Victorians to remain locked-out of South Australia

Despite Victoria recording zero new COVID-19 infections for five consecutive days, Melbourne’s 14-day average plummeting to just 1.4 cases (see next chart), and total active infections across Victoria falling to only 30.

South Australian Premier Steven Marshall has denied free entry by Victorians to South Australia, instead requiring Victorians to self-quarantine for 14 days after entering the state:

South Australia Premier Steven Marshall has announced an easing of the state’s hard border for Victorians.

He said that Victorians will be able to enter the state by undergoing 14 days of home isolation instead of hotel quarantine…

“I think we are in a position where Victoria has done very well. They have locked down, they have locked down very hard and that has meant they have got those numbers right down,” Mr Marshall said.

Mr Marshall said it was planned that 14 days’ home isolation for Victorians would replace hotel quarantine within two weeks…

“We are waiting to see what the full implications of the increased mobility will be in that jurisdiction on the coronavirus, but what we’re doing today giving advance notice that, hopefully, within two weeks will be able to move to a situation that will allow people all to do home-based isolation here in South Australia for a 14 day period,” he said…

The move comes after the SA Government announced that people moving permanently to the state – including students – would be permitted to enter 14 days of home isolation instead of hotel quarantine.

Mr Marshall flagged a further easing of restrictions for Victorians if the state achieved 14 days of no community COVID-19 transmissions.

Requiring 14-days of zero community transmission seems like a ridiculously hard target to meet, especially given South Australia recorded a community case on 31 October:

Moreover, NSW – which still has a small amount of community transmission – has indicated that it will open its border with Victoria on 23 November. If it does so, will this mean that South Australia will keep its border with Victoria shut?

Let’s get real for a moment. Community transmission across Australia is about as close to eradication as you can get. We’ve only had 11 cases nationally over the past week.

It’s time to unify Australia by opening up.

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  1. Great that Adelaide Uni is allowing students back in from China and India.

    If you wanna get into SA from VIC, just fly via Shanghai or Delhi. Simples!

  2. All of these lockdowns are gonna look pretty pointless when Trump wins and the USA goes full herd immunity.

  3. No new cases for five days is good news for Victorians – but considering the incubation period for this virus is two to three weeks, you should probably curb your enthusiasm for open borders. Victoria has six and a half million people, and we are only screening them by the thousands. No new reported cases doesn’t mean there are no cases in the community, only that the numbers of cases (if any) in the community are below the detection threshold of the testing program. Rona has repeatedly proven we are only a couple of super-spreader events away from square one. And then everyone’s lockdown sacrifices are in vain.
    Everyone knows it hurts less to rip a sticking-plaster off, instead of peeling it off hair by agonising hair. Suppression is a failed strategy. Time to embrace elimination, when we’re already so close.