 100% of standard politician rate.

    · Mandate all politicians and all political aspirants seek and gain clearance from Australian Electoral Commission on suitability for office regarding S144 of the Constitution & fiscal relationships with the Australian Taxpayer

    Industrial Relations

    · Reintroduction of the Australian Industrial relations Commission with powers to intervene in cases of Award and Agreement transgression – whether brought before it by parties or now.

    · Additional role for revived AIRC will be to oversee employee superannuation payments, their payment by employers, and the effective deployment of these funds as regards to the interests of employees (and with a view to minimising longer term budget and pension impacts on government outlays).

    · Additional role for revived AIRC to oversee use of contractors, contracting arrangements, and corporate entities to ensure employees are appropriately addressed for entitlements.

    Climate Environment & Agriculture

    Mandate of Inland Water Commission

    Abolition of tradable water rights

    Audit of all inland water resources and adoption of real time water availability monitoring.

    An investigation into the viability of major water users in the Murray darling basin (eg cotton farming) and the impact these have on water for other water usage in the basin

    Mandate of Australian Native Flora and Land Clearance Commission and audit of all Flora on Australian landmass and adoption of real time monitoring

    General policies to promote reforestation where Australian Native Flora and Land Clearance Commission designates appropriate

    Mandate of Australian Salt Office to promote annd monitor management of salt issues in land use


    · Mandate gas reservation policy to ensure globally cheap electricity and gas.

    · Mandate solar panels and hot water on all new dwelling construction

    · Mandate tax deductability of residential and corporate solar battery investment


    · Enshrine right to lifetime medical care for all Australians who have served in the military more than 7 years

    · Mandate immigration rights (for individuals and families) for those foreign nationals agreeing to serve 10 years in ADF

    · Mandate that no deployment of more than 200 ADF personnel to any particular offshore location or theatre of operations can occur without debate and vote in joint sitting of parliament.


    · Remove student visas from right to residence and housing purchase

    · Remove student fees from first degree in science, mathematics, finance, medicine

    · Increase training of medical practitioners and access to medical degrees

    · Remove all public funding for non government schools


    · Mandate economic diversity criteria

    · Mandate country of origin criteria so that applicants of no nation comprise more than 10% of the total immigration intake in any one year.

    · Enshrine 70k NOM per annum as Immigration base, with priority to refugees and families

    · Allow NOM above 70k per year only where economic diversity, debt, education, housing affordability, intergenerational quality of life and employment conditions are being met.

    · Allow temporary visas in circumstances (eg academic world, some science) where globalised workforce would expect it.

    · End temporary work visas unless companies can demonstrate they have made attempt to develop their own skills in their own workplaces, or made genuine attempt to source skills within Australia.

    · End Special Investor Visas (except where entity is contributing to export or import competing business in Australia employing more than 10 Australian employees)

    Free Trade Agreements

    · Mandate audit of all Free Trade Agreements entered into prior to signature and ratification by Australian parliament

    · Have productivity commission audit all extant FTAs Australia is signatory to

    Foreign Policy
    Foreign Aid with a focus on:
    – The Pacific
    – Supporting nations on the frontline of refugee crises to make safe camps there with the hope they can return.
    – Empowering women in developing countries to make decisions on family size.

    Public Service

    · Commence regionalisation policy for major APS agencies

    · National audit of all APS outsourcing since 2000

    · Mandate that no company identified to shift profits offshore can receive government contract (onus is on company to prove and gain certification from ATO)

    · Mandate that all contracted services in Australian public sector are audited and re[ported on to parliament for effective use of public monies, and with all transition costs (including relocations and redundancies) included in that consideration.

    · Mandate that selection for all Senior Executive Service Positions in the Australian Public Service be subject to approval of APS Probity Commission

    · Mandate creation of Evaluator General for all public policy proposals

    · Mandate all policy that can be based on empirical evidence should be so based
    · Mandate any policy that is intended as an interim measure have a review date and terms of review attached to it, and
    · Mandate that all policy Have a clear plan for the future of the nation at a federal and state level, so policy has a long term rather than short term vision

    Social Welfare

    · Make unemployment the same as study assistance

    · Re Establish Commonwealth Employment Service

    · Mandate requirement for all calls to all social welfare services be monitored, and answered within 10 minutes

    Internet Data

    · Mandate that all Australians own the data collected on them

    Royal Commissions

    · Royal Commission into the Tertiary Education Sector and Links to Foreign States

    · Royal Commission into Private Indebtedness

    · Royal Commission into the Funding of Australian Politicians

    · Royal Commission into Housing Affordability

    · Royal Commission into the advent of COVID 19 – its Origins, entrance to Australia, and effects on the Australian Public

    · Royal Commission into the value for the Australian people & Impact on budget of Australian Public Sector Outsourcing and the Embedding of Private Sector Providers into Australian Public Sector Service Provision

    · Royal Commission into Housing Affordability

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      I’m listening.

      I posted a Democratic Labour party link, about their position on the lima agreement, only a few hours before Dave penned this piece.
      Was that a coincidence?

      I didn’t even think the DLP was still around until today.
      Something im going to look into.



      I’ve just thought of an alternative and more appropriate name for your/our party Gunna,
      The Democratic Laberal Party.
      Something for each side of the partisan divide!

    • Was just watching TV on increased ASIO National Powers. When we talk about China, I can fully appreciate that ASIO should have more power for dealing with China. On the other hand, the Liberal Property MAFIA and Labor CCP Supporters now have an increased presence of Australian Security for shutting down and demonising Australians with.

      Why does the thought of a Liberal/Labor Party with a Security Force behind them concern me. My fear is all of this National Security wont just be about China. It’ll go towards re-engineering Higher House Prices in Australia. Technology is essentially being weaponised against Australian Citizens for House Prices.

    • How about a Royal commission into the effectiveness of royal commissions in achieving any sort of meaningful change…

      Other than that and the fact that the name simply will not be allowed by the AEC, have at it.

    • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

      If you put 1/100th the effort into that it’d be viable. There’s at least 10 differing reasons for every Australian NOT to vote for the BS Party.

      It’s way too complicated. Way too broad. Way too woke.

      Tell them you’ll cut immigration, and change next to nothing else first term and you’ll win. Add a few tweaks to politicians entitlements to make sure.

      Formulate policy and articulate throughout prior to seeking a second term.

  6. Anyone ever thought that the ALP has become the way they are because they haven’t been in govt enough?

    Nothing like actually doing the job to make you realise what’s needed and what isn’t. Last election was largely lost by ALP due to media beating up franking credits, all you folk around here can believe it was the parental visas but it wasn’t.

    I’d love for the DLP to start up again, funnily enough I’ve already tried to do it!! It’s fkn hard work. The only way it could work well and quickly enough is if a bunch of sitting ALP defect and start it up, from the ground up takes decades. But then you have the problem of them defecting for their own agendas they want to push that the ALP stopped them from doing and the chances they fracture before cementing a meaningful organisation are high.

    Until enough citizens stop whinging and become actively politically active we are doomed to the two party system of inadequate representation. The problem is who has time for political activity when you’re day to day is a struggle? And yet the struggle exists because of poor governance and won’t change just because people wish it would. Enough people have to put in the extra effort and astoundingly we haven’t reached the point yet where it’s bad enough that people will do a bit extra.

    • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

      “because they haven’t been in govt enough?”

      This a joke?

      The country is in an horrendous mess mostly because we are spoiled rotten, epitomised with today’s Greens party, QandA and the Project.

      After we lose everything we’ll either be foreign owned or a new party will start to redistribute what’s left. It sure as fk won’t be the Labor party.

      • Mate until you actually do something instead of just ranting you should probably shut up. You’re worse than the apathetic whingers – you’re a blowhard who has enough time to whinge endlessly on here but when it comes to actually doing your fantasty ideas you bail on them then come back with a new idea. Always some excuse “Yoof don’t deserve my help”, “Why should I pay for it?”, “I don’t want to put my name and face in the public sphere”.

        The only truth you can muster is pointing out was fkn obvious to anyone. Both our major parties sell us down the river and the country is going from bad to worse, the rest is just you pulling yourself.

    • “that people will do a bit extra.”
      It’s not a bit extra. Running a Political party of any meaningful size requires a whole lot of people full time. Hence the prominent parties represent the interests of those able to fund these full time people.

  7. Wasnt Abbot a great admirer of BA Santamaria?
    Maybe he s ready for another shot at public life?

        • Yeah abbot’s economic policies never seemed to fit him,
          I sometimes wonder if being kicked out of power has led him to reflect at all.

      • He WAS in the DLP. He was the president of Sydney University’s DLP club and got the Rhodes on the back of a recommendation by Santamaria

        • Santamaria was way before my time, the first i knew about him was reading his obituary in the Australian, i remember thinking his politics were anachronistic and best confined to history. Turns out he was more right than wrong on a lot of things mostly economics. Or maybe it wasnt appropriate for the 80s and 90s but is needed now?. I feel the same way about Pat Buchanan .

  8. Last time I looked, you could still get $1.55 to $2.35, on the Coalition at the next election.

  9. Leading Labor figures are warning the party will again fail at the next federal election unless it reflects on why it lost its once-reliable voter base, drops its left-wing populism, reconnects with the suburbs and stops scoffing at parents who choose to send their children to faith-based schools.

    LOL. So basically, they’re saying they need to resume the rightwards shift of the last 30-40 years and try to be the LNP even harder than they have been, because that’s worked out so well. 🙄

    Given as much, the best thing that Labor loyalists can do is revive the Democratic Labor Party:

    Revive the DLP ? I thought we were fighting _against_ authoritarianism and bigotry ?

    • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

      Except for the environment, they need to be the opposite to the Greens.

      Left right are just meaningless words.

    • I think what he is saying is they need to reverse the right wing shift economically and shift to the “right” on immigration, of course open borders isnt traditionally a left wing policy, for very obvious and often discussed on MB reasons.
      Thats the polar opposite of where they have been heading for the last 30 years.

      • We are already well on the right for immigration. Primarily high volume, low skill, low value, temporary, insecure, there to be exploited and suppress wages, or the wealthy buying favours and influence.

      • LOL. The Green inner city lefties are some of the few people still shooting for “real Democracy”.

        The DLP is best thought of as the political arm of the Catholic Church (or maybe the perfect home for Tony Abbot). How “democratic” do you think the cattle ticks are ?

    • LOL. *We* were fighting against authoritarianism and bigotry. LOL. We? Well you’re not. You are the one trying to thought police, speech police others and denying counter evidence to your beliefs.

  10. Horrible memories of the ultra conservative DLP, including their support for Vietnam war. You are going too far David, even hinting that a DLP-like entity would be desirable.

    • Yeah, I don’t pine for the return of the political wing of the Catholic church.
      Remember the DLP and BA Santamaria produced Tony Abbott..

      • I remember sitting through Santamaria’s whiney voice (I think the short program was called My Point of View) before the wrestling (Brute Bernard, Mario Milano etc) started on weekends maybe 50 years ago.

      • peterbruceMEMBER

        Yep. In SA we have a so called rising star labor leader, anti abortion catholic. I will never vote State labor while he tries to impose his brainwashed attitudes onto the rest of us.

        • ceteris paribus

          Brainwashed? Harsh Peter. You do know that a lot of social justice lefties do oppose “consumer choice” abortion, well over 90 plus percent of the estimated 70,000 plus abortions per year in Australia and the same percentage in most advanced western nations (Guttmacher medical data base studies). “Consumer choice” abortion typically involves social, financial or personal preference and election. “Consumer choice” does not, of course, relate to the low single digit per cent of cases involving genuine and compelling medical necessity. I don’t argue religion. There is, however, historical argument of exclusion and discrimination by the powerful against the vulnerable. Wrong race, wrong gender, wrong creed, wrong politics etc. etc., including of course, wrong age- too old or too young. As long as there is power and vulnerability, some lives will continue not to matter. Why indeed are young lives excluded from the protective philosophy of “zero tolerance against violence”?
          Some people gravitate towards maximising fair play for all parties involved in a dilemma, except, of course, where distributive resolution is impossible. “Brainwashed” is harsh.

  11. Poochie the Rockin DogMEMBER

    Who’s Kimberly Kitching? I don’t think any smaller parties stand a chance of making any difference & rather than trying to create a new party it would be best to join the labour party & push it in a protectionist/anti globalist direction

    • Ask ermo how that’s working out.
      The internal “democracy” of the party is merely a smaller scale version of the “democracy” of the country. And it works just as well.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        True enough.

        Any “movement” without the inertia (ie heaps of cnts behind it to keep it going) isn’t going anywhere.
        Solidarity requires sizable numbers turning up without that your just [email protected] yourself.

  12. Arthur Schopenhauer

    Labor is going to lose inner city seats to the Greens next election, while the leafy middle in Melbourne will also falls to the Greens.

    Now is the moment to find a decent independent candidate with a local profile and help them get elected.

  13. Is this the same Kimberly Kitching who was Andrew Bolt’s soft touch?
    As Bjorn Borg’s nemesis often proclaimed “ARE YOU SERIOUS?”