Australians don’t want return to high immigration

The ABC runs a big (54,000 responses) annual survey called Australia Talks.

This year’s survey has been released and reveals that a big majority (61%) of Australians believe that population growth is a problem for Australia, with nearly one quarter (24%) believing population growth is a major problem:

A smaller majority of Australians (54%) also believe that immigration is a problem for Australia, again with nearly a quarter (24%) believing it is a major problem:

However, more Australians than not still believe that Australia has room to grow, presumably at a slower pace than the prior 15 years:

Australians are also not against migrants and cultural diversity per se, but rather excessive levels of immigration:

This broadly matches other recent surveys, for example October’s survey from the Australian Population Research Institute:

Survey data collected by The Australian Population Research Institute (TAPRI), and by other pollsters, show that around half the Australian electorate want a reduction in immigration.

A majority of all voters think Australia does not need more people and believe that high immigration is responsible for the deterioration of the quality of life in Australia’s big cities, as well as stressing its natural environment.

Australia’s politicians should tread carefully before ramping up immigration post COVID. This is not supported by Australian voters.

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  1. sorry Leith, you’re not in tune with the ‘new normal’ … our political class, like that of the western world generally and Anglosphere in particular ‘listens’ to voters only to the extent necessary to massage the message to get past voter objections and get away with it with the assistance MSM that is increasingly pure propaganda outlets for the wokester agenda (MB articles on CCP influence been just one example) … not to mention DLS’s lead article right now referencing ABC ????

    • It’s not even a “new” normal. The real point is autralians didn’t want or support it before either but that didn’t seem a big hindrance for the politicians, did it?

    • Yep. Look at Labor. They surely can judge the way the winds are blowing but still want to ignore it. Then they wonder why they can’t beat the LNP who themselves are somehow managing to sink deeper searching for the bottom of the barrel.

      Reminds me of Campbell Newman …. he dismissed the voters and we got Steven Bradbury Annastacia Palaszczuk who struggles to actually do or think much at all.

  2. Display NameMEMBER

    But all these opinions are from people that don’t count. Voters. Talk to the donors. They are 100% into mass migration.

    • happy valleyMEMBER

      +1,000 voters. The pollies will do what they do 24/7 to voters – lie, lie, lie – and then do the opposite. After all, pollies have their IP portfolios, post-politics sinecures and mates/rorts to think of.

    • Agree. Why do we allow political donations to muddy the waters?

      If we don’t have political donations, and we provide adequate funding for parties, then there will be bribery. However, bribery will be easier to track and prosecute then linking donations with political favours.

      • If you are going to publicly fund campaigns, how do you decide who gets funded and how much ?

        The problem is not donations, per se. The problem is very large donations from a very small number of donors.

        Limit donations to natural persons (or registered voters) only, and a few grand a year at most, and the bulk of “donor” problems will go away. Throw in some (relatively) brutal punishments for trying to circumvent these limits (mandatory gaol time, bankruptcy-inducing fines) to be extra sure.

  3. And 60/40 is easy peasy to just tweak slightly get the numbers wrong in your arguments, (no one checks).
    At 60/40, there won’t be any riots!!!!

  4. SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

    approx 30% of the people being polled have just landed here and the result is still negative

  5. ……The ABC later withdrew the survey after reports the data was corrupted and will endeavour to review the work in the near future.

    • You reckon that the Chinese and and Indians have learnt to love their respective repressive governments and abject poverty in the 10 months since COVID ?

  6. Jumping jack flash

    We may not need such high amounts of immigration if the debt can grow fast enough. A high enough rate of debt growth will inflate prices so wage theft wont be necessary. Inflated prices leads to inflated incomes – imagine being eligible for the correct amounts of debt while packing chicken pieces into a box in a smelly chicken factory. It’d be amazing. And it should be the case. These people are the same as everyone else and just want to become eligible for the debt they need!

    With prices inflating, wages inflating and debt inflating at the correct rate, we won’t need to steal wages from 3rd world immigrants any more.

    All eyes on the debt growth rate!


      I’m finding it increasingly difficult to argue with my dead broke partner why we can’t afford to buy a house, with a huge loan, with all the stimulus they keep pulling out of their a$$es

      • There is nothing to argue. As long as you can afford to service the loan, you’ll never have to repay it.

  7. Its time this Chinese Treason and the attacks on non-Boomer Australians stops.
    I tried to increase my subscription to 5 years but the system wouldnt allow it.

  8. Why would Australia’s politicians tread carefully when there is no alternative to voting for them ? Every Australian has a choice . You can either vote in support of continuing unsustainable mass immigration or you can vote against calls to reject the Mass immigration Big Australia Ponzi scheme.

    Thank Huey for democracy !

    • “Every Australian has a choice .” Not true. What major party wants to cut immigration? I have voted Sustainable for the past few years, knowing it won’t make any difference at all. So you can either vote for unsustainable mass immigration or you can vote for unsustainable mass immigration. Until one of the major parties steps up and this will never happen, we have no choice.

  9. The Sustainable Australia Party should rename itself the MAGA Party – Make Australia Great Again Party
    It will at least get them the attention that they need and deserve.