Highrise Harry demands migrant meat for property grinder

With Sydney experiencing massive apartment rental vacancies:

And Sydney apartment rents plunging:

Multi-billionaire apartment developer, “Highrise” Harry Triguboff, has demanded the state and federal governments offer more incentives to apartment developers and purchasers and open Australia’s international border to migrants in order to drive apartment sales:

“We are suffering because the migrants are not coming and the students have left,’’ said Mr Triguboff, founder of Meriton Apartments…

“Many builders of units have become bankrupt, so then people are not building. It’s no use talking about how good the housing market is if the unit market, which is an important part of the housing market, is not going up anywhere at near the same rate,’’ he said.

Mr Triguboff said it was time the federal government looked seriously at assisting the unit market…

Mr Triguboff said apartment rents were not rising because people preferred to invest in houses, which were enjoying solid rent rises…

“The unit market is the one that is affected by lack of students and migrants”…

He called for the government to help investors by opening the overseas borders as the states did. “We will then have an influx of people and that will help rents to go up and more units will be built,” he said.

We really do live in the real estate version of a narco-state.

There’s a global virus pandemic taking place and all this guy can think about is his own $10.4 billion deep pockets. There’s not a shred of thought about the Australian public’s health or welfare, only Highrise Harry’s own narrow self-interest.

Mass immigration led development is the ultimate Ponzi scheme, with property industry parasites like Highrise Harry privatising the gains while the costs are socialised on the existing population through having to fund the increased infrastructure needs (water, power, transport, recreation facilities etc), paying higher housing costs, as well as suffering the downsides of increasing congestion. None of this registers with Highrise Harry at all, nor that lower apartment rents are improving people’s cost of living.

A return to the broken economic model of the last cycle is precisely NOT what Australia needs. It drove property prices and rents higher marginalising youth. It corrupted our university standards and introduced deeply undemocratic CCP influences on campus. It corrupted our politics and jeopardised ANZUS. It drove down wages as poor foreign students and temporary migrants poured in. It lowered living standards across cities while enriching only a very narrow set of billionaires like Highrise Harry.

A Ponzi scheme is no way to apply government policy for the good of the citizenry.

What Australia needs instead is to leave those migrants at home where they can develop their own economies and export our expertise to them there. We also need to restore our own productive capacity to lower imports and decouple from CCP aggression.

The housing industry should meet the needs of Australians. Not the other way round.

Unconventional Economist


    • When will he finally make aliyah (sp?) and join Lowy.

      You know you used to have to give up Australian citizenship to acquire another (Rupert M was a famous example when he became an Aussie) but the Jewish Australia group lobbied for the rule change as they all wanted to retire to Israel but not give up the Aussie passport!

      • Anon

        I despise Harry, but I think you have it wrong about Rupert and the introduction of dual citizenship. The change was undertaken by the Howard govt due to Rupert’s demands. Rupert had given up Oz citizenship for US and successfully lobbied for Oz to introduce dual citizenship. I presume it has something to do with our laws limiting foreign ownerhship of our media (which he somehow managed to get around anyway as an American).

    • Is it too late to revoke his citizenship and deport him to his country of birth? At 87, I am comforted in the knowledge this parasite will cark it soon.

      • happy valleyMEMBER

        Nah, unfortunately he’ll probably make it to 100 at least and still be whinging etc – however, our saving grace could be ScoVID-19?

      • Hernando da Silva

        Harry got an Order of Australia a few years back from Kevin Rudd – a thank you for all the donations.

  1. Fun fact : Harry has previously stated that he believes Australia should have a population of at least 100 million people. Harry was born in the Chynah and raised in a community of similarly minded people there.

    • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

      G-d gave the earth to Harry and his people:
      “All things pertaining to the Goim are like a desert; the first person to come along and take them can claim them for his own.” – Babha Bathra (54b)

  2. reusachtigeMEMBER

    Hopefully we will soon get our herd immunity event meaning it won’t matter anymore and we can start bringing in valuable new contributors to our society to make up for locals who are lacking in fortitude.

  3. He panicking because the source of his elixir of life – the blood of Chinese virgins – is drying up.

  4. John Howards Bowling Coach

    Oh PLEASE allow Harry to arrange a photo shoot opportunity with freshly arrived in quarantine to plead his case and for that old scrooge to catch the Virus and drop off. The world needs less Harry’s albeit most of Australia aspire to be him. I’d swerve to hit him if I saw the parasite crossing the road.

  5. TailorTrashMEMBER

    Harry deserves a knighthood for his contribution
    to the beautification of Australian cities, providing homes and shelter under Australian law for money laundering Chinese and above all for
    his reinforcement of the new national religion .
    This man is a living treasure ,a monument
    to “greed is good “ and a model to aspire to . He makes Reusa look like a country vicar ….blessed are we that such a man should walk among us

      • TailorTrashMEMBER

        Somebody told me a story about Harry …swore it was true

        Harry was visiting one of his construction sites one day and he noticed a worker had one of the soles of his boots loose and flapping as he walked .
        Harry said “you need new boots “
        Worker replied “would you like to buy me a pair Mr Trugaboff”

        Harry reached in his pocket and pulled out a 3 inch roll of $100 bills held together with rubber bands .
        He took off a rubber and handed it to the worker and said “ here that will hold it together until you get new ones “

  6. You really don’t want to be holding your typical high rise apartment beyond about 15 years. Further than that, they’re needing high value repairs and the sinking fund cost starts ballooning.