91% of Aussies support international border closure

Roy Morgan Research has released a survey showing that 91% of Aussies support keeping the border shut to prevent the importation of COVID-19:

Large majorities of Australians in all States, both genders and across all age groups agree travel restrictions between countries are acceptable in order to fight against the spread of Coronavirus. Agreement is highest for people aged 50-64 (93%) or 25-34 (93%) and in South Australia (96%) and New South Wales (93%). In addition, 91% of both men and women agree that travel restrictions between countries are acceptable.

More than three quarters of Aussies would also take a COVID-19 vaccine when it becomes available:

Of all Australians three-in-four (77%, down 10% points on April 2020) say they are willing to be vaccinated for Coronavirus if a new vaccine becomes publicly available, while a small 12% (up 5%) of Australians are not willing and 11% don’t know, according to a special Roy Morgan web survey of an Australia-wide cross-section of 1,008 Australians aged 18+ conducted in November 2020.Men are more likely than women to get the COVID-19 vaccine (See Question 5 details below)

Analysis by Gender shows a significantly more men (83%, down 6%) than women (72%, down 13%) are willing to be vaccinated if a new Coronavirus vaccine became publicly available.

Analysis by State show those in New South Wales are most likely (81%) to be vaccinated if one became publicly available, while West Australians (69%) and Queenslanders (70%) are the least likely. Additionally, 20% of Queenslanders would not be willing to be vaccinated if one became publicly available much higher percentage than any of the other States: WA (14%), NSW (11%), VIC (9%) and SA (6%).

And an increasing majority of Aussies also believe that our governments have handled COVID-19 well:

Full survey here.

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