Europe slams China over Australia

Via The Guardian:

The European Union has blasted China over an “irresponsible, insensitive” tweet about Australian military personnel as the regional bloc revealed it has raised the issue directly with a Chinese vice-foreign minister.

A senior EU official told the Guardian the EU regretted the recent deterioration in ties between China and Australia – which has seen Beijing take a series of trade actions against Australian exports – and called on the two sides to “re-engage in dialogue, avoid escalation and unilateral pressure”.

The statement from the EU comes after the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, France and New Zealand criticised the actions of a Chinese foreign ministry official official in tweeting a digitally created image depicting an Australian soldier cutting the throat of a child in Afghanistan.

“We consider the deliberate dissemination of a fabricated image via social media accounts affiliated with China’s ministry of foreign affairs to be irresponsible, insensitive and not at all constructive, particularly given the subject in question,” Nabila Massrali, the EU’s spokesperson for foreign affairs and security policy, told the Guardian on Friday.

“Such behaviour and use of information tools to disseminate fabricated images or information cannot be justified.”

Bugger the tweet. What about economic coercion?

Meanwhile, treasonous Labor has folded:

Anthony Albanese will not oppose Scott Morrison’s final passage of the government’s Foreign Relations Bill designed to give the Commonwealth greater power over state government deals with foreign nations.

The bill debated in the Senate this week after a Labor amendment failed has to be finalised next week and is one of the key policy aims for the Coalition and is an issue China has identified as a key grievance with Australia.

Manchurian Dan’s deal about to be quashed.

Brace for more tweets!

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  1. Mining BoganMEMBER

    Isn’t there a saying about backing your enemy into a corner?

    What time did you say the American fleet is showing up?

    • Ding ding ding

      The opportunities to save face are diminishing, whilst opportunities to lash out at more ‘enemies’ are increasing, with one or two inevitably taking it more seriously than others and engaging them properly

      Reap what you sow and all that

        • probably more of a operational and delegated responsibility type of change. explicitly have a sub-set of the fleet (plus vessels from elsewhere?) under a specific command structure and with a specific, more localised area of responsibility.

          I’m sure there is an ex-navy person among the MB puntertariat that can provide detail ?

          • Individual ships move between fleets and task groups all the time. Sometimes they are part of 2 task groups at the same time. The new US fleet will likely at first just involve logistics an command structures, destroyers and subs to firm up allied naval strength in the region, as you say mostly drawing on 7th fleet assets. Carriers and LHAs joining 1st fleet would likely be task force/exercise specific. US is short 1 operational carrier at the moment, and LHA Bonnehomme Richard was just written off. Give it time though and the 1st fleet will be built up with new/available assets, particularly the new US frigates.

            More importantly, what will the new fleet’s purpose be? Blockade through control of the Straits of Malaga and Sunda, stop china from using sea denial strategy in the Indian ocean from its base in Sri Lanka.

    • The big question for me is “Why has Australia become the enemy of China?”

      What’s the benefit to China in this?

      Australia is a pissant little country with not much to offer apart from iron ore to China.

      Why are they ramping this up to an international incident with a country that is basically irrelevant on the world scale?
      (Apologies to patriots but its true

      • I reckon it is all for shows.
        It serves tiptoeing the waters mostly, for all.
        Wine sanctions are only 4months.
        US cannot put the tail between the legs when all is done so they need someone doing it for them to allow swerving if things don’t go the desired way. I support this as it is by far better payout to our masters (for Aus) than what was otherwise paid in blood in GW, WW2, Korea, ‘Nam etc.

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        I reckon they thought we’d crumble within an hour and give them what they want.

        Not crumbling left them confused so doubled down to save face.

      • They figured Australia would have toed the CCP party line by now considering how much the economy is dependent on China.
        They have miscalculated. Similar to how they have miscalculated Hong Kong. But they’ve dealt with that disobedient Hong Kong quite ruthlessly now. How would they deal with this disobedient Australia that is outside of their control realm?

      • Why? Australia is the unsinkable radar station/carrier on the flank of Asia, with vast agricultural land and mineral wealth clearly wedded to 5 eyes… It’s the redoubt of any western influence in Asia.

      • I reckon one part is being able to buy more from the US by buying less from Australia.

        I reckon another is just finding that small kid at school to pick on, to look cool and tough to your mates. Problem is that the little kid won’t take it lying down, even if you beat him in the end. That pisses bullies off.

    • “This clearly is an escalated form of political oppression towards China by some extreme anti-China forces in the US who act out of intense ideological bias and a deep-rooted Cold War mentality,” foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said.
      😂 They always accuse other countries of the exact things they do! All CCP statements should be issued via the Beetota Advocate!

      Surprised only 61 visas issued to Chinese compared to the 60,000 a year earlier, even given covid. Australia still issuing huge numbers of visas, I wonder how our number of visas for Chinese compare with last year, are we restricting or is it Beijing if the number is low, certainly students favour the UK now.

  2. For me the EU is the big one, if they begin to stand up to China, then the world will almost certainly be OK, but if the CCP can split off countries like Italy (should be quite easy for CCP) and get them to “spoil” by voting against action & hence little to no economic pressure on China then China will likely come to enforce it’s will on most of the world bodies and hence the world in which we are free democracies in name only. A strong message of unity by all states that value a rules based order rather than a CCP directed order of the CCP must be sent NOW so that Beijing is under no illusion of what economic pain it will suffer if it continues down the road of XJP thought.

    • Yep. It’s taking longer than I thought, and not for the reasons I thought but the trend is broadly in line with what I expected when the trade war started

    • Interesting line of thought. I don’t think it will happen – at the risk of over-generalising, the anti-EU forces within Europe are generally also anti-globalism, and anti-authoritarianism. So if a country split away from the EU, it probably wouldn’t be into a closer relationship with China. They may seek to do trade deals with China, but the anti-EU movements are very much about retaining sovereignty.

      • Who cares about the fragmented, pointless EU? More importantly, what are the UK France and Germany doing? You know, nation states with strategic assets and interests. The UK and France planning carrier/amphib deployments to our region next year to support allies; even Germany with its crappy navy is planning on sending a frigate. The other sheep will toe the line begrudgingly.

      • Was thinking more of Italy splitting away voting wise, ie preventing the EU forming any sort of resistance to China, as they seem to be under the influence of CCP more than letter states eg not blocking Chinese 5G vendors, some loans etc

    • Which is why now is the best time to wedge the CCP. Lets face it, coz of coronavirus noone actually likes them.
      CCP is trying to BE right instead of making things right. But when people dont actually LIKE you, just being right isnt going to get you anywhere.

    • Zulu – I wonder if this is where the Belt and Road comes in.

      Invest in a country and make it feel obligated to China. Threaten to destabilise its economy by demanding repayment for works they can’t afford. Then it goes from being the Belt and Road to Belt and Rod.

      • Belt and Road is designed NOT to follow US politics of twisting arms and squeezing ball s.
        It is a variety of the Marshall Plan with longer term development goals.

        • I can’t see that, B&R is an ideal means of extending their influence, maybe not directly with B&R but over time the influence from trade etc would be very strong

    • The word Natzi is so over-abused that it has lost its meaning similarly as faschism.
      It became a lovely euphemism for political discord

  3. happy valleyMEMBER

    “Meanwhile, treasonous Labor has folded …”

    Labor seems truly unelectable, so basically after the next federal election Straya is faced with having a defacto dictatorship when SFM has control of both houses of parliament – and it will make John Howard’s control of both houses that saw WorkChoices look positively utopia?