Why will nobody get boned over Robodebt?

There’s that malfunctioning empathy gene again…

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Couldn’t have happened, without the ruthless engineering and Eichmann-like determination of “Major General” K Campbell AO. Just this year, she insisted that nobody died. Immune from prosecution, let alone any trace of official censure, she sails on as a richly remunerated Secretary, certain of her rectitude, and no doubt sleeping soundly at night.

    • There is a major reform of the executive and senior executive levels of the APS in train and soon to appear on the horizon.

      The Liberals would love to offer up a head to sacrifice to public sentiment but they know it (Robodebt) is just the Chickens of a generations worth of Executive behaviours ethos coming home to roost, and if they offer up some heads there are plenty more skeletons and ghosts (and SES people with knowledge of decisions made) buried out there – and coughing one up now may unsettle the herd.

      The herd will be trying to sniff the next election outcome. If the ALP look like winning they know there will be:-

      1. A Cull of SES heads
      2. A Witch hunt for those responsoble for Robodebt; and
      3. A white hot examination of the effects of a generations worth of deliberate public sector enfeeblement via outsourcing and contracting.

      All of the above will not be pretty. A lot of those responsible for Robodebt have moved on to metastasize in other organisations

      • They’ll never say it in public, Gunna, but I reckon Labor would have the heads of Campbell, Pezzullo and Gaetjens, on stakes at the shores of the Lake. Problem is, they can’t win under Albanese, so it’s a long way off.

        Let’s not even talk about Kennedy, he of Leppington Triangle, replacing Gaetjens at Treasury. Way to go.

          • I agree, he seems a lot nicer than most. But he has no real answers to the Leppington questions, apart from “surprise and concern”. And he’s now selling Big Australia with the very best of them.

      • kierans777MEMBER

        Personally I (as an IT professional) lay a lot of the blame at the feet of the programmers. IT is the wild west with no genuine professional body and no enforceable code of ethics. The developers should have refused to implement such a botched, immoral and illegal system, even if that means they get the sack. I have refused to engage in unethical conduct before and I would again. Developers like doctors should do no harm.

        Having said that, #ScottyTheBully should be ultimately held accountable.

        • From my memory they always had systems like that, that generated any and everything as a “debt”, but they had review officers who looked at them all and put them in the bin. The robodebt genius was to take the review officers away and leave the supposed debtor to argue about it, while often also making payments. Any other creditor has to prove they’re owed money. It always seemed illegal, and cruel, and nonsensical.

    • Someone ElseMEMBER

      Or the empty chair. What was that Husic woman ‘accused’ of in the scurrilous anonymous letter that has forced her to resign as his chief of staff for ‘mental health’ reasons?

      • LNP in the Wild West used to like sniffing Chairs. Troy Buswell MP, until he crashed his ministerial car driving 800m from the pub to his home in a paralytic state.

  2. “Gordon Legal, the law firm that represented victims of the robodebt scandal, hasn’t confirmed how much of the $112 million compensation it would be seeking.”
    >/= to .333?

  3. Kitchens has the rights of it.
    Now the protect The Scrotum campaign is in full cry.
    Gordon Legal have been heavied into accepting a pittance , but more importantly , there will be NO court case, so the politicians will not have to face cross examination.
    and once again no one is held responsible.
    What a scurvy ………… words fail me.

  4. Malfunctioning gene NOT, Non existent gene.

    You could put Scotty through an industrial mincer and you still would not be able to find any small particle of Christian. Likewise Dutto, Tudge and Peta.

  5. The latest Essential poll has Scummy at 66% approval rating. Put simply, there’s no need for him to do anything to jeopardise their one seat majority.

  6. Poochie the Rockin DogMEMBER

    What’s stopping him coming for you and your family next?…. This is a great line & I would like to see it in a political attack ad.
    SCENE: Christmas Eve. Banging can be heard coming from the chimney. Santa? A little girl asks as she walks into the living room. But it’s not Santa, it’s Scott Morrison. Arghhhh the little girl runs from the room as Scott Morrison with a flame thrower sets fire to the Christmas tree & presents with a flame thrower while laughing maniacally. NEXT SCENE: the family huddle under blankets while staring at the small pile of coal that represents what used to be their hopes & dreams. Slow motion zoom onto the lump of coal. What’s stopping him coming for you and your family next?.