Watch: Malcolm Turnbull slaughters Paul Kelly on climate

Marvellous! Malcolm Turnbull put Paul Kelly to the sword last night:

Jeez, where was that Malcolm in power?

Cop that Kelly! For years he has painted a veneer of respectability over Murdoch propaganda, including regarding climate.

The petition is on its way:

Australia’s largest-ever parliamentary e-petition, which calls for a royal commission into media diversity and has more than 500,000 signatures, has been submitted to the House of Representatives.

“The bottom line is the lifeblood of our democracies depends on a fair, balanced, independent, free media which separates out two things: the reporting of facts and the expression of opinion,” he told CNN on Monday.

Smash Murdoch and Fake Right! Smash the Fake Left. Tear it all down and start again!

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. what a pity that these “retired” politicians (especially some of the worst on record) have to take front stage purely for personal point scoring. Why not run for a seat again if you’re that convinced.

    • Because they fully understand you don’t get selected for a meaningful seat unless you follow the party line, having ridden that rodeo before.

    • Turnbull and Hewson should run again. We need them. If Biden can be Preznit at 78, they can run again.

      • RobotSenseiMEMBER

        I do wonder if our country missed a trick in taking Keating over Hewson in 1993. We wouldn’t have had the waste of the Howard years if we’d gone in a different dirrection.

        Oh well.

      • Which party are they going to run for, the LNP? lololololol. Have you read Craig Kelly’s warning to Morrison about emissions targets? There’s a reason why Turnbull got dumped and there’s a reason why Hewson appears to have gone all Lefty and it’s because the LNP is half Trumpish!

        • kierans777MEMBER

          And our media is either scared or complicit. The ABC still doesn’t understand asymmetric polarisation.

    • Malcolm mistake was to take the leadership again. He should have known that he would not be allowed to implement anything he believed into. The party was and still is loaded with psychopaths, lunatics, lackeys, plain thieves and scum and are running their own self interest agendas and profiteer from that. Not one of them cares about the country.
      Malcolm should have resign from the party and probably create new party with John H (similar view to revert2ean) and run during next elections. They would have won plenty of Liberal, Labour and Green seats.

  2. darklydrawlMEMBER

    I wish these folks would have their “Road to Damascus” moment whilst still in power rather than years afterwards…. *sigh*.

    • I reckon Malcolm would recall the picture Macrobusiness used to use for pieces relating to him – of a speedo clad Testostertone with a Malcolm emblazoned schlong cover – and think to himself ‘if only……..’

    • Just goes to show you how beholden they are to their donors and lobbyists when they’re in power. Goes a long way to explaining why when someone appears to be the “right person for the job” gets sworn in, they rapidly become someone else and we get done over. Again.

  3. Perhaps politics is harder than you make it out to be. Best guess.. if MB had its sought-after revolution – at best it’d look like the French of 1789-92. Off with their heads. At worst, something of MENA.
    Personal shared values and heart bring a society together. Not ya grandstanding.

      • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

        Trump only capitalised off the blowback from the “Diversity makes us stronger and more united” bs that numpties have swallowed hook, line and sinker from the msm and the Corporatocracy that see globohomo and consumer replacement as the easiest marketing route to more profits.

        Blaming Trump is like walking into a room and smashing a vase, and when the angry home owner says’s “You did this ‘Get out’!” turning around and saying “Ow look at all that hostility, me breaking the vase is your fault and has been done to make you a better person.”

        Putting the same mob and their ideology who made the problem back in charge ain’t going to make us come together – cause to do so is the opposite of diversity, they want that vase broken, it is just gunna make the blow back next time a whole lot bigger.

        • Lol you’re a joke stewie.

          “But, but…. ballot harvesting”.

          That has to go down as one of the dumbest and most drawn out “my candidate lost but I can’t handle it” ramblings ever. Add in your other crud posted and why should anyone respect your opinion?

          • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

            Hey Mig’s a$$hole is back! Whatever sh!t he gobbles up, you spray out about 16 hours later.

          • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

            Listen you busted a$$hole of a busted a$$hole – ‘Vote Harvesting’ might be of little interest to you, frankly I struggle to imagine that there’s much that would interest you, but it is a big part of the story that lies behind Trump’s claim of voter fraud.

            A repeated issue for me is how things are portrayed in the media and the narrative they attempt to weave – something that a snake like yourself is unlikely to ever notice. Otherwise I’m about invested in Trump winning as Scomo – I don’t give a phuck because firstly I went out on a limb to even call it Trump’s way, and secondly, in the long term I know it will make no difference.

            No where in any of those weekend comments did I do more than superficially lament Trump’s loss or decry Biden’s victory the sum gist of my comments were:

            1. There are some anomalies that may be worth investigating should they persist;
            2. Voter Harvesting is what is supposedly behind it – it is legal, although many people think it is unethical.
            3. I wouldn’t have a problem with them being tested in court IF it even went that far.

            Yet attempting to make those 3 points triggered an avalanche of replies from ‘open minded progressives’ outraged that I wasn’t bowing to the mainstream media narrative, or basically adhering to the group think that so characterizes halfwits like yourself.

            Is that so hard for you tiny reptilian brain to take in?

          • Yet attempting to make those 3 points triggered an avalanche of replies from ‘open minded progressives’ outraged that I wasn’t bowing to the mainstream media narrative, or basically adhering to the group think that so characterizes halfwits like yourself.

            LOL. Your hubris is epic. Almost as impressive as Rich42’s.

            Here you are pretending you care about “ethics” while simultaneously arguing you’re fine if a bunch of people are retroactively disenfranchised because they voted for the wrong person in a way that someone said should give you the heebie-jeebies.

          • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

            The best thing about the weekends debate was watching all the back flips you performed to avoid admitting to the possibility that ‘Vote Harvesting’ may have ethical issues surrounding it, and then suggesting that anyone who had a problem with it, only had a problem with it because if the courts dare examined the issue it might advantage Trump… not whether it was right or wrong, but that it somehow might advantage your boogie-man.

          • The best thing about the weekends debate was watching all the back flips you performed to avoid admitting to the possibility that ‘Vote Harvesting’ may have ethical issues surrounding it, and then suggesting that anyone who had a problem with it, only had a problem with it because if the courts dared examined the issue it might advantage Trump… not whether it was right or wrong, but that it somehow might advantage your boogie-man.

            Er, what ?

            My point was and remains that it it is outrageous to exclude legally cast ballots in this election ‘because I don’t like them’ (and don’t kid yourself that anyone has provided a more compelling justification than that).

            Even if one were to accept the premise that there’s some percentage of “harvested” ballots that were for some reason “invalid” (but not fraudulent ???), it is obvious there must also be a percentage that are “valid”, so excluding all “harvested” ballots at this point is flat-out retroactive disenfranchisement. Which is a far, far larger ethical issue than whether a third party transporting a ballot paper rustles your jimmies.

            If someone wants to try and make an argument for why “ballot harvesting” shouldn’t be allowed in future elections (“unethical”, whatever), that’s an entirely different kettle of fish and entirely irrelevant to the outcome of this election.

          • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

            Dear Professor,

            I support the counting of every LEGAL ballad, but I also support and am okay with the courts addressing the question as to what is a legal ballad and what is not.

            Unlike yourself I prefer issues of legality to be settled by the courts as opposed to CNN or the rest of the msm.

            Kind Regards


          • Unlike yourself I prefer issues of legality to be settled by the courts as opposed to CNN or the rest of the msm.

            Straw man massacre !

      • Claiming ownership of others… smacks of authoritarian, elitism DLS. You have judged wrongly and played the man – the whole way through this election. While not my personal taste, I made clear I never thought Trump’s personality disqualified him as POTUS. Very plainly his policies were generally much better than his rhetoric – as a socio-political commentator you really should draw that basic distinction.
        You and I both credit Trump for being a disruptor. I simply contend there’s unfinished business, and unfortunately we haven’t learn anything yet (especially Durham report, spying allegations etc) and another 4 years would’ve made sense.
        Biden is a puppet for the crazies. And if judged on the same basis Trump was (i.e. when impeached ‘quid pro quo’) – Biden isn’t fit for presidency.

  4. Just goes to show how powerful the vested interests are that Malcolm articulates what needs to be said in public now that he is out of politics. This is the problem with our society now that people, organizations etc need to be called out on their [email protected]!tfu*kery instead of turning a blind eye . Enough of this rubbish, people like the Kellys of the world need a reality check just like what Malcolm gave him . Good job and want to see more of it .

    • You should read what Joel Fitzgibbon said when resigning from the shadow cabinet. Whatever it is you are selling, the public doesn’t want to buy it.

  5. Good stuff. Turnbull is showing great form as a post political life figure. Good contributions.

    While he’s a narcissist like most / all the political class he’s wealthy enough to speak his mind, … a bit like KRudd on Murdoch. Another good showing post politics.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      “While he’s a narcissist like most / all the political class he’s wealthy enough to speak his mind”

      Plutocratic Philanthropy isn’t going to save us from anything. Especially not Climate Change.

      The way that Knight of global Plutocracy,..Sachs man, Malcolm Turnbull, made a big deal about Lachlans choreographed departure from News corp (gives the family a foot in both camps now) had me thinking about the rolls Mal and his boy have chosen for themselves as representatives in this coming new, Plutocratic controlled, rent seeking, Green industrial revolution/new deal.
      Don’t get me wrong. I agree with all Mal had to say, Just like most of the people I know would agree with him also.
      But what raised my hackles a little is this sentiment that Mal is “wealthy enough to speak his mind” and that by extension means the rest of us aren’t and need plutocratic elites like Mal to Guide Us and tell us what we must do.
      I say We can make those decisions our selves if given the chance.
      I also say if indeed this climate change is a threat to civilisation as we know it,… then let’s turn on the printing presses and build our own entirely new energy system using only Australian labour and Materials with corporate rent/profit seekers completely cut out of the climate saving enterprise.
      Let’s put THAT to the people Mal.
      But that’s not what Sachs man Mal is advocating for though is it?
      Pretty sure Mal shares the view that most of those Davros types embrace. That being the shoving aside of Democratic controlled and implemented climate change solutions in favour of Global Corporate rent seeking giants deciding and implementing what engineering/restructuring of the energy economy needs to be done,…all being funded by taxpayers with massive windfall profits going to a very small number of Global aristocrats and their toadies,…toadies like Mal and his boy.
      Id rather see our species become extinct than us all becoming enslaved within a new techno feudalism ruled over by privileged smug aristocrats like these.

      • Its in the context isn’t it.
        By wealthy enough to speak his mind I meant than most of the political class do not enter politics for the (observable) remuneration but for all the side hustles. Lord Potato Voldemort apparently went from being a QLD cop to a federal politician worth $20 million in resi RE. The mathematics of his cumulative gains in wealth would defy logic.

        This type of politician, not yet done with filling their bucket, is the one so completely captured by the rentier vested interests.

        My point is that Turnbull like KRudd do (may) not have want for that so so are remain unaffected by its pressures.

        None of this is to say that you and I cannot express oursleves. Having said that my social media ranting have resulted in my company missing out on a number of government grants and contracts – so my voice has come at a cost. A small one compared to many but is was expensive for me.

        • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

          “This type of politician, not yet done with filling their bucket, is the one so completely captured by the rentier vested interests”

          I would argue that Duttons greedy ambitions for himself are most likely to be quite Parochial in comparison to a former Sach man who has spent much time rubbing shoulders with the big boys in the capital of Global Plutocracy, New York.

          • I think then we are in agreement. I too was asserting that Lord Potato Voldemort was parochial.

            I was however identifying Turnbull’s blast in the video above was NOT evidence of him being parochial.

          • The Duttons are flatout harvesting the childcare bounty. Enough to trade up to a country property at Daysboro.

    • He has 750 Billion reasons to talk his book. Don’t look to him for the wattage per square metre figures of the heat transfer from the atmosphere to space or the temperature of the planet for the previous 10,000 years or 1,000 years, or the existence of the tropical hotspot.

  6. Jeez, where was that Malcolm in power?

    He was more interested in staying in power, which meant bowing to Murdoch and his right wing.

    Malcolm’s a hypocrite.

    Next week, we’ll get a QandA with him criticizing the NBN

    • There were (and still are) enough reactionaries in the LNP to hobble evidence-based policy like climate. Every positive policy he and others tried to push was undermined and debauched. This is why the media is so important in helping to frame debate – sunlight exposes the troglodytes.

      • kierans777MEMBER

        Yet the real journos are either scared or shutdown. Jan Fran rightly pointed that out to Turnbull (not that he disagreed) which is why until there is a real watershed moment nothing will probably change.

  7. Yeah, real bastion of environmental protection old Mal….

    wiki-Turnbull left the firm he co-founded in 1997 to become a managing director of Goldman Sachs Australia, eventually becoming a partner in Goldman Sachs and Co. Additionally, he worked as a director of Star Technology Systems from 1993 to 1995. During this time Turnbull was also the chairman of Axiom Forest Resources, which conducted logging in the Solomon Islands under the trading name Silvania Forest Products. The latter’s work was described by the Australian International Development Assistance Bureau as a “clear-felling operation”, and the then Solomon Islands Prime Minister Solomon Mamaloni reportedly threatened to close it down for “constant breaches of logging practices”, according to a critical article in the Solomon Times.[37][38]

        • Of course. It’s a bit like black face or unsavoury comments on school bus programs in the US. It depends who is saying it as to whether we are compassionate, lenient and move on or whether we howl and rail and cancel.

  8. God that was great.
    About time someone took journalism to task. “I’m just a journalist… how dare you attack me”

  9. They say every organisation that is not explicitly right, eventually moves to the left. Exhibit A – the comments section.

  10. “Just when you think banks are only in it for the money, along comes Goldman Sachs to advise us on the planetary atmosphere:.”

    Malcolm Turnbull helps rewrite history and tell us that the Medieval Warm Period Never existed, if it did it was only local, and that Vikings left Greenland because it was getting hotter not colder, and there were never Spruce trees north of the current tree line in Canada, when times were much warmer than what they are now.

    Spare me. Malcolm talking his book. The man is a grub.

  11. happy valleyMEMBER

    Kelly is way past his use by date and Rup should shunt him. Kelly hadn’t read the email that Fox News/Rup is deserting Trump.

  12. I didn’t really see the evisceration. I agree with Kelly – all media needs to be included – SMH, ABC which have well known bias not just the one you don’t like that you blame for spiking you!

    And if the science is so settled Malcolm then why in DOGS name did you continue running a big Australia PONZI. Fkn Hypocrite on this – an Australia with 25m will have half the emissions of an Australia with 50m. That’s math even Fitzgibbon could understand.

    • TheLambKingMEMBER

      an Australia with 25m will have half the emissions of an Australia with 50m

      I hate the ponzi scheme as much as anybody – but in theory, if we are running on renewable energy grid/house and EVs that is not the case (infra builds takes carbon – but can be carbon neutral). Someone posted this today ( and it shows how we can produce and use MORE power much earlier than people expect.

      • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

        It will make no difference – we are sliding down the backside of the Hubert Oil curve, peak oil occurred in 2018 and it will decline every year from now on. The problem isn’t that we are weening ourselves off Oil, it is that we are simply displacing Oil consumption to other parts of the world, like where those Solar panels are instead made.

        For most of the last decade, we have been sold a techno-utopian fairy tale about “peak oil demand.” Instead of “running out” of oil, the problem for the oil industry, we were told, was that the switch to “clean energy” and to technologies like electric cars and hydrogen-powered buses meant that demand for oil was declining. Within a decade or so, they claimed, our need for oil would disappear entirely as we ushered in a “fourth industrial revolution” based around digital products and services powered by renewable energy.

        As with all narratives, there is just enough truth in this story to give it a veneer of credibility. Per capita demand for oil – and, indeed, for fossil fuels generally – has been declining. So that is you are a middle class metropolitan liberal – the kind of people who edit and write for the establishment media – you look around and notice your friends driving electric cars; you uncritically swallow the press statements of the windfarm owners; and you observe the declining per capita consumption of oil; and you tell yourself that this is peak oil demand in action. The data says something very different…

        Despite a Herculean effort to bring non-renewable renewable energy-harvesting technologies online, they still account for less than five percent of global primary energy consumption. Worse still, they have not replaced fossil fuels; they have just been added to the global mix.

        I’ve often said that the reason the world finds itself with zero interest rates is because it finds itself between a rock and a hard place.

        For the Status Quo to continue, i.e. economies ticking over nicely, Oil has to exist within a band – oil prices get too high and consumption craters, Oil price gets too low and production crater.

        The trouble is the era of cheap oil is over, the only way marginal barrels can be delivered onto the market to the extent that global demand can be met is by investing huge amounts of capital into marginal oil projects like shale oil – yet those huge investments cannot be justified with real returns much above zero, hence interest rates are forced down to ensure this production remains available, because if it isn’t and market forces were truly free to operate in order to justify the investment needed to extract shale oil, then it would have to be in the hundreds of dollars a barrel.

        That would not only wipe out the third world, but destroy the first. It is rare that I come across an article that explains this issue so well, but the link below does an excellent job of outlining this thesis:

        Yes, humanity will eventually revert to “green energy,” but not in the way techno-utopian fantasists imagine. Rather, as the energetic basis of the industrial economy collapses, those who survive will mainly be left with energy technologies like water wheels, windmills and sails to supplement human and animal labour power at an economic level not dissimilar, at best, to the early nineteenth century… that’s just what happens when you run out of gas!

        As depletion erodes the energy extraction vs energy available equation, it is imho an even money bet as to what will bring us down first – internal civil unrest as consumption on discretionary spending is slashed or external conflict as nations seek to project this problems outwards. Broiling to death in a run away Green house should all the available fossil fuels being consumed is a long way down my list of TEOTWAWKI senarios – much more probable that as the energy extraction equation flattens out, our civilization will collapse well before then.

        Easter Island is our fate.

        • Despite a Herculean effort to bring non-renewable renewable energy-harvesting technologies online, they still account for less than five percent of global primary energy consumption. Worse still, they have not replaced fossil fuels; they have just been added to the global mix.

          The overall conclusion may well be correct, but a combination of subsidies and warm-lettuce-leaf regulation then ‘let the market sort it out’ is in no way a “Herculean effort”, so the premise here might need a bit more examination.

          “Effort” towards shifting to renewable energy probably wouldn’t even match historical nation-building infrastructure projects or the Apollo programme, let alone steady-state military spending, let alone a real war footing.

          • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

            Which is exactly the thinking that brought us to where we are today.

            But good try 124 – thanks for your contribution.

          • Agree again with what you say Stewie (replying here cos no room below). Love the Mayan analogy.

            I think that the real problem is that we’re genetically no different from our cavemen ancestors 200,000 years ago, and our extraordinary inventiveness has way outpaced our chance to evolve to be able to anticipate long term consequences.

            Imo our hubris is the main culprit, which no doubt served us well as cavemen fighting lions, finding the next meal, and ignoring our eventual demise, but it also blinded us to reality – of resource depletion, overpopulation, water scarcity, changes in climate etc, that have been factors in most civilisational collapses – and now this very last ginormous, fragile, complex and ephemeral Tower of Babel we’ve built in only a few human lifetimes. Icarus, and so many other parables come to mind that we seemingly never learn from…..

            Of course, those at the top have the biggest serve of hubris. I read somewhere years ago, that if you told a prisoner (99% of whom come from abusive backgrounds) about peak oil, they’d take it on board, but those born to rule are far less likely to understand. Hence all civilisational collapses……

            I imagine there were always a few canny Easter Islanders/Romans/Ancient Greeks/Mayans, who like us, could see what was happening. Few MB members seem to put it all together either – focusing on the economy, housing, politics, sometimes climate change….

            I agree that Jeremy Grantham is too optimistic – doesn’t understand resource depletion, especially oil. Here’s the article DLS posted:


            Our discovery of oil has no doubt hastened civilisation’s demise, but I suspect it was always going to happen eventually given our genetic makeup, but we may have had a few more centuries without it. I guess it was oil that caused the massive overpopulation too (green revolution) sigh.

            Good luck with your search for a bolt hole south. I just missed out on a marvelous one due to this week’s gold’s plunge 🙁 Where are you again?

        • Thanks Stewie. Spot on and well put, and agree entirely. A keeper of an article, and the Consciousness of Sheep is a great blog.
          Trouble is denial makes it go completely over the head of 99.9% of people – witness the lack of interest to your post that should by right have had everyone in paroxysms of grief and anxiety and running for the hills if they actually took it on board. But they don’t.

          A tragic trait that is, has been, and will be, our downfall.

          • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

            Our civilization exists in the same sort of habbital zone as the earth exists from the Sun – too hot or Oil costs too much and consumption craters an civil unrest ensues, too cold or low and production craters. But complexity, which is essentially what our civilization is, requires energy – the more complexity, the more energy needed to maintain it, let along grow it. Not enough energy to maintain it and entropy sets in.

            IMHO we’ve probably got another 10 years… 15yr max, of quality times like we are experiencing now, after that it will become very apparent that this was the Golden age and things will start changing fast. Hence my desire to get out of the city and some riverside land to the south.

            For many people there is a lack of awareness or even comprehension of this issue – some of them aren’t equipped mentally to consider it, but for most people I think there is the disbelieve that everything around us, that seems so real and permanent is in all likelihood as transient as the Mayan empire.

            Even for the people who do understand it, like yourself or me or that US economist that DLS sometimes posts (Gratham??) – can’t remember, but DLS thought he was a pessimist, but as dark as his predictions were I still saw him as being something of an optimist… anyhow, I mean even for people who do understand it, I think they treat it in the same abstract way that we consider our own mortality and eventual death – it is just something that will happen, because if we really considered the implications it would drive us insane trying to wring the value out of every last second of our time on earth.

          • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

            Actually you make a good point about the prisoners vs the elites and their power to comprehend the issue – I have heard or read stuff like that before.

            BTW – that wasn’t the article I was thinking of, come to think of it I don’t think it was Grantham. I can’t seem to find the link, putting articles behind the paywall means that if you can’t remember the article Google won’t help you find it.

            I hadn’t come across the ‘Consciousness of Sheep’ before, I do read a little of but it depresses me too much to play too much close attention to it.

      • Maybe I am missing your argument Lambie but I am saying:

        1. Based on using coal 25m Australians > 50m Australians in emissions; and
        2. Based on using all renewables 25m Australians > 50m Australians in emissions.

        You don’t get to compare the 50m renewables world to the 25m coal world. Assuming we transition to renewables we will still have a smaller ecological footprint for a smaller population. It’s a FACT that has more science behind than anything Turnbull reckons about climate.

    • Anon yes all media needs to be included with FB and google supervised and made to pay tax. The Australian has Phillip Adams who makes claim to being a raving socialist (when I first came to Melb there he was driving a Lamborghini I think), Peter Van O and even Janet Albrechtsen came at Morrison over Holgate. Your point about Rudd and Turnbull and Big Australia is great as most of these immigrants come from countries where their carbon footprint could be x and in Australia 10x and buy an SUV even though it is against their carbon religion. By the way the USA left Paris but its greenhouse gases fell markedly due to gas production and use whereas Australian rose in the same period due to head count increase.

      • Everyone’s carbon foot-print (in the West) will be declining from here on be cause of moves to become greener. The only countries in which this will not be the case are those with high immigration.

    • I didn’t see any evisceration either. I saw a banker trying to shout down and propagandise in the cause of his own enrichment. Lawyers do that all the time. Journalists less so.

  13. Mining BoganMEMBER

    Paul Kelly has that confused look that Junior Soprano had the last time Tony visited him.

    A once great mind long gone.

    • I think he was surprised that he was taken head on. From my viewpoint I thought some of the panel were just scared to go against him strongly because of who he was.

      Never understood the great rep he has a commentator, reminds me of all the laurie Oaks [email protected]

  14. “Smash Murdoch and Fake Right! Smash the Fake Left. Tear it all down and start again!”

    So you want to purge/marginalise private media companies and leave the ABC – itself heavily biased – as the dominant media player in Australia?

  15. That’s one of the advantages of being a rich old caucassion dude in a suit. You can, if you can be bothered came out and rattle a few cages without all the bs of being young or a lady of of this background being used as a distraction. Admittedly Kelly and co are glass jaws that are heavily protected, it’s still amusing to see the prissies have a go at each other.

    The clip highlights to me that Turnbull is an advocate not a leader. He’s a better than average speaker, can hold facts in his head and confident. He’s not one for the trenches of politics. Rudd’s a scrapper, but was never going to win against the Labor party or the Mineral Council. Rudd’s tenacity and institutional thinking combined with Turnbull’s presentation and pomposity would be an interesting beast that may have been more durable and effective when in power.

  16. Arthur Schopenhauer

    Malcom would have been better off in the Labor Party. He could have led them a centre right victory.

  17. The main point is that socalled Trumpism is actually Murdochism, Merdism for short.

    The Boy wants to continue Rup’s rollout of it in the US, UK and Oz. To succeed it needs the useful idiot commentators such as Kelly plus Donny, BoJo and Scumo.